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Kanye West

Does the Splits at Disney On Ice

12/15/2014 9:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_kanye_west_kim_disney_on_ice_leave_launchKanye West was your typical doting dad when he and Kim Kardashian took North to see Disney on Ice ... that is, until he mysteriously disappeared from the arena.

The West family had front row seats at Staples Center Sunday ... along with Kourtney's kids, Mason and Penelope, Brittny and Lisa Gastineau, and Ciara and her kid. 

Yeezy looked mostly happy -- especially with his nachos -- but subtly vanished from his seat later in the show ... with Lisa G. eventually taking his spot.

Kanye also didn't make the cut for Kim's post-show pic, but at least North didn't get cut out of this one. 


Oprah Winfrey

The Big O Christmas Dilemma

12/15/2014 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

121514_oprah_launchLike every other problem in your life -- Oprah Winfrey can remove your holiday stress about buying gifts ... and you don't even have to be filthy rich ... although that never hurts.

We talked to Oprah in NYC this morning, and asked her if the holidays actually suck for her? Think about it -- everyone has inflated expectations of what she's gonna give ... and what the hell do you buy FOR Oprah??!!

Oprah insists it's "easy" to shop for her ... though we're not buying that based on her reaction when we asked the best gift she's ever gotten. 

As for the giving part? Just watch -- we should all take O's advice. And again ... wouldn't hurt to have her money.

Donald Sterling

Playing Santa Claus ...


12/12/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211_donald_sterling_toys_compositeThe "Miracle on 34th Street" has got nothing on this -- Donald Sterling in Watts playing Santa Claus at a charity event with the word "projects" in the title! What could possibly go wrong?

TMZ Sports has learned the disgraced ex-owner of the Clippers will be in the middle of the Watts Housing Projects on Saturday handing out tons of gifts to kids at the 9th annual Chrismukkah Soirée "Party in the Projects."    

We're told Donald reached out to Youth Mentoring Kids -- the group organizing the event -- and said he wanted to show up with a sleigh (more likely a Rolls-Royce) filled with toys ... and they accepted.

Sterling's blatant attempt to makeover his image in the black community isn't fooling anyone -- but at least underprivileged kids will benefit. 

As long as V. Stiviano isn't there posing with anyone ... Sterling should be just fine.

Senator Ted Cruz

My Secret Santa Partners

Were Both Democrats!

12/11/2014 6:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

121114_ted_cruz_launchChristmas is a time for setting aside differences, even in the Senate ... and there's no better proof of that than Secret Santa ... so says Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz broke it down for us ... the folks in the Senate do the famous gift exchange just like the rest of us ... but with a $15 limit. Cutbacks across the board! 

But Cruz chose to ignore the "secret" part and revealed to us who he bought for and who bought for him ... and they were both from the other side of the aisle.

'Tis the season!

'Let it Snow' Song

Writers Say Screw That

Make it Rain, Bitch!

12/9/2014 4:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120914_sammy_cahn_launch_v2 The 2 famous songwriters who penned one of the most famous Christmas classics ever are at each other's throats -- beyond the grave -- 70 years after they dropped the tune.

"Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" -- which has been covered by Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, Dean Martin, Carly Simon and many others -- has made untold millions over the years.  

The songwriters -- Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne -- are long dead, but their estates are squabbling over a fortune. Styne's widow made a claim against Warner/Chappell Music for more than $2 million in royalties, and Cahn's estate jumped in because they wanted a piece of the pie. So no money is getting paid out to anyone until the dust settles. And that's what just prompted Cahn's widow to sue Warner.

By the way, Sammy Cahn wrote all sorts of classics, including "Love and Marriage" and "Call Me Irresponsible." And in case you're not old, "Love and Marriage" was not written for "Married with Children."

FUN FACT:  "Let it Snow" was written in JULY, 1945, during a heatwave ... so the song was about wishful thinking, not XMAS.

Warner/Chappell declined comment.

Gabrielle Union

All I Want for Xmas ...


12/5/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade LeBron James Forget turtle doves and French hens (who the hell wants a hen?) ... all Gabrielle Union wants for Christmas is for Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat to CRUSH LEBRON JAMES!!

Union was out in New York Thursday when we asked about her holiday wish list ... and she came back with a not-so-subtle jab at the Heat's #1 defector ... King James.

Of course, the Heat take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas Day ... and it's clear Union wants her husband to send a message to his old teammate. 

There's more ... Gabrielle also reveals who sent the best wedding gift when she tied the knot back in August. 

Hint -- It's not LeBron. It's not Chris Bosh. The guy can't even dunk ... yet he's considered one of the most beloved guys in the NBA.

Christina Milian

All I Want for Xmas

From Lil Wayne Is ...

12/4/2014 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Milian Lil Wayne RelationshipChristina Milian has been tight-lipped about her possible relationship with Lil Wayne, but she did let a few things slip when we asked her about the holidays.

