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Doc Rivers

I'm Cool with Shelly Sterling

Despite Racist Husband

6/19/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With racist ass Donald Sterling still banned from the NBA for life ... how did Doc Rivers feel about his wife Shelly sitting courtside at Clippers home games this year????

It's an interesting question ... considering Doc went on the radio this week and insinuated that Donald SABOTAGED the team by nixing several trades that would "make you fall off your chair."

So, when we saw Rivers out in L.A. yesterday ... we had to ask about the Shelly Sterling factor -- and he went on to explain why he's COOL with Mrs. Sterling still being the team's official "#1 fan."

Austin Rivers

Dad & I Will Work Together

... On Next NBA Contract

5/29/2015 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Austin Riversnext contract will be a tricky one ... but he will talk it over with his GM and his father ... who, of course, happen to be the same person ... Doc Rivers.

Rivers was at LAX this week, heading back to his home in Orlando ... where he said he'll take about a week off to recuperate ... before heading back into the gym.

Rivers is a free agent and because of some strange NBA rules, the Clippers can only pay him a little over $3 million next season ... but any other NBA team can offer him whatever the hell it wants.

So when it comes time to make a deal, Rivers said, "That's a decision we'll make together."

Oh ... and as for Jamie Foxx's recent impression of Doc ... Austin is like the rest of us -- he thinks it's amazing.

DeAndre Jordan

'Friends' Could Sway Me

To Stay With the Clips

5/27/2015 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to his NBA future, DeAndre Jordan says "friendships" could be a  major factor -- which is why his BFF relationship with Blake Griffin is HUUUUUGE!!! 

DeAndre just got back from a guys trip to Mexico with BG -- and made it very clear that he and Blake are super tight on and off the court. 

So, with rumors swirling that DeAndre could be looking to move on from Lob City ... we asked, "Would friendship help influence a player to stay on a team?"

Check out his answer ... and try to figure out if he's referring to Blake ... or Chris Paul. 

Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan

No Playoffs? No Problem

... Tall Guys Trip To Cabo

5/26/2015 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0526_blake_griffin_deandre_jordan_cabo_launchBlake Griffin knows exactly what to do to convince DeAndre Jordan to stay in Los Angeles ... take him to another country ... 'cause the two Clippers studs are tearing it up in Cabo together.

The Clippers are still licking their wounds from an epic playoff collapse ... and dealing with rumors that Jordan might bolt L.A. via free agency because of a reported beef with Chris Paul.

But  this weekend in Mexico, BG and DJ hit the beach and the clubs together -- and partied like they weren't gonna let a couple million dollars break them apart.

The team that tequilas together ... stays together ... and Ubers together. 

Gloria Govan

I Never Banged Colin Kaepernick

No Clue On Barnes Feud

5/22/2015 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex "Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan is so over the rumors about her and Colin Kaepernick ... she's now addressing them -- and wants everyone to know the 49ers QB never crossed her end zone.

Gloria was at the "So Sexy L.A." party at SKYBAR in West Hollywood Thursday night ... when our photog asked about her estranged hubby, Clippers star Matt Barnes, and his very public hatred of Kaepernick.

Just a few weeks ago, Barnes called Kaep "a hoe" on Instagram -- which is why our guy asked Gloria if she knew what was behind the beef.

Watch ... Gloria took the ball and ran, first telling us -- "There's been a bunch of different rumors" about her and Colin hooking up. But she says, "I've never had a thing with Colin Kaepernick."

Double G seems to think fans blame her for their feud, but she tells us it's something else altogether.


Chris Paul & DeAndre

'Beef' Is Total BS

... Says Clippers Teammate

5/19/2015 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519-deandre-jordan-dahntay-jones-chris-paul-TMZ-GETTY-01There is NO rift between Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan ... despite reports to the contrary, so says Clippers teammate Dahntay Jones who tells TMZ Sports the L.A. superstars are still like "brothers."

"Guys fight and argue on the court, but that's just the emotion of the game," Jones says ... "but people want to blow things out of proportion."

Jones is responding to an explosive report that Jordan could bolt Tinseltown this summer because he can't stand playing with CP3. 

But Jones says he hasn't seen anything between the guys that make him think beef is on the menu. 

"Those guys are brothers, man. They sit with each other on the plane, on the bus. If you don't like a guy you stay away from him."

As far as Jordan's relationship with rest of the team goes -- Jones says, "Everyone here wants DeAndre back. No other center can do what he does for us."

Ice Cube

Disses Clippers ...

Lakers Still Rule L.A.

5/17/2015 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's straight outta Compton but Ice Cube is only supporting ONE team from his hometown ... the Lakers -- and taking a shot at the Clippers in the process.

