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World Series Game 2 More Stars at Dodger Stadium Vin Scully Returns for First Pitch

10/25/2017 6:49 PM PDT

Celebs flocked to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series for the first time in 29 years Tuesday night, and it's more of the same Wednesday ... along with a big Astros fan.

Tiger Woods followed in the footsteps of celebs in attendance for Game 1 to root on the Dodgers in Game 2, while Kate Upton's there to cheer for her fiance -- Houston pitcher Justin Verlander. Peyton Manning's also in the crowd with the Astros owner.

Before the game, Brad Paisley sang the National Anthem, and Dodgers fans were treated with something fantastic -- an appearance by legendary announcer Vin Scully.

The beloved Dodgers play-by-play man returned to the ballpark for the opening pitch, but instead of throwing it out himself, he did what he does best ... grabbed a mic and called up another Dodgers legend -- Fernando Valenzuela -- to do it for him.

It was awesome.

MLB's Bruce Maxwell Restaurant Claims He's Lying About Trump Service Refusal

10/25/2017 3:58 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The manager of the restaurant where Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell claims he was refused service by a pro-Trump waiter claims the MLB player is lying through his teeth. 

Maxwell -- the only MLB player who took a knee during the national anthem this season -- told TMZ Sports he was recognized by a waiter at an Alabama restaurant after the protest ... and the guy refused to serve him

Maxwell said the server told him he supported Trump, disagreed with the protest, and refused to serve him lunch. 

But Anne Whalen -- the manager at Keegan's restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama -- tells TMZ Sports ... the story just ain't true. 

Whalen says there was a dispute that day ... but it was over alcohol -- someone in Maxwell's party didn't have ID and the restaurant refused to serve that person beer. 

Whalen also told Fox News, "He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service."

Maxwell is adamant he's telling the truth and sticks by his story. 

Jackie Robinson's Widow Doubts He Would've Protested Anthem ... But Can't Say For Sure

10/25/2017 12:26 PM PDT

Jackie Robinson's widow says she doesn't think the MLB legend would have taken a knee and joined in the recent national anthem demonstrations ... but she really can't say for sure. 

Rachel Robinson was on her way out of L.A. -- where she was honored by the Dodgers before the World Series -- when she told us she thinks Jackie would have stood ... maybe. 

You gotta watch the clip -- Rachel says she honestly doesn't know what Jackie would have done and believes it's not fair to give a definite answer since he's been gone for so long. 

But one thing is certain ... Rachel is a legend in her own right and one of the nicest, sweetest people ever. 

Yasiel Puig Like Father, Like Son ... Baby Puig Rocks Blue 'Hawk Too!

10/25/2017 7:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

Yasiel Puig's 8-month-old boy bleeds Dodger blue (through his dome) just like daddy -- stuntin' with a colored faux hawk for Game 1 of the World Series!

The Dodgers slugger went true blue with his hairdo for the game ... and apparently, so did baby Daniel.

Yasiel and his GF, Andrea de la Torre, documented the process -- and we think the kid might've outdone his pops on cuteness alone.

FYI, L.A. went up 1-0 on the 'Stros on Tuesday ... but Puig went 0 for 3.

Maybe change up the hair again?

Lady Gaga Made Crazy Lamborghini Entrance ... at World Series

10/25/2017 6:09 AM PDT

Traffic at Dodger Stadium was terrible last night -- unless you were Lady Gaga, who battled the crowd in her $200k Lamborghini Huracan

The singer showed up to Game 1 of the World Series in the same whip she took to the Super Bowl in Houston ... a whip that goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Not bad.

Gaga didn't talk much -- but she was cool with fans, posing for pics on the way in.

After the game, Gaga wasn't in the mood to fight the even crazier traffic out of the stadium -- and got in the back of a waiting SUV. Can't blame her.

Yasiel Puig Blue Hair for World Series! ... Dodger Til I Dye

10/24/2017 3:34 PM PDT
Breaking News

Yasiel Puig is showing his true colors -- DODGER BLUE, BABY!!

The Dodgers stud broke out the hair dye and did a little colorwork on his fro-hawk before taking the field against the Houston Astros for Game 1 of the World Series. 

It was definitely a process ... Puig first bleached his hair blonde before turning things blue. We think it turned out pretty good! 

Now, Puig and the Dodgers have gotta deliver on the field ... or else he'll have a different case of the blues. 

UFC's Derrick Lewis Houston Needs This World Series ... Still Hurting from Harvey

10/24/2017 11:06 AM PDT

UFC star Derrick Lewis says an Astros World Series championship would be HUGE for Houston ... 'cause it's exactly the boost his city needs after Hurricane Harvey.

"We need the money," Lewis told TMZ Sports. "All the bars and the sports stores ... hopefully we continue doing great things and they'll dish it back out to the city."

He would know -- in the weeks after the hurricane hit, "The Black Beast" went full Dark Knight, abandoning fight camp to rescue flood victims in H-Town. 

