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Mike Posner No Joke ... All I Know Are (Grammy) Songs

12/14/2016 7:37 AM PST

Mike Posner's got jokes but either the good folks at the Grammys don't get it or they REALLY get it ... which we doubt, but would be cool.

We caught up with the "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" singer Tuesday at LAX and he explained why his song getting nominated for Song of the Year is like the ultimate inside joke.

Mike -- who's also written for the likes of Justin Bieber -- is clearly enjoying the irony.

Grammy Jewels Delivery Guy Lost $15 Mil of Merch ... Chopard Sues

7/19/2016 12:40 AM PDT

0717-grammy-jewels-getty-2One unlucky Grammy celeb was supposed to get draped in $15 million worth of Chopard jewelry -- but got stiffed when a delivery guy went rogue and lost all the loot ... according to a new lawsuit. 

The Swiss watchmaker and jewelry company says it hired Ferrari Express, Inc. -- no relation to the sports cars -- to transport and safeguard the merchandise back in February ... on the night before the Grammys.

According to the lawsuit, Ferrari's guy decided to take a very costly detour. Chopard says he allegedly brought the van home and parked it on the street -- WITH $15 MILLION in jewels still inside -- in a neighborhood where "vehicle thefts are common."


Naturally, the van and all its contents were gone in the morning. Chopard says Ferrari Express refuses to pay up, so it's suing for the $15 million and then some.  

Major bummer for some celeb though.

French Montana I Wasn't Dissing Kendrick ... My Beef's with the Grammys

3/3/2016 12:30 AM PST

0302-montana-lamar-tmz-02French Montana says he's not feuding with Kendrick Lamar ... but he thinks his comment about K. Dot's mainstream popularity got all twisted.

During a recent 'Breakfast Club' interview on NY's Power 105, French was asked why he thinks street rap doesn't sell like Kendrick? French brought up Kendrick's Grammy performance saying it was "like Kendrick night" but all of hip-hop doesn't sound like him.

French caught some flak for that, but tells TMZ people misunderstood his comment. What he meant was "each style of rap, whether it be street rap, conscious rap, trap, or anything else should be looked at equally as being hip-hop."

He added, "All of these artists should be acknowledged, rather than singling out an individual, whether it be Kendrick or anyone else."

In other words, the Grammys need to spread the love next year.

Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins Doorman Didn't Recognize Paul McCartney

2/23/2016 6:47 AM PST

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins cleared the air about the post-Grammy party where Paul McCartney was turned away at the door.

Taylor was leaving Craig's when our photog asked about the epic video, showing Paul, Beck and Taylor trying to get into an after-party at Argyle ... it appears they were turned away twice.

The club rep says Paul and company were simply at the wrong party. Taylor confirms both versions ... they were at the wrong party, but the doorman at Argyle didn't recognize Paul and wouldn't let them in.

Case closed. 

Rihanna Meltdown at the Grammys

2/17/2016 1:00 AM PST

0216-rihanna-grammys-TMZ-01Rihanna was screaming and hysterical before she bailed on the Grammys, but there are conflicting stories about what triggered her outburst. 

Sources connected with the show and several sources who were not connected but present at the show tell TMZ ... the singer was loudly expressing displeasure over her rehearsal. They say she was loud and upset and, as we first reported, bailed on the event.   

Rihanna's people say she had a medical issue ... bronchitis that was so bad she could not perform and that's why she left. Sources close to RiRi tell us she was too upset to stay and watch the show.

It's interesting ... Rihanna sang flawlessly two nights before the Grammys at a Lionel Richie charity event. Several sources say her voice was also great at the Grammys rehearsal.


Janelle Monae Man Arrested for Groping Friend On Grammy Night

2/17/2016 7:06 AM PST

Creepy ending for Janelle Monae's night of partying on the Sunset Strip -- cops busted a guy for grabbing her friend's vagina ... TMZ has learned. 

The singer and her crew were at Diddy's Grammy after-party at 1 OAK Monday night when the man allegedly groped her crotch ... according to our law enforcement sources. The friend immediately reported it to club security guards, who held the suspect until Sheriff's deputies arrived.

Janelle recounted the nightmare encounter at LAX on Tuesday, and had a stern warning ... for all men.

We're told the suspect was arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery. We got video of the deputies hauling him away that night.

Von Miller Grammy Jacket Custom Made ... In 2 Days!

2/16/2016 11:30 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0216-von-miller-jackets-tmz-01Von Miller's crazy spotlight stealing Grammy jacket was a rush job -- put together with just 2 days notice -- with the designer flying in special material from across the country! 

We spoke with Von's personal stylist Chandra Ferrer of Elevee Clothing who tells us ... Von made a last-minute decision to attend the show -- and gave her a heads up on Thursday. 

Ferrer says she wanted Miller to make a statement on the red carpet -- and needed to go big -- so she mocked up the idea for the jacket and ran it by Von ... who LOVED it! 

Ferrer says she custom ordered a special French fabric called "French Metallic Opalescent Cloque" from NYC and had it rushed over Thursday night. 

