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Constantine Maroulis

I've Been Framed By Baby Mama

Wins Restraining Order

8/13/2015 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813-constantine-angel-tmz-gettyConstantine Maroulis convinced a judge his baby mama is a picture throwing wrecking ball who is anything but a domestic violence victim, and the judge agreed ... at least temporarily. 

Constantine got a restraining order against Angel Reed, just hours after HE was arrested for allegedly kicking her in the groin. He claims that she has a history of abusing him.

The "American Idol" alum made a beeline for court after getting released, armed with paperwork alleging a pattern of abuse by Angel. He says she's thrown a picture frame at him, destroyed numerous personal items and went on a campaign of harassment.

The restraining order is tricky, since they share a 4-year-old daughter and live in the same house. The judge ordered Angel to stay clear of the house. The judge did not prohibit her from having contact with their kid.  


Chris Brown

Little Royalty Busts A Move

... Just Like Me

8/13/2015 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's daughter Royalty clearly has his DNA ... Dancing's Next Abdul.

Ice Cube and O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Passing The

Fame-Ly Torch

8/13/2015 9:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like your dad has its up and downs … as Ice Cube’s doppelganger of a son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. will tell you.

Our own camera guy did a double take when father and son landed Wednesday at LAX. Turns out Jr. --who plays his dad in the N.W.A. biopic "Straight Outta Compton" -- doesn't only look like his dad but he's drawing the same amount of attention after nailing the role in the film. 

Judging by his reaction in the video, Cube doesn't really mind. 

Jesse Jackson

It's Not a Wrap ...

On Daughter Rapping, Yet

8/12/2015 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Jesse Jackson is backing off any plans to shut down his little girl’s rap star dreams -- just as long as she keeps her nose in the books too.

Jesse’s 16-year-old daughter, Ashley Jackson was on TMZ Live Wednesday and let us in on her father’s major concern -- politics and music are like oil and water to him.

As we reported, the rev's initial reaction was to put the kibosh on AJ's career in hip-hop, but watch this kid ... easy to see how she charmed Dad to get her way.

Kelly Rutherford

Judge Was Cruel & Uncaring ...

To 'Arrest' My Children

8/12/2015 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Kelly Rutherford is ripping into the judge she says effectively "arrested" her children, and sent them back to their father ... who she claims lied to the court to get his way.

Rutherford says Judge Ellen Gesmer's ruling to send the kids back to Daniel Giersch was "shocking, illegal, and abusive to my children." She adds that Gesmer "lacked sufficient knowledge of the law, or didn't care that she was violating the law."

She insists the ruling violates the Constitution because the children are U.S. citizens.

Rutherford also says her ex lied so he could get an emergency order. She says Giersch told the court he didn't know where Kelly and the kids were, but she says the truth is ... he Skyped with the kids several times, and always knew they were safe. 

She saved her last jab for Gesmer, saying ... "She has to live with herself, and if she has a conscience, I suspect she will not sleep well, ever again."



Jesse Jackson

Daughter Records Rap Song

... Dad Has Reservations

8/12/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Jackson's 16-year-old daughter Ashley wants to be a rap star and has just recorded her first rap song, but daddy Jackson thinks she's on the wrong path. 

TMZ has obtained a copy of Ashley's song, which by the way, has severely divided our office. She's kinda got an Iggy attitude, and the lyrics are engaging. 

But the Reverend thinks Ashley needs to mic down and concentrate on graduating high school. He's not slamming the song, but he's definitely not giving his stamp of approval. 


'The Young Bucks' Wrestlers

Little Kid Took Our Best Move ...

Like a Pro

8/11/2015 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Indie wrestling superstars, The Young Bucks made an 8-year-old fan's dream come true ... by kicking him square in the face during an all-out brawl with the kid's dad. 

Nick Jackson -- one half of TYB -- tells TMZ ... young Luke is one of their biggest fans, so they were gung ho on Saturday night ... to use his "birthday intro" to ignite their match.

