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Ted Cruz Pelosi Shoulda Done This ... Before Marathon House Speech

2/8/2018 11:52 AM PST

Nancy Pelosi's record-setting speech in the House of Representatives probably would've gone longer if she'd consulted with the modern-day king of filibusters ... Ted Cruz.

We got the Senator Thursday at the D.C. Prayer Breakfast, where we asked what the hardest part was about giving a marathon speech in Congress. He would know ... he's up there with a 21-hour diatribe against Obamacare, when he famously read "Green Eggs and Ham."

Ted says Rand Paul -- who's also experienced in long speeches -- gave him some great advice that might've served Pelosi well for her own relatively meager record address.

Here's a hint ... comfort below the belt is KEY.

Marlon Wayans Pryor, Brando Hookup Went Down Like This ...

2/8/2018 7:12 AM PST

Marlon Wayans is taking the news about Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando hooking up in stride -- and he's even got a pretty good idea of how it happened.

We got Marlon Wednesday night at Madeo in WeHo and told him Pryor's widow confirmed Quincy Jones' bombshell about Brando hooking up with her late husband

Marlon's view -- Richard had good taste! Fact is, Pryor was pretty open about his bisexuality.

And Marlon speculates Pryor probably didn't even realize the Brando bang sesh was happening. It's a drug thing ... you gotta see his explanation. 

Keegan-Michael Key The Tesla's Great, But Here's What Elon Should Launch Next

2/7/2018 6:51 AM PST

Keegan-Michael Key is blown away by Elon Musk's latest triumph, but he has the perfect household item the great explorer should hurl into space next.

We got the "Key & Peele" star Tuesday in Bev Hills leaving The Palm and asked if he'd caught the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket -- which was historic for lots of reasons.

He says he missed it, but sounds pleased with the results. Then he hits our camera guy with a little bit of a hot take -- humans aren't stepping foot onto Mars anytime soon ... despite the Tesla Roadster and the mannequin spaceman zipping toward the red planet. 

Keegan thinks the car is cool, but there's something that Martians may find more useful.

He makes a solid point ... that a private citizen with a passion for space exploration might be better suited to tool around the galaxy than NASA.

Odell Beckham Jr. Looked Injury Free at 'Dirty Dancing' ... Says Giants' D.J. Fluker

2/6/2018 3:15 PM PST

Great news for Giants fans -- Odell Beckham Jr. was back to his springy self at the NY Giants' "Dirty Dancing" commercial shoot ... just a few months after his horrific ankle injury.

How do we know? TMZ Sports spoke with Giants lineman D.J. Fluker -- one of the background dancers in Odell and Eli Manning's hilarious Super Bowl 52 ad -- and he confirmed OBJ's running and jumping wasn't just camera tricks. 

D.J. also told us he's 100% confident Odell's "coming back with a vengeance" in 2018 after seeing him boogie down like his old, bad self.

That said, Fluker told us he was WAY more impressed with Eli's Swayze-esque performance ... and we think we know why

Brody Jenner Puts Foot, and Beer, In His Mouth

2/5/2018 12:20 AM PST

If you're drinking with Brody Jenner and get a funny taste in your mouth ... check to see if the beer's been mixed with his foot sweat.

Brodes was enjoying The Groove Cruise in Miami when he got a hankering for a good ol' fashioned swig of beer from his shoe ... and wanted DJ Thomas Jack to join him.

DJ TJ declined -- for obvious reasons -- but Jenner wasn't having it and kept pestering him to take a sip. When that didn't work, he talked smack about Jack's profession ... and continued drinking his foot beer.

This isn't a new thing for Brody, by the way -- he apparently loves doing "shoeys" ... especially on airplanes.

Von Miller Uber Ride Breaks Down ... En Route to Super Bowl LII

2/4/2018 3:44 PM PST

Von Miller almost didn't make it Super Bowl LII because his Uber ride broke down before he could even hit the road ... but luckily, the crisis was averted.

We got Von boarding an Uber Sunday in Minneapolis ahead of the big game between the Pats and Eagles, and his driver's car wouldn't start.  The Broncos star wasn't about to sit around and miss the kickoff -- he bolted from the car and ordered himself a new one.

The OG driver told us the car malfunction wasn't due to any icy conditions --as our photog first thought. Seems like it was a combo of headlights and a long wait time for Von.

NASCAR's Kyle Busch 'Tried Like Hell' ... But I Can't Piss Myself in the Car!

2/4/2018 12:15 AM PST

Kyle Busch says other drivers "piss themselves" all the time during races ... but despite his best efforts, he can't join NASCAR's #1 club.

