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Todd Gurley Ready To Throw Hands With Fan ... After Twitter Threat

12/16/2016 6:25 AM PST
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Here's a bit of advice ... if you come at Todd Gurley threatening to fight, you better be ready to scrap, 'cause the Rams star fired back at a frustrated fan saying he's ready whenever and wherever.

It's no secret ... Gurley hasn't had as productive of a season as fantasy owners would've hoped (he hasn't had a 100-yard rushing game all season).

So when one fan decided to go after Gurley on Twitter Thursday night saying, "if I ever see you in public we're fist fighting over your fantasy football performance this year" ... T.G. barked right back:

"Pull up then."

It's been a tough season for Gurley ... and the Rams lost to the Seahawks 24-3 on Thursday Night Football, so it seems like he's reaching his boiling point.

Hang in there, Todd.

Eric Dickerson Me Back On The Rams Sidelines? Not So Fast!!

12/13/2016 7:08 AM PST

NFL legend Eric Dickerson has a message for anyone thinking he's gonna rush back to the sidelines of Rams games now that Jeff Fisher is out as coach ... not so fast, homie.

It wasn't too long ago that Fisher called Dickerson up personally and banned him from hanging with the team at games ... apparently miffed that ED was being publicly critical about the team's play.

Eric was none too pleased about the decision, and he wasn't only one ... with a lot of people -- including Snoop Dogg -- asking how the franchise could treat one its greats like that.

We got ED out in the OC and wanted to know if he'd be rushing (get it) back to the games now that Fisher is gone ... and he let us know ... he might be busy those days.

This Ain't Over.

Jim Fassel Excited For Son's Opportunity 'I Feel Bad For Fisher'

12/13/2016 6:16 AM PST

Jim Fassel says the Rams made the right choice in selecting his son, John, to take over as interim head coach after Jeff Fisher was fired ... telling TMZ Sports, "he's going to do a great job."

Jim -- who took the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000 -- says he was sad to see his "lifelong friend" Fisher lose his job, but excited for John's first shot at being a head coach in the NFL.

"They selected the right guy," Fassel says. "He's been very successful with his guys and they have a lot of fun with him. I've been around the players and seen the way they relate with each other."

"He has a lot on his plate, but I know he's going to work hard. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet because he's been working since Sunday afternoon."

As for Fassel's advice to his son ... "I'm going to tell him to be himself. Don't do anything different. I know the players play hard for him. If he keeps doing the same thing, he'll do well."

Rams S.B. Champ Grant Wistrom It Was Time To Fire Jeff Fisher ... Change Needed To Happen

12/12/2016 3:58 PM PST

Rams Super Bowl champ Grant Wistrom ain't surprised the Rams fired Jeff Fisher ... 'cause it was time for the longtime head coach to go.

Wistrom -- who played for the Rams from '98-'03 -- says he's always respected Fisher as a coach, but knew the team needed to make a move given his 31-45-1 record and lack of success in L.A.

"It's a lot easier to change a coach than it is to change the players, and a change needed to be made, G.W. says, "obviously, they're not winning."

Wistrom also talks about Coach Fisher's public feud with Rams legend Eric Dickerson ... and whether that contributed to his firing.

Eric Dickerson I Don't Feel Sorry For Jeff Fisher ... He Made $40 MILLION

12/12/2016 1:12 PM PST

Now that Jeff Fisher has been fired, Eric Dickerson wants to give Rams fans a bit of advice -- don't feel bad for the guy, 'cuz he's still filthy rich!!

Dickerson talked about the firing on The Eric Dickerson Show on AM 570 L.A. Sports ... and it's clear he's not surprised about the change.

E.D. -- who vowed not to attend Rams games as long as Fisher was coach -- says he hates to see a man lose his job, but doesn't think he deserves any sympathy.

"You can't feel sorry for a guy who's making $40 million."

Jeff Fisher FIRED By L.A. Rams

12/12/2016 11:55 AM PST
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So much for that 2 year extension ... the 4-9 Rams have fired head coach Jeff Fisher, announcing the decision via the team's Twitter account moments ago.

The squad got embarrassed by the Falcons Sunday, losing 42-14 ... and owner/Chairman Stan Kroenke had enough, releasing a statement saying Fisher's time in LA LA land was over ... respectfully.

“He has worked tirelessly despite some challenging circumstances. He played an integral role in helping this team make history in returning the NFL to Los Angeles, and we always will be grateful for his commitment and dedication to our organization."

"This is the right time to make a change as our performance has not lived up to my or our fans' expectations. We all are focused on improving as an organization and building a team that makes Los Angeles proud. Our mission is to celebrate a Super Bowl title with our fans in Los Angeles. Today is the first step to bringing us closer to that goal.”

Fisher signed a contract extension before the start of the season, but there will be no Hollywood happy ending. FYI, his record as Rams head coach was 31-45-1.

Special teams coach John Fassel gets the joy of head coaching for the rest of the Rams' miserable homecoming season. 

Snoop Jeff Fisher's a Sorry Ass Loser ... FIRE HIS ASS!

