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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 'Shimmer and Shine' New Floats Ready to Roll!!!

11/14/2017 2:07 PM PST


Macy's will be unveiling several new floats at their 91st Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade a week from Thursday ... and we got a first look at some of those making a debut.

Most of the newbies will be geared toward kids -- including floats for "Shimmer and Shine," Sprout, and our favorite ... "Parade Day Mischief" by Sour Patch Kids candy.

Other floats include food-themed additions from Entenmann's and Green Giant. The new floats are currently being staged in a big studio in Moonachie City, NJ and will make their way toward Manhattan as Turkey Day approaches. In really BIG Ubers, we're guessing.

Jimmy Garoppolo Likes Beer & Debauchery (Not That There's Anything Wrong with That)

11/12/2017 12:15 AM PST

Turns out ... Jimmy Garoppolo's a bro.

Now that Tom Brady's former backup is in the news for being traded to the 49ers ... someone sent us some footage of Jimmy partying during St. Patrick's Day -- and guess what? Bro's gonna bro.

Jimmy G. rolled into the Old Crow Smokehouse bar in Chicago back in March and turned up with his 10 to 15-person bro squad. We're told the QB was like a handsomer, tinier Gronk. 

Don't worry ... no Ezekiel Elliott scandal stuff -- just a bro doing bro stuff with his bros. 

Cheers to new beginnings? 

Beyonce Check Me Out I'm 5 Different Lil' Kims!!!

11/3/2017 4:13 PM PDT

Beyonce was Lil' Kim for Halloween but she didn't just have one costume in her closet ... she had 5! 

Bey shared the looks on her Instagram Friday, a few days post-Halloween, and it's impressive.

There's 1997 Lil' Kim in a fluorescent fur from her "No Way Out" tour, and Lil' Kim's signature blue Chanel wig from her Manhattan File Magazine cover, plus the costume Bey was pictured in at a Halloween party where she went as Kim from Missy Elliott's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" video.

Noticeably missing, though, was Lil' Kim's 1999 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet look, but the admiration is real.

No word of a collab ... yet. 

The Kardashians Gotta Be On A List To Trick Or Treat With Us!

11/1/2017 12:16 PM PDT

Getting to trick or treat in the Kardashian's hood is kinda like getting into the hottest club in L.A. ... you're gonna need to be on a list or know someone on the inside.

Thousand flock to their exclusive gated The Oaks community where Kris, Kourtney, KhloeKatie Holmes and Tamar Braxton have homes, and once you see the video Kardashian pal Larsa Pippen shared from the inside, it's not hard to see why.

Residents go all out converting their garages and front yards into haunted mansions and spare no expense. This year someone even had a mock Ghostbusters car parked out front.

Oaks residents can invite any outsiders as long as they put their name on a list with security. We're told an extra 20 or so security guards and off-duty cops are hired to deal with the extra crowds and sometimes the line to get through the gates alone can take up to 2 hours for guests.

Halloween might be over, but there's still 364 days to make friends in The Oaks before next year.

O.J. Simpson Famous NFL Slasher for Halloween!!! Trick or Treat, Kids?

11/1/2017 7:37 AM PDT

O.J. Simpson. Scariest. Halloween. Costume. Ever.

Yes, O.J. actually greeted trick-or-treaters at the Las Vegas home where he's been living since getting out of prison -- and he even dressed up for the occasion. Sorta. Simpson grabbed one of his old Buffalo Bills jerseys -- maybe one he's planning to hawk online.

He did cut through more NFL defenses than Freddy Krueger in that #32.

Doesn't look like O.J. handed out candy, but he did take selfies and sign autographs. More evidence of what we reported ... neighbors are welcoming him with open arms, and apparently their kids are too.

Still, way scarier out of the jersey if ya ask us.

2017 West Coast Halloween Party Kim, Paris, Kendall Dial It Waaaaaaaay Back!!!

11/1/2017 7:02 AM PDT

Kim KardashianParis Hilton and Kendall Jenner went classic for their 2017 Halloween garb ... and gotta say, BRAVO!!!

Kim paid homage to the late singer Selena with her famous purple suit while Paris went with an oldie-but-a-goodie bunny costume. And give it up for Kendall ... who nailed the punk rock attire with her own take on a Powerpuff Girl.

There was a little bit of everything on the West Coast -- from Storm Troopers to Bonnie & Clyde.

There was also West Hollywood's insane Carnaval bash, which drew hundreds of thousands in some of the most unique costumes ever. Enjoy!

Heidi Klum East Coast Halloween Bash was a Thriller!!!

11/1/2017 6:43 AM PDT

Heidi Klum will NEVER be outdone when it comes to Halloween bashes ... to say her party was a thriller would be an understatement.

