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Maya Rudolph Nails 'Purple Rain' For Prince's Bday With Armisen on Drums!

6/9/2017 9:44 AM PDT

Maya Rudolph tipped her hat to Prince Thursday night with her cover band, Princess ... the last night of back-to-back sold-out shows honoring the Purple One's 59th birthday.

The 'SNL' vet performed at the Teragram Ballroom in L.A., and her old co-star, Fred Armisen, sat in on drums for "Darling Nikki", "Nasty Girl" and "Purple Rain."

Even Prince had said he was a fan of Maya's group ... easy to see why.

If you know what I'm singing about up here, c'mon, raise your hand!

Dave Chappelle Sorry for Bailing on You, Flint ... Here's $50,000!

6/8/2017 10:40 AM PDT
Exclusive Video

Dave Chappelle made up with Flint, Michigan for skipping out on a previous benefit show by giving them every dime he made from his Wednesday night gig ... $50k.

Chappelle performed at The Whiting in Flint and had announced he was going to donate proceeds to a local charity. The only surprise was what charity would get the dough.

Turns out ... Dave gave everything to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. He presented a check onstage to CEO Isaiah Oliver ... who tells TMZ the money will help children exposed to lead in Flint's water. Oliver says they're grateful for Dave's commitment.

Based on the reaction Chappelle got from the crowd, it's safe to say Flint forgives him for bailing on a water crisis benefit last year. Dave admitted, during his Netflix special, he accepted a last-minute invite from Chris Rock to go to the Oscars instead.

It's all good, Dave.

Jerry Seinfeld Who's Kesha?? No Hug for You!

6/6/2017 11:08 AM PDT

Jerry Seinfeld made it clear he's not down with hugs from random strangers who approach him out of nowhere ... even if they turn out to be Kesha.

Jerry was being interviewed Monday during the Night of Laughter & Song at the Kennedy Center, when Kesha strolled up acting like your average "Seinfeld" superfan.

Jerry wasn't having it ... like, at all. It definitely seems like he didn't recognize her as a famous singer.

It's a Soup Nazi worthy diss, for sure. And Kramer, for that matter.

'Covfefe' Undies, Beer, Coffee or Merch ... The Choice Is Yours!

6/6/2017 12:40 AM PDT

The race is on to nab Donald Trump's typo word of the year, "covfefe" ... and that means it could end up plastered on everything from boobs to beer.

More than a handful of would-be entrepreneurs have filed legal docs to lock down the right to slap covfefe on shirts, sweaters, tank tops, pants, socks and all the other typical clothes for men, women and children. That's the standard stuff.

There's also talk of cranking out covfefe leisure suits, PJs, panties, thongs, bras and even clogs. Also, at least one brewery has also filed to attach it to a beer -- while another guy wants it for a coffee brew.

Gotta say, covfefe clogs seems like a front-runner. If you're into that sorta thing. 

'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Cuts 'Whaboom' & Blake 'Clowns' Make Awkward Exit

6/5/2017 6:28 PM PDT

Rachel Lindsay was done with the 'Whaboom' guy, Lucas, and his arch-nemesis, Blake, on "The Bachelorette" ... but they weren't done clowning each other.

After each guy got stiffed in Monday night's rose ceremony, Lucas and Blake went after each other. They've beefed all season, but instead of going out with a brawl -- or even clever insults -- they traded goofy-as-hell shots.

Lots of yelling back and forth, and playground mocking ... but Lucas didn't even get in 1 last WHABOOM! 

Honestly, we got enough in episode 1. 

Katy Perry Leaving for Manchester ... But First, Nap Time!

6/4/2017 10:44 AM PDT

Katy Perry just left for Manchester ahead of her performance alongside Ariana Grande -- but she looks half asleep ... with a full bedtime getup. 

Paps got Katy leaving Paris Sunday morning to board a private jet as she prepared to join Ariana, Justin Bieber and the rest of the star-studded lineup for One Love Manchester.

Unfortunately, Katy looks like she didn't get a good night's sleep. She's got PJs on ... including a pillow and a teddy bear with her too. 

Here's hoping she can catch some ZZZs on the way over. She'll be on live in just a few hours. 

Jon Stewart Mr. Met's Getting Screwed ... I Feel His Pain!

6/1/2017 12:10 PM PDT

Jon Stewart says Mr. Met has been maligned -- telling TMZ Sports he understands why his favorite team's mascot would be driven to flip the bird during a game. 

