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Matt Barnes

NBA Is the Grinch ...

That Stole My Kids' Christmas!

12/15/2014 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
121514_matt_barnes_launchMatt Barnes' kids are getting socks and underwear for Christmas this year ... and the Los Angeles Clippers baller says they can blame the NBA for it.

Barnes was still fuming Sunday night over his fine from the league this week ... $25,000 for kicking a water bottle (the league says it's also for cursing at a fan).

The swingman explained why he thinks the league came down so hard on him -- and told us how he was planning to spend that dough.

We hope he's exaggerating -- Barnes is making more than $3 mil this year ... so he better not cheap out on his kids!

Doc Rivers

It's Time To Clean House ...

And Grab A Cool Million

12/13/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Doc Rivers Home
Clippers' skipper Doc Rivers would prefer a NBA Championship but he'll settle for a boatload of cash ... he just scored an easy million after unloading his L.A. condo a year after buying.

Rivers picked up the swanky Beverly West pad for just over $5.5M last year and 15 months later ... he passed it off for $6.5M.

He could go coast to coast in these sprawling digs -- it's 3,813 sq ft. with access to a salt water pool, and fitness center, and throw in 2 parking spots ... for the 3-point play!

Rivers opted out for an upgrade ... he put the cash toward his new $8.2M perch, up in the bird streets of the Hollywood Hills. 

Coach just keeps on winning.

Matt Barnes

Crazy 1-Legged Nets Fan Rocks

'I Want Him to Be My Guest to Clips Game'

12/4/2014 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Clippers star Matt Barnes says he LOVES the video of the overzealous 1-legged Nets fan who had be carried out of a recent game -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to buy him tickets the next time the Clips play!

The video went viral ... showing a very intense Nets fan being removed from Madison Square Garden during Tuesday night's match-up with the Knicks ... after reportedly screaming and yelling like a maniac while waving his prosthetic leg in the air during the game.

The fan was BANNED from MSG -- but last night in L.A., Barnes told us he LOVED the guy's passion -- and says he wants the guy to be a part of Clipper Nation.  

"When we come to New York, I want him to be my guest to the next game," Barnes said ... "Next time we come out there I'm gonna buy him tickets."

He adds, "Come to the West Coast!"

Blake Griffin

Reveals Man Cave

Many Questions Arise ...

12/3/2014 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1203-blake-griffin-man-cave-instagramBlake Griffin shared a photo of his "man cave" ... and now we have a ZILLION questions. 

BG posted the photo Tuesday night with the caption, "Man cave night. 3 games on + several intense ping pong matches."

Where do we begin????

-- DirecTV or cable?
-- Is that a touchscreen remote on the trunk?
-- Why does he have a $100 TV stand from Best Buy?
-- Is that a PS4 on the second shelf? Is that a gaming camera on the top shelf?
-- Why is the couch centered with the TV on the left and not the big TV in the middle?
-- Is that a cordless phone on the right box? Who has a landline anymore?
-- Why wasn't he watching the Mavs/Bulls game? It went to double OT!!!!
-- Does audio only come through the big TV? Can he play audio from whichever TV he wants?
-- Is that a pool cue rack behind the guy playing ping pong?
-- Where's the stripper pole? 
-- Can we come over?

Justin Bieber

Invades Clippers Locker Room

... With Gronk!!!!

12/2/2014 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
120214_gronk_bieber_launchThe L.A. Clippers locker room was the place to be last night ... when a bunch of HUGE stars kicked it with the team after their victory -- including Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowski!!!

Rob -- along with New England Patriots teammates Jonas Gray (RB), Shane Vereen (RB), Akeem Ayers (LB) and Darius Fleming (LB) -- were invited into the locker room by Doc Rivers after the Clips beat up on the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center.  

"We have a lot of Cowboys fans, I showed them what a football team looks like," Rivers told ESPN's Arash Markazi

As for Bieber, he's friends with a bunch of guys on the team ... including DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul ... and was spotted having a deep convo with Blake Griffin at Blake's locker. 

Meanwhile, the Lakers play tonight. Wonder if they'll get any pop stars or NFL superstars in their locker room ...

Shelly Sterling

Donald's Still a Huge Clippers Fan

... We Want Rings!!!

11/20/2014 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112014_sterlings_launch_v2The players hate his guts. The coaches hate his guts. The fans hate his guts ... but Donald Sterling is still a HUUUGE Clippers fan -- so says his wife Shelly.

Shelly and Donald had dinner TOGETHER last night at The Palm in Beverly Hills ... and on the way out, Shelly was in an extremely bubbly mood!!

That's when she told us Donald's still rooting the team that turned against him for being a tremendous racist. The team that's tried everything in its power to erase him from its memory.

Oh, and check out her answer when we ask if she's worried about the Lakers.

Alfred E. Neuman would be proud.

Dave Chappelle

Donald Sterling Got Screwed

Shouldn't Have Lost the Clippers

11/18/2014 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Dave Chappelle is DEFENDING Donald Sterling ... claiming the disgraced former L.A. Clippers owner got screwed when his team was ripped away from him.

Chappelle opened up about the topic in an interview with GQ ... saying, "Ultimately, I don’t think he should have lost his team."

"I don’t like the idea that someone could record a secret conversation and that a person could lose their assets from that, even though I think what he said was awful."

