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Latavius Murray: I Won't Wear #28 On Vikings ... Too Much Respect for AP

3/16/2017 8:18 AM PDT
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Latavius Murray -- who just signed with the Vikings -- says he will NOT continue to wear #28 on his new team ... because he doesn't want to disrespect Adrian Peterson

The former Oakland Raiders running back has been rocking #28 on previous teams for years ... saying he was initially inspired by Jags RB Fred Taylor

But now that he's rockin' the purple, he's changing things up. Here's his explanation: 

"There wasn't a thought in my mind to try and wear or ask for the #28. I have too much respect for AP and so much respect for what he's done and what he means to this organization."

"Many people don't know, but I wore the #28 as a kid because of Fred Taylor who played for the Jaguars at the time. When AP came onto the scene and Fred retired, he was my reason for keeping #28."

"I want to say to Vikings fans: I'm not here to replace #28, he's irreplaceable. I'm not here to be #28, there's no one like him. I ask that you accept me for the player I am and know that I'm here to give you all I got and to win."

As for Peterson, he has yet to sign with a new team. Oakland's got an opening though ...  

Fetty Wap Hey Mike Zimmer ... I'll Be Your One-Eyed Mentor!

12/22/2016 6:10 AM PST

With Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer gearing up for his 5th surgery on his right eye ... Fetty Wap is offering the guy some ocular advice about how to get through life with one less peeper. 

Of course, Fetty ain't shy about only having one eyeball -- he lost the other to congenital glaucoma as a young boy -- and with a detached retina threatening Zimmer's right eye, Wap wants to help out. 

"Tell him to come holla at me. I'll show him how to get right with one eye!"

By the way, Fetty says his eye issues haven't held him back at all -- telling TMZ Sports he can still play football ... as long as he's on the left side of the field! 

Nick Swardson Advice For Adrian Peterson ... Shut It Down, Bro

12/21/2016 10:45 AM PST

Minnesota Vikings super fan Nick Swardson is giving some free advice to Adrian Peterson ... shut it down ... take it easy ... as in DON'T PLAY AGAIN THIS SEASON, DUDE.

We got Swardson out at The Grove and asked him about all things Vikings and he hit our camera guy with two things ...

1. The Vikings have no earthly chance of making the playoffs.

2. Adrian Peterson needs to ditch his comeback plans this year ... and take a load off while chilling in Hawaii.

Check it out ... Nick also tells us why he REALLY wanted the Vikes to draft Johnny Manziel ... and it's a really solid reason.

Minnesota Vikings' Anthony Barr Secret To Our Dominant Defense? We're Gettin' Help From PRINCE!!

10/17/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Vikings star Anthony Barr says Minnesota's M.V.P. may NOT be on the field ... it might be the big guy above ... ya know, Prince!!

TMZ Sports ran into Barr last week at LAX ... and had to ask him whether he thought the undefeated Vikings were getting outside help from the late pop icon and Minnesota native.

Barr -- who says the Vikings dominant defense could go down in history as the best of all-time -- gives a great answer.

The Vikings didn't play this weekend ... so A.B. also breaks down his plans for his mini vacay in L.A.

Check out the clip!

NFL's Kyle Rudolph Wife Gives Birth ... TWINS!!!

10/5/2016 6:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

Kyle Rudolph's stellar season just got even better -- his wife just gave birth to twins!!! 

Jordan Rudolph delivered Andersyn and Finley late Tueday night -- and the Minnesota Vikings tight end is pumped!! 

In fact, he was right there by her side for the whole delivery -- which is awesome considering it's the middle of the NFL season ... and Kyle's job has serious travel demands. 

But everything worked out -- Rudolph says the kids are "happy and healthy."

"Thank you to everyone including family, friends, teammates, coaches and Vikings fans for all your support and well wishes!"


Adrian Peterson Dr. Oz Breaks Down Injury He'll Be Out This Long...

9/22/2016 9:40 AM PDT

Dr. Oz has a message for Adrian Peterson ... even though you might be able to come back this season, it's not necessarily the best idea for your long-term health.

Ya gotta check out this clip ... Dr. Oz breaks down Adrian Peterson's torn meniscus knee injury ... demonstrating how it got hurt, and most importantly, how doctors will fix it.

It's good news, bad news for A.P. and the Vikes ... 'cause Oz says although he might be ready to ball in 3 months, if the team wants a healthy Peterson down the road ... sitting out the season makes sense.

Just a heads-up, this video may make your knees hurt.

Vikings Ronnie Hillman 'Not Replacing Adrian Peterson' ... 'I'm Gonna Be Me'

9/21/2016 10:48 AM PDT

Ronnie Hillman's NOT going to the Vikings to fill the shoes of future HOFer Adrian Peterson ... he's goin' to help them win a Super Bowl, the newly signed RB tells TMZ Sports.

We talked to Hillman -- who was signed in the wake of reports that Peterson needs surgery and could miss the rest of the season -- about stepping in for one of the greatest backs of all-time.

"I'm not here to replace anyone. I'm just here to be me," Hillman told us. "I'm excited. It's a fresh start for me. I'm here to do whatever they ask me to do. Run, catch. Whatever I can."

