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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Assault 911 Call

10/18/2018 9:41 AM PDT
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Jenelle Evans house party ended abruptly with a visit from police and, apparently, a trip to the hospital for the "Teen Mom" star.

This all went down last weekend at Jenelle and David Eason's home in North Carolina. Cops reportedly got a 911 call for a woman being assaulted, and a request for an ambulance. However, when officers arrived ... Jenelle told them she didn't want to take any legal action, and no police report was filed. She also canceled the ambulance.

According to multiple reports, she was driven to the hospital -- either by a friend or her husband. A rep told People Jenelle had merely tripped and fallen by a bonfire they'd built for the party. 

The Ashley's Reality Roundup was first to report the incident. It's unclear what kind of injury Jenelle suffered. 

'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Great Surprise for Young Amputee Pal

10/16/2018 9:08 AM PDT

This tearjerker comes courtesy of "Empire" star Jussie Smollett, who just made life a little easier for a double amputee -- and if crying's your thing ... grab some tissues.

Jussie -- who plays Cookie and Lucious Lyon's son, Jamal, on "Empire" -- met up with 6-year-old Kayden Kinckle to deliver a handicapped-accessible van ... but first, he met Kayden's fam at a hotel, setting up the big surprise.

The reveal did not disappoint -- the look on Kayden's face when he sees the van is kinda everything. Kayden got a quick lesson on how to work his new ramp, prompting Jussie to say, "It's gonna be just like a chariot for the Pharaoh."

The timing of the gift couldn't come at a better time ... we're told Kayden's about to get new legs and the van will help him and his family get around.

Kayden and Jussie have a history, he brought Kayden with him to the NBA Awards last year and he helped promote Kayden's mom's book, "Stepping Out on Faith: The Kayden Kinckle Story. A Mother's Journey." 

Michael Buble Social Media is For Narcissists I May Even Quit Show Biz

10/13/2018 8:13 AM PDT

Michael Buble has just revealed how devastating his son's cancer diagnosis was ... it has fundamentally altered his life to the point he may quit showbiz.

Michael told the Daily Mail his upcoming album, "Love", may be the last one he ever records.  According to the article, he says, "I'm retiring from the business. I've made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top."

Michael also says he's done with social media forever, saying the 2016 cancer diagnosis of son Noah has put everything into rack focus and that he realized the absurdity of "celebrity narcissism."

The singer says Noah's cancer made it almost impossible for him to go on, saying, "You just want to die. I don't even know how I was breathing."

The great news ... Noah, now 5, is in remission. 

Fair to say ... if Michael really does leave it will be a gigantic loss to music.  

RZA Unloads on Hospital Doctors Treating Son ... Cops Called

10/13/2018 7:08 AM PDT

RZA was desperately seeking medical help for his son, and when doctors didn't jump in quickly enough he went into full on Papa Bear mode ... so much so the cops were called.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the famous rapper had taken his son to the ER at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA early Saturday morning. We're told RZA was extremely unhappy with the medical care his son was receiving, and he began screaming at the medical staff.

We're told RZA was so agitated a hospital supervisor called the cops. By the time the police arrived RZA had calmed down so the police left. The rapper wasn't cited or arrested.

We're also told RZA and his son remained at Cedars.

We do not know the nature of his son's medical issue.

Rampage Jackson I Broke My Hand Beating Wanderlei Silva's Head

10/13/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Some good news, bad news for MMA legend Rampage Jackson ...

GOOD NEWS -- He beat up Wanderlei Silva at Bellator 206 last month. 

BAD NEWS -- He broke his left hand while punching the dude in the head! 

It was the 4th meeting between the two -- and Rampage was able to even the series with a 2nd round TKO. 

"I feel good," 40-year-old Rampage told TMZ Sports ... "I needed that."

Rampage revealed he was injured going into the fight -- "I hurt my right hand in my last sparring" -- but says he jacked up his other fist while inside the cage.

"I ended up fracturing my left hand on Silva's head."

Rampage showed us his hands -- you can see his left one is super swollen. He said he went to a hand specialist the very next day. 

"Sometimes we fight hurt, man," Jackson said ... "Sometimes you gotta kick through it."

Selena Gomez 'Emotional Breakdown' in Hospital Now Receiving Mental Health Treatment

10/10/2018 5:59 PM PDT

Selena Gomez was hospitalized twice in the last 2 weeks ... and the second time she suffered what sources called an emotional breakdown ... she's now at a mental health facility for treatment.

