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Kim Davis

Violence in Relationship with Baby Daddy

9/9/2015 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909-kim-davis-getty-01Kim Davis may have a fundamental problem with marriage between same-sex couples, but she's certainly not saying all relationships between men and women are good, because she's had an incident violent enough that the courts got involved.

The now-famous county clerk had 2 children out of wedlock with Thomas McIntyre. According to court docs obtained by TMZ, on May 14, 1996, McIntyre went to Davis' home to visit the kids. He saw a bouquet of flowers on her kitchen table, and he got jealous.

According to the docs, McIntyre called Davis a "whore," and she slapped him and ordered him to leave. He challenged her to hit him again, and she said she didn't want to strike him and then picked up the phone to call the cops. She says he then ripped the phone cord out of the wall.

0909-kim-davis-sub-doc-01Davis says they began arguing and she slapped him again after he refused to leave the house.

When he finally left he said, "I see you in jail," and she responded, "No, in jail's where you'll be."

Davis went to court and got a restraining order, prohibiting McIntyre from coming within 1,000 feet of her and the kids.

P.S. She married McIntyre in 2007, but divorced him a year later.

Chris Brown

Gays Didn't Scare Me From Show

... There Was No Show!

9/8/2015 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0908-chris-brown-atlanta-gay-pride-TMZ-01Chris Brown claims he never cancelled a show during ATL Black Gay Pride Weekend ... because he was never scheduled to perform in the first place, but the event promoter claims otherwise.

CB's reps tell TMZ ... Brown was in Atlanta for his "One Hell of a Nite" tour last weekend ... in a totally different venue from the Pride event, which was organized by Traxx Girls, a lesbian owned and operated entertainment company.

Traxx claims it paid Brown to perform for the 4,000 women at the Georgia Freight Depot -- and when he no-showed ... Fetty Wap stepped in at the last minute. 

Brown's people say the event promoter's story is completely fabricated ... claiming Traxx just slapped Breezy's name on posters and flyers to drum up interest in the show, and now it's just trying to save face with customers. 

Traxx reps won't say how much cash they paid Brown ... but they are considering legal action to recover the money.


Caitlyn Jenner

Luke Warm on Gay Marriage

9/4/2015 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Caitlyn Jenner stunned a lot of people during a recent taping of 'Ellen,' saying she was opposed to gay marriage for a long time but now she's just ok with it.

Ellen was on her game, challenging Caitlyn who said she was a traditionalist for a long time but eventually decided she had no business standing in the way of someone's happiness.

She sounded very tentative, and Ellen pressed. The best Caitlyn could muster was, "I'm ok with it."



Caitlyn Jenner

Near Miss, Bad Timing

9/4/2015 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Caitlyn Jenner narrowly avoided disaster Thursday night ... a disaster with possible legal consequences.

Caitlyn was leaving Fig & Olive restaurant in West Hollywood with new best friend Candis Cayne, when she jumped in her car -- engulfed by paparazzi -- and she threw it in gear, briefly losing control as the SUV lurched forward.

She regained control and no one was hurt.  

The D.A. is currently reviewing the fatal PCH crash for possible criminal prosecution and the last thing Caitlyn needs is another accident.  

County Clerk Kim Davis

Mug Shot

I'll Make A Great Prison Wife

9/3/2015 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
exclusive mug shot

Kim Davis
, the county clerk who refused to sign same sex marriage licenses in the name of God, is feeling the wrath of the judicial system ... because she's in jail for contempt of court. 

Federal Judge David L. Bunning ruled Thursday Davis was breaking the law by refusing to sign off on same sex marriage certificates simply because it went against her religious beliefs.

Davis, a devout Apostolic Christian, believes marriage should be between one man and one woman. She stopped giving out same sex marriage licenses in her county even after it became legal in Kentucky.

Judge Bunning said Davis' explanation for disobeying the law was "simply insufficient."

Davis has to stay in jail until she decides to obey the law.


L.A. Mayor

Caitlyn Jenner Should Carry Olympic Torch

... In 2024

8/28/2015 6:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If L.A. gets the Olympics in 2024, the Mayor says he already has one person in mind for the all-important lighting of the Olympic Cauldron ... Olympic legend Caitlyn Jenner!!!  

The lighting of the cauldron is a HUGE honor -- with the host country usually selecting someone it feels can proudly embody what the country stands for on a global stage. 

Past cauldron lighters have been Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky and countless inspiring athletes from all over the world.  

So, with the City of Los Angeles battling to get the 2024 games, Mayor Eric Garcetti told TMZ Sports the first person to come to mind for the honor is Caitlyn.  

Now, all Garcetti has to do is beat out Paris, Rome and Hamburg for the 2024 bid -- and then Caitlyn should start to clear out her schedule.  

