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1/5/2013 4:30 AM PST
As Kim Kardashian's expanding waistline begins to grow, we used our patent-pending PhotoPregger3000 to plump Kanye West's baby mama to maximum expectant mother capacity.

Check out what the soon-to-be mother-of-one might look like right before she drops her latest hit.

Kim Kardashian It Pays To Get Knocked Up

1/5/2013 4:00 AM PST

Kim Kardashian
might be the last person on the planet who needs free baby stuff ... but that's not stopping one primo baby boutique from aiming to get its goods in her famous hands.

A rep from Bel Bambini -- a celeb-magnet baby shop in West Hollywood -- tells TMZ, the store sent Kim a gift card for $1,000 the second they heard she was knocked up.

Not only that, BB -- who did the registries for Kourtney Kardashian's spawn as well -- says it'll be giving Kim even more baby goods to outfit her nursery ... just like it did for Kate Middleton's fetus

Famous babies ... born money makers.

Kanye West Lucky in Love Lucky with Cops

1/3/2013 8:25 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Kanye West is a lucky man -- not only a newly-minted father-to-be, but also a charmed driver, because cops let him skate with a warning after he left the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood early this morning.

Kanye didn't have much to say as he left the hotel, and judging from his exit he had places to go as he accelerated West on Sunset Blvd.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they pulled Kanye over for speeding and tinted windows and let him go with a warning.  Warnings aren't that unusual ... unless it's you, of course.

Jenny Craig We'll Pass On Kim K's Pregnant Ass

1/3/2013 8:00 AM PST
Two major weight loss companies won't touch Kim Kardashian's "big fat ass" with a 10-foot pole ... TMZ has learned they have zero interest in signing the pregnant celeb to a Jessica Simpson type deal.

Reps for Jenny Craig and Medifast tell TMZ they won't be be helping Kim K shed her post-baby weight -- and their reason, ironically enough, is the reality TV star isn't real enough.

Medifast said it's not looking for any celeb endorsements -- but Jenny Craig was more specific, telling us they're ... focusing on "real results for real women" this year.

Interestingly, JC's rep added, "We will continue our working relationship with Mariah Carey."

Of course we don't know if Kim's even looking for a new weight loss deal ... she endorsed Quick Trim last year.

But who knew? Mariah's ass: way realer than Kim's.

Kim Kardashian Mama's Working Out For TWO

1/2/2013 1:00 PM PST

Forget Lamaze classes -- Kim Kardashian's fetus is already getting its daily workout ... at the gym.

Kim -- who's roughly 3 months pregnant with Kanye West's baby -- took her barely-visible baby bump out for a cardio sesh this morning in L.A.

From the looks of it ... Kim's taking a page out of Jessica Simpson's maternity wardrobe playbook -- lots and lots of black clothing.

But we'll give her credit for the spandex. Then again ... she's only 12 weeks into this.

Kris Humphries Presumption Is ... He's the Daddy!!!

1/2/2013 12:11 PM PST

They've been separated for more than a year, but that don't matter much in California, where the husband of a pregnant woman is PRESUMED to be the father.

Translation -- Kris Humphries has the edge going in as Kim Kardashian's baby daddy.  If he were to lay claim to the kid, Kim and Kanye would have to present "clear and convincing evidence" to a judge that Kanye did the dirty.

Fact is ... it wouldn't be hard to prove, since Kris hasn't gone near Kim for a long, long time ... and it appears the baby was conceived while Kim and Kanye were in Rome 3 months ago.

Nonetheless, there is a rebuttable presumption in Kris' favor, and Kim of all people should know a thing or two about re-butts.

Kim K. Sex Tape Sales Erupt After Baby News

1/2/2013 1:00 AM PST
Kim Kardashian's sex tape sales have exploded since Kanye West told the world they're expecting ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke to the folks at Vivid Entertaintment -- which owns 'Kim K. Superstar' -- and discovered lots of Kim's fans are celebrating the baby with umm ... visual aids.

Vivid says video-on-demand purchases of the sex tape have spiked 80% since Sunday night ... the fattest increase they've seen since Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries.

Further, Kanye's been boosting biz for months now. We're told overall sales of Kim's sex tape -- be it VOD, online, or DVD -- have steadily increased every month since he and Kim hooked up last Spring.

So, the real winner in the whole Kimye baby hysteria -- Ray J!