Multiple sources tell TMZ, the 26-year-old singer was at her Studio City, CA home the last week of September when the first emergency hit. We're told she was despondent and emotional over an alarmingly low white blood cell count in the wake of her kidney transplant. Our sources say a family member drove her to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. 

We're told Selena was released days later but had to be re-admitted late last week because her low blood cell count persisted, and it threw Selena into a downward emotional spiral.   

Soon after she was admitted she insisted on leaving, but doctors said she couldn't. We're told Selena had "a meltdown" and "freaked out." Selena tried ripping the IV's out of her arm. Several sources called the episode "an emotional breakdown."

We're told Selena is currently at an East Coast psychiatric facility and is receiving dialectical behavior therapy -- DBT. The therapy treats various mental health disorders. Selena has received DBT in the past. 

There have been multiple signs of trouble. There has been a virtual blackout of information regarding Selena for several weeks. 

Selena posted on September 23 she was taking a break from social media ... noting, "Just remember- negative comments can hurt anybody's feelings. Obvi."

Before leaving social media, Selena did an Instagram Live answering questions from fans and said depression had consumed her life for 5 years. 

Selena's last public appearance was on September 22 at Jennifer Lopez's Vegas show. There was also a pic floating around of Selena in Newport Beach, CA with a couple fans that was allegedly taken Sept. 27 ... but we're told that pic was actually from March.  

Selena was a target of hateful comments on social media after her ex, Justin Bieber, got engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

Selena did a stint in rehab back in 2014. Last year she underwent a major surgery when she received the kidney transplant.

Justin Bieber Hold Me ... Emotional After Selena's Breakdown

10/11/2018 6:54 AM PDT

Justin Bieber needed a hug and some love on his way out of church, clearly impacted by our story about Selena Gomez's mental health crisis. 

The first signs Justin wasn't his normal self came when he showed up alone to his usual Wednesday night service ... this only hours after we broke the story of Selena's emotional breakdown.

Justin's been attending church with new wife Hailey Baldwin -- just as he did when he was dating Selena -- but Wednesday, the Biebs was flying solo and he needed to be comforted by friends as he was leaving. 

It's interesting ... Justin and Hailey typically do their own thing coming in and out of services, but last night he was surrounded by his church buddies. Justin, messy hair and all, clearly looks like he could use the support.  

Rapper Phora Meet & Greet Got Out of Control!!! I Took a Fan to the Hospital

10/9/2018 3:18 PM PDT

Phora's plans to meet his fans and hand out some swag went haywire when the massive Hollywood Boulevard crowd got out of hand ... and he ended up running a makeshift ambulance.

The SoCal rapper held a promo event at Shoe Palace in Hollywood Monday night to promote his new album, which included a giveaway of shoes and clothes to fans who turned out to give him love.

Problem is ... A LOT of Phora fans came, and the crowd of hundreds inside the store eventually spilled onto the street. Police were called in for crowd control, but things still got too crazy and a small stampede landed several people in the hospital.

Phora -- who signed with Warner Bros. Records last year -- is looking on the bright side. He says not only did he make people happy before the chaos erupted, but afterward he was able to get a fan to the hospital. 

More good news -- the injuries suffered by his fans were reportedly all minor.

As for the massive turnout, he says it's not a first for him. He's just getting more pub this time ... because location is everything.

Tyron Woodley Undergoes Hand Surgery ... Could Fight In Dec.

10/9/2018 1:37 PM PDT

Tyron Woodley had an interesting day -- he took his son to the doctor to fix his injured labrum and ended up going under the knife himself ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Woodley took his son to Pensacola, Florida to visit Dr. James Andrews -- widely regarded as one of the best in the world -- and while he was there, wanted to get his hand evaluated. 

Woodley says he had torn some ligaments in his left thumb joint while smashing Darren Till at UFC 228 last month and the pain was so intense, he could barely shake anyone's hand. 

Long story short ... the Doc told Tyron he had an opening in his schedule and could repair the injury TODAY -- so, Tyron did it. 

Now, both Woodley men -- father and son -- are recovering in Florida and Tyron's mom is taking care of 'em. 

Tyron says he should be able to fight as early as December or November and plans to destroy Colby Covington as soon as he heals up. 