Nick tells us they practiced the whole skit with Luke and his father beforehand, taking extra time to specifically get their famous Superkick move down perfectly so no one got hurt. 

We're told this wasn't Luke's first lesson though -- he's been jumping in the ring and practicing with other IWL wrestlers and wants to become a pro wrestler.

Based on the video ... Luke's well on his way.

Kelly Rutherford

Breaks Down

After Losing Kids

8/11/2015 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Rutherford left the courthouse visibly upset after having her kids ripped from her arms in court. 

The "Gossip Girl" star was understandably distraught after the hearing, choking up as she tried to explain how she was feeling. Rutherford could only muster, "I have no words" ... before she broke down in tears. 

After the judge's ruling, Rutherford was forced to turn over her two kids, sending them back to Monaco.

The next court hearing is scheduled to take place September 3 in Monaco. 


Kelly Rutherford

Ordered to Return Kids to Monaco

8/11/2015 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Kelly Rutherford just lost big in court, and her kids are now on their way to the airport to return to Monaco. 

A judge just enforced a court order giving Daniel the right to keep the 2 children in Monaco, while he works out his residency issues with the U.S.

Kelly had refused to return the children after having them for 2 months this summer, arguing the U.S. courts had no authority to order their return. But today a judge disagreed.

We're told Daniel Giersch's mom took the 2 children from the NYC courthouse and they are on their way to the airport to return to Monaco. 

There's a hearing on Sept. 3rd in Monaco regarding custody.



Kelly Rutherford

Shows Up for Court ...

Without the Kids

8/11/2015 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0811-kelly-rutherford-court-arrival-tmz-0update_graphic_red_bar8:58 AM PT -- The couple's kids have arrived at court. update_grey_gray_barKelly Rutherford defiantly showed up for the court hearing where she's supposed to surrender her children to her ex-husband -- but she did NOT bring the kids. 

TMZ broke the story ... Kelly was ordered to appear before a NY judge because Daniel Giersch is demanding Kelly return their two kids to him in Monaco. Kelly's visitation period ended last week, but she's refusing to send them back to Daniel. 

He insists Kelly's basically a child abductor now. The judge specified Kelly needed to bring them to court today, but it looks like she's not willing to give in ... not yet.

Giersch is not in court, but his mother is there ... hoping, we guess, to take custody of her grandchildren.

Story developing ... 

Kid Gets Double Superkick To Face

8/10/2015 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An 8-year-old kid’s dream came true when he got into the ring with indie wrestlers The Young Bucks and got a double superkick to the face because ... well, wrestling.

The little tyke, whose name is Luke, has got some moves ... landing 13 hits before going down.

It's crazy to watch ... it really looks like Luke gets knocked out cold. Luke wants to be a pro wrestler when he grows up ... little dude is well on his way. 

Kelly Rutherford

Ordered to Court ... with Kids

8/10/2015 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813-kelly-rutherford-daniel-giersch-tmz-01Kelly Rutherford has a problem after declaring she will NOT surrender her kids to her ex-husband ... a court has now ordered her to appear Tuesday ... with the children.

TMZ has learned, a New York judge just made the order at the behest of ex-hubby Daniel Giersch, who claims Kelly is a child abductor who has no right to keep the kids beyond the visitation period which ended last week.

Kelly says she's been to court in L.A. and New York and the judges in both states have said they have no jurisdiction over the case, therefore no one can order her to return the kids.

Giersch begs to differ, claiming he has a custody order that's legally binding on her, so she's now nothing more than a criminal.

The judge has said Kelly needs to be notified by 3 PM today about tomorrow's hearing, but service can be accomplished by email or a secured message to Facebook. 


Near Disaster

Lady Pulls Kid Off Tracks

Before Train Hits

8/10/2015 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's all fun and games ... until a train almost kills a kid 'cuase they were playing too close to the tracks.

Australian officials released footage of the near tragedy at Flemington station near Sydney, as a sort of PSA to warn people of the dangers of messing around on the railways.

Luckily for this kid there was an adult around to lend a helping hand.

Check out the crazy video.

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