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Reggie Jackson I Love Aaron Judge ... But Half A Season Doesn't Make Him Great

7/25/2017 4:18 PM PDT

Aaron Judge is killin' it, but don't go retiring his number just yet ... so says Yankees legend Reggie Jackson, who told us the rookie phenom still has a lot more to prove.

Mr. October was RAVING about Judge when we ran into him at LAX --  saying he's showing serious signs that he could be one of the best to ever do it -- but notes, "One half season doesn't make a great player."

It's been a helluva 1/2 season -- already racking up 32 HRs (tied for the MLB lead).

But Reggie warns it doesn't get easier -- Judge is gonna have to make some key adjustments if he wants to be one of the greats.

BONUS -- Reggie also talks sex at the end of the clip ... by accident.

Still funny, though.

Cubs' Kris Bryant Glove's On Fire ... From Flaming Baseballs!

7/24/2017 12:00 PM PDT
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If you were expecting to sign a $300 MILLION contract, would you let someone hit flaming baseballs at you????

Kris Bryant did. And it's pretty incredible.

The Chicago Cubs superstar took the field in Tempe, AZ for a "hot corner"-themed Red Bull shoot ... where he fielded scorching baseballs that were lit up with gasoline and a blowtorch.

But fear not, Cubs Nation -- Bryant rocked flameproof gear and had the Tempe Fire Dept. on standby just in case.

Kris made it out just fine. The glove ... not so much.

Cody Bellinger Boats & Brews For Birthday ... With Dodgers Teammates

7/14/2017 10:29 AM PDT
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How does one of the biggest young superstars in baseball celebrate his birthday?? Boat party turnup in Miami with his teammates, of course!!

Cody Bellinger and his fellow Dodgers friends hit the deck for his 22nd birthday Thursday ... taking advantage of their extra time in South Beach following the All-Star break to down some brews on the water.

Justin Turner appeared to throw the shindig for Belly ... with Alex Wood, Corey Seager and all their significant others joining in on the fun.

The highlight of the party -- the baseball bros actually had Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" song playing in the background as Bellinger blew out his birthday candles.

"... Girl, you know I-I-I!!!!!"

Miguel Cabrera My Family's In Grave Danger In Venezuela

7/11/2017 1:58 PM PDT
Breaking News

MLB superstar Miguel Cabrera says his family has been targeted in Venezuela -- and he's been forced to pay protection bribes to keep them safe. 

It's unclear exactly why Cabrera believes his family is in danger -- possibly because he's worth a fortune. Cabrera signed a $248 MILLION contract extension in 2014. 

In a series of videos posted to social media, Cabrera says Venezuela can be a very dangerous place if you cross the wrong people ... and he's frustrated. 

Cabrera says he's a proud Venezuelan -- but the constant fear that someone will kidnap a family member is weighing on him. He admits to paying "vacunas" -- or protection money -- but doesn't say how much he's paid or to whom the money has gone. 

Cabrera says he's suspicious of everyone from police officers to street thugs -- and doesn't know where the real danger lurks. 

Cabrera does seem to voice support for the opposition to the current government -- but you can tell he's being careful with his words to not piss anyone off too much. 

Mike Francesa There's a Damn Good Reason I Fell Asleep On-Air

7/9/2017 12:35 AM PDT

Everyone's seen the clips ... and the memes of the time sports talk radio legend Mike Francesa fell asleep on the air. 

Now, Mike is explaining how the hell it happened ... and it's actually a pretty solid excuse. 

We got Francesa out at a falafel truck in NYC when he told us the backstory of that one fateful moment with Yankees reporter Sweeny Murti back in 2012.

Mike also weighed in on his beloved NY Yankees -- and told us why it would be a huge mistake to sleep on Aaron Judge.

Miguel Tejada FL Home Burglarized ... Suspect Arrested

6/26/2017 8:20 AM PDT

Bad news, good news for ex-MLB superstar Miguel Tejada ...

Bad News -- someone broke into Tejada's Ft. Lauderdale home and jacked thousands of dollars worth of expensive belongings.

Good News -- Cops have arrested the suspect and Tejada should get his stuff back. 

Here's what we know ... Tejada had been spending a TON of time in the Dominican Republic, as he's relocating his family. 

Officials says a 60-year-old man who was house-sitting next door noticed that no one was checking in on Tejada's home and saw an opportunity to jack all the fancy stuff that was still inside. 

Michael Jones, attorney for the Tejadas, says officials believe the suspect, Mark Parker, systematically took more than $10,000 in belongings over a period of 3 months.

Sources connected to Tejada tell us the number could be as high as $500,000. They're still tallying up the missing items.

Sources connected to the situation tell us the loot allegedly includes expensive designer shoes, signed jerseys, MLB trophies, musical instruments, patio furniture and more.

Cops tracked down Parker and arrested him for burglary and grand theft. He's since been released from custody.

We're told Tejada and his wife are PISSED and want the suspect prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

MLB's Brian Wilson: The Beard Is Dead ... Probably

6/26/2017 12:25 AM PDT

R.I.P. Brian Wilson's luscious, strong, beautiful beard ... 'cause the MLB pitcher says his face-warmer is officially gone forever.