Despite the fact the Clippers are about to play in a Game 7 ... and the Lakers are sitting at home ... Cube told TMZ Sports "There's only one team in L.A."

Then, for good measure, Ice throws even more shade at Lob City ... making fun of the team name.

Gotta respect the loyalty -- Cube is no bandwagoner. 

Allen Iverson

The Clippers Didn't Choke

... They Just Lost

5/15/2015 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's being hailed as one of the biggest implosions in the history of the NBA playoffs ... but Allen Iverson says the Clippers did NOT choke Thursday night ... they just lost. 

The Clips were up 19 points on the Houston Rockets in Game 6 ... only to blow the lead and lose the game by 12 ... a 31 point swing. It was bad. 

But when we saw A.I. in NYC a few minutes ago and asked if he's ever seen a worse choke job, he told us the Clips don't need the Heimlich ... 'cause it wasn't a choke job. Sometimes you just lose. 

We also joked with A.I. about his legendary "practice" rant ... he laughed. It's funny. 

Talkin' 'bout practice. 

Austin Rivers

I Wanna Be a Clipper Next Year

... We'll Talk $$$ Later

5/11/2015 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news for Clippers fans ... Austin Rivers says he wants to STAY in Lob City next season -- even if other teams come at him with GIANT contracts. 

After Rivers tore up the Staples Center on Friday, the coach's son hit up Craig's in West Hollywood for a celebratory meal with his girlfriend Brittany Hotard ... clearly in a GREAT mood! 

So, what's gonna happen when those other teams come callin' after the playoffs are over? Austin says he's got his priorities straight ... and staying with the Clip Squad is at the top of the list. 

Trevor Ariza's Grandpa

I'd 'Kick the S**t' Outta Matt Barnes

... If He Trash Talked Me!

5/9/2015 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This video is AWESOME!!!

Trevor Ariza's grandfather says if Matt Barnes tried to talk smack to him during a game like he did to James Harden's mother ... "We'd have to kick the s**t out of him!"

Osvaldo Ariza was on his way in to Staples Center last night when we he made it clear ... the Ariza family doesn't mess around.

As far as the situation between Barnes and Harden's mom ... Ariza says he's not worried about Monja Willis because she's a tough chick who can definitely take care of herself.

Bottom line ... GRANDPA ARIZA IS THE MAN!!!!!

Wahlberg to Mayweather

You're a Great Boxer, But that Jewelry ... Fabulous!

5/9/2015 8:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0509-mayweather-mark-splash-01Mark Wahlberg was blown away at the Clippers game last night, but it had nothing to do with the Clippers rout over the Rockets ... he was mesmerized by Floyd Mayweather's bling.

Mark and Floyd were sitting courtside, not beside each other, when Mark walked over to Floyd to admire his ridiculously expensive bracelet.

Meanwhile, Khloe and Kendall had laser focus on the game ... at least for a second or two. 

Tons of stars showed, including Billy Chrystal, Macy Gray, Adam Devine and Bob Odenkirk.


James Harden's Mom:

Matt Barnes Apologized To Me

For In-Game Insult

5/7/2015 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-matt-james-harden-instagramJames Harden's mother tells TMZ Sports ... Matt Barnes PERSONALLY APOLOGIZED Wednesday night ... after the L.A. Clippers star hurled an extremely rude comment to her during last night's NBA playoff game. 

Monja Willis wouldn't tell us exactly what Barnes said to her at the Toyota Center in Houston during Game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals ... saying, "We'll leave that on the court."

What we do know ... Matt's comment really pissed off one of Monja's other sons -- who was sitting next to her during the game and heard it ... and confronted Barnes after the final buzzer. 

Willis tells us ... "My older son walked over to him and told him to apologize ... and he did."

Monja says, "What he told me was that he would never want to disrespect anyone's mother because his mother passed from cancer ... and that he was sorry."

"I accept his apology."

Matt Barnes

Beefin' With Colin Kaepernick

Calls QB a 'Hoe'

5/1/2015 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0501_colin-kaepernick_matt_barnes_tmz_gettyColin Kaepernick has a new enemy -- L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes ... who just fired a shot at the QB on social media ... and sources tell us the animosity is very real. 

Barnes went on Instagram to congratulate Arik Armstead on being drafted by the SF 49ers last night ... and wrote, "Congrats to my young boy #ErikArmstead [sic] proud of you fam. Ur QB a hoe tho!!"

Clearly, the message was directed at Colin. 

Multiple sources close to Matt tell us the beef with Kaepernick goes back several years -- and stems from a situation where Matt felt "disrespected" by Colin. 

As one source extremely close to Barnes puts it -- "Matt hates his guts."


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