Of course, Mr. Met got the ax after video surfaced showing the baseball-headed mascot shooting the 1-finger salute to a fan at Citi Field. 

Stewart was leaving Michael's NY restaurant Thursday and explained why Mr. Met has been a ticking time bomb ... working in a hostile environment filled with his natural enemy -- bats.

'Covfefe' Merriam-Webster Ain't Playing Trump's Game

6/1/2017 8:50 AM PDT

Donald Trump might be America's midnight wordsmith, but Merriam-Webster isn't bowing to all the covfefe -- the President's made-up lingo will NOT be in their good book.

Merriam-Webster's editor-at-large, Peter Sololowski, tells TMZ ... Trump's now infamous word won't be making an appearance in their dictionary anytime soon, despite TONS of people trying to define it this week.

Sololowski believes covfefe was simply a typo, and says MW doesn't create entries for what it considers misspelled words. MW's website's been flooded with covfefe searches since Trump's late night tweet ... and Sololwski says they're serving up suggestions like coffee, coven, cover, covet and covey.

BTW ... White House sources tell us they maintain what Sean Spicer said Wednesday -- that covfefe was deliberate ... and its true meaning is known only to a select group.

Very select. Like ... one, we're guessing.

Kevin Hart Poker Table Humpin' ... After Big Win!

5/31/2017 11:00 AM PDT

Sex and trash talk. 

That summed up Kevin Hart's poker experience in Vegas -- after he trashed a bunch of poker pros and then banged the table after winning a big hand.


Kev was playing in PokerGO’s Super High Roller Bowl at the Aria in Vegas -- and in his quest for the $6 million grand prize, Hart got locked in an "all in" battle with pro poker player Brian Rast.

Kev promised if he won the hand, he was gonna bang the table.

He won -- and the table got railed.

Hart has since been eliminated, but it was a damn good run.

T.I. My Homies Think They're Usain Bolt ... They're Just Funny

5/30/2017 8:22 AM PDT

T.I. finally witnessed the showdown that's been building for weeks -- between 2 of his homies -- and it left him laughing his ass off!!

The rapper was leaving Crustacean Sunday in Bev Hills when his crew decided it was time to settle a dispute -- who's the fastest man alive? On tour ... on that particular day ... with T.I.?

Tip -- who's in the middle of his Hustle Gang Tour -- picked the winner, and also worked traffic control. They raced in the middle of the street, after all.

T.I. was laughing, but the loser had to pony up a G!

King Bach Unapologetic for Vine ... Now Get Out of My Shot!!

5/29/2017 11:29 AM PDT

King Bach is the biggest Vine success story there is, and although the social media service is no more ... he'll never forget what got him here.

We got the comedian and actor -- real name Andrew Bachelor -- outside Nightingale Plaza in L.A. Sunday night. Our guy asks him if he feels bad for pioneering the now defunct video service because it featured so much bad acting.

Short answer -- hell no!

Bach's Vine stardom has led to more mainstream success -- he's appeared on TV shows like "Angie Tribeca," "Workaholics" and "Black Jesus" and in the movie "Fifty Shades of Black."

But the King hasn't forgotten where he came from ... as you can tell from the hilarious vid we interrupted.

Colin Farrell I Should 'Check In' on Conor McGregor's Baby

5/29/2017 12:25 AM PDT

Funny moment with Irish superstar Colin Farrell ... who apparently hasn't done his Irish duty of checking in on Conor McGregor's baby yet.

Farrell jokes that he "should" check up on Ireland's most famous baby -- and then cracks on our photog for not keeping up with Irish politics.

The best part's when Colin tries to zing our Australian camera guy, Charlie, for being an uneducated American.

As for Conor Jr. ... he's chillin'.

Let's go get some boxing ones now son.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Bieber to Schwarzenegger You Crack Me Up!!!

5/28/2017 7:21 AM PDT

Justin Bieber can certainly afford a chiropractor, but in a pinch an actor/model will do.

Patrick Schwarzenegger gave the Biebs a lift on the streets of New York City Saturday, and it looks like they went virtually unnoticed.

In all fairness ... they were actually in SoHo, where it's super uncool to gawk at celebs.

The boyz know each other from L.A. and it's not the first time they've hung out together.

Bieber's got some downtime ... he's in the middle of his "Purpose" tour.

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