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Todd Gurley Celebrates Rams Victory at Club ... with Smokin' Hot Chick

11/13/2017 6:15 AM PST

Todd Gurley had a hell of a Sunday. 

After putting a 33-7 beatdown on the Houston Texans, the L.A. Rams superstar running back dashed over to Nightingale Plaza in Hollywood to celebrate with a smokeshow date.  

We're told the two got the VIP treatment on the way in -- and the way out. Let's face it, the Rams are finally getting treated like rockstars in Los Angeles.  

No word on who Todd's attractive lady friend is -- but we're workin' on it. 


Warren Moon Kaepernick Killed His NFL Career

11/8/2017 4:10 PM PST

Colin Kaepernick dug his own football grave ... so says Warren Moon, who tells TMZ Sports he doesn't think teams will go near Kaep after he filed a grievance against NFL owners.

We spoke with the Hall of Famer and Houston legend about Kaep's status with the league ... and he questioned whether the controversial QB actually wanted to play this season.

"If he was gonna file a lawsuit, he maybe should've waited 'til this season was over if he did want to play this year," Moon says, "because it was almost like, does he really wanna play if he's gonna go and sue the league and then also try to get signed by a football team ... the 2 just don't seem to mix."

We also asked about Bob McNair referring to players as "inmates" ... and from his experience with the Texans owner, Moon believes his comments were misunderstood. 

"I think it was just a bad choice of words, and a bad analogy. If he could take those words back and maybe use some type of another analogy, I think he would."

Shawne Merriman I Know Bill O'Brien ... '85-90%' Texans Sign Kaepernick

11/7/2017 7:00 AM PST

Colin Kaepernick to the Houston Texans is basically a done deal -- so says Shawne Merriman, who personally knows coach Bill O'Brien from their University of Maryland days. 

We got Merriman leaving Poppy in L.A. -- and the ex-NFL star seemed convinced that his old buddy Bill (an ex-Terrapins asst.) is gonna pull the trigger on Kaepernick with Deshaun Watson sidelined.

"I know he's about that life. He'll do it," Merriman told TMZ Sports. "If he's still the same person ... 85-90 percent Colin will be in Houston."

Shawne thinks the fit is too good for O'Brien to pass up ... and the Texans coach hasn't exactly closed the door on a Kaep deal, saying he's kept an eye on the QB for "a long time" during a Monday media sesh.

Kenny Smith Texans Owner's Comments Could Screw Team In Free Agency

11/5/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Bob McNair's "inmates" comments could serve as free agent repellent ... scaring off top NFL players who simply don't want to play for the Houston Texans owner ... so says Kenny Smith.

The former Rockets star is a legend in Houston and says McNair's comments at a recent NFL owner's meeting -- where he said, "Can't have the inmates running the prison" -- didn't fall on deaf ears. 

"It will be difficult to attract great free agents," Smith says ... noting that McNair has to "really make a big stance" to prove he's not the racially insensitive jerk some of his own players think he is. 

Remember, DeAndre Hopkins was so pissed at McNair he walked out of Texans practice -- so, who's gonna willingly join a team with so much internal drama? 

The good news ... players LOVE Deshaun Watson -- and Kenny predicts big things for the young QB once he recovers from his torn ACL

Jadeveon Clowney Dresses As Inmate For Halloween ... Shot At Texans Owner?

10/31/2017 9:19 AM PDT

12:05 PM PT -- A rep for the Texans says Clowney insists there "was no hidden meaning behind his Halloween costume. He was not taking a 'shot' at anyone. It was just that – a costume at a Halloween party," according to the Houston Chronicle.

Jadeveon Clowney rocked an ORANGE PRISON JUMPSUIT to the Texans' Halloween party ... seemingly in response to Houston team owner Bob McNair's controversial comments.

JC isn't the first Texan to outwardly show displeasure with BM after his "you can't have the inmates running the prison" comment. 

DeAndre Hopkins bolted practice last week and most of the squad -- including Clowney -- took a knee for the anthem before Sunday's game against the Seahawks.

As for the actual party ... it went down last night in H-Town, with everyone from Deshaun Watson, Kareem Jackson, Alfred Blue and Bruce Ellington in attendance.

Houston Texans Many Players Kneel During Anthem ... After 'Inmates' Comment

10/29/2017 1:25 PM PDT
Breaking News

The Houston Texans had a mixed response to their owner's comment comparing kneeling players to prison inmates ... but the majority took a knee. 

About 25 Texans players knelt during the National Anthem ahead of Sunday's game against the Seahawks -- which looked kinda awkward since some other players chose to stand.

The kneeling appears to be a direct response to Bob McNair's comment last week when he said "You can't have the inmates running the prison" in reference to players who kneel in protest.

The backlash was swift, and McNair apologized for his phrasing ... but not before one of his players, DeAndre Hopkins, left Friday's practice in reaction to the news.

Seems like that reaction trickled into Sunday as well ... and the anthem debate continues. 

J.J. Watt Houston's Hero Tosses First Pitch ... On One Leg!!!

