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L.A. Rams Rookies Crash 'Friends' Set ... Diversity Ensues!

6/20/2017 3:52 PM PDT

You're looking at the most black people ever on the set of "Friends" ... courtesy of the L.A. Rams!

The Rams' rookie class hit up the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA on Monday for a spectacular VIP tour of the backlot ... which included Central Perk.

Serious question ... these guys are in their early 20s. Do you think any of them have ever seen a full episode of "Friends"?

Doesn't matter ... the guys had a blast anyway visiting other iconic Warner Bros. movie stuff --- including Harry Potter's broom, the Batmobile and more!

WR's Cooper Kupp and Shakeir Ryan even went behind bars in the jail cell from "Suicide Squad."

Other must-dos ... visit the Hollywood sign, survive an earthquake, go to the Walk of Fame and leave disappointed and get stuck on the 405.

Welcome to L.A.!

Chargers Players To L.A. Fans CHOOSE US OVER RAMS NOW ... We Don't Want Bandwagon Love Later

3/16/2017 10:25 AM PDT

Chargers players Donavon Clark & Tyrell Williams are throwing down the gauntlet to L.A. football fans ... saying the time is now to choose their team, 'cause the bandwagon will be full at a later date.

We got the guys out at Pink's Hot Dogs in L.A. (football players gotta eat) and asked them how Tinseltown pigskin fans are supposed to make their decision between the Chargers and Rams.

It's a good question ... L.A. hasn't had a team in FOREVER, and now there's two, so the city could be thrust into an all-out football civil war.

Clark and Williams say no matter how you make your decision ... MAKE IT NOW ... 'cause they're planning on winning a lot of games and don't want fans who just root for the trendy team.

This is L.A. guys, trendy is our middle name.

Lindsey Vonn's Boyfriend Parts Ways with L.A. Rams

3/10/2017 6:30 AM PST
Breaking News

Lindsey Vonn's brief stint as an L.A. Rams fan might already be over -- because her boyfriend is no longer a member of the coaching staff ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Kenan Smith was an offensive assistant coach with the team for a couple years until late last season ... when he was promoted to tight end coach. 

But with head coach Jeff Fisher getting the ax ... it seems Smith did too.

No word on where he'll go next -- but don't worry, with a few years of NFL coaching experience under his belt, he should be fine. 

And until then, he's traveling the world with his smokin' hot Olympic legend girlfriend and learning how to ski ... so yeah, don't feel bad at all

You smile. I smile. We smile.

A post shared by Kenan Smith (@keno_s_) on

Jared Goff Runs NFL Combine Crash Course ... With NFL Hopefuls

2/13/2017 12:45 AM PST

Here's Rams QB Jared Goff giving back to the community, helping some NFL hopefuls (who will probably be millionaires one day) get ready for the NFL combine.

Goff headed to Oaks Christian School -- a high school in the L.A. area -- and tossed the pigskin around with some aspiring pros earlier this month including Florida State's Jesus "Bobo" Wilson and Quincy Adeboyejo from Ole Miss.

The guys were training as part of a program from Sports Academy L.A. and we're told when Goff heard about it, he decided to chip in and give them specific notes on the NFL combine process.

Also getting some #1 pick tutelage was Matt Corral ... a high school junior who's nationally ranked as one of the top 5 QB's in the 2018 class.

Pretty cool of Goff to do ... but judging by last season the whole Rams team should be out there with him.

Eric Dickerson to Zeke Elliott I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T BREAK MY RECORD ... I Hope You Never Do!

2/3/2017 6:17 AM PST

Brutal honesty from Eric Dickerson to Ezekiel Elliott Thursday night -- with the Hall of Famer telling the Cowboys star he's GLAD he didn't break one of his rushing records and he hopes he NEVER does!

The two superstars came face-to-face at the Madden Party in Houston -- when we brought up the fact that Zeke came just 178 yards shy of breaking E.D.'s single season rookie rushing record.

Dickerson LOVED IT ... and said bluntly, "No one wants their records broken!"

Zeke told the legend he's coming for his 2,105 all-time single season record ... Dickerson's rooting against that too!!

Gotta love it.

Melvin Gordon On L.A. Rivalry w/ Todd Gurley 'We'll Let the Work Do the Talk'

2/2/2017 8:07 AM PST

Only ONE running back can be the true king of L.A. ... and Chargers' Melvin Gordon says he's ready to do battle with Rams star Todd Gurley

The L.A. Chargers running back says he's got nothing but respect for Gurley -- but it's clear in the clip, he wants to be known as #1. 

Gurley made the Pro Bowl last year. Gordon made the Pro Bowl this year. 

So, who's got the advantage? 

"We'll figure it out next year," Gordon says ... "Ain't no more talkin'. We'll let the work do the talk."

By the way, Gordon is awesome in this clip -- he claps back at Jack Youngblood (who said the Chargers don't belong in L.A.) and even gives his friend, Jay Ajayi, a cameo.

