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L.A. Pride 2018 Celebs Show Up & Show Out

6/10/2018 4:06 PM PDT

It's pride month -- and over the weekend, L.A. got its shot to show off its robust LGBT community and advocates ... which included some of Hollywood's finest hittin' the streets.

A handful of celebs were out in full force both Saturday and Sunday in WeHo for the L.A. Pride festival -- which included a concerts and a parade. Just some of the stars who were spotted and photographed ... Lisa Vanderpump, Stassi Schroeder, Emily Sears, CA's U.S. Representative Maxine Waters, Ronan Farrow ... and even Kehlani, who performed.

As you might imagine, the even was quite festive ... with folks dressed to the nines celebrating the LGBT culture in and around L.A. It's great to see Tinseltown embracing the moment year in and year out. 

Richard Simmons Sues P.I. for Planting Tracking Device ... Over Transgender Story

6/5/2018 6:49 AM PDT

Richard Simmons has sued a private investigator who he claims put a tracking device on his car to help tabloids prove what appears to be a false story that the fitness guru was undergoing a sex change.

Simmons and his caretaker, Teresa Reveles, filed the suit against P.I. Scott Brian Matthews, claiming he put a tracking device on Reveles car so he could shadow Simmons and see if he was visiting hospitals.

Simmons gets around L.A. in Reveles' car ... he relies on her for transportation.

The suit claims the device was attached to Reveles' car for more than a year.

Simmons claims Matthews has used at least 17 tracking devices to shadow more than a dozen people.

Richard says when he and Reveles discovered the tracking device he suffered mental anguish, anxiety, feeling of powerlessness, frustration and humiliation.

Simmons sued the National Enquirer for defamation after it published a story saying he was in the middle of a sex change. A trial judge dismissed the case, ruling that calling someone transgender does not expose the person to hatred or ridicule. Simmons is appealing the dismissal.

Oprah's Former Personal Chef Calls on LGBT Bakers to Unite!!! After Supreme Court Vote

6/5/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Ex-"Top Chef Masters" star Art Smith is imploring all Americans to avoid cake made with hate ... and he's also rallying all LGBT bakers to help the cause.

Art, who's been the personal chef of both Oprah and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, tells us his community should NOT be discouraged by the Supreme Court's decision to side with the Colorado baker who refused to make a gay couple's wedding cake.

He's adamant the SCOTUS decision shouldn't be interpreted as bakers getting the green light to refuse service to gay couples. Far from it. Art -- who btw is throwing out the first pitch for Cubs Pride Day on Sunday -- has an idea about how to fight back.

Supreme Court Sides with Baker ... Who Refused to Make Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

6/4/2018 7:43 AM PDT

The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple.

The Court ruled "The laws and the Constitution can, and in some instances must, protect gay persons and gay couples in the exercise of their civil rights, but religious and philosophical objections to gay marriage are protected views in some instances protected forms of expression."

The Court said the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had shown hostility toward the baker, based purely on his religious beliefs. The ruling wasn't even close -- 7 of the 9 justices sided with the baker.

Justice Kennedy criticized a member of the public who lashed out at the baker during a hearing in Colorado. Kennedy pointed to what he said were comments that called the baker's religious views as despicable and comparing his views to slavery and the Holocaust.

Adam Rippon Praises Pope Francis Pro-Gay Comments Were 'So Awesome!'

5/27/2018 12:30 AM PDT

The Pope is gonna be stoked ... 'cause he just got some serious props from the guy who won "Dancing with the Stars!"

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon -- the first openly gay U.S. athlete to medal in the Winter Olympics -- says he heard about Pope Francis telling a gay man that his sexuality "does not matter" and thinks it's "so awesome!" 

Backstory ... Pope Francis had spent some time back in April with a man who was sexually abused by a priest. When the topic of his sexuality came up, the Pope reportedly said, "God made you like this. God loves you like this."

He added, "The Pope loves you like this and you should love yourself and not worry about what people say."

Rippon LOVED the comments ... and told TMZ Sports, "I think that's so awesome what the Pope said. It would be pretty cool to like meet him one day."

Stormy Daniels Pushy Goon Squad ... Down at The Abbey

5/24/2018 6:48 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels was rolling deep with security for her appearance in West Hollywood -- and as they say ... there's strength -- and apparently jerk-offs -- in numbers.

We got Trump's alleged one-time mistress hitting up The Abbey in WeHo Wednesday night right on the heels of celebrating Stormy Daniels Day and receiving a key to the city.

She had quite the entourage around her -- some security ... and one rando who got into it with paps on the way in. The same dude who flipped off the cameras resurfaced on the way out, but it was one of Stormy's bodyguards who had the last shove ... and alleged theft.

There hasn't been a camera Stormy and co. have met that they didn't like ... until now. 

Caitlyn Jenner & Sophia Hutchins We're Inseparable ... And We Love It!!!

5/21/2018 6:46 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner and her rumored 21-year-old girlfriend were all smiles and chatting it up ... not with our photog, but it's clear as daylight they're into each other.

We got Caitlyn and Sophia Hutchins on Sunday leaving Craig's in WeHo, where our guy tried to get some clarity on the nature of their relationship. Watch ... they wait to get inside before we see their lips moving. Rumors are they're an item ... and Sophia dropped a massive hint after this pic of herself lying on a bed with the exact headboard at Caitlyn's Malibu crib.