10/27/2017 5:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

J.J. Watt didn't let a little thing like a broken leg keep him from throwing out the first pitch in a HUGE Game 3 of the World Series in Houston ... and obviously -- the crowd loved it!!!

Watt's a hometown hero for raising more than $37 MILLION for Hurricane Harvey relief ... so you gotta think the fans will give him a pass for the pitch to Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel being juuuuuuust a bit outside.

J.J.'s season with the Texans is over after having a season-ending surgery a few weeks ago ... but clearly he can still have an impact on the baseball field.

The Astros are all tied up with the L.A. Dodgers at 1-1 ... so time will tell if Watt gives them an extra lift for the W.

DeAndre Hopkins Leaves Texans Practice Over Owner's 'Inmates' Comments

10/27/2017 11:52 AM PDT
Breaking News

Houston Texans superstar WR DeAndre Hopkins walked out of Texans practice Friday because he was so pissed off at team owner Bob McNair for comparing kneeling players to prison inmates. 

Hopkins is the 2nd biggest star on the team behind J.J. Watt -- and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, he was extremely offended by the comments McNair made at a recent NFL owner's meeting. 

The comments: "Can't have the inmates running the prison." McNair has apologized but it's clearly not sitting well with Texans players.

Schefter says Hopkins did not practice and left the facility. ESPN is also reporting other Texans players wanted to boycott practice and needed to be convinced to stay.

Aside from the comments, McNair is also a huge Trump supporter, donating more than $4.5 million to his campaign, more than any other NFL owner. Trump has trashed protesting players and called for them to be suspended.

NFL's Kareem Jackson Protests Might Be Screwing Ratings 'We Feel How We Feel'

10/24/2017 2:28 PM PDT

Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson says he's aware the kneeling protests might be hurting NFL ratings -- but he's not fazed, telling TMZ Sports, "We feel how we feel."

There are reports NFL viewership is down from 2016 -- some people are pointing the finger at the national anthem protests ... saying fans have had enough. 

We got Kareem out in NYC  -- who's locked arms with his teammates but not taken a knee -- and asked him if the decline in ratings makes him think twice about speaking out.

"It may be messing with the ratings a little bit," Jackson admits ... "It is what it is though."

"We feel how we feel and that's that. At the end of the day, [they are] peaceful protests and we're all about equality."

BTW -- Jackson also makes his World Series pick ... the hometown fans will be happy.

Deshaun Watson Ex-Porn Star Denies Bangin' QB ... Just Good Friends

9/14/2017 10:52 AM PDT

Mia Khalifa says she loooooves Houston Texans rookie Deshaun Watson ... but insists it's strictly platonic.

The ex-porn star wished the QB a happy 22nd birthday Thursday with a video of them playing mini basketball in her apartment this past June ... leaving people speculating whether they were a "thing."

But we spoke with Mia who tells us there's nothing but serious friendship goin' on ... and it all started over a home-cooked meal when Deshaun moved to H-Town.

Mia says she lives close to Watson and, with him being new to the area, she invited him to her place for some hospitality ... and they've been tight ever since. No sex though. 

Still ... good for you, Deshaun. Good for you.

Ex-NFL Stars to Andre Johnson: Help Us with Miami Recovery Effort!

9/13/2017 8:42 AM PDT

Two former NFL stars are hoping their former teammate, Andre Johnson, can help spearhead a J.J. Watt-style recovery effort in Miami.

Bryant McKinnie and Phillip Buchanon both joined the "TMZ Sports" TV show this week -- after leaving Miami right before Hurricane Irma struck. 

The guys said the city is in desperate need of help and they're hoping to launch a fundraising initiative like Watt

Both Bryant and Philip went to the University of Miami, where AJ went to school -- and since Andre knows J.J. Watt (from the Houston Texans), they're hoping he can be the piece that brings everyone together. 

FYI, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just donated $1 MILLION to the AARP Foundation Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bikini Barbecue!!

6/12/2017 9:31 AM PDT

Case of the Mondays? Here are the Houston Texans cheerleaders partyin' in bikinis to make everything all better!!

The lovely ladies held their 1st Annual HTC Picnic Sunday ... full of chillin', grillin', volleyball killin', and of course, tons of photo ops with pool inflatables.

Seems like there's a friendly competition between HTC and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders for hottest squad in the NFL ... and we're here for it.

Trust us ... you're gonna want to check out all the hot pics from the epic pool party.

Texans' Brian Cushing 'Excited' About Deshaun Watson

4/28/2017 6:09 AM PDT

Houston Texans star linebacker Brian Cushing says he's pretty pumped for his team's new QB Deshaun Watson -- but he's not convinced he'll be the starter ... yet.

Cushing and his wife are out in Philly for the NFL Draft -- and after Houston selected the Clemson star with the #12 pick, we asked Cushing for his quick reaction.

Of course, Watson will have to battle for the #1 job with Tom Savage -- a 4th year QB out of Rutgers. 

Good luck!

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