Oh, and his mom has a message for Colby too ... gotta love this family!!

LeBron James Pissed Rival Spurs Lost Rising Star ... 'F*#% Man!'

10/8/2018 2:33 PM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James is straight-up PISSED that one of his NBA rivals lost a great player ... dropping an f-bomb when he learned Spurs baller Dejounte Murray was done for the season.

Murray's right knee buckled as he went up for a layup against the Rockets in San Antonio's preseason game Sunday ... and the team announced Monday he suffered a torn ACL.

Bron wasn't the least bit pleased to know one of his Western Conference rivals took that big of a blow, saying, "Man I feared that would be the case when I saw the play! F*#% man!"

In fact, the Lakers superstar made sure the 22-year-old knew he can lean on him if he needs him through the recovery process.

"You know how to reach me and where to find me if needed. Love lil bro!!"

As for Murray ... he was keeping his head up, writing on social media, "I Will Attack This Process Every Single Day And Use This Time To Become Even Sharper In All Aspects."

BTW ... Murray's still dating Jilly Anais ... which has gotta soften the blow at least A LITTLE bit, right??

Yeah, we'd say so.

WWE's Big Show Hits NY Jets Game ... Helps Kids Fight Cancer

10/8/2018 10:48 AM PDT
Breaking News

WWE superstar Big Show was stoked to watch the NY Jets beat the Broncos this weekend -- but he was FAR more interested in some VIPs at the game who are battling cancer. 

Big Show -- along with fellow WWE superstars Bayley and Curt Hawkins -- hit up MetLife Stadium as part of the "Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer" campaign. 

Behind the scenes, the wrestling stars got to hang with the real stars of the game -- the brave kids from Goryeb Children’s Hospital in New Jersey. 

Besides the great seats and the cool meet-and-greet with the WWE stars, the kids also served as honorary captains during the coin toss. 

The good news ... the Jets emerged victorious -- beating the Broncos 34-16. 

We spoke with Big Show about the experience ... and he tells us why spending time with the kids is one of the best parts of being a WWE superstar.

Props to everyone involved.

Jessie James Decker Cool With Her Kids Playing Football ... Dad Will Teach 'Em!!

10/7/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Brett Favre wouldn't allow it ... neither would Barack Obama, LeBron James and Adrian Peterson -- but Eric Decker WILL let his kids play football when they grow up -- so says his famous wife.

We got Jessie James Decker out in NYC this week when she didn't seem to have one bit of concern over letting her sons strap on the pads.

"I'd be alright with it," the country singer tells TMZ Sports.

There is a catch for the Decker's kids -- a 4-year-old girl, a 3-year-old boy and a newborn baby boy -- Jessie tells us her ex-Broncos star hubby HAS to show them the way first.

A lot of celebs seem to disagree ... everyone from Obama to LBJ to even Rodney Peete have said they'd be hesitant to let their kids play the sport 'cause of the long-term health effects.

But, Jessie tells us she's banking on Eric's 8-plus years in the league to help prevent those.

"[Their] daddy knows enough to help [them] through the process of what's healthy and what's not."

No pressure ...

Milwaukee Brewers Fan Gets Kidney Donor After Stadium Pic Goes Viral

10/5/2018 3:23 PM PDT
Breaking News

Here's your feel-good story for Friday afternoon ... a Milwaukee Brewers fan just had HIS LIFE SAVED and it's all because he put his need for help on a t-shirt and wore it to a game.

The man's name is Lenny Zweig -- a 43-year-old father of 3 -- who became so desperate for a kidney transplant after falling ill several years ago ... he took his plight on a t-shirt and wore it to a Brewers game last spring.

A fellow Milwaukee fan spotted the shirt -- which had Lenny's contact info and blood type listed on the back -- at Miller Park and threw a pic of them on social media.

The picture went viral ... and fast forward to Thursday -- Lenny announced that all the noise his shirts made had resulted in a donor!!!

"I’d like to thank this person for all she is doing for me and the gift of life she is willing to share," Lenny shared on his Facebook page.

If you're thinking Lenny is going to take the donor out and buy her a beer (least he could do right??), he can't because, of course, the donor is anonymous.

"In this situation, I do not know who my donor is. It is hard to thank people you don’t know, and you aren’t sure if they are even reading but I am so truly grateful."

For anyone who says sports doesn't matter ... here's why you're wrong. 

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