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Justin Bieber Miami Beach Prosecutors Confident We'll NAIL Him!

2/1/2014 12:40 AM PST

The DUI case against Justin Bieber has some big holes -- but law enforcement sources tell us prosecutors will NOT back down and are confident the case is so strong ... Justin will cop a plea.

TMZ broke the story ... although Miami Beach police claimed Justin reeked of booze ... his blood alcohol level was almost imperceptible -- .014.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... prosecutors say the officer who made the observation is a star witness who is one of the most authoritative people in the area on DUI -- and an unimpeachable witness.

There's another hole in the case.  Cops claimed Justin was drag racing, yet we've obtained the GPS read on his car and it actually shows in the middle of the so-called drag race he was going 27 MPH -- UNDER the 30 MPH speed limit.

Our sources say they're not buying the GPS read out and they have their own GPS which they believe will show a higher rate of speed. 

Bottom line -- sources connected with the case are confident ... this case will NEVER go to trial because Justin was driving under the influence of marijuana and Xanax.  They are virtually certain Justin will take a deal.

Senator Marco Rubio Bieber's in Big Trouble

1/31/2014 5:50 AM PST

Senator Marco Rubio has got big fish to fry ... nonetheless, he's kinda worried about Justin Bieber.

Rubio stopped in the Dirksen Senate Office Bldg in Washington D.C.  to chew the fat with us ... and the father of 4 has a clear view that the Biebs is in trouble and needs help.

No fuzzy thinking on the subject of Justin Bieber ... Rubio thinks if Justin doesn't get help he's goin' down.

Justin Bieber DUI He Was High on Weed and Pills ... Toxicology Report Shows

1/30/2014 9:35 AM PST

The Justin Bieber toxicology report from his DUI arrest in Miami Beach is in ... and it shows he tested positive for marijuana and prescription medication, TMZ has learned.

According to the report -- obtained by TMZ -- Justin's urine was tested right after he was busted for driving under the influence on January 23 ... and it shows there was THC and Alprazolam in his system.

FYI -- Alprazolam is the key ingredient in Xanax (prescription anti-anxiety medication).

The report also shows Justin tested NEGATIVE for cocaine, opiates, meth and other drugs.

The report is consistent with the police report where cops say he told them his mom had provided him with prescription pills.

As for the weed, Justin also told cops he had been smoking pot in his recording studio all night long.

Bieber has pled not guilty to the charges.

Justin Bieber Cops Say He Was a Cocky Little Bitch

1/30/2014 6:54 AM PST
Breaking News

Justin Bieber was "excited, talkative, insulting, cocky" and profane when he was arrested in Miami Beach last week ... this according to official police documents.

According to the docs, a cop at the scene claimed Bieber "reeked of marijuana."  Cops say Bieber's reaction was this ... "Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio."

The officer claims Bieber was initially open to taking a "breath test" but then had a change of heart, asking the cop what would happen to his license if he refused the test. 

The cops say Justin was out of it and couldn't follow basic instructions on how to provide the breath sample.  The docs say "he had extreme difficulty providing a continuous breath."

The report also says Bieber wasn't blowing into the tube properly and cops thought he was deliberately undermining the test.  Bieber then became "agitated" and told the officer he was "blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet."

Cops say he admitted he took medications for anxiety, saying "My mom takes care of all that stuff for me."

As TMZ first reported, the docs say Bieber blew a .014, which is barely perceptible.

And cops say he flunked the field sobriety test miserably -- his balance was off, he would sway, he couldn't smoothly follow a moving object and couldn't do the finger to nose test with his eyes shut.

Justin Bieber $5,000 Bitch Slap For Smoking Out Miami Mansion

1/30/2014 12:45 AM PST

Justin Bieber
's trail of destruction continues -- TMZ has learned, the singer just took a $5,000 hit ... after hotboxing the Miami mansion he rented and riddling the joint with marijuana smoke.

Sources close to the cleaners tell us ...  Bieber rented the 5-bedroom home for 7 days through a website called ... and smoked so much weed in the house with his friends, the place stunk to holy hell.

We're told Bieber paid $4,200 a night for the place from January 18 to January 25.  He also plunked down a $20,000 security deposit.

We're told Bieber only got around $15,000 back ... because the cleaners estimate it will cost around $5k to make the house livable again.

Justin Bieber ... the new Lindsay.

Usher, Scooter Mum On Biebs

1/28/2014 1:05 PM PST

Usher and Scooter Braun had nothing to say as they arrived back on U.S. soil after spending time with Justin Bieber.

Several photogs peppered both -- especially Usher -- with questions about what is loosely being described as an "intervention."

Not a word from either.

Based on what we know ... Bieber's not down with either rehab or therapy.

Justin Bieber My Kitchen Is Drug Central [PHOTOS]

1/26/2014 7:05 AM PST

Justin Bieber
's been well-stocked on weed for a year -- and there's picture proof.

TMZ has obtained multiple photos of Justin's kitchen taken at the beginning of 2013 ... when Bieber was 18.

The photos show an elaborate weed set-up -- including a bong, a substantial amount of weed, and other paraphernalia.

TMZ published photos of Bieber holding a blunt in January 2013 ... the first pics ever of the singer toking what appeared to be weed.

The kitchen seems to be drug central ... Bieber's pal Khalil recently posted the pic of himself in the singer's kitchen, holding a styrofoam cup -- a marker of lean ... the drug we know Bieber's been seriously abusing for at least a year.

And of course, there's the infamous smoke room in the mansion.

Justin Bieber Shades of Michael Jackson

1/24/2014 8:20 AM PST

Justin Bieber is suffering from the same delusion that Michael Jackson once embraced -- putting on a false air of confidence when behind the scenes their lives are falling apart.