11/29/2016 4:37 PM PST
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Snoop Dogg is pulling NO PUNCHES -- siding with Eric Dickerson in his war against the L.A. Rams ... and calling for the team to fire "sorry as f**k" head coach Jeff Fisher.

The rap legend just went off -- saying the Rams are disgraceful for allowing Fisher to unofficially ban E.D. from the sidelines while allowing celebrities like himself and Britney Spears to roam free. 

He called Dickerson a legend and says he deserves all access to the team -- FOREVER -- and should be allowed to criticize the organization because he's earned the right.

Stop reading, start watching ... it's much more entertaining when Snoop says it.

Eric Dickerson Blasts Jeff Fisher Don't Compare Me to Britney Spears!!!

11/29/2016 7:20 AM PST

Eric Dickerson says he will NEVER go to another Rams game as long as Jeff Fisher is the coach ... and part of it has to do with Britney Spears

The Rams legend finally revealed it was Fisher who called him up and told him the team doesn't want him on the sidelines at games ... over public criticisms Eric has made about the team.

So, what does Britney Spears have to do with it? 

Fisher apparently tried to tell E.D. he wanted more positivity from sideline VIPs -- like Eddie George and Britney Spears, who was on the sidelines at Rams practice earlier this month. 

Dickerson didn't like that ... at all. 

"I'm thinking in my mind, I don't give a DANG dang about Britney Spears," Dickerson said on the Jason Smith Show on Fox Sports Radio.

"Britney Spears don't know anything about football! She can't run a 47 gap."

"I like Britney Spears too, but I don't care about no Britney Spears! I don't wanna hear that crap!"

Rams management says the whole thing is a giant "misunderstanding."

No word on when Britney will make her return to the Rams sidelines. 

Ex-Rams CB Troy Hill Charged with 4 Misdemeanors ... In DUI Crash Arrest

11/28/2016 3:08 PM PST

Ex-L.A. Rams cornerback Troy Hill has been hit with 4 misdemeanor criminal charges stemming from his Nov. 19 DUI arrest ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... Hill was arrested around 8 AM on a Saturday morning after officials say he swerved over multiple lanes on an L.A. freeway and crashed into a semitruck.

We're told Hill has now been charged with 2 counts of DUI, 1 count of driving on a suspended license and 1 count of driving without a license.

Hill could face jail time if convicted -- but likely won't ... a plea bargain is almost certain. The usual punishment for someone in his shoes is driving privileges suspended, community service, mandatory alcohol education and fines. 

Hill has since been cut by the Rams -- despite the fact he was having a pretty good season. 

Eric Dickerson Rams Told Me I'm Not Wanted at Games ... Over Team Criticism

11/28/2016 1:21 PM PST
Breaking News

4:31PM PT -- Rams C.O.O. Kevin Demoff says Eric Dickerson is NOT banned from the sideline ... and is welcome at Rams games/practice. Demoff says he has reached out to E.D. in an effort to clear up any miscommunication.

Eric Dickerson says he's persona non grata on the L.A. Rams sidelines -- and it's all over criticisms the NFL great made about the team. 

The Hall of Famer went on his radio show on AM 570 LA Sports early Monday and said, "Someone with the Rams told me I'm not wanted on sidelines at games, that what I've said makes the players uncomfortable."

Dickerson did not reveal who made the call -- but sources connected to the situation say it was someone powerful.  

Dickerson said the Rams official told him his honesty was making players uncomfortable. 

We're told Dickerson is unhappy with the situation -- especially because he's not only been a supporter, but hosted the rookies at his home during training camp in his own "rookie symposium."

We reached out to the Rams -- so far, no word back.

Story developing ...

Lindsey Vonn I'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND ... And It Ain't Lewis Hamilton!

11/23/2016 12:13 PM PST

Lindsey Vonn is finally revealing her secret boyfriend -- and it ain't who you think it is. 

The guy is Kenan Smith -- he's an assistant wide receiver coach for the L.A. Rams ... who happened to be a stud receiver and track star himself at Sacramento State. 

No word on how long they've been official. 

It seemed Vonn had something going on with Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton -- since they spent a bunch of time together including a bowling date on her birthday last month. 

Turns out ... they're just friends.

As for Kenan, he hasn't posted a single shot of her on his Instagram -- but she posted a pic with him at a recent Rams game ... and went public with the relationship Wednesday ... calling Kenan an "amazing boyfriend."


11/22/2016 1:28 PM PST
Breaking News

L.A. Rams cornerback Troy Hill has just been waived by the team ... just days after he was arrested for DUI. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the 25-year-old -- who signed with the team in 2015 after going undrafted out of the University of Oregon -- was arrested on Saturday after crashing into a semi-truck around 8 AM. 

Hill was a pretty significant player on the Rams defense -- starting 4 games and was the 4th leading tackler on the team. 

Story developing ... 

L.A.Rams Stars Brave Drizzle For Goff's 1st Start

11/21/2016 6:32 AM PST

No LIGHT RAIN forecast was gonna keep the stars from the Rams game Sunday -- with celebs like Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, Ashton Kutcher and more braving the elements to watch Jared Goff's 1st start. 

In the end, the Rams couldn't overcome the Dolphins -- or the 0.55 inches of rain that pounded the city -- and lost 14-10. 

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