Of course, Sterling was banned from the NBA for life -- and Commissioner Adam Silver said he did everything in his power to force a sale of the team in the wake of Sterling's racist comments.

Sterling fought the sale ... but eventually, a judge allowed Donald's wife Shelly to unload the team to Steve Ballmer for $2 BILLION.

Chappelle's opinion lines up with Bill Maher -- who also defended Sterling's right to free speech back in May ... and took serious heat over it.

The big question ... why would someone as influential as Chappelle wait so long to go public with such a strong point of view? Kinda too little, too late.

Tune in next summer when he chimes in on Ray Rice.

Steve Ballmer

Praised By Shelly Sterling

... Right In Front Of Donald

11/14/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
111314_donald_sterling_launch Well ... this is awkward.

Shelly Sterling just praised the new owner of the L.A. Clippers ... while standing right next to the disgraced old one -- and TMZ Sports has the footage.

It all went down in Beverly Hills ... where Shelly and Donald Sterling were hanging out together ... despite the fact they ripped each other apart in court earlier this year.

Oh, and remember when Donald claimed Shelly basically stole the team from him?? Yeah.

Anyway, she didn't let the presence of her racist old husband keep her from giving props to Steve Ballmer -- who she says is doing a great job running her old team.

This is a weird marriage.

Blake Griffin

Speaks On Alleged Pimp Slap

'Sorry for the Distraction'

11/13/2014 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Blake Griffin is finally talking about the pimp slap he allegedly delivered at a Vegas nightclub -- saying he's very confident he will be exonerated.

The L.A. Clippers star spoke with reporters before practice Thursday -- saying, "I'm really not allowed to speak on [the case] ... but I'm very confident in the situation, so once I can [speak on it], I will."

When asked if facing a misdemeanor battery charge is "scary" -- Griffin replied, "I definitely wouldn't say scary. I feel more badly just for the fact that it's a distraction. I really don't know how big of a distraction it really is, but it is. So that's what I feel mostly bad about."

Chris Paul -- who was also at the club the night of the incident -- wouldn't open up about the case, but says the team has Blake's back ... "He's a teammate, he's a brother and we're always going to be there for him."

Doc Rivers

Don't Slam Kobe For Missed Shots

'Can't Make 'Em If Ya Don't Take Em'

11/13/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
111314_doc_rivers_launchDoc Rivers says he has NO PROBLEM with Kobe Bryant breaking the record for most missed shots in NBA history ... telling TMZ Sports, "The only way you can make 'em, you gotta take 'em."

FYI -- Kobe broke the record earlier this week ... passing Celtics legend John Havlicek, who missed 13,147 shots during his career.

But the L.A. Clippers honcho says it's not necessarily a bad record to have -- in fact, Rivers says he WISHES he had a title like that under his belt.

One more thing ... we also asked Rivers about golf -- and if he thought he could beat President Obama if they ever went head-to-head. Check out his answer ... might be time to settle this on the links.

Blake Griffin

Surveillance Footage Shows Confrontation

... But No Slap

11/13/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Investigators in the Blake Griffin pimp slap case have obtained nightclub security footage which shows a confrontation between the NBA star and his accuser ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the footage from Tao nightclub in Vegas shows Blake and his accuser Daniel Schuman in a heated situation -- but we're told the alleged slap was not captured by the security cameras. 

We broke the story ... Griffin has been charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly going all Zsa Zsa Gabor on Schuman on October 19th.  

In the moments following the incident, Schuman gave a report to Tao security saying Blake got physical with him because he thought Daniel was sneaking a cell phone pic. 

Blake's teammate DeAndre Jordan -- who was with Blake and several other Clippers at the club -- told us he NEVER saw Blake strike anyone that night (video below). 

As for Blake, he has yet to comment on the situation. 


Blake Griffin

Clippers Star Charged

In Vegas Bitch Slapping

11/12/2014 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1112_blake_griffin_tmzBlake Griffin has been charged with a crime for allegedly slapping the crap out of a man inside a Las Vegas nightclub ...TMZ Sports has learned.

The incident went down last month when Blake was at Tao Nightclub. According to the alleged victim -- Daniel Schuman -- the Clippers superstar was upset by camera flashes in his face ... so he grabbed Daniel's phone and neck. Daniel says Blake squeezed his neck, and demanded he give up his phone.

According to docs -- obtained by TMZ Sports ... the Clark County D.A. has now charged Griffin with one count of misdemeanor battery. He faces 6 months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine -- though a jail sentence is highly unlikely since Blake has no prior convictions for violent crimes.

Blake was with DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul that night. None of the other players were involved in the alleged incident. 



NBA Player Reggie Bullock

Mom Gets V.I.P. Treatment

... In Awesome Video

11/12/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
111114_reggie_bullock_launch **Warning -- this video is going to make you smile**

He was a 1st round pick in the NBA draft last year, but Reggie Bullock isn't too big to PERSONALLY roll out the red carpet for his mom when she comes out to L.A. this week ... and TMZ Sports has the footage to prove it!

Not only did the 23-year-old millionaire go right to the arrivals gate at LAX to greet his mother after her flight in from North Carolina ...  but he crammed his entire 6'7" frame into the backseat of the waiting 2-door car to make sure she sat comfortably in the front seat.

After they got home, the L.A. Clippers player posted a pic of the two of them to Instagram with the caption ... "With my #1 #mommasBOY."

C'mon ... that's sweet.

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