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Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello

Cougar Season In L.A.

7/22/2014 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sofia Vergara Dating Joe Manganiello
Sofia Vergara and her significantly younger new man Joe Manganiello are officially out of the cage.

The 37-year-old "True Blood" star was out and about this weekend in Studio City showing off his prize catch ... five years his senior.

This is nothing new for Sofia, who's just coming off a similar situation with boy toy Nick Loeb ... they were together for almost 4 years, got engaged and split up last May.

We're not worried about Joe, of course ... if anyone can keep a cougar at bay, it's wolf man.

Happy hunting, Joe.


Christina Milian

I'm NOT Banging

Lil Wayne

7/20/2014 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071914_christina_milian_launchChristina Milian made one thing clear Saturday in Glendale ... she's NOT doing the horizontal cabbage patch with Lil Wayne.

The 32-year old singer sauntered into Chris Brown's celebrity kickball game in a killer set of shorts  ... and had no problem talking to us about her platonic relationship with Weezy.

Milian recently signed with Young Money Entertainment and Wayne is planning to roll out her music in a big way.  They were all handsy a week ago ... but it looks like it was all put on.

Christina wouldn't rule out a relationship with Wayne -- when we asked if she'd date a producer or manager she happened to be working with ... Milian had a very calculated reaction.

Floyd Mayweather

I Did NOT SAY I Had Sex With T.I.'s Wife

7/19/2014 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather says he never said he had sex with T.I.'s wife Tiny ... and claims the audio in the footage we posted this morning wasn't clear.

Mayweather tells TMZ Sports ...he ACTUALLY said, "he thinks I was f***ing his bitch."

In the video, Floyd does try to mutter something before the sex line -- but it's hard to make out.

Mayweather adds, "I've never been with Tiny sexually.  I respect her situation and I think she's a good person.  I would never disrespect a marriage."

T.I.'s wife Tiny confirms that statement ... telling us she's never had sexual relations with Floyd -- and thinks he only spoke out at the presser to get revenge for her BET Awards diss.

As for T.I. ... he simply told us, "I hope he is enjoying himself. God bless him."


Floyd Mayweather

I Had Sex

With T.I.'s Wife

7/19/2014 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071914_mayweather_conference_launch_v2Floyd Mayweather apparently concedes T.I. had a solid reason for attacking him in Vegas in May ... because the boxer now proudly claims he had sex with Tiny.

Mayweather was promoting his upcoming fight Friday against Marcos Maidana, when someone yelled, "What about T.I.?" -- referring to the now famous Fat Burger fight.

Listen closely, as Floyd says, "What about the bitch?  I was f***ing his bitch."

As we previously reported ... the photos Tiny posted of Floyd and his daughter on Instagram set T.I. off right before the melee ... so he clearly suspected something was up.

Floyd tried to talking to Tiny on the red carpet at the BET Awards ... but she flatly denied him.

1:00 PM -- Floyd tells us the audio wasn't clear ... and claims that's not exactly what he said.

Hillbilly From 'Deliverance'

Redneck Romance

I'm Hooking Up With Mema

7/19/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The actor who played a backwoods rapist in "Deliverance" -- famous for his "purdy mouth" line -- may have finally found his true hillbilly love ... right here in Hollywood.

TMZ has learned Herbert "Cowboy" Coward -- who now stars on the TV show, "Hillbilly Blood" -- is going on a blind date with Mema -- the matriarch of Reelz Channel's "Hollywood Hillbillies."

Celebrity manager David Weintraub says he ran into "Cowboy" -- who's still working at age 90 -- last week and offered to set him up with 70-year-old Mema. He says "Cowboy" readily accepted.

Weintraub tells TMZ ... Mema's family fully supports the idea of a redneck romance ... and they've arranged the first date for next month.

We can already hear the banjos.


Lil Wayne & Christina Milian

Not Dating, Just Business

Cause That Would Be SUPER WEIRD

7/18/2014 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne Dating Christina MilianLil Wayne and Christina Milian are NOT dating ... despite the hot hands at the ESPYs ... it's all part of Wayne's clever ploy to make $$$.

Milian recently signed with Young Money Entertainment and Wayne is planning on rolling out her music big time. Our sources say Wayne had the idea to take Christina to the ESPYs to drum up press ... and that's the beginning and end of the story.

Now the backstory on why their dating would be SUPER creepy. Ready?

-- Christina Milian has a daughter with The Dream
-- Lil Wayne has a son with R&B singer Nivea
-- Nivea has a daughter and twin sons with The Dream
So Christina Milian's daughter and Lil Wayne's son have three half-siblings in common.



Pam Anderson, Rick Salomon


We're Guessing

7/17/2014 8:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Salomon Pamela Anderson Kissing
Pam Anderson clearly had a change of heart after filing for divorce earlier this month.

