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Tomi Lahren Me, Kick My Dog? Bitch, Please!!! (Even Though I Said I Did)

3/14/2018 5:26 PM PDT

Tomi Lahren's probably better off reading from a teleprompter, because she now says the social media post about kicking her dog was a joke that just fell on deaf ears.

We got Tomi at LAX Wednesday and asked her point-blank ... did she actually kick her dog, Kota, 5 times because she was making too much noise during Tomi's appearance on "FOX & Friends"? Remember, it was Tomi's own video of herself berating her dog for loudly chewing a bone that got her in trouble, anyway. 

Tomi denied abusing Kota, and said anyone with some logic would know she was joking.

She claims people are overreacting -- to HER SAYING she kicked her dog -- and did her best to prove she's a loving pet owner. Tomi tried to chalk this all up to a slow news day, but truth is the timing of her "joke" sucked.

Unless, somehow, she hadn't heard about United's dog issues.

71-Year-Old Sly Stallone Pumpin' 100-Pound Weighted Pull-Ups ... 'Another Easy Workout!'

3/13/2018 1:58 PM PDT
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Get ready to throw away your Girl Scout cookies, normies ... 'cause Sylvester Stallone's out here muscling 100-POUND WEIGHTS in his private gym -- and crushin' it like Rocky in his prime!!

Hard to believe, but Sly's already 71 years old ... but that hasn't slowed down his workout routine, clearly. 

Regular pull-ups (or chin-ups if you're a workout nut) ain't enough for the senior Italian Stallion ... so, he strapped the weight of a small human around his waist and LETARIP!!!

What's even more shocking ... Sly captioned the vid -- "Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel!"  

Not as savage as the 1-armed pull-ups ... but pretty damn impressive.

Jonathan Martin Had Loaded Gun, Knife & Ax ... When Arrested

3/8/2018 11:30 AM PST

New disturbing details in the Jonathan Martin case ... we've learned he was arrested with a cache of weapons including a loaded shotgun, knife and an ax -- and had been threatening classmates for years. 

TMZ Sports has obtained court documents filed after Martin was taken into custody on Feb. 23 after posting a cryptic photo on Instagram threatening old high school classmates and former NFL teammates. 

Officials say they found Martin after getting a call about a "suicidal male with a gun" at a hospital in Glendale, CA. 

He was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold because officials believed he was a possible danger to himself and others. 

They searched his car and found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a large knife, an ax and a cell phone. A second shotgun was found at his parents' home. 

Officials spoke with Martin's girlfriend who said he'd been angry and depressed since she met him, but over the past month started making suicidal statements. 

The GF says Martin had also been "writing on the walls" of his home.

Investigators spoke with the two former high school classmates Martin tagged in his cryptic IG post who said Martin had been sending them disturbing Facebook messages starting in 2016. 

One message said, "Thank you for being such an asshole to me when I was a kid and didn't fit in ... being dicks to me when I was a kid has made me, quite literally, insane."

"And I blame you above all. You'll get yours, eventually -- I have already paid my price for being a bad person. I wish you nothing but the worst. Best, Jonathan Martin."

He sent a second message to the same classmate that said, "You're a bad person. You irreparably damaged people's lives. And you will be exposed publicly. If there is anything else I accomplish in life, it will be making sure you are outed and shamed for who you are."

Martin followed up with a 3rd message that had similar language. 

The classmate says Martin apologized in August 2016 and it sounded like everything was cool. Clearly, it was not. 

One other note ... cops say they learned Martin had purchased one shotgun right after he sent the Facebook messages and another shotgun 13 days before the Instagram post

Chris Brown Shows Love for Vanessa Carlton's Song ... Vanessa's Pissed at His Timing!!!

3/8/2018 10:29 AM PST
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Chris Brown and International Women's Day do NOT go well together ... according to Vanessa Carlton, who dissed Chris for shouting out her huge hit song.

Chris posted an image of Vanessa from her "A Thousand Miles" music video with the caption, "MOOD. THIS SONG LIT FOREVER." The compliment didn't sit well with VC -- who shot back she didn't want to be associated with an artist who's assaulted women, especially on IWD.

