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Jon Jones The Sport Caught Up to Ronda ... But She Should NOT Retire

1/6/2017 11:58 AM PST

Jon Jones says Ronda Rousey isn't some washed-up bum just because she lost ... she's still a beast and should STRONGLY consider fighting again.

We spoke with the UFC superstar moments ago who says it's easy to pinpoint where Ronda went wrong -- Holly Holm laid out the blueprint to beat her and she needs to evolve as a fighter.

As for her future, Jon says it's important for Ronda's legacy that she get back in the Octagon and do what she does best ... because she can still win.

Jon thinks she can still beat 90% of the division ... but when we asked if she could take Amanda Nunes, his reaction kinda says it all.

UFC Ref Herb Dean Fires Back At Michael Rapaport ... Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job

1/5/2017 12:45 AM PST

Michael Rapaport just got counted out by UFC ref Herb Dean ... who says the actor should stay in his lane when talking MMA ... and not tell the veteran ref how to do a job Rapaport knows nothing about.

Rapaport went hard on Dean about how he handled the Rousey/Nunes ass kicking ... saying on FS1's "Undisputed" that Dean was too quick to stop the fight because of Ronda's "white girl privilege."

Translation -- Dean stopped the fight early to protect the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Rousey ... something he wouldn't have done for Nunes or any other non-white female fighter.

But Dean says that's a bunch of crap -- telling our guy MR doesn't have a CLUE what goes on in the Octagon and should keep his trap shut.

BTW, Dean was training at Fight Academy of Pasadena with former MMA star Savant "Black Superman" Young ... who gave us an exclusive demo of how Ronda could've avoided that ass kicking.

Amanda Nunes Blasts Ronda Rousey She's Always Been Overrated

1/4/2017 3:57 PM PST

Amanda Nunes can't understand why so many people LOST to Ronda Rousey -- telling TMZ Sports the UFC star is incredibly overrated and the fight was WAY EASIER than she thought it was gonna be. 

Nunes joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) -- and said she's always thought Ronda was overhyped -- "I knew I could beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight."

In fact, Nunes says she trained way harder to fight Miesha Tate ... who she also demolished. 

There's A LOT more in the full interview which airs Wednesday on FS1. 


Ronda Rousey Boyfriend Surfaces ... Ronda Still M.I.A.

1/4/2017 2:24 PM PST

0104_Travis-Browne_pcnRonda Rousey is still off the grid following her crushing loss at UFC 207 ... but her MMA star boyfriend has finally emerged.

Travis Browne was spotted out at an L.A. park --- looking pretty relaxed while sitting on a park bench. 

Seems he's finally cooled off ... because 1 day after Rousey lost, Browne attacked MMA fighter Michael "Venom" Page on Twitter for mocking Ronda after her loss.

Page had posted a video for a dance he made up called the "Rousey" -- in which he pretends to get punched in the face.

Travis didn't like it and challenged him to a fight. 

Page didn't respond -- but Amanda Nunes did. She thought it was "funny."


Still no word on Ronda's whereabouts ... but she said in a statement she's mulling over her future.

Ronda Rousey Needs To Cut Bad People Out Of Her Life ... Says Ex-Training Partner

1/4/2017 12:24 PM PST

Ronda Rousey's former training partner, Kayla Harrison -- who's still friends with the UFC superstar -- says Ronda is surrounded by some people who don't have her best interests at heart ... and she needs to ditch them ASAP.

FYI, Kayla is a 2-time Olympic gold medalist in judo -- and trained with Ronda on a daily basis for years. They're still friends and spoke on the phone just a few weeks ago.

Harrison says Ronda seemed to be in a great mental space before the fight and "expected her to come back with a vengeance."

But the one thing that concerns Kayla ... she believes there are people who have latched on to the UFC star "that maybe don't have Ronda's best interest at heart."

She didn't call anyone out by name -- but wants to remind Ronda that she still has TRUE FRIENDS and family members out there who care about her ... and those are the people she should surround herself with.

By the way, Harrison also tells TMZ Sports she's one step closer to fighting MMA ... and got the itch while announcing at the World Series of Fighting this past weekend.

Ronda Rousey's Coach Breaks Silence on Ronda ... And His Haters

1/4/2017 12:15 AM PST

Ronda Rousey's coach is trying his best to stay positive in the wake of her crushing defeat at UFC 207 ... and tells TMZ Sports he's tuning out the hate.

We spoke to Edmond Tarverdyan on his way out of Glendale Fighting Club on Tuesday ... and asked how he felt about people, including Ronda's mom, blaming him for the Amanda Nunes slaughter.

"It doesn't matter what people say," Edmond told us while flashing the peace sign.