Derrick says he ain't too concerned about this series, though -- 'cause the Dodgers won't take A SINGLE GAME from the 'Stros!

"I believe we'll sweep 'em, 4-0 ... mark my words."

Dodger fans obviously see the series going very differently ... including Blue Crew lifer Danny Trejo, who told us why it's L.A.'s year.

Larry King Home Plate Tix are $6,000 Each? ... My Kids Get Nosebleeds

10/24/2017 7:02 AM PDT

Larry King has made MILLIONS over the years -- but he's drawing a hard line when it comes to how much he'll shell out for World Series tickets. 

Don't get it twisted, King -- a HUGE Dodgers fan -- will be sitting in his usual home plate seats for Game 1 on Tuesday. But with tix in his section running at least $6,000 each, he's sending his kids to the nosebleed section. 

"My sons who usually sit behind home plate, they're gonna be up in upper left field," King told us Monday night on his way out of Craig's. 

For the record, tickets in the highest part of left field are currently on sale at StubHub for $800 each -- so, it's not like Larry's skimping ... he's just being fiscally responsible ... right???

L.A. Dodgers We Take Bows ... Not Knees

10/24/2017 1:00 AM PDT

The Los Angeles Dodgers will all be upright Tuesday when the National Anthem is sung before game 1 of the World Series ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, none of the players will take a knee, which is consistent with the entire season ... not a single member of the team has taken a knee. In fact, aside from one Oakland player, there has been no such protest on any team for the entire season.

Our sources say it's such a "nonissue" for the Dodgers ... management hasn't even spoken to the players about it.

As for the person who will sing the National Anthem ... we're told "no knee."

'Walking Dead' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Dodgers Can Use Lucille!

10/23/2017 11:06 AM PDT

The Dodgers might have an even BIGGER advantage in the World Series -- because 'Walking Dead' star Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he's willing to loan his beloved barbed wire bat to Kiké Hernandez.

JDM -- whose character, Negan, has been using his bat, Lucille, to smash heads on the show since 2016 -- was at LAX when we started talkin' baseball. 

First off, this dude is the coolest ... taking pics and signing for everyone who recognized him. 

But when it came to the legendary bat -- Morgan says there's one guy in New York he REALLY wants to give it to ... if the Astros hadn't spoiled the party. 


Justin Verlander Pre-World Series Pitchers' Dinner 'Feelin' Pretty Good'

10/23/2017 6:19 AM PDT

The Astros have touched down in L.A. -- and the pitchers are already hitting the hot spots! 

Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel -- along with relief pitcher Tyler Clippard hit up Delilah in West Hollywood on Sunday evening ... one of the hottest joints in town (Bieber was there last month). 

Don't worry ... nothing crazy happened. They all appeared sober and left before midnight. 

Justin said the guys were gonna try and win the World Series for the city of Houston. Keuchel said the guys feel pretty good about their chances. 

The Dodgers are gonna try and spoil the party when Game 1 begins on Tuesday. 

Stevie Wonder Hey Dodgers, Call Me! I'll Do Anthem On Harmonica!!

10/23/2017 12:50 AM PDT

The Dodgers keep winning -- first the NL pennant, and now Stevie Wonder tells TMZ Sports he's willing to pick up his harmonica and perform the national anthem at the World Series!!! 

Of course, there's some backstory here ... Wonder famously took a knee (and then a 2nd knee) during the height of the NFL national anthem demonstrations earlier this year. 

Which begs a few questions ... would the Dodgers be cool with Stevie? Would Stevie use the massive platform to demonstrate again? Who are they gonna get bigger than Stevie Wonder?! 

Stay tuned ... 

Vin Scully Not Returning for World Series ... Dodgers Say

10/20/2017 10:34 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

It would be awesome if it happened ... but the Dodgers tell TMZ Sports ... Vin Scully will NOT be firing up his legendary microphone for a World Series cameo.

The greatest Dodgers broadcaster of all time retired last year -- but many are holding out hope he will come back to work to call an inning or two now that the Blue Crew is playing in the WS. 

But unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen. 

We spoke with Dodgers exec. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen who tells us, "Neither Vin Scully nor Sandy Koufax will be returning to action for the World Series. They will be enjoying the Dodgers like all the rest of our great fans."

Scully watched the Dodgers clinch the NLCS from the couch with his wife and daughter -- and they were so excited, they tweeted out a celebratory pic!

Early Friday morning, Vin emailed with L.A. Daily News reporter Tom Hoffarth about the possibility of a World Series broadcast booth cameo and said, "I honestly don’t feel I belong there and I would not want anyone to think I was eager for a spotlight."

We reached out to Vin's daughter Cat who tells us Vin's "really enthused" about the Dodgers making the World Series and is considering going to at least 1 game ... but as of now, there's "nothing percolating" about a comeback. 

Then again, anything's possible ... right??

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