Carlton was upset because she was getting tagged to Chris' accounts on social media and said, "I feel compelled to draw a line." She's since made her Instagram account private.

Chris responded by saying Vanessa "felt she was doing her duty as a WOMAN to continue to spread this kind of hatred today" ... when all he was trying to do was hype a great song. He deleted his original post, but seemed to throw one last jab -- posting a "White Girls" clip which features Vanessa's song.

Beef ... it's what's for dinner on IWD.


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Coco Hey, Baby ... Let's Swim with Sharks!!!

3/8/2018 9:04 AM PST

Coco took her 2-year-old daughter to the wildest daycare in the Bahamas ... where she was surrounded by sharks!!!

Coco, Chanel Nicole and papa Ice-T are on vacay, and Mom decided to go swimming with nurse sharks. No biggie, lots of tourists do it, but she also brought Chanel for the adventure. Coco acknowledged the danger, saying ... "I know what your thinking..I watched that tv show, 'when wild animals go wild' too but these guys acted like dogs."

Everything turned out fine. No shark attacks, and you can see Chanel didn't cry a bit.

If you're wondering where Ice was in all this ... Coco said, "Ice didn't make it in the water..Haha."

Chrissy Teigen Beloved Dog Puddy Dies

3/7/2018 10:43 AM PST
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Chrissy Teigen's adored bulldog -- who'd been with her and her family since the first year she began dating John Legend -- "has gone on to the pup heavens."

Chrissy shared the sad news Wednesday, saying Puddy had passed after being by her side for 10 years "through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel. He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything."

I love you. I will miss you every day.

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

It's true Puddy loved her baby, Luna ... as shown in this sweet video of him giving her kisses.

The bulldog lived quite the life, from being Chrissy's "taste tester" to her red carpet companion ... and even getting married! That's right -- he is survived by his wife, Pippa.

RIP, good boy.

'Girl With No Job' Outed as Pam Geller's Kid Apologizes for Old Racist Tweets

3/1/2018 6:41 AM PST

7:25 AM PT -- Oath Inc. -- which owns AOL -- has canceled the Oshry sisters' YouTube show, "The Morning Breath," and is launching an investigation into the latest revelations about the family. The 'Girl With No Job' might soon be the Girl With No Followers -- 'cause the viral sensation is apologizing for old racist tweets ... and a familial connection to Pamela Geller.

An apology to all of you.

A post shared by Claudia Oshry Soffer (@girlwithnojob) on

Claudia Oshry Soffer posted an apology video Wednesday after years-old anti-Muslim tweets about Obama surfaced -- this on the heels of being outed as one of Geller's daughters.

If you're unfamiliar, Geller is an incredibly controversial right wing activist who's known for peddling anti-Muslim rhetoric ... and who strongly supports Trump. Until now, it wasn't known that Claudia and her other 3 Instagram-famous sisters were tied to the woman. 

Claudia didn't address her ties to her mother in her apology video, but distanced herself from her mother's views in a statement, saying ... "We want to be clear to our audience and fans that our political and cultural beliefs are not anti-Muslim or anti-anyone. Our views are separate from our mother’s."

She goes on to say she and her sisters don't condone racist views. Might be too late, though ... fans are already calling on others to unfollow the Oshry sisters en masse.

Ashley Graham Claps Back After Twerk Diss!!! NEW Angle on Booty Action

2/28/2018 4:47 PM PST

Sports Illustrated is going to bat for Ashley Graham after Toccara Jones called her twerking abilities subpar -- and this new video of her booty-shaking in the sand ... is the perfect re-butt-al..

SI posted the new clip on Wednesday ... showing more of Ashley's on location twerk-off with a photo shoot crew member. Interestingly, the video dropped AFTER Toccara, the "Queen of Thickness," called out AG's twerk skills. 

She straight-up laughed, telling us Ashley was lacking some major pop

In Toccara's defense ... she was looking at a different SI vid (below), where Ashley was shot from afar.

We have no clue if the new angle would sway Toccara's vote, but we'll say this -- Ashley's got plenty of swaying going on back there. Plenty.

