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NBA Star


... At L.A. Strip Club

1/21/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One made it THUNDERSTORM ... the other made it drizzle. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... L.A. Clippers star Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Tampa Bay Bucs star Dashon Goldson were two of the stars that hit up the grand opening of Ace of Diamonds in L.A. on Monday. 

For the record, Goldson signed a $41.2 million contract in 2013. Davis has made about $26 million in his NBA career. 

Which is why it was a bit shocking when Big Baby created his own indoor monsoon that dwarfed Goldson's mini-downpour.

Our strip club sources tell us Davis was throwin' so much cash around, 4 dancers left with $3k each ... and that doesn't include the $5k he dropped around the stage.  

Check out the pic below which shows one dancer's take from Davis. 

As for Goldson, as one strip club source put it -- "He made it sprinkle." 

No one said being fiscally responsible was fun.

Clippers' Doc Rivers

My Son Won't Get Special Treatment

Now That He's On My Team

1/16/2015 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
L.A. Clippers President Doc Rivers says the NBA ain't Little League ... telling TMZ Sports his son Austin Rivers won't be treated ANY DIFFERENTLY now that he'll be joining his team. 

FYI -- The Clippers acquired the 22-year-old in a 3-team trade that went through on Thursday. 

Hours after the deal, we saw Doc leaving a power dinner with Donald Trump at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood and asked him if he was worried that the players thinking Austin will get special treatment because of their relationship. 

Rivers is adamant he'll treat Austin just the same as everyone else -- not easier, not harder. 

A father has never coached a son in the NBA before -- so the minute Austin takes the court, he'll be making history.

Pretty cool, right?


Magic Johnson

Steve Ballmer Can Dance!!

Better Moves Than Me!

1/8/2015 7:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
010815_magic_johnson_launchIt got all "Stomp the Yard" in the Staples Center last night ... when Clippers owner Steve Ballmer busted out some EPIC dance moves during the game ... and Magic Johnson LOVED IT!!!

It all went down when Fergie came out to perform during the Clips vs. Lakers game ... when the music took hold of Ballmer's body ... and the body parts began to fly!!! 

"That's an owner who can dance and own the team all at the same time," Magic told us on his way out of the arena. "He got better moves than me!" 


Doc Rivers

No Bad Blood

Between Clippers Players

1/1/2015 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Doc Rivers is calling BS on reports that his Clippers players don't get along -- telling TMZ Sports, "We all love each other."

Questions have surrounded the Clip squad after a report from an NBA insider that the team -- comprised of stars like Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul -- simply "don't like each other."

But last night in L.A., Rivers shot down the report -- telling our guy there's no bad blood in the organization.

Check out the clip.

Donald Sterling Sued

You're a Hot Tub Slime Machine!

12/30/2014 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling is under attack ... again ... this time by a woman who claims she busted her ass while trying to climb out of the hot tub at one of Sterling's L.A. apartment complexes. 

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed by Susanna Tarontsi ... in which she claims she was trying to take a dip in the hot tub back in Sept. 2013 ... but slipped and fell due to a faulty handrail next to the spa. 

In her suit, Tarontsi claims she went down hard ... suffering serious bodily injuries. 

Now, she's going after the disgraced former L.A. Clippers owner claiming it's his fault for not fixing the handrail before she slipped. 

It's just the latest problem for Sterling ... who's also being sued by another former tenant who claims Donald ignored a bed bug infestation in his apartment because he's black. 

We reached out to Sterling's camp for comment -- no word back.


Donald Sterling Got Screwed

'He's a Great Guy'

12/29/2014 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In today's episode of "Things You Never Thought A Black Guy Would Say" ... West Coast hip hop legend Kurupt is going to tell us what a great guy the NBA lost in ... Donald Sterling.

Here's the thing ... he's not kidding. 

During the 5-minute interview with ... the rapper praises Sterling as a "great guy" -- who got screwed over by the NBA. 

"They took a good man down," Kurupt says with a straight face ... despite the fact Sterling said on-tape that he didn't want V. Stiviano bringing black people to Clippers games. 

Kurupt also explains his friendship with Stiviano ... and defends her too. 

FYI -- Kurupt's making his living these days by pushing medical marijuana in L.A.

It must be really, really, really, good.

DeAndre Jordan

Calls BS On 'Big Baby Davis'


12/28/2014 12:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Wanna see DeAndre Jordan call out Glen "Big Baby" Davis for making him spend $1.99 to buy a copy of his 2012 rap single?

Good ... 'cause this is pretty hilarious. 

Jordan was leaving Warwick nightclub in L.A. this weekend -- when he actually called "BS" on his  L.A. Clippers teammate for making him spend nearly TWO DOLLARS to own a copy of "Big Baby Turn It Up."

"It's a recession out here and I have to pay $1.99 for a song??" 

Ya gotta check out the clip ... DeAndre also gives props to another Clippers teammate, Spencer Hawes, over his amazingly ugly Xmas day suit. 