The ex-SF Giants/Dodgers fireballer was lookin' all jacked in L.A. this week -- sippin' on a blender full of  a healthy-lookin' drink -- when we noticed his face was much more bare than we were used to. 

FYI, Wilson's reportedly attempting an MLB comeback as a knuckleballer. 

And by the look of his stubble, the beard is also trying to make a comeback. 

Fingers crossed for both.

Cody Bellinger Could Win MVP As a Rookie ... Says Ex-World Series Champ

6/21/2017 11:26 AM PDT

Forget Rookie of the Year -- Cody Bellinger already has MVP chops ... so says L.A. Dodgers analyst/former Dodger Jerry Hairston.

"He is a legit MVP candidate," Hairston told TMZ Sports before Tuesday night's game at Dodger Stadium ... a 12-0 L.A. blowout that saw Bellinger slug home run #22 (his 10th in 10 games!).

Hairston knows what he's talking about -- he played in the bigs from '98 to '13 and won a World Series with the Yankees in 2009.

As for Bellinger ... he's on the most torrid HR pace for a rookie EVER ... pretty insane considering the kid started the season in the minors.

Hairston -- a third-gen MLBer -- told us he's "never seen a start to a career like this."

Even Cody's dad, a three-time World Series champ, can't believe what he's seeing.

MLB's Addison Russell Wife Filing For Divorce ... Won't Talk To MLB Investigators

6/21/2017 11:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Chicago Cubs star Addison Russell's wife is filing for divorce ... just 2 weeks after the MLB opened a domestic violence investigation against the All-Star infielder.

Melisa Russell had addressed the split on Instagram earlier this month ... hinting infidelity was the problem. Melisa's friend later commented on the post, claiming Russell had "mentally and physically" abused his wife. The league took notice and launched an investigation.

Melisa's lawyers released a statement saying she will not speak with investigators about the claims ... and hopes to find a resolution in the best interest of their 1-year-old son.

Russell adamantly denies the accusations, calling them "false and hurtful" ... and has not been officially punished by the Cubs or MLB.

Cody Bellinger's Dad Damn Right I'm Proud!

6/17/2017 12:15 AM PDT

Cody Bellinger is having such an insane rookie year with the Dodgers, his own father can barely believe the numbers ... but tells TMZ Sports, "It's really fun to watch."

We spoke with ex-MLB player Clay Bellinger -- who won 3 World Series during his pro baseball run -- and he tells us he's incredibly proud of his boy. 

FYI, Cody has already blasted 18 home runs -- more than anyone else in the league since he was called up on April 25th. He's currently tied for 5th overall in HRs. 

Ya gotta hear Clay gush about Cody's meteoric rise. It's awesome. Plus, Clay reveals the Dodgers legend who's really gone out of his way to help the kid. 

NY Yankees Aaron Judge Rocks 'Sandlot' Inspired Shirt ... Sales Skyrocket

6/13/2017 4:51 PM PDT


Actually, NY Yankees star Aaron Judge is murdering sales records for a shirt company -- after he rocked a 'Sandlot' inspired button-up ... and they started flying off the shelves. 

After the Yanks beat the Orioles on Saturday, Judge sported "The Great Hambino" shirt to address the media in the locker room ... and people went crazy for  his outfit. 

In fact, we spoke with the owner of the clothing company, RSVLTS, who tells us Sunday was the company's best sales day ever -- they sold more than TWICE as many shirts  as usual (and usual is 100s of units). 

Long story short ... Judge is just as hot in the fashion world as he is at the plate. 

New York Yankees' Aaron Judge Hits Record Long Home Run ... At 496 Feet, Gooooodbye!

6/11/2017 1:23 PM PDT

The New York Yankees are lucky to have Aaron Judge on their squad, 'cause he hits 490-plus-foot home runs ... like this. 

The Yankee Outfielder and bonafied slugger hit a BOMB Sunday against Orioles pitcher Logan Verrett in the bottom of the 6th inning at Yankee Stadium ... taking the righty deep at a whopping 496 feet. 

It's apparently the longest HR ESPN has recorded since 2009, and certainly the longest in the MLB this year. He's got 21 home runs for the 2017 season so far.

Judge is having a helluva week. He knocked out the hardest hit home run of the season earlier this week at 121 mph. See ya!

Cubs Star Addison Russell Denies Domestic Violence Claims

6/8/2017 2:10 PM PDT
Breaking News

Chicago Cubs star Addison Russell is strongly denying accusations of domestic violence against his wife ... calling the claims "false and hurtful" in a statement Thursday.

Melisa -- Russell's wife of 1 year -- posted a pic on Instagram Wednesday hinting the couple had split due to infidelity. Melisa's close friend went one step further, commenting Russell had "mentally and physically" abused his wife ... sparking an MLB investigation, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

But Russell is adamant he's done nothing wrong, saying “Any allegation I have abused my wife is false and hurtful. For the well-being of my family, I’ll have no no further comment.”

The Cubs have also addressed the allegations, saying they are following the league's protocol and will fully cooperate as they gather all the facts. Russell will be benched for Thursday's game against the Rockies to "allow him to work through this matter."

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