Pam and hubby Rick Salomon were making out in Malibu Wednesday, showing no sign of ending their 6-month marriage.  It's their second try at marriage.  They married in 2007 ... it lasted 2 months.

As we reported ... Pam listed the date of separation as July 3  ... 2 days after Rick won $.2.8 million in a poker tournament -- which means it would be community property -- split 50/50 (we're told there's no prenup).

Money aside ... good for them.

'Bachelor' Juan Pablo

Diggin' for Digits

In Atlantic City

7/14/2014 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Break Up
Juan Pablo -- the "Bachelor" people love to hate -- apparently has cut ties with Nikki Ferrell ... so claims the woman who says he was all over her this past weekend in Atlantic City.

J.P. was at Pool After Dark in Harrah's for Pauly D's DJ set, celebrating a mutual friend's birthday.  

Ang Cottone -- who you may recognize as MILF Mom who fought with Tan Mom on Howard Stern's show -- was inside the club when we're told Juan P. recognized her, invited her into the DJ booth and got all nuzzly.  Ang told people in the club JP was "incredibly flirtatious" and asked for her number.

Here's the twist.  Juan Pablo -- who did NOT get engaged to Nikki on the show -- is currently filming Season 5 of "Couples Therapy."   

It seems like the whole "couples" thing is a better show than "The Bachelor."


Ryan Seacrest

Now It's Official ...

New GF Marks Territory

7/14/2014 8:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Someone peed all over Ryan Seacrest's leg at LAX this weekend, and she happens to be his latest hot blonde chick gf ... Shayna Taylor.

We're talking metaphorical urine -- but Ryan and the 23-year-old model were spotted on their way back from a fabulous vacay when a photog asked her, point-blank, about bagging Seacrest ... and she finally answered ... loudly and proudly!

We first spotted them together back in December, but neither ever publicly admitted dating. 8 months later something's changed.

Sources connected to the couple tell us they spent 2 weeks in Europe, so it was either one helluva vacation -- or she's got one helluva an ass. Or both.

 Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

Pamela Anderson

Is She Rebounding ...

With Chuck Zito?!

7/12/2014 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-pam-and-zito-X17-TMZ-01Pamela Anderson is totally hooking up with Chuck Zito now that she's single ... is what you'd think looking at this picture.

Anderson and Zito were heading out of the Rainbow Room Friday night ... and shortly after, the duo was pictured face to face in Pam's ride.

As we previously reported, Anderson filed for divorce from poker player/"One Night in Paris" star Rick Solomon this week -- their second time splitting up.

At first glance Pam appears to be macking down on her ex-boyfriend -- they briefly dated in '07 -- turns out one of our camera guys shot them on video as well ... and they're clearly hugging.

Nothing to see here folks ... yet.


Justin & Selena

Officially Engaged

In Rebound Dating Duel

7/11/2014 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are desperate to make each other insanely jealous ... at least that's how it looks after they both flaunted their dinner dates with new people.

The first shot came from Selena on Wednesday night when she hit Tao in NYC with 26-year-old model Tanz Watson ... who wasted no time posting a sexy pic of Selena pressed up against him.

Then the Biebs responded last night with his own Instagram of himself and model Yovanna Ventura at dinner in LA  with the caption, "dinner for 2 ;)."

Sources close to the exes tell us Justin religiously watches Selena's every move on social media -- so this is no coincidence. 

As for who's winning the war -- well, Beliebers have already coined the term, Jovanna for Justin and his new chick.

Your move, Selena.


Michelle Rodriguez

Workin' The Pole

During Zac Efron Makeout Sesh (PHOTOS)

7/9/2014 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez is treating herself to an early birthday present -- Zac Efron -- the two were all over each other Monday during a night of hard partying in Sardinia.

Michelle -- who turns 36 Saturday -- and the 26-year-old "Neighbors" star hit up a club in Porto Cervo off the coast of Italy ... and if there was any doubt they're banging, well ...

The photog says Michelle was drinking and smoking and had to steady herself at times ... grabbing onto an overhead pole while Zac slobbered all over her.

So we gotta ask ...

Michelle Rodriguez

Bye Ladies ...

Hello Zac Efron's Tongue

7/7/2014 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_zac_efron_michelle_rodriguez_kissing_launchMichelle Rodriguez is rebounding just fine from her supermodel ex-GF -- just ask Zac Efron's mouth ... which got all up in Michelle's grill during their Italian vacation.

35-year-old Michelle was spotted sucking face with the 26-year-old "Neighbors" star off Sardinia while aboard a yacht owned by of one of Zac's multi-millionaire pals.

You could say Michelle -- who's been open about her bisexuality -- is getting a little revenge. Last month, her ex Cara Delevingne was making out with model Karlie Kloss.

Check out the gallery -- Michelle conquered something else (besides Zac) that proves she has NO fear of long hard poles.

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