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North West REVEALED!!!

8/23/2013 8:50 AM PDT
Breaking News
Here she is for the first time ... the spawn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kanye revealed the photo of baby North West on Kris Jenner's talk show moments ago, a last ditch effort to boost ratings before Fox decides whether to pick the show up for a full series ... something Kim's mother is desperately hoping for.

As we reported, Kim and Kanye had initially debated using the baby's first images to raise money for charity ... but they decided Kris' show was a more worthy cause.


Kanye West Big North West Reveal On 'Kris Jenner Show'

8/20/2013 1:20 PM PDT
Exclusive Details
Kanye West just revealed a picture of daughter North West ... for the finale of Kris Jenner's talk show.

It's classic Kardashian -- The show will air Friday -- the last day the show is on the air.  Kris wants a huge rating that day, because Fox will be making a decision on whether to pick the show up for a full series -- something she desperately wants.

The pic was flashed on the screen for a brief second, so no one in the audience could sneak a pic from the monitor.  We're told the pictures will last a lot longer when the show is put together before it airs.

Kim and Kanye had initially decided to either give the first pics to a fancy magazine or release it on social media.  They also toyed with the notion of raising money for charity, but ultimately decided that charity begins at home.


Preggo Jamie-Lynn Sigler I'm Giving My Baby a NORMAL NAME

7/4/2013 8:13 AM PDT

Sorry Kim Kardashian ... and every other celeb who gave their kids weird names ... Jamie-Lynn Sigler is naming her baby boy Chris ... or Steve, or Nick, or ... some other completely normal boring name instead.

A ready-to-pop Sigler was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked if she'd be going in the "North West" or "Apple Martin" direction when deciding on a name for her child -- and she tells us, "It will be a NORMAL name. A real name."

Jamie-Lynn looks great ... but here's another question, do you HAVE to compliment pregnant women just because they're pregnant? You might. Watch the clip.

Kanye West ANGRY FACE w/ His Baby (Grand) Mama

6/27/2013 3:12 PM PDT

Looking like a Sith lord, Kanye West spent some quality 1-on-1 time with his baby's mama's mama Kris Jenner in Los Angeles today ... and shocker, he wasn't in a very friendly mood!

Kanye made it clear he didn't wanna talk right from the start ... and Kris, obviously aware of Kanye's explosive temper, playfully (or nervously) signaled to the photog to back off before K blew his top.

Thankfully, the photog took Kris' warning ... and no one was hurt in the making of this clip.

It's the first time we've seen Kanye out in public since the birth of his daughter North.

As we previously reported, Kim is in hiding with the child at a secret location so they can bond without the cameras around.

There are rumors that Kim will debut the kid on Kris' new talk show.

Smile Kanye ... it's gonna be ok, man.

Kim Kardashian $2 Million Baby Pic Switcheroo

6/26/2013 12:02 AM PDT

The first photos of Kim Kardashian's baby North West could fetch a couple million bucks -- which might explain why she devised a genius plan to release photos of a decoy baby ...



Kim & Kanye North West Is Non-Directional

6/24/2013 5:40 AM PDT
Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West were not inspired by a compass when they named their kid North ... fact is, the name's more inspirational than directional.

Sources close to K & K tell TMZ  ... they chose the name North because they see it as a metaphor for "up", telling friends, "What's North of North? Nothing."  Translation ... nothing better.

We're told the duo believes baby North is their highest point together as a couple ... the pinnacle of the relationship ... and they consider her their "North Star."

Kinda sweet. Almost makes ya feel bad for mocking it, right?



North West You Be the Judge

6/23/2013 12:55 AM PDT
0621-kanye-north-west-kim-kardashian-tmzKim Kardashian and Kanye West have polarized TMZ users over their baby's name ... North West.  So we gotta ask ...


Kim & Kanye's Baby North West Classic Misdirection

6/22/2013 3:02 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't have to worry about anyone getting video or pics of their baby girl -- 'cause it looks like most people can't find North West with a freakin' compass.

Or maybe that's just us.


North West Holy Crap!!! I Don't Have a Middle Name

6/21/2013 11:15 AM PDT
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided nothing would go between their new daughter North West, because the kid doesn't have a middle name ... this according to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ.

The birth certificate was signed only by Kim and gives the time of birth 5:34 AM June 15th.  It was filed in L.A. County.

We broke the story -- the baby was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood.  The baby was born 5 weeks early and weighed in just shy of 5 lbs.


North West Give the Kid a Middle Name!!

6/21/2013 10:05 AM PDT
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may not want her to have one ... but their little girl North now has a ton of options for a middle name.

Since TMZ broke the news about North's name -- we've been flooded with suggestions for a middle name and comments about her first name ... some cute, some funny, some not so funny.

Click through the gallery to see some choice selections.

If you have your own idea about completing North's name ... send it in the comments section.


6/21/2013 6:25 AM PDT
TMZ has obtained North West's birth certificate ... and she doesn't have a middle name!

What do Kim Kardashian's new baby and the Space Needle have in common?

They're both NORTH WEST ... TMZ has learned.

Seriously, that's the kid's name ... according to the birth certificate from Cedars-Sinai hospital.

There were rumors floating around a few months ago that Kim and Kanye West might give the baby a directional name ... but who thought they would actually go through with it?

And when you look at the options -- West West is redundant ... South West is an airline ... and East West leads to nowhere.

So, by default ... North West it is!

Congratulations little girl.


Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to Baby Girl

6/16/2013 12:57 AM PDT
0615-kim-kardashian-laborKim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl ... TMZ has learned.

Source close to KK tell TMZ ... it was a NATURAL CHILD BIRTH.  She started having contractions Friday night and went into full labor early Saturday AM.

Our sources tell us the baby and Kim are both in good health. We're told Kim delivered the baby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning ... 5 weeks early.

Our sources say BF Kanye West was there for the entire thing -- in the delivery room by Kim's side. We're told Kanye cancelled his appearance at his own record release party last night when Kim told him she was feeling "a little off."

It is the first child for Kim and Kanye.


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