Dude, just keeps raking in those sex tape dollars.

Kim & Kanye We Don't Want Any Sex Surprises

1/1/2013 1:20 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Mini-Kanye rockin' the mic, or mini-Kim rockin' the ... whatever ... point is -- are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having a baby boy or a baby girl?

The answer is they don't know yet, but TMZ has learned ... as soon as it's medically possible -- around week 16 -- Kim and Kanye intend to learn the sex of their unborn child.

Sources close to Kim tell us the couple already decided to pass on the old fashioned, wait and see route -- and are anxious to know what she's got in there, but don't read too much into that.

We're told, like most parents (say, anyway) ... K & K don't have a preference if it's a boy or a girl.

What do you think?

Kim & Kanye Our Fetus Was Ballin' on NYE!!

1/1/2013 1:00 PM PST
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West rang in 2013 at 1 Oak in Las Vegas.

Kim, Kanye and the fetus were all smiles (well, maybe not the fetus ... it probably looked kinda smushy) ... and who wouldn't be.  Kim raked in 6 figures for the appearance at the club inside the Mirage.

John Legend, his fiance Chrissy Teigen and Lance Bass joined the party. 

Kim is approximately 3 months pregnant.  Even with morning sickness, it would be hard to pass up this kind of payday.

Do ya think this whole thing was timed?

Kim K. NO TV Deal for Baby Kimye

1/1/2013 12:40 PM PST

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already made a huge decision about their unborn child -- he or she will NOT be a reality TV star ... not as an infant, anyway, TMZ has learned.

While most of the Kardashians' lives are fodder for their hit reality show ... sources close to Kim tell us she and Kanye don't want their baby dragged into the family biz.

We're told K&K want to keep that part of their lives separate from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" ... so they can "ensure real privacy" for the baby.

Further, we're told Kim is saying the baby will NEVER be on the family's show or have its own spin-off -- nor will there be a 'Kim Gives Birth' TV special ... she and Kanye are nixing that idea too.

However, Kim will not be shy about her remaining months of pregnancy. We're told she intends to share that with reality cameras because she thinks being "pregnant is great and cute."

Call us when the cravings and stretch marks start.

Kim K. Pregnant Baby Conceived ... Near Vatican

1/1/2013 10:00 AM PST

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's pregnancy was far from an immaculate conception -- but it did go down in the shadow of the Vatican ... TMZ has learned.

Our Kim K. sources -- which are immaculate -- tell us the deed was done back in October ... during Kim and Kanye's romantic trip to Italy to celebrate Kim's 32nd birthday.

The couple was photographed all over Rome as they toured the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and, of course ... the Pope's pad.

We're told Kim is about 12 weeks along ... so the math adds up.

One clue about how important that Italy trip is to Kim -- her blog lists it as #2 on her top 10 best moments of the year.

Our guess for #1 -- the night (or day) baby Kimye was created in Roma.

Kim & Kanye Big Momma's ALWAYS Watching

1/1/2013 7:30 AM PST

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West suffered third wheel syndrome on New Year's Eve -- and we're not talking about Kim's womb renter.

Watch as the new parents-to-be walk into 1 Oak in Las Vegas last night -- fans and paps are screaming for them ... and then ... not more than 10 paces behind is the omnipresent Kris Jenner.

Yes, the momager's work is never done ... always watching over Kim like a hawk.

Worth noting -- no sign of Bruce Jenner at the event.

Probably happy at home on the couch. Lucky bastard.

Paris Hilton Ecstatic That Kim K Got Knocked Up

12/31/2012 3:45 PM PST

Kim Kardashian's former BFF Paris Hilton is putting their old feud even further behind them, and toasting Kim's big baby news ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources in Miami -- where Paris is getting ready to celebrate NYE -- tell us P was shopping when a friend walked up and broke the news about Kim and Kanye West having a baby.

We're told Paris simply smiled and said, "So happy for her, they are perfect for each other."

Paris and Kim were on the outs for years until a few months ago when they reunited and danced up a storm at a friend's party -- and then met up again at a recent event in Miami.

We're told Paris is ringing in 2013 with a high-dollar double date -- her and model bf River Viiperi ... along with sister Nicky Hilton and her billionaire bf James Rothschild.

We're sure Paris will have an extra flute of champagne tonight in Kim's honor -- or just because she can.
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