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Kaley Cuoco Goin' Country with Sam Hunt

2/16/2016 6:53 AM PST

Sam Hunt and Kaley Cuoco made some sort of connection at Hyde nightclub after the Grammys, because they walked out together and they're both very single.

Kaley filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting back in September, and Sam's been single for a while.

The 2 hung out in the VIP section at the Republic Records party at Hyde before making their exit. 

BTW ... we asked Sam if he owns any cowboy hats ... guess his answer.


Taylor Swift Sheds a Tear ... Pisses on Kanye

2/15/2016 8:45 PM PST

Taylor Swift wiped a tear away after apparently blowing a note in the Grammys show opener, "Out of the Woods."

Once seated the cameras caught Taylor complaining to Selena Gomez, "I missed that note."  

She changed gears later in the show when she clearly dissed Kanye West, whose lyric "I made that bitch famous" pissed her off.  She told the crowd "People will take credit for your success ... Don't let them knock you down."

Adele Hello ... Where'd My Audio Go?

2/15/2016 7:27 PM PST

Adele's Grammy performance Monday night should have been the highlight of the show ... but the sound engineer had different ideas.

The singer took the stage towards the end of the night to perform "All I Ask," but her mic cut out early in the song and the audio took a little bit before finally recovering.

You had one job, sound guy ... 

BTW -- the whole song seemed a little ... off.


Rihanna Cancels Grammy Performance

2/15/2016 5:52 PM PST


update_graphic_red_bar6:16 PM PT -- A rep for Rihanna tells TMZ the singer took antibiotics for three days leading up to the show, but they didn't work. Rihanna was then examined by a doctor at her rehearsal Monday, who decided to put her on vocal rest for 48 hours because the singer was at risk of damaging her vocal cords.update_grey_gray_barRihanna has just cancelled her Grammy performance ... TMZ has learned.

The singer arrived at the Staples Center but did not walk the red carpet. She went to rehearsals and left.

Sources connected to the production tell us, Rihanna has been struggling with bronchitis and is on meds. We're told a doctor on site recommended that she pull the plug on the performance because it could permanently damage her vocal cords.

Our sources say Rihanna wanted to perform but reluctantly decided she had to listen to her doctors. She left Staples and is going home.

She was going to sing "Kiss It Better." She even rehearsed twice but in the end the show just could not go on. 


Russell Wilson Your Penis Hates You Right Now

2/15/2016 4:48 PM PST

0215_ciara_gettyHere's Ciara at the Grammys. 

Dear Russell Wilson ... good luck. 


Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Why'd Ya Have to Go and Make Things So Complicated

2/15/2016 7:36 AM PST

0215-chad-kroeger-avril-levigne-red-carpet-GETTY-01Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger seem to be giving their marriage a second try.

They separated last September, but showed up arm in arm Sunday night at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills and stopped to pose for pics together. 

Avril and Chad announced their split, but never officially filed for divorce ... and then dropped a hint back in December they were on the road to reconciliation.

Also ... apologies for planting that song in your head. Earworms are a bitch.



Playboy Mansion Last Grammy Dance In the Grotto?

2/14/2016 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0212_Playboy-Mansion_gettyDiddy will be holding court at the Playboy Mansion right after the Grammys ... and there's a decent chance it will be the last party of its kind at the legendary spot.

Anyone can attend the charity event called the City Gala -- for a $1,500 minimum donation -- where Sir Richard Branson and ex Playboy covergirl Jane Seymour will share the stage with host Diddy. 

Aside from an open bar and a buffet, you can also catch a celeb poker game with Carl WeathersJohn SalleyTito Ortiz and Omar Benson Miller

Remember, the Bunny palace is now on the market ... so it's possible it won't be owned by a party animal like Hugh Hefner when the 2017 Grammys roll around. 

Ticket to hang with celebs -- $1,500.

Epic party memories (in the Grotto, if you dare) -- priceless.

Meek Mill Sued Grammy Party Was Strictly Forbidden ... Landlord Wants Payback

4/8/2015 4:47 PM PDT

0408-meek-mill-tmz-01Meek Mill threw a rager for 1,000 people on Grammy weekend -- in one of the most baller mansions in Beverly Hills -- only problem is, he ignored the landlord's strict rule: NO PARTIES! So now he's getting sued.

TMZ broke the story ... Meek's huge bash in the famous glass mansion ended when a fight broke out, and all the guests poured into the street. It took cops hours to clear the neighborhood. No one was arrested, but Meek got in big trouble with the landlord. 

