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WNBA Star Elena Delle Donne I'm Engaged ... To A Woman!

8/3/2016 4:11 PM PDT
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0803_Elena-Delle-Donne_gettyWNBA superstar Elena Delle Donne -- the reigning MVP of the league -- has come out publicly for the first time ... revealing in a piece for Vogue magazine she's engaged to a woman.

E.D.D. had never addressed her sexuality in public before ... but in the Vogue piece acknowledges her fiancee Amanda Clifton ... with whom she lives.

It should be noted that Delle Donne and Clifton haven't been shy about being seen together ... regularly posing for pics on social media.

Delle Donne is currently in Rio to dominate the rest of the basketball world with Team USA and we only have one thing to say to her ...

(watch out for Zika) CONGRATS!

Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner Choose One, Then Flush

8/3/2016 12:40 AM PDT

0802-caitlyn-jenner-bruce-jenner-tmz-09There's a new bar in L.A. that guides people to the bathroom with more than the traditional "men's" or "women's" sign ... the guide is one person with 2 identities.

Nickel Bar in West L.A. greets gents with the famous Bruce Jenner Wheaties pic, and ladies with the big Caitlyn Jenner "Vanity Fair" reveal. You're looking at both doors in the pic.

BTW ... it's not an LGBT bar.

So we gotta ask ...

'Hollywood Hillbillies' Star I'm Transgender

8/2/2016 2:40 PM PDT

Michael Kittrell was known as 'Angry Ginger' on "Hollywood Hillbillies," but is now going by the name Claire and says she's transitioning.

Kittrell says she's been undergoing hormone therapy for several months. We spoke to her about going public, and the reality of her announcement she's transgender -- many people will think this is just an Internet stunt.

Claire says it would be so "dark" for anyone to make a joke out of something so painful to so many people. She does admit her own grandmother isn't fully buying this yet, but adds there was a good sign Tuesday Mema's starting to come around.

We can't vouch for her, but check out Claire in her own words.  


Tyler Posey Sorry, Everyone ... I'm Not Really Gay

7/30/2016 8:13 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tyler Posey is withdrawing his coming out -- 24 hours after a big bold video announcement that he's gay, but wants everyone to understand that he really does support the gay community.

The star of "Teen Wolf" posted a Snapchat on Friday that was VERY clear. He walked up to a street sign that read "Gay St." ... and yelled, "I'M GAY!!" 

Turns out, Posey says ... he was only doing that to show, "I fully support the LGBTQ community. This was a moment intended to reflect that."

The 24-year-old actor clearly understands that what he did will piss off a lot of people. He added, "I am truly sorry to the people I've off offended or lessened how big coming out is. I just want to spread love in this world."

Andy Cohen 'God Bless the NBA' For Moving All-Star Game Outta Charlotte

7/27/2016 8:16 AM PDT

Bravo honcho Andy Cohen is giving an extra "mazel" to the NBA Commish Adam Silver -- praising the guy for "having the balls" to move the All-Star game out of Charlotte over a local anti-LGBT law.

Just last week Silver explained, "We do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2." 

HB2 is the controversial bill passed in North Carolina which eliminates certain legal protections for victims of LGBT discrimination. 

Cohen couldn't be HAPPIER with the NBA's move to 86 Charlotte -- saying, "I love it! God bless the NBA."

He also ripped into North Carolina governor Pat McCrory -- who's been defending the bill for months.

"That f*****g governor, he needs to be voted out," Cohen tells TMZ Sports.

You gotta watch the clip -- Andy's fired up! 

Hillary Clinton Visits Pulse And Victims' Families

7/22/2016 2:05 PM PDT

0722_hillary_clinton_pulse_nightclub_launch_2Hillary Clinton paid her respects and read dozens of memorials Friday at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

The presidential candidate delivered a bouquet of white roses before sitting down with the families of the 49 mass shooting victims.

She also met with city and LGBTQ community leaders. 

Peter Thiel Proud to be Gay, Proud to be Republican

7/21/2016 6:50 PM PDT

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel delivered a few lines at the Republican National Convention Thursday that were met with a surprising and even shocking reaction from the crowd.

Thiel is the first openly gay speaker at a Republican convention who addressed LGBT issues. He conceded the party platform was not his vision. In fact, the platform, which among other things seeks to repudiate the right of gays to marry, is considered by many draconian and hostile to the LGBT community.

Nevertheless, when Thiel presented himself to the crowd as a proud gay man, he was received warmly and, arguably, embraced by the crowd.

NBA How's This for a Bathroom Break? We Won't Play All-Star Game in Charlotte

7/21/2016 3:04 PM PDT
Breaking News


The NBA is officially saying goodbye to North Carolina ... the 2017 All-Star Game will be moved to a state more friendly to the LGBT community.