As for Big Baby, he has yet to drop another single ... but recently told TMZ Sports he's got a follow-up song on the way soon. So ... stay tuned???

Clippers Spencer Hawes

Rocks Amazing Hideous Xmas Suit

... Tribute to Craig Sager

12/26/2014 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1226-spencer-hawes-christmas-suit-AP-01It might be the most incredible/disgusting/amazing outfit ever worn by a NBA player -- the holiday suit Spencer Hawes wore on the bench during last night's Clippers vs. Warriors game.

But there was a reason the Clippers 7-footer decided to rock the nasty red, white and green look ... it was all a tribute to TNT's legendary sideline reporter Craig Sager ... who's famous for his outrageous fashion statements.

Unfortunately, Craig's battling leukemia and hasn't worked this season -- so Spencer felt he would pick up the Xmas day slack.  

In fact, Hawes -- who was sidelined with an injury last night -- tweeted, "Mr. Sager do you approve? Merry Christmas!"

Get well soon, Craig!

Matt Barnes

I'm With the Boss

Parties with Rick Ross

12/22/2014 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photos
Matt Barnes rebounded from a crappy night on the court by hanging with Rick Ross and a bunch of other hip hop stars at a huge Hollywood after party.

Barnes was in the VIP at Supper Club for Rick's performance Saturday night in Hollywood. The Clippers star chilled with Rick, Wiz KhalifaMally Mall, and Ty Dolla Sign. Famous booty model Rosa Acosta, "Love and Hip Hop" star Sincere, and singer Anjali World (daughter of Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé) were also there.  

Earlier that night ... Matt put up a goose egg in 26 minutes on the floor in the Clippers game against the Bucks, but still won ... 106-102. 

Ricky Rozay makes everything better.

Donald Sterling

It's Scary Being Santa in Tha Hood

Backs Out of Toy Drive

12/15/2014 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Donald Sterling pulled out of a charity toy drive in Watts Saturday night ... because his security team feared for his safety in the hood with racial tensions running so high across the country.

TMZ Sports broke the story -- Sterling was scheduled to show up for something called the Chrismukkah Soiree "Party in the Projects." But a rep for the ex-owner of the Clippers tells us he abruptly canceled after we posted the story. 

Apparently, Sterling wanted his appearance to be a surprise. We're told his security team was worried too many people knew where he was going to be -- and considering his track record with the black community ... things could go south quickly.

Donald's rep says he still donated a sedan-full of toys during a Friday night event held in a much more ... Sterling-safe environment -- Beverly Hills.

L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino -- who reps Watts -- probably didn't help matters by coming on TMZ Live, and demanding Sterling stay away ... unless he's ready to donate much more than toys.  


Matt Barnes

NBA Is the Grinch ...

That Stole My Kids' Christmas!

12/15/2014 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
121514_matt_barnes_launchMatt Barnes' kids are getting socks and underwear for Christmas this year ... and the Los Angeles Clippers baller says they can blame the NBA for it.

Barnes was still fuming Sunday night over his fine from the league this week ... $25,000 for kicking a water bottle (the league says it's also for cursing at a fan).

The swingman explained why he thinks the league came down so hard on him -- and told us how he was planning to spend that dough.

We hope he's exaggerating -- Barnes is making more than $3 mil this year ... so he better not cheap out on his kids!

Doc Rivers

It's Time To Clean House ...

And Grab A Cool Million

12/13/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Doc Rivers Home
Clippers' skipper Doc Rivers would prefer a NBA Championship but he'll settle for a boatload of cash ... he just scored an easy million after unloading his L.A. condo a year after buying.

Rivers picked up the swanky Beverly West pad for just over $5.5M last year and 15 months later ... he passed it off for $6.5M.

He could go coast to coast in these sprawling digs -- it's 3,813 sq ft. with access to a salt water pool, and fitness center, and throw in 2 parking spots ... for the 3-point play!

Rivers opted out for an upgrade ... he put the cash toward his new $8.2M perch, up in the bird streets of the Hollywood Hills. 

Coach just keeps on winning.

Matt Barnes

Crazy 1-Legged Nets Fan Rocks

'I Want Him to Be My Guest to Clips Game'

12/4/2014 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Clippers star Matt Barnes says he LOVES the video of the overzealous 1-legged Nets fan who had be carried out of a recent game -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to buy him tickets the next time the Clips play!

The video went viral ... showing a very intense Nets fan being removed from Madison Square Garden during Tuesday night's match-up with the Knicks ... after reportedly screaming and yelling like a maniac while waving his prosthetic leg in the air during the game.

The fan was BANNED from MSG -- but last night in L.A., Barnes told us he LOVED the guy's passion -- and says he wants the guy to be a part of Clipper Nation.  

"When we come to New York, I want him to be my guest to the next game," Barnes said ... "Next time we come out there I'm gonna buy him tickets."

He adds, "Come to the West Coast!"

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