Heidi channeled the King of Pop at her 18th annual Halloween party in NYC -- at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge at Moxy Times Square -- nailing the werewolf in Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Heidi's known for her awesome costumes ... in the past going as a 95-year-old lady and Jessica Rabbit.

But check out the 2017 getup ... along with what Nick Cannon and Mike Myers threw on. Questlove was also there ... safe to say he hates costumes. It's written all over him.

Chris Pratt Trick-Or-Treating with Son Sorry, My Star-Lord Costume's at Home

11/1/2017 6:53 AM PDT

Some of Chris Pratt's best characters have become awesome Halloween costumes ... so you'd think he'd whip one up for some incognito trick-or-treating with his kid.

But nope ... Chris went the normal dad route -- v-neck sweater -- to take 5-year-old Jack candy hopping Tuesday night in West Hollywood. Jack opted for Captain America 'cause ... he's gotta be sick of Star-Lord references, right?

Despite the split from Anna Faris this summer, both parents have kept Jack their priority.

We'd say this is divorce done right -- but neither has filed yet.

TMZ's Halloween 2017 Cash Me Outside, Beyonce & Twins ... Kellyanne & Kaep Too

10/31/2017 10:14 AM PDT

TMZ's staff channeled 2017's biggest stories into some kick-ass Halloween costumes -- featuring Cash Me Outside GirlBeyonce, some "Game of Thrones" stars, Kellyanne Conway and many more.

Competition was tough, but we think costume of the year goes to the 'GoT' crew with Daenerys Targaryen, the Night King and an actual freakin' Iron Throne ... of cardboard.

Honorable mention to the Rugrats and their epic Reptar -- and Harvey's take on "The Handmaid's Tale."

That's our call, but check out the pics and make your own.

Jadeveon Clowney Dresses As Inmate For Halloween ... Shot At Texans Owner?

10/31/2017 9:19 AM PDT

12:05 PM PT -- A rep for the Texans says Clowney insists there "was no hidden meaning behind his Halloween costume. He was not taking a 'shot' at anyone. It was just that – a costume at a Halloween party," according to the Houston Chronicle.

Jadeveon Clowney rocked an ORANGE PRISON JUMPSUIT to the Texans' Halloween party ... seemingly in response to Houston team owner Bob McNair's controversial comments.

JC isn't the first Texan to outwardly show displeasure with BM after his "you can't have the inmates running the prison" comment. 

DeAndre Hopkins bolted practice last week and most of the squad -- including Clowney -- took a knee for the anthem before Sunday's game against the Seahawks.

As for the actual party ... it went down last night in H-Town, with everyone from Deshaun Watson, Kareem Jackson, Alfred Blue and Bruce Ellington in attendance.

Wendy Williams Passes Out On Live TV!!!

10/31/2017 8:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

Wendy Williams fainted in the middle of her show Tuesday morning ... and it happened live on the air.

Wendy was dressed up as the Statue of Liberty for her show, but her Halloween costume got the best of her about 48 minutes into the show. Right in the middle of a sentence ... she stuttered, then got wobbly on her feet before collapsing to the ground.

Wendy's show airs live on the East coast ... so when she passed out, producers quickly cut to black and then a commercial.

When they returned Wendy explained she overheated from her costume. We've learned the fire department responded to the studio. Unclear what her condition is, but she was alright enough to finish the show.

LeBron My Costume Was the 'It'!! ... At Cavs Halloween Party

10/31/2017 7:31 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron's a nightmare to opponents on the court ... but he was even more frightening at the Cavs Halloween party, 'cause the King's Pennywise costume is sure to keep you up at night.

The Cavs always go over-the-top for their annual team gathering ... and Monday night was no exception -- from Kyle Korver's Willy Wonka (complete with Oompa Loompas!!) to J.R. Smith and his wife, Jewel, going as the Coneheads.

But it was Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian taking the best couples costume award for their Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen outfits from "Game of Thrones."

Check it out ... the party was lit.

Cardi B Call Me Bruella de Vil, Bitches!!!

10/31/2017 7:04 AM PDT

Cardi B rolled up to the Bacardi Halloween bash in New York City Monday night where she performed with a plus one, but it wasn't her fiance, Offset.

Cardi dressed as Cruella De Vil and brought her dalmation friend. We're gonna go ahead and assume the fur is not real dog, though. She gets points for her four-legged prop, but we noticed no red bottoms or bloody shoes ... which seem perfect for Cruella.

Unclear if she was wearing her new shiny 8-carat engagement ring from Offset under those gloves -- but there were plenty of other eye-catchers inside the event.

If Cardi as Cruella doesn't scare you, no evil thing will ...

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