Awesome Dad

My Son Can Have Whatever He Wants

... Even A Doll

8/25/2015 8:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mikki Willis doesn't care about raising his kids by "traditional rules" ... so when his son picked out a doll as his new toy, this awesome dad was all for it.

After 4-year-old Azai got two of the same toys for his birthday, Mikki brought him to the store to exchange it for a new gift ... and the first thing he wanted was a Little Mermaid Barbie doll.

Mikki says he's received tons of negative comments since posting the video ... but this amazing father isn't parenting for the negative commenters, saying -- "My job as daddy is to provide a safe playing field for my boys to play whatever game they choose." 

Ted Cruz

Grilled By Ellen Page ...

While Grilling Pork Chops

8/21/2015 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Cruz stopped by the Iowa State Fair Friday to cook up pork chops the all-American way, but instead the GOP presidential candidate was grilled by Ellen Page.

Page, who came out publicly last year as a lesbian, confronted Cruz about his views on LGBT rights, specifically people getting fired for being gay or trans in the workplace.

Cruz takes a stand, Page stands her ground, and the 2 get into it.

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Michael Sam

Was No Jackie Robinson, But ...

Gay Athletes Still Owe Him

8/20/2015 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0819-tuaolo-sam-getty-01Michael Sam should be hailed as a hero in the gay community ... even though his football career is in the crapper -- so says activist Esera Tuaolo, the first NFL player to come out after retirement.

TMZ Sports spoke with Tuaolo ... who back in 2002 shocked the sports world by announcing he'd been in the closet during his 9 years playing with the Falcons, Packers and Vikings.

Sam's catching a lot of flak since quitting the CFL -- but Tuaolo says he should get credit for coming out at the most crucial time in his career. He says, "It was definitely awesome, helped kids and I think will make it easier for more people" in the future.

He acknowledges Sam fell short of being a Jackie Robinson type, but adds very few have that kind of drive ... "Jackie was incredible, he didn't give a crap about anything else. He knew he had a gift."

Tuaolo says he tried to contact Sam, but never heard back. Had they spoken, he would have warned him, "If you're going to be THE ONE, you have an obligation to stay focused on the goal."

As for Sam making a comeback ... Tuaolo says he's young enough to do it, if he puts his mind to it.


White House

Is Everyone's House

Hires First Transgender Staffer

8/18/2015 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0818-raffi-freedman-gurspan-ncte-02Caitlyn Jenner has undoubtedly opened doors for the transgender community ... including those at the White House.  

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has become the first openly transgender woman hired by the White House.

She'll serve as a recruitment director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.

It's not Raffi's first time making history ... she was also the first transgender woman to work in the Massachusetts State House.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Transgender Woman

Added to Cast

8/17/2015 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817_amiyah-scott-TMZProducers of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" have figured out a way to fill the shoes NeNe Leakes ... and it starts with the first transgender woman to appear on the show.

TMZ has learned ... Amiyah Scott will join the cast next season. Amiyah is a model who was born Arthur and began her transformation 10 years ago when she was 17.

Amiyah has been romantically linked to a number of rappers.

The show is also adding Kim Fields from "Facts of Life."


Brewers Minor Leaguer

I'm Gay ...

1st Active MLB Player to Come Out

8/16/2015 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0815_david-densonmlbcomMilwaukee Brewers 1st baseman David Denson announced he's gay -- the first Major League Baseball affiliated player to do so -- and he says his teammates are showing full support for him.

Benson plays on the Brewers' Rookie League team in Montana, and made the announcement during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He says he made the decision after consulting with Billy Bean -- a retired former MLB player.

Denson says last month one of his teammates jokingly called him a gay epithet, and he replied ... "Be careful what you say, you never know." Despite that incident ... Denson says his teammates in Helena, MT have had his back 100%.

He told the team first, and says they told him his sexuality didn't matter because it has nothing to do with his ability as a player. According to Denson, they added ... "You're still our teammate. You're still our brother."

MLB joins pro soccer, basketball, and football ... as team sports that have had players come out.

Michael Sam

This Time I'm QUITTING Football

8/14/2015 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0814-michael-sam-allouettes-GETTY-01Michael Sam is worried about his mental state ... so he's leaving football -- again -- one week after he became the first openly gay player in a professional game.

Sam announced he's quitting the CFL's Montreal Alouettes because "The last 12 months have been very difficult for me, to the point where I became concerned with mental health." 

He thanked the Alouettes for giving him a chance to return to football ... after he was cut from 2 NFL teams. He'd also had issues while playing in Canada, and flirted with leaving before. 

Oddly, he said he hopes to be "back on the field soon."

It seems unlikely that any pro team would take a chance on him at this point.

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