We got Kyle and his smokin' hot wife, Samantha, out at Craig's ... and the conversation quickly turned to racing's dirty little secret -- peeing in the cockpit!

Busch told TMZ Sports he's "tried like hell" to pull the trigger -- races are 3 HOURS long -- but he can't bring himself to go full R. Kelly on the track. 

But KB says some guys got no problem taking a leak mid-race ... and even claims one of his teammates broke the seal BEFORE his race started!

Yeah ... Samantha's face says it all. 

'Martin' Cast Reunites!!! Wazzup with Martin, Gina & Pamela?!

2/1/2018 9:08 PM PST

The cast of "Martin" is back together -- just for a steak lunch, for now -- but it could be for a reboot of their popular '90s sitcom very soon ... based on the smiles on their faces.

We got Martin Lawrence (aka Martin Payne), Tisha Campbell-Martin (aka Gina) and Tichina Arnold (aka Pamela) leaving Morton's Steakhouse in Burbank Thursday, so we had to ask if the rumors are true ... and it sure seems like they are.

Martin and the ladies play it coy at first, but all 3 of them can't stop dishing out the deets once they start reminiscing ... until Tisha steps in to shut it down ... twice!

It's interesting -- the show went off the air in 1997 after a serious rift between Martin and Tisha ... so many thought a reboot would never happen.

Looks like water under the bridge now, though, and as Lawrence says ... "never say never."

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Shinier the Better! ChapStick Says He Nailed It

1/31/2018 9:21 AM PST

Joe Kennedy III had to explain away his "drool" after his State of the Union response, but ChapStick says he shouldn't be making excuses ... 'cause he applied the product perfectly.

A rep for the company -- which is said to be the culprit for the congressman's extra shiny finish Tuesday night -- says Kennedy did NOT go overboard with the product.

The spokesperson says ChapStick "encourages generous application of our products," adding that it appears JK3 "took our advice to heart and put his lips first."

Translation: They love the plug.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III I'm Not a Drooler ... It Was Chapstick!

1/31/2018 7:09 AM PST

Drool of thumb ... if you're gonna give a nationally televised speech, GO EASY ON THE CHAPSTICK ... or you'll be mocked endlessly like Rep. Joe Kennedy. 

JK3 learned the hard way after social media went HAM on him for his extra shiny mouth during the Democratic response to the State of the Union. 

In fact, someone even started a "Joe Kennedy's Lips" Twitter account. 

The good news for Joe ... he's taking the mockery in stride -- even joking about his over-chapstickeration on 'GMA' early Wednesday morning.

"Oddly enough, I decided to go a little bit light on the chapstick this morning," Kennedy said ... "More on the coffee, light on the chapstick, which was probably a wise choice."


Ansel Elgort Baby Does Karaoke ... No Earbuds Necessary!

1/28/2018 11:49 AM PST

Ansel Elgort practically recreated a scene from his blockbuster film this weekend -- except this time, he actually belted out the words ... and it was just as charming.

The "Baby Driver" star hit up a high school pal's 23rd karaoke birthday party Saturday night with his GF, Violetta Komyshan, in NYC -- where he stepped up for at least a couple songs.

Ansel sang along to Khalid's "Location" and The Temptations' "My Girl" -- seemingly trying to channel his inner Baby from the flick ... and we gotta say, it's almost spot-on.

It's a little hard to tell through the group sing-along here, but this dude can actually croon. Just ask James Corden and Jamie Foxx

Nick Saban Does Electric Slide To Win Over HS Recruit

1/28/2018 12:20 PM PST

Nick Saban will do what it takes to get a top recruit to come play football at Alabama ... even if it means putting on his dancing shoes.

The Crimson Tide head coach went out Saturday night to pay a visit to Eddie Smith -- a three-star high school cornerback out of Slidell, Louisiana. What might've started out as a convo about committing to 'Bama eventually turned into a boogie fest.

Saban was recorded doing the Electric Slide in the family's living room. He also apparently got in on a little number called the Wobble -- with which he seemed a bit less familiar.

No word on where Smith's leaning at this point -- but ya gotta like his chances after this. You know your potential future coach is dedicated when he gets down with your fam.

Kardashians They'll Get You Kicked Out of NYC Bar ... Literally

1/27/2018 7:10 AM PST

The Kardashians can get you kicked out of a bar if you say the magic words.

The Continental bar in NYC posted a sign inside the joint ... notifying patrons they have 5 minutes to finish their drinks and leave if they dare use the words, "I literally."  

The owner is on a crusade to save the English language, grousing, "This is the most overused, annoying word in the English language and we will not tolerate it.  STOP KARDASHIANISM NOW!"

Unclear how many folks got booted Friday night, but they were definitely forewarned -- LITERALLY.

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