Short story, long ... Sports Illustrated clapped back with a sub-gram of Ashley clapping a lot of back. Well played. On everyone's part.

Ne-Yo's Wife on IG Backlash People Hate Mixed Race Couples ... And 'Hawaiian Silky' Hair

2/28/2018 6:49 AM PST

Ne-Yo's wife says people got pissed over her comments about her son's hair because some folks still don't like seeing mixed-race couples.

We got Crystal Smith Tuesday at LAX and asked her to weigh in on the backlash she received for saying her kid wasn't blessed with her "Hawaiian silky" hair.

Crystal seems to think the real reason so many IG users sounded off is 'cause a lot of them don't like when black men date outside their race, even though Crystal's part black.

The point is probably moot, though. Crystal says she'll do whatever she feels is best for her child, regardless of what others think. She's also clapping back with a business move.

Watch the clip ... she's very strong. 

Kim Kardashian Chicago's Totally Mommy's Lil Girl ... First Pic of Baby's Face

2/26/2018 2:12 PM PST

Kim Kardashian's revealing her baby girl's face for the first time ... and the Kardashian genes are STRONG with this one.

Kim posted the shot of Chicago West on Monday, and, in true family tradition, she's rocking a face filter for mom's IG story. The little girl is truly the spitting image of Kim ... especially in the eyes.

Chi, who was born on Jan. 15, has only been seen a couple of times before -- once swaddled in Aunt Kylie's arms, and another time in her stroller -- but this is the first time we're really getting to see her.

Say what ya want about Kanye West and Kim ... but this couple does NOT strike out when it comes to making good-looking kids.

Reese Witherspoon Bleach for the Stars ... On Hollywood Blvd.

2/25/2018 11:55 AM PST

Reese Witherspoon knows if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself ... which is why she spruced up her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

Reese filmed herself out on Hollywood Blvd. Sunday morning, and told her IG followers she'd be visiting an old friend in the area. That friend ... 2010 sidewalk Reese.

She playfully cleaned up some smudges on her star ... while also giving the hardware a nice little pep talk on not letting the world walk all over it, despite its permanent position in life.

The lesson here (as far as we can tell) -- you're never too famous to get down and dirty for ever-lasting fame. That's Hollywood ... the gleam, and the grime. 

Kylie Jenner Facebook Up $13B Since Slamming Snapchat

2/24/2018 12:50 AM PST

Kylie Jenner's good for business ... if you're in the Facebook business. Sorry, Snapchat.

As we reported ... Snapchat's value plummeted a whopping $1.3 billion the day after Kylie tweeted 18 simple words to bash the app. And, as of Friday's market close, it kept going south.

Snap Inc. market value:

Feb. 21 – $22.78B (The day Kylie tweeted)

Feb. 22 – $21.40B 

Feb. 23 – $21.41B

This is music to the ears of Snapchat's rival ... Facebook. The social media giant, of course, owns Instagram. Snap and the 'Gram have been dueling for a few years now, but SC's best feature -- posting "stories" -- finally made its way to IG, which has since gotten the upper hand.

The biggest tell ... Facebook's bottom line in market value:

Feb. 21 – $516.83B

Feb. 22 – $519.97B

Feb. 23 – $532.86B

Kylie might not have intended for any of this to happen ... but such is her influence. 

NBA's Dejounte Murray Screw All-Star L.A. ... I'm Hitting Hawaii w/ My Crazy Hot GF!

2/20/2018 12:45 AM PST

Spurs baller Dejounte Murray was the real winner of All-Star weekend -- ditching his NBA bros for his INSANELY HOT IG model GF ... and bae-cationing in Maui.

Yeah ... good call. 

For those unacquainted, that's 21-year-old Jilly Anais -- the apple of Dejounte's eye for the past year and change. 

Murray and Anais were all over each other at the Four Seasons' Wailea beach -- makin' out and ass cuppin,' splashin' around in the water ... basically doing the kinda stuff you'd expect from a man with the baddest chick on the island. 

Seems like things are getting serious, too. Jilly captioned one of the pics, "Falling head over heels for you is easy" (shout-out to Chris Brown).

Lock it down, young man. Lock it down.

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