According to the lawsuit ... when Meek and his people signed a week-long lease ... the management company warned them, "not to think about having the Grammy party" on the premises. In fact, the landlord says the lease limited Meek to no more than SIX people on the property. 

In the docs, the landlord says the place was left trashed with broken furniture, broken glass, destroyed landscaping -- and even a broken trampoline. You know it's a party if you wreck a tramp, bruh. 

The landlord's suing Meek for breaking the lease, for damages, and for roughly 994 people trespassing.


Madonna Isolated Grammy Vocals Leak I'm Still the Boss Bitches

2/14/2015 7:28 AM PST

If you think Madonna is past her singing prime, think again ... and watch this leaked video of her isolated vocals from her Grammy Awards performance.  

Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears and others have been put on blast for their less than stellar voices once audio/video leaked of their isolated vocals.

But watch Madge sing "Living for Love" ... she's awesome.

Now if only she'd put her ass away.

Meek Mill It's Just a Little Crack ... I Didn't Trash Glass House

2/10/2015 3:00 PM PST

0210_meek_mills_house_damage_launchMeek Mill's Grammy party guests didn't trash Justin Bieber's famous glass palace -- they merely left a few cracks, according to Mill's attorney ... but there's still a war brewing over his $10K deposit. 

Mill's attorney, Richard Joseph, denies leaving the mansion -- formerly rented by Bieber -- in shambles following the epic bash on Sunday night. He says there was a minor window crack, and a few scuffs on the walls ... but nothing that would qualify as "trashing."

Sources with direct knowledge of the lease for the house tell a much different story. TMZ obtained photos that appear to back up claims the place looked like a war zone, with damage including:

- a kicked in door with shattered windows

- dead landscaping

- broken glass in the pool

- destroyed furniture and cigarette smoke damage

Joseph claims those damages were never mentioned to him, and no one raised the possibility of holding his deposit. He also points out ... his name is on the lease, NOT Meek's.

Our sources say, the leasing company is still totaling up the damage, and they intend to seek compensation.

Miranda Kerr Manhandled ... By Hot Mystery Guy [TMZ TV]

2/10/2015 10:00 AM PST

Miranda Kerr wrapped up a Grammy party with Taylor Swift and Jared Leto ... by with a huge serving of man meat -- mystery man meat, actually. 

Whoever the guy is ... he was very supportive, but still not good enough to go home with MK. That honor went to a real party animal!tmz-on-tv-3

Meek Mill Party Bieber's Glass House Trashed ... Cops Called

2/10/2015 12:40 AM PST

Meek Mill Party Justin Bieber HouseMeek Mill took over Justin Bieber's glass mansion for Grammy weekend and threw a party so wild ... cops had to be called and the crib was destroyed when it was all said and done.

Mill hosted the massive Grammy after-party Sunday night -- Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Khloe Kardashian, Chris Brown and Justin were at the bash ... and sources inside tell us it got crazy when a fight broke out between rival gang members.

During the melee, we're told punches and even ice sculptures were tossed -- and most of the guests fled into the street. Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops were called around 1:30 AM for loud music, and found more than 1,000 people walking around the ritzy 'hood. It took about 3 hours to clear the streets.

No arrests were made, and police never went inside the house -- which was totally trashed. We're told Justin moved out last week, and Meek moved in ... signing a 1-week lease to lock down the party location.

We're guessing he can kiss that security deposit goodbye. 


Nicki Minaj I Didn't Block Birdman ... Staying Neutral in Lil Wayne Beef

2/9/2015 6:00 PM PST

Nicki Minaj Birdman PartyNicki Minaj did NOT diss her boss Birdman by taking sides in his battle with Lil Wayne -- TMZ has learned the Cash Money CEO's denial from her pre-Grammy party was just a case of bad timing.

Sources close to Minaj tell us ... Birdman was only denied from 1OAK nightclub because the mogul's posse was looking to order bottle service, and the club was closing in 15 minutes.

On top of that, we're told Nicki had already left and the houselights were on in the club.

Sources tell us Nicki -- as well as Drake -- have made a point to stay out of the ongoing legal beef between Weezy and Baby ... even though Wayne says he's taking them with him when he leaves Cash Money.

We're told Nicki and Drake are hoping their bosses can squash this before it gets too messy -- though that ship seems to have sailed long ago.


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