As we reported ... Sophia captioned the pic, "Home. Sweet. Home." But sources close to the two tell us Jenner and Hutchins are not romantic ... just close friends. As for rumors they're about to tie the knot ... our sources also say that's total BS.

Caitlyn Jenner Alleged 21-Year-Old GF 'Home Sweet Home' In Cait's Crib

5/19/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner and her rumored 21-year-old girlfriend appear to have shacked up together ... and the proof is all in Jenner's bed!

Caitlyn and Sophia Hutchins -- who is also transgender -- have reportedly been an item for several months. However, earlier this week Sophia dropped a massive hint as to just how serious things between the two might actually be.

Hutchins posted a photo of herself lying on a bed with the caption, "Home. Sweet. Home." Look closely ... the bed's headboard is the exact same one Caitlyn's posted many times in the past from her Malibu home.

Sources close to the two tell us 68-year-old Jenner and Hutchins are not romantic -- just close friends -- and rumors they're about to tie the knot are total BS ... but Hutchins' pic and caption seemingly seals the deal on the fact they're at least roommates ... at least. 

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Sorry, Caitlyn Jenner ... You're Not the LGBT Mother Teresa

5/9/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner should be stepping up her game repping the transgender community in the U.S. before she jets to the U.K. to address Parliament ... according to "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Carmen Carrera.

There's been backlash over the diversity speech Caitlyn is supposed to give Wednesday because some people in the LGBTQ community, including Carmen, don't think she's a great flag bearer. Facts are ... Cait's a white, rich, conservative woman who's also world famous.

Carmen's point is Caitlyn's gotta connect better with the common trans woman. Y'know ... put some thigh-high boots on the ground in the community. 

She thinks the Parliament trip is more about Caitlyn's celebrity, but Carmen has a few suggestions on how she can make some headway here in the states. And one of 'em is return Carmen's calls.

Colton Haynes Files for Divorce From Jeff Leatham

5/8/2018 11:52 AM PDT

3:35 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained Colton's divorce docs, which don't list his and Jeff's date of separation for now ... but do cite irreconcilable differences. He's asking a judge to terminate spousal support for both of them. He also signals each will pay his own attorney's fees.

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham are officially headed to splitsville, and it's clear who pulled the plug on the relationship -- because Colton's filed for divorce.

The "Teen Wolf" star filed docs Tuesday in Los Angeles just 6 months after he married Jeff last October in a star-studded wedding in Palm Springs officiated by Kris Jenner.

TMZ broke the story ... Colton and Jeff broke up just last week. Colton later tweeted, "Jeff would never cheat. He is an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him."

It was a stunning move following Jeff's extravagant proposal in Cabo that included help from Cher. As we reported ... Jeff proposed in March 2017 and, just 4 days after their engagement, they were already talking about kids.

Marvin Gaye's Son Sorry, Quincy ... My Dad Didn't Get It On With Brando

4/24/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Marvin Gaye's son says his dad was a ladies' man who would've laughed off Quincy Jones' supposed revelation he got into bed with Marlon Brando.

We spoke with Marvin Gaye III who told us he was really upset Quincy had decided to keep himself relevant by spreading rumors about his father's sexual exploits, which Gaye's son says are 100% false.

Gaye III thinks Jones' bad memory got the better of him when he said in an interview, "Brando would "f*** anything. Anything! He'd f*** a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye." 

Quincy apologized later for his "wordvomit." It's interesting though ... Pryor's widow embraced Quincy's claims.

Gaye's son says his dad didn't have anything against the gay community ... it just wasn't his thing.

'American Idol' Star Ada Vox I'm Here to Win ... Can I Get Some Love From My Idols?

4/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

"American Idol" star and fan favorite Ada Vox has made her way to the spotlight ... and she hopes a couple legends in the drag queen world have noticed.

We talked to Ada -- the stage persona of Adam Sanders, who's currently killing it on the first season of the 'AI' reboot on ABC -- about her journey and mindset going forward in the competition. She tells us because Adam tried and failed in the past to get where Ada has ... it's a no-brainer to keep it up with her -- she's the entertainer of the 2.

Ada also says it would be amazing if RuPaul would shout her out ... even more so if she got Cher's attention.  

Ada performed last week on 'Idol' with Lea Michele, and really made fans -- along with the judges -- believe she could win with her performance. And there's no doubt she believes in herself.

Interesting note -- Ada auditioned for the show 12 times before, as Adam, and was eliminated during Hollywood Week of season 12. But, the drag queen came out for the latest audition ... and the 13th time was the charm.

Richard Pryor's Widow His Daughter's in Denial ... Has No Clue About Dad's Bisexuality

4/9/2018 9:05 AM PDT

Richard Pryor's widow says his daughter needs to be proud of her father's truth -- that he also liked having sex with men ... and there's no shame in that.

We got Jennifer Lee Pryor leaving Book Soup on Sunday in WeHo where she was signing copies of Richard's reissued book, "Pryor Convictions And Other Life Sentences." She was particularly upset about Richard's daughter, Rain, insisting Richard never slept with Marlon Brando.

Jennifer told us why she thinks it's true. Remember, she's planning to publish Richard's diaries in October ... so, she clearly has inside knowledge.

She also had an update on Richard's biopic, and explained why Mike Epps is her leading candidate for the role.

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