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Rosie O'Donnell Assemblyman Brother MMA Is Gay Porn With Different Ending

3/22/2016 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell's brother, New York State Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell, just took the floor of the assembly and claimed mixed martial arts is like gay porn, but without a climax.

O'Donnell opposes a bill that would legalize MMA in New York. He believes the sport is thinly-veiled erotica, telling his colleagues, "Two half-naked hot men rolling around in a cage trying to dominate each other. It's basically gay porn, only with a different ending."

He went on to say his famous sister was for lifting the MMA ban in New York, but he feared it would trigger a rise in violence and gambling among young people, adding he was going home "to take a long shower" after discussing the prospect of legalizing MMA.

The assemblyman, who is gay, went on to call MMA "an alleged sport."

Matthew Titone, another openly gay Assemblyman, cracked a different gay joke during the hearing.

Dada 