Rams' Jack Youngblood Chargers Don't Belong In L.A. ... It's OUR Town

2/1/2017 3:25 PM PST

L.A. Rams legend Jack Youngblood has a message for the other NFL team in town -- GIT!!! 

The Hall of Famer just touched down in Houston when we asked about business back on the West Coast -- specifically if L.A. is big enough for both the Rams and the Chargers.

The answer -- HELL NO.

"That's OUR town. That's the Rams' town."

Eric Dickerson New L.A. Rams Coach Called Me ... I'll Be on Sidelines

1/31/2017 12:30 PM PST

He may be young, but new L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay is no dummy ... and ALREADY called Eric Dickerson to let him know he's more than welcome on the sidelines. 

Dickerson just landed in Houston for the Super Bowl (he's pickin' ATL) when we asked how he felt about his team signing 31-year-old McVay -- the youngest head coach in NFL history. 

Turns out, E.D.'s a big fan -- "He called me when he got the job ... we spoke and he seemed like a nice guy."

Of course, Dickerson clashed with the last Rams coach, Jeff Fisher -- with the NFL legend saying Fisher told him he wasn't welcome on the sidelines because he was critical of the team.

Fisher got fired. Dickerson says his issues with Fisher are in the past ... no bad blood.

But, it's clear Eric's pumped about the future.

Chargers' Jason Verrett Disses Rams We're the Better Team, Period.

1/19/2017 9:04 AM PST

The battle for L.A. has begun ... and Chargers Pro Bowl safety Jason Verrett just fired one of the first shots! 

Verrett was leaving the Chargers media event in L.A. on Wednesday when we asked which team the locals would embrace more ... the L.A. Chargers or the L.A. Rams?

"Chargers," Verrett said ... "because we're a better team."

He's technically right ... the Chargers won 5 games last year. The Rams won 4.

Kurt Warner Backs Up New Rams Coach 'You're Never Too Young To Earn Respect'

1/14/2017 12:45 AM PST

New L.A. Rams coach Sean McVay just got a HUGE endorsement from Kurt Warner -- who says McVay's age -- he's only 30 -- won't change how the guys in the locker room respect him.

Warner is no doubt the best QB in Rams franchise history, so when we got him at LAX we wanted to know what he thought about the organization bringing in the youngest head coach in NFL history.

A lot of people have said McVay's age will be an issue ... the thinking being there's no way a locker room full of NFL vets can take a coach seriously who's the same age as Drake.

Kurt, who's also a finalist for the Hall Of Fame this year ... doesn't agree with that at all and tells our camera guy authority and respect trump youth every time.

Here's hoping McVay does a great job ... he might get grounded if he doesn't.

Todd Gurley Ready To Throw Hands With Fan ... After Twitter Threat

12/16/2016 6:25 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's a bit of advice ... if you come at Todd Gurley threatening to fight, you better be ready to scrap, 'cause the Rams star fired back at a frustrated fan saying he's ready whenever and wherever.

It's no secret ... Gurley hasn't had as productive of a season as fantasy owners would've hoped (he hasn't had a 100-yard rushing game all season).

So when one fan decided to go after Gurley on Twitter Thursday night saying, "if I ever see you in public we're fist fighting over your fantasy football performance this year" ... T.G. barked right back:

"Pull up then."

It's been a tough season for Gurley ... and the Rams lost to the Seahawks 24-3 on Thursday Night Football, so it seems like he's reaching his boiling point.

Hang in there, Todd.

Eric Dickerson Me Back On The Rams Sidelines? Not So Fast!!

12/13/2016 7:08 AM PST

NFL legend Eric Dickerson has a message for anyone thinking he's gonna rush back to the sidelines of Rams games now that Jeff Fisher is out as coach ... not so fast, homie.

It wasn't too long ago that Fisher called Dickerson up personally and banned him from hanging with the team at games ... apparently miffed that ED was being publicly critical about the team's play.

Eric was none too pleased about the decision, and he wasn't only one ... with a lot of people -- including Snoop Dogg -- asking how the franchise could treat one its greats like that.

We got ED out in the OC and wanted to know if he'd be rushing (get it) back to the games now that Fisher is gone ... and he let us know ... he might be busy those days.

This Ain't Over.

Jim Fassel Excited For Son's Opportunity 'I Feel Bad For Fisher'

12/13/2016 6:16 AM PST

Jim Fassel says the Rams made the right choice in selecting his son, John, to take over as interim head coach after Jeff Fisher was fired ... telling TMZ Sports, "he's going to do a great job."

Jim -- who took the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000 -- says he was sad to see his "lifelong friend" Fisher lose his job, but excited for John's first shot at being a head coach in the NFL.

"They selected the right guy," Fassel says. "He's been very successful with his guys and they have a lot of fun with him. I've been around the players and seen the way they relate with each other."

"He has a lot on his plate, but I know he's going to work hard. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet because he's been working since Sunday afternoon."

As for Fassel's advice to his son ... "I'm going to tell him to be himself. Don't do anything different. I know the players play hard for him. If he keeps doing the same thing, he'll do well."

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