We're told there are NO sequins or bedazzling -- the shimmer is from the special fabric. 

Ferrer says she added a special Super Bowl MVP patch inside as a special touch. 

In the end, the jacket was a hit -- and cost more than $1,300 to make -- but you can't put a price on swag (especially when you're expected to sign a HUGE contract in the very near future)! 


Beyonce & Bruno Mars And the Grammy Goes to ... Nostradamus??

2/16/2016 11:08 AM PST

Beyonce and Bruno Mars are in the Psychic Friends Network ... or Bruno accidentally created a huge conspiracy with the final Grammy win of the night.

Verrrrry interesting if you missed it -- Bey was onstage to present Record of the Year, but before she even announced the winner ... Bruno shouted, "Let's do it Beyonce!"

And what do ya know -- 1 second later she announced Bruno and Mark Ronson were the winners for "Uptown Funk."

Conspiracy theorists are buzzing: Was Bruno tipped off? Just coincidence that he and Beyonce performed together last week at the Super Bowl ... which, like the Grammys, aired on CBS?

Or did Bruno just get lucky? Imagine how embarrassing if he'd lost.

Paul McCartney DENIED at Grammy Party!!! 'How VIP Do We Gotta Get?'

2/16/2016 6:08 AM PST

update_graphic_red_bar5:15 PM PT -- A rep for Argyle says Paul was not denied at the door, but instead there was a mix up. The rep claims Paul was trying to go to Mark Ronson's Republic Records party (which was at Hyde Lounge) ... and once Paul figured that out he left.

We're told Sir Paul and co. were trying to enter through a side door, but the club absolutely would have let them in if they wanted access.update_grey_gray_bar

This is one for the ages ... Paul McCartney turned away at a Grammy after-party ... not once, BUT TWICE.

Paul, Beck, and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins went to Argyle in Hollywood Monday night to hobnob at the bash hosted by Tyga.  

Security was not impressed and told them they were not welcome. You hear Paul say, "How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit."

After a second failed attempt, the trio bails and they make their way to Hyde for the Republic Records party. They had better luck there.

0216-paul-mccartney-instagram-01Check out Tyga and Bow Wow as they left ... and learned the most famous man in music was not allowed to party with them. 

Reggie Bush HE'S NOT RETIRING ... Says Super Hot Wife

2/16/2016 7:33 AM PST

They say "happy wife, happy life" and if you're NFL star Reggie Bush there's one way to keep your super gorgeous better half smiling ... PLAY SOME DAMN FOOTBALL.

We got Reggie and his wife (she's dumb fine) Lilit Avagyan Bush leaving a post Grammy party and wanted to ask Mr. Bush the big question ... will he be back in the NFL next year?

Good question ... Reggie is past the dreaded 30 age mark for NFL running backs and with his last injury, a lot of people think he might be done.

His wife isn't one of them ... before Bush can even speak up she answers the question for him and it's pretty freakin' funny.

Give it a shot Reggie ... or you might miss out on a lot of "birthday fun."

The Weeknd Grammy Party Shut Down by Cops

2/16/2016 6:55 AM PST

0216-the-weeknd-gq-tmz-instagram-02The Weeknd ended his Grammy night with a face-to-face convo with police officers -- who came to toss everyone out of his massive party.

GQ hosted the bash in a Bev Hills mansion to toast The Weeknd's 2 Grammy wins and his birthday, and the party -- about 1,000 strong -- was rolling along until 1 AM. Law enforcement sources tell us multiple neighbors had enough and called police to complain about loud music and crowd noise.

A video posted by @zombiesofthenightxo on

We're told LAPD officers showed up around 1:30 AM, and we're guessing Weeknd drew the short straw since he spoke to the officers. It took police about 3 hours to clear all the fabulously dressed guests -- chicks in high heels move very slowly downhill.

Weeknd was totally cool with cops. Probably wanted everyone out anyway. Did you see Bella Hadid? Just sayin' ...


Zendaya's Dad She's Not Dating Odell Beckham ... 'It's an Audition'

2/16/2016 6:09 AM PST

This is one of the best clips EVER!!!

So, we spotted Zendaya out with Odell Beckham Jr. Monday night leaving a Grammy party together so we asked if they were dating -- and that's when HER DAD stepped in and explained ... "It's an audition!" 

They were definitely acting coupley -- with the 23-year-old NFL star opening her door and walking her into the waiting SUV.

But when we asked Zendaya's dad if he approved of the relationship, he hit us with some of the realest real talk ever.

You gotta watch this clip!! 

Republic Records Grammy Party Taylor, Sir Paul, Weeknd Rub Elbows

2/16/2016 7:08 AM PST

Paul McCartney, Beck and Taylor Hawkins were greeted warmly at Hyde Sunset after the Grammys, along with a slew of other stars including Taylor Swift.

Lorde, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jeremy Renner, Kaley Cuoco, Miranda Kerr, Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson were just some of the stars who showed for the Republic Records shindig.

A lot of them hung out in the VIP section, but Sir Paul insisted on partying with the general population.


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