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Chuck Liddell

I Was Happy to Let Randy Couture

Get in My Shorts

10/28/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102714_chuck_liddell_launchUFC legend Chuck Liddell tells TMZ Sports he was HAPPY to fork over a pair of his trunks to Randy Couture for Randy's Halloween costume -- but says he ain't exactly returning the costume honor.  

Liddell was out in Calabasas Monday when he told us Randy went through a celebrity middleman to get his hands on his trunks ... and Chuck obliged because he thought it was funny.

As for Chuck, two mysteries remain -- who will he dress up as on All Hallows' Eve ... and why is his right arm is in a medical brace???

Check out the clip. 


Ray Rice


Gilbert Gottfried Zings NFL Star

9/10/2014 8:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Too soon? Apparently not ... according to Gilbert Gottfried who finally decided to put Ray Rice in the comedy crosshairs. 

"Obviously Ray Rice misunderstood me when I said 'She's hot, you should definitely hit that!'" ... Gilbert tweeted. 

Cracking jokes on timely news stories is kinda Gilbert's thing -- and he also knows there can be consequences ... like when he was fired from his job as the voice of the AFLAC duck back in 2011 after joking about the tsunami in Japan.

As for Ray Rice, the question we're asking in the office -- think Joan Rivers woulda beat Gottfried to the joke?

Nicki Minaj


(The Fart Remix)

8/27/2014 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" music video is filled with ass -- but now, thanks to the glorious power of the Internet (and some editing software) ... it's also got a lot of gas.

A comedy duo out of South Africa named Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues released the flatulent remix late Tuesday night.

The concept might be is definitely juvenile ... but we dare you to watch it without cracking a smile.

For those who haven't seen Nicki's original -- SHAME ON YOU!!

Verne Troyer

Takes Shark Week

a Little Too Seriously

8/13/2014 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_Verne-Troyer-shark-week_twitterSeems Shark Week's biggest fan ... is also its smallest.

"Austin Powers" star Verne Troyer celebrated the annual Discovery Channel tradition in costume, posting a photo to Twitter with the caption, "Got a little too excited about #sharkweek last night."

There's just one thing missing ...

Marlon Wayans

I Won't Apologize for Saying

White Chicks Can't Dance

8/7/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marlon Wayans White Woman Dancing
Marlon Wayans made it clear to our photog ... he's unapologetic for generalizing about white chicks on the dance floor.

Marlon took a selfie at a Beyonce/Jay Z concert with a white woman dancing in the background and Instagrammed it with the caption, "UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me ..."

Marlon took a ration of crap from people who say he was racist. It didn't help that the chick was Australian singer Delta Goodrem, who's pretty popular.

Marlon was leaving Equinox gym in West Hollywood Wednesday when he made it clear ...  he stands by his words.


Bob Barker

Soap Star Gets The 'Happy Gilmore' Treatment

8/6/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bob Barker Bold and The Beautiful
Renowned ass-kicker Bob Barker is at it again ... throttling a "Bold and the Beautiful" actor the same way he did Adam Sandler in the iconic "Happy Gilmore" scene.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ ... Bob was on the soap set Tuesday filming a frame-by-frame reenactment of the fight that made him a cult comedy legend.

Bob's been on 'Bold' a couple times now playing himself for an animal awareness story line.

He moves ridiculously well for 90 ... throwing his famous left jabs and the devastating right cross -- but he does admit to our camera guy there's one move he needs a stunt double for now.

And he's still got it with the ladies -- the Barker charm is on display at the end of this clip. Don't forget to spay and neuter ... your pets.

Chris Pratt

Raps Eminem


8/5/2014 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta Hear This!


Chris Pratt is UNBELIEVABLE!  You gotta hear him take the challenge and drop a verse from Eminem's "Forgot About Dre."  It's just insane.

Chris -- who owns the theaters with "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- was on "The Whoolywood Shuffle" on Shade45 when DJ Whoo Kid suspiciously questioned Pratt about his rap knowledge. 

Pratt also takes a shot at Orlando Bloom.

It's hard not to love Chris Pratt.

Jared Leto

Ibiza Is Just Divine

8/5/2014 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Leto took a leap of faith in Ibiza while cliff diving with friends.

Blessed be His beard and flowing locks. Amen.

Anthony Anderson

Only True Pros

Can Golf Off My Penis!!

8/5/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Anderson has some sage advice for anyone (idiots) looking to get a golf ball tee'd off their no-no special place ... leave it to the pros.

The "Eating America" host was at LAX this weekend when he told TMZ Sports the reason he agreed to participate in the stunt was because the guy holding the golf club was a professional ... unlike the infamous video of a Playboy playmate getting her butt severely bruised by some amateur.

But Anderson revealed to our photog that after he was on the receiving end of the golf shot ... he took a swing off the other guy's nether regions. 

We'll let him explain how it went.



Screams His Face Off

on Amusement Park Ride

7/29/2014 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072914_dmx_launchDMX lost his damn mind riding the Sling Shot in Orlando ... and thank the lord someone had the good sense to record the whole thing. 

X had our editors working overtime to bleep all the expletives he was hurling out ... and that was before the ride even started! Once X got shot up in the air ... all bets were off.

The video is amazing on so many levels, but perhaps the best part ... it's the rare clip of DMX that doesn't end with him in handcuffs.


Diedrich Bader

Distracted Pedestrians ...

Pay Attention or Else ...

7/22/2014 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Washington DC Cell Phone LaneDiedrich Bader -- from "Napoleon Dynamite" and "The Drew Carey Show" -- has a solution for dealing with cell phone-using pedestrians who don't look where they're going ... and it ain't pretty.

We asked Bader about Washington, D.C. installing special sidewalk lanes for cell phone users -- a social experiment he thinks is bound to fail.

However, DB's got his own plan to handle the situation. Watch the video ... we'd like to think he's kidding. Then again ... his shirt does say "villainous."

Jason Biggs

Taking Heat for Malaysia Crash Joke

7/17/2014 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Biggs
is getting trashed for joking that he now wants to sell his Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles ... but he's not backing down.

Biggs tweeted shortly after the crash of the 777 jetliner, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?"

People went nuts on Biggs, saying, among other things, "Go f**k a pie you piece of s**t.  You're such an attention seeking f**king whore," and "You'd laugh if your kids died in a plane crash?"
Biggs recoiled in anger, saying, "Truly - you losers are literally trying to find s**t to get angry about. Channel your issues elsewhere," and, "Hey, all you 'too soon' assholes - it's a f**king joke.  You don't have to think it's funny, or even be on my twitter page at all."



Columbus Short

Dropping O.J. Joke

Before Domestic Violence Hearing

6/9/2014 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Columbus Short OJ Simpson JokeWhen you've recently been accused of domestic violence like Columbus Short -- and you're also facing charges for allegedly beating up a guy -- cracking an O.J. Simpson joke is ill-advised ... but he did it anyway.

We got Short at LAX on Sunday ... and asked him about his Monday court dates for both pending cases. Short dropped an incredibly dated O.J. trial reference in response and when we asked an O.J. follow-up question ... he dropped a second domestic violence-related answer. 

As we reported, the ex "Scandal" star is trying to become a stand-up comedian.

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