As for Ronda's future, Edmond says everything is still "all good" ... and no decision has been made on whether she'll fight again.

Ronda has gone off the grid since the loss ... but said in a statement she was taking time to "reflect and think about the future."

MMA Star Phil Davis Cody Garbrandt Is DEAD MEAT ... Dominick Cruz Will Thrash Him

12/30/2016 12:45 AM PST

Warning to Cody Garbrandt ... YOU HAVE AN ASS KICKING COMING ... at least that's what MMA star Phil Davis thinks ... telling TMZ Sports his training partner, Dominick Cruz, is gonna slap Cody around.

Garbrandt and Cruz are set to face off at UFC 207 ... and the two men have been throwing verbal darts at each other since the bout was announced ... calling each other every name in the book.

We got Davis out at LAX, and the Bellator star delivers bad news to Team Garbrandt ... saying Cody has a ZERO PERCENT chance to beat Cruz, who he says has been DOMINATING during training.

This fight is gonna be good.

Ronda Rousey Pre-Fight Face-Off with Amanda Nunes

12/29/2016 2:40 PM PST

Ronda Rousey just faced off with Amanda Nunes at the UFC 207 weigh-ins ... and it was INTENSE! 

Nunes -- nicknamed "The Lioness" -- showed up in lion mask and looked VERY easy going about the whole fight. 

Ronda flashed a smile for a quick second before returning to angry mode. 

But the big story was the confrontation between Cody Garbrandt and Dominick Cruz -- when they yelled and pushed at each other during the showdown. 

These guys have been going at it for MONTHS ... and now they're just 24 hours away from settling their score. 

UFC's Louis Smolka Damn Right I'll Fight Ray Borg ... Even If He's Overweight

12/29/2016 1:24 PM PST

UFC stud Louis Smolka says he ain't backing out of his UFC 207 fight with Ray Borg ... even though his opponent is more than 3 POUNDS overweight.

It's a big deal ... especially between two flyweight fighters (125 pounders) ... but Smolka says he's a fighter and fighters fight. 

The silver lining for Smolka ... he says he finally gets to be the good guy for a change. 

There's more ... we also asked how he felt about Johny Hendricks ALSO not making weight for 207 ... and he dropped some real talk -- saying the guy needs to put down the damn fork already. 

Ronda Rousey Stone-Faced & Silent At UFC 207 Weigh-In

12/29/2016 9:14 AM PST
Breaking News

1229_ronda_rousey_weigh_in_Damon-MartinRonda Rousey looks READY TO GO ... showing off her ripped physique at the official UFC 207 weigh-in Thursday morning ... where she hit the media with the silent treatment. 

Ronda didn't say a single word as she hit the scale before her championship fight with Amanda Nunes ... and weighed in a perfect 135 pounds. 

She looks ripped. She looks strong. She looks ready. 

[H/T Damon Martin for the pic] 

Cody Garbrandt I Survived Bar Fight Stabbing ... Before UFC Career

12/28/2016 3:49 PM PST
Breaking News

UFC rising star Cody "No Love" Garbrandt says he's lucky to be alive after being stabbed in a crazy bar fight before his UFC career ... saying he was forced to fight after a guy pulled a knife on him. 

Garbrandt was telling why he's tough enough to face Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 on Friday -- and recalled the bar fight he was wrangled into in a back country bar in Ohio a few years ago. 

You gotta hear Cody tell the story ... it's crazy. 

Ronda Rousey Screw the Money ... I Only Care About Winning

12/28/2016 11:30 AM PST

Ronda Rousey says she's laser-focused on crushing Amanda Nunes on Friday at UFC 207 ... and doesn't care about ANYTHING else ... the money, the media or her image. 

We got video from the UFC of Ronda talking about her mindset going into the fight -- and she spells the whole thing out. 

"I don't care about how this pay-per-view does. I don't care about how much money I make. I don't care about interviews and I don't care how I look," Ronda said. 

"All I care about is winning my belt back on Friday night and that's it."

This should be good ... 

Nick Diaz I'M FINALLY THE FACE OF WEED ... Smoke Me, Bro!

12/27/2016 7:39 AM PST
Breaking News

Wanna get high out of Nick Diaz's face? 

Well, now you can because the UFC legend is now a marijuana pipe ... and he's stoked! 

Nick hit up a head shop in Stockton, CA on Monday and found that artsy toner pipe designers had used his face -- and his brother Nate Diaz's face -- as the inspiration for some new glass. 

He also found "Diaz Brothers" rolling papers. 

Diaz was so excited he busted out his vaporizer and hit it right there in the shop. 

Nick had previously said he considers himself the #1 stoner athlete in the world -- so, this is kind of like an honor. 


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