The catalyst for the decision ... the North Carolina law that requires people to use bathrooms that correspond with their birth gender. The move to repeal the law failed.

The game -- which was originally scheduled for February 19, 2017 at Timer Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte -- will now be moved to another city ... as yet undetermined.

An NBA official says, "We do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2." 

All hope isn't lost for basketball fans in Charlotte ... the NBA says they HOPE to reschedule the ASG for 2019 ... providing Charlotte lawmakers 86 the bill.

Andre Iguodala Steph Curry Unfairly Pressured to Speak On Transgender Laws

7/14/2016 12:36 PM PDT

Andre Iguodala says his teammate, Steph Curry, was unfairly pressured into taking a public stand against transgender laws in Charlotte ... and called the whole thing a "lose-lose situation."

The Golden State Warriors star appeared on "The Breakfast Club" on Thursday -- and said he thinks it's BS that superstars like Steph and LeBron are always called upon to fight social injustice. He was essentially taking a stand against taking a stand. 

It's an interesting comment ... considering LeBron's speech at the ESPYs Wednesday night. 

But the most interesting part -- when Andre brought up a situation involving Steph Curry that went down right around the time North Carolina passed a controversial law requiring transgender people to use the bathrooms that corresponds to their gender at the time of their birth. 

"Steph's from Charlotte and they tried to make him make a statement about the trans laws," Andre said ... without specifying who was putting the pressure on Curry.

"Why should he have to have an opinion about that? It's a lose lose situation for him no matter which way he goes." 

As for Steph ... he waffled on the topic when first asked about it back in March -- before issuing a slightly stronger statement a few days later. 

If it was up to Andre, he wouldn't have had to comment about it all. 

'Finding Prince Charming' First Gay Bachelor Faces A Banging Problem

7/12/2016 1:18 PM PDT

Reality TV's first gay bachelor will have an uphill battle in the "Finding Prince Charming" mansion ... and it's all about his suitors hooking up ... with everyone BUT him.

Well, that's the theory anyway about Robert Sepulveda Jr. and the guys who are supposed to be vying for his attention. Not everyone sees it going down that way, and we got into a heated debate about it on "TMZ Live."

Gay 'Bachelor' A Rose with a Hose

7/12/2016 1:00 AM PDT

0711_robert-sepulveda_launch_instagramMove over, Chris Soules ... there's a new bachelor in town. The good news ... he's not after your girl.

We've learned the Logo network is shooting a gay 'bachelor' show, and the prize is Robert Sepulveda Jr. He's an interior designer with Puerto Rican roots who now lives in ATL. In case you didn't notice, Robbie's in good shape.

Our production sources say 13 male contestants have been cast and the show is filming at an L.A. mansion.   

The show is called "Finding Prince Charming" and it's hosted by Lance Bass.

There might be a rub. We're told the show is not a spinoff of "The Bachelor," and it's unclear whether producers of the OG show might have a problem with the knockoff.

No word on when the show will premiere on Logo.

London Pride Cop Proposal No Happy Ending For Ex-Boyfriends

7/2/2016 12:30 AM PDT

063016-main-london-viral-guy-youtubeTwo guys who had to watch their ex-boyfriends' marriage proposal go viral ... are now crushing the dreams of Internet cupids, proving fairy tales do NOT come true, usually. Deal with it.

The guys, Matt and Jacob, became a thing on social media when they tweeted about the proposal that went down during London Pride.

If you missed it ... a London cop (Matt's ex-fiance) stopped in the middle of the parade, got down on one knee and asked his bf (Jacob's ex) to marry him. The proposal was shared more than 15 million times on Twitter, so Matt and Jacob quickly caught wind ... and couldn't resist tweeting.


Jacob and Matt tell us they were flooded with comments from people who thought it would be poetic justice if they got together -- but Matt says he has a new BF, so he's not looking.

They say they did exchange DMs, but simply to discuss their exes' engagement. Jacob says he'd be down to grab a pint with Matt, but that's it.

See? Rom-Coms really do ruin the world.

Boosie TV's Trying to Make Everybody F****** Gay

7/1/2016 6:16 AM PDT

Boosie is adamant ... TV is forcing kids to be gay, and if things don't change ... in 10 years half our population will wave the rainbow flag.

Boosie went wild Thursday during an interview with DJ Vlad ... railing on TV shows that showcase gay characters. He mentions "Empire" and various cartoons including "The Flintstones," and excoriates producers he accuses of "forcing" young kids to become gay.

Boosie says he doesn't hate gays. On the other hand, he says if one of his kids said he was gay, "I would slap his ass back straight."

You gotta watch this.

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