Milian was out to dinner Wednesday at Boa Steakhouse with Karrueche Tran when we brought up Weezy's crazy gift-giving skills ... and asked what Christina was expecting under the tree this year?

Watch the video for her answer -- or watch just to see Karrueche and Christina ... who had a near nip-slip.

Either way. No judgment.

Mariah Carey

Alleged Isolated Vocals Track Surfaces

High Note Struggle

12/4/2014 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A video appearing to be the isolated vocals from Mariah Carey's NBC performance Wednesday night has found its way online ... and she struggled.

The video was posted on a site called The Concourse and it seems authentic. It matches the version that aired on TV with full accompaniment.

Mariah seems fine during the meat and potatoes portion of "All I Want for Christmas is You"  ... but she has difficulty when she exercises her upper octave range.  

It's interesting for sure.



Mariah Carey

She Did It Live ...


12/3/2014 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120314_mariah_carey_launch_v4Mariah Carey hit the stage at Rockefeller Center for the NBC special -- nearly 24 hours late ... but whatever.

Mariah just performed her classic "All I Want for Christmas is You"  for the tree lighting special ... and she did it LIVE ... as promised.

TMZ broke the story ... Mariah pissed off fans and crew members by making them wait in the cold for 3 hours last night when the rest of the special was recorded -- so NBC yanked her from the lineup.

Mimi got a second chance today when the Peacock agreed to tack on her performance ... but ONLY if she did it live. Worth the wait? Watch ...


Mariah Carey

NBC Gambles ... She is Performing Live

12/3/2014 8:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


NBC just realized Mariah Carey is worth the hassle ... because they have now booked her to perform live tonight ... this after pulling the plug on her Tuesday night. 

TMZ broke the story that Mariah showed up more than 3 hours late for a taped performance that was supposed to air during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Wednesday night in Rockefeller Center. She was delayed because she was yacking with her lawyer about the divorce settlement with husband Nick. When she finally showed up, frustrated NBC execs sent her packing.

But, NBC had a change of heart and they are now rolling the dice that she will show up tonight. It's interesting ... the decision comes after LeAnn Rimes tweeted that she would have more air time, insinuating it was because of 'the Mariah problem.'

The tree lighting ceremony just got more interesting.

update_graphic_red_barMariah tweeted about the ordeal Wednesday afternoon, writing, "Last night's situation was beyond my control. I apologize to all that showed up, you know that I would never want to disappoint you."


Mariah Carey

Divorce Talk Derails NBC Tree Lighting Performance

12/3/2014 6:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey was so consumed with divorce talk Tuesday evening ... she blew off her scheduled taped performance for the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony ... and when she finally showed up the pissed off NBC honchos sent her packing.

Carey was supposed to tape a segment for the live show that airs Wednesday night. But as fans waited for hours in the rainy, cold night , there was no Mariah in sight.

People connected to the hotel tell us  ... Mariah was ensconced in her East Side hotel, yacking with her lawyer on the phone about her divorce. People who overheard her say it did not seem nasty ... she was going over the property settlement.

When she pulled up to Rockefeller Center more than 3 hours late, she was still on the phone and people overheard her continuing to talk divorce.

NBC execs were full on enraged -- ditto the crew -- and Mariah's people were told to just go home. We're told she really wanted to perform, but the network had clearly had enough.

We're told Mariah was upset because she didn't want to disappoint her fans or the network.   

Calls to Mariah's rep were not returned.


Mariah and Nick

We Still Break Bread as a Family

12/2/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mariah Carey
and Nick Cannon have quietly figured out how to remain a family for the sake of their kids ... and they successfully spent the first big holiday together since they separated.

Mariah made it SEEM like Thanksgiving was Cannon free ... posting a pic of her in the foyer of a home.

But we know not only was Nick there ... it was HIS L.A. home.

Our Carey/Cannon sources say their relationship was extremely toxic when they were together, but they actually get along as friends now and both are committed to the welfare of their 3-year-old twins.

We're told Thanksgiving was calm and happy, although Mariah and the kids bolted for a hotel after the meal.

As for how the kids are doing ... we're told they're not really conscious or affected by the separation, because they're used to being cared for by one parent or the other ... interaction with both Mariah and Nick was infrequent over the last 3 years.


Epic Meal Time Star

My Turkey Day Beats Yours

Even Though I'm Canadian

11/27/2014 12:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The guys from Epic Meal Time may be Canadian, but they're still stuffing their faces for Turkey day ... and we guarantee your Aunt Betty won't be making this for Thanksgiving.

Harley Morenstein tells us he was still hungry for holiday meats following T-giving in Canada last month ... so he and the boys decided to film an upcoming episode on America's day of thanks.

The bearded host says they'll be making a "Christmas PoulTree" today ... which is made entirely out of turkey, chicken, duck and quail -- and will feature 5 layers of poultry with bacon strips underneath each. 

Oh, and did we mention it will be stuffed with french fry bacon sausage stuffing?

BTW ... if you want to make a PoulTree yourself ... it'll cost around $1000.

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