Hillman -- who hasn't played a down of football this season -- says he's not thinking about whether he'll strap 'em up this week in Carolina ... 'cause his full concentration's on mastering the Vikings playbook.

As for joining a squad with Super Bowl aspirations ... R.H. says that was one of the main things that attracted him to the Vikes.

"It's always good to play on a team that wants to win the Super Bowl. Everyone works hard."

Vikings Star Kyle Rudolph We're Not Screwed ... Thanks To Sam Bradford

9/7/2016 9:35 AM PDT

Great news, Vikings fans, the season ain't totally doomed with Teddy Bridgewater on the shelf, 'cause new QB Sam Bradford's already lightin' it up.

TMZ Sports spoke to Pro Bowl TE Kyle Rudolph, who says only a few practices in, it's already clear, "why [Bradford's] a former Heisman trophy winner and a first overall pick."

So, what's been S.B.'s biggest issue in Minnesota? Learning a fat NFL playbook in such a short time.

"It's a steep learning curve when you come into a new offense and you have a new playbook, so his head was spinning a little early. Each and everyday, things have slowed down for him."

Check out the clip!

If you're more Fighting Irish than Viking ... Kyle's part of a dope package that includes ND football tix, a private jet, his old off-campus pad!

Joe Theismann Teddy Bridgewater Will Be Back Trust Me, I Know Leg Injuries

8/31/2016 1:00 PM PDT

Teddy Bridgewater WILL BE BACK under center in an NFL game ... so says former star QB Joe Theismann -- who sustained possibly the most gruesome sports injury of all time.

TMZ Sports spoke to the former Redskins signal caller -- who had his career ended after Lawrence Taylor snapped his leg back in '85 -- about Bridgewater's prospects of returning to the league after dislocating his knee and tearing his ACL at practice Tuesday.

Good news, Vikings fans ... Theismann says he fully expects T.B. will be the starting QB for Minnesota next season. But the question is, does Joe think Teddy will ever be the same player?

Check out the video.

Adrian Peterson I'm Gunning for Rushing Record ... 'That's My Goal'

6/28/2016 6:24 AM PDT

Adrian Peterson says he ain't ready to retire anytime soon -- telling TMZ Sports he's got his sights set on breaking the rushing record in 2016.  

The Minnesota Vikings running back was leaving The Argyle with a buddy when we asked about a recent interview in which 31-year-old AP discussed how much longer he'd like to play in the NFL. 

When our guy asked if there was a chance he'd hang it up before the season starts, Peterson quickly shut him down -- and told us he expects nothing short of another spectacular season. 

Moral of the story -- get Peterson on your fantasy team ... even if it's a keeper league. 

Vikings Rookie Pranked 60k Packs Of Fruit Snacks In SUV ... Chew On That!

6/16/2016 6:54 AM PDT

Minnesota Vikings WR Laquon Treadwell learned the hard way ... DO NOT let your teammates know it's your birthday when you're a rookie ... or get 60,000 packs of fruit snacks in your SUV.

Treadwell -- a 1st round draft pick this year -- turned 21 this week. LT's teammates gave him a lot of very small, fruity birthday gifts ... and they even loaded them into his SUV.

FYI -- that's around $10,000 worth of fruit snacks.

This what happens when your rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.. @vikings

A video posted by Laquon Treadwell (@successfulquon) on

The good news ... it coulda been A LOT worse -- just ask ex-NBA star Kenyon Martin. 

Back in 2010, someone pulled an April Fools prank on Martin -- filling up his Range Rover with BUTTERED POPCORN ... and dude was pissed!!!

We got the audio -- in which you can hear Martin threatening to bring the wrath to whoever pulled the prank 'cause the butter ruined his expensive interior ... angry, angry stuff. 

So yeah ... Treadwell got off easy! 

Blair Walsh's GF DEFENDS KICKER 'He Scored Every Point'

1/11/2016 7:07 AM PST

Before you blame Blair Walsh for blowing the Vikings' season -- his girlfriend has a reminder for you ... THEY WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN BEEN IN A POSITION TO WIN WITHOUT HIM!!! 

Walsh's GF, Sarah Chaffee -- a TV news reporter in Alabama -- went to Twitter after the heartbreaking playoff loss to the Seahawks yesterday and defended her man. 

"Vikings were not in a position to win the game w/out @BlairWalsh3 keep in mind he scored evry pt today. also handled himself like class act."

FYI -- Walsh hit 3 field goals earlier in the game ... but isn't that what kickers are supposed to do? 

Nick Swardson I Love the Vikings ... But AP's Gotta Go!

5/19/2015 9:31 AM PDT

Nick Swardson is a massive Minnesota Vikings fan ... HUUGE ... but the actor tells TMZ Sports his team needs to drop Adrian Peterson, ASAP ... saying he just can't root for a convicted child abuser. 

Swardon's love for the Vikes is well known -- remember, we shot him going berserk in a bar when they passed on Johnny Manziel last year -- so, when we saw him out in NYC today, we had to ask about AP. 

"Get rid of him." 

You gotta watch the clip, Swardson says that while AP is a beast on the field, he just can't get past the brutal images of Peterson's abused 4-year-old son. 

"I'm a diehard Vikings fan but I'm also a fan of children."

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