You'll recall the scene with MJ back in 2004 ... after his arraignment on child molestation charges.  Michael famously jumped on his SUV and waived and smiled, trying to convince everyone things were ok.

Justin did the same thing Thursday as he left jail ... after being busted for DUI and resisting arrest.

As much as both of them protested ... Michael and Justin had the same Achilles' heel -- drugs.  Michael was hooked on a pharmacy of prescription drugs, and Justin has an enormous problem with sizzurp.

It didn't end well for Michael.  It's not too late for Justin.

Justin Bieber His People Say Psychotherapy is Best Hope

1/24/2014 1:00 AM PST

Justin Bieber
's people are asking the singer to come back to L.A. so they can sit with him and convince him to go into therapy ... IMMEDIATELY.

Sources connected with Bieber tell us ... they have been trying to get him into rehab for months, but he has scoffed at the idea -- he won't have a conversation about it and insists he doesn't need it.

So we're told his people believe the next best step is psychotherapy ... to deal with both his drug problem and the underlying issues that have caused it.  We're told Justin has not rejected the notion of therapy and is willing to have the discussion when he returns to L.A.

Justin's team have played armchair shrink over the last year, and they believe the root problems involve his upbringing as well as the obvious -- being a child star who grew up rich and famous and got a little too used to it.

Justin's people are hoping that a judge might order him into rehab ... but the reality is that probably won't happen because the Miami offenses are not that serious.  On the other hand, if the egging case is filed as a felony, it's possible rehab could be part of a plea deal.

DJ Whoo Kid Bieber's On a Mission ... To Be an N-word

1/24/2014 12:30 AM PST

Justin Bieber will still be spiraling out of control, despite his arrest, because he's trying like hell "to be a n-word" -- at least according to DJ Whoo Kid.

Kid -- who once got a fake Bieber tatt on his forehead -- was freezing his ass off in NYC, but couldn't resist shouting out Justin for his DUI ... or offering an explanation for Bieb's behavior.

Whoo says "I think Justin Bieber is transforming into the n-word. This year he's strictly n-word dot com."

He even has a string of evidence ... involving Lil Wayne, LIl Scrappy, white girls, and fallopian tubes. You gotta hear Kid state his case, while calling out Justin's b-ball skills.

Funny stuff ... with more than a lil truth.

Justin Bieber My Mom Gives Me Drugs

1/23/2014 12:10 PM PST

Justin Bieber just ratted on one of his drug suppliers to police -- telling cops, HIS MOM is the one who gave him the prescription medication he took shortly before his DUI arrest.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops grilled Bieber on what substances he had ingested before his arrest ... and the singer admitted he was under the influence of Rx meds, alcohol, and weed.

When asked what kind of Rx meds, we're told Bieber said anti-anxiety (such as Xanax) but he wasn't sure exactly what kind ... because he just takes whatever his mom Pattie gives him.

It's unclear if he has his own prescriptions for the drugs -- and his mom just handles them -- or if he's using his mom's prescriptions ... which would be illegal. If Bieber does have a valid prescription , the presence of the substance in his system probably won't be held against him.

As we reported, when police raided Bieber's house following the infamous egg attack, they found Xanax pills in the home ... so it all syncs up.

As we reported, Bieber also allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .04 ... and that will definitely come back to bite him in the ass.

We've reached out to Bieber's mom ... so far, no comment.

Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI Drag Racing and Resisting Arrest

1/23/2014 10:14 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Bieber was taken into custody and transported to the police department where his blood alcohol level was tested. Our law enforcement sources say Justin was given a field sobriety test at the scene ... and failed.

His was then taken to jail where he was booked and processed.

We're told Bieber had just left SET nightclub and was driving a yellow Lamborghini at the time cops spotted him in a residential neighborhood.   Our sources say Justin's people actually blocked the street off so Bieber could drag race.

Sources say the person Justin was racing was also arrested.  We're told that driver was Khalil, a well-known rapper on Def Jam Records.  He was in a red Ferrari.

Justin had a passenger in the car -- Chantel Jeffries -- a model, who's dated multiple celebs including an NFL superstar.

The traffic stop was for drag racing and cops determined he was driving under the influence.

The photo (below) is Chantel -- the model who was in Justin's yellow Lambo -- and Justin.  The pic was NOT taken at the time of the arrest.



During Court Appearance

Justin Bieber
made a point of showing off his tattoos and his muscles during his court appearance Thursday in Miami Beach.

Bieber appeared via closed circuit TV as the judge set bond in his DUI/resisting arrest/driving on a suspended license case.

Check out how Bieber rolled up his jumpsuit sleeves.  He let his arms do the talking because he said nothing as the judge set bail at $2,500 ... which we're guessing he can afford.

It's not exactly a capital offense, but Bieber hired the best ... attorney Roy Black, who helped William Kennedy Smith beat the rape rap.  He's also repped Rush Limbaugh and Kelsey Grammer.

Bieber should post bail soon.

Justin Bieber Lighting Up In Possible Weed Smoking Pics

10/7/2013 11:06 AM PDT
Exclusive Details
Justin Bieber may have been photographed smoking at a party again -- only this time Biebs got snapped sitting next to a celeb he was reportedly banging.

The photo has been all over social media today ... showing Bieber sitting next to a girl that looks a helluva lot like Ariana Grande -- and he appears to be holding a long joint.

As you may recall, Bieber was photographed similarly back in January ... when he was seen holding what looked like a joint at a Newport Beach party.

Sources close to both singers say the girl in the photo is NOT Ariana Grande -- and the pic was photoshopped to look like Bieber was lighting up.

However our crack art department begs to differ -- saying the light source seems consistent ... and any indicators of a doctored photo are non-existent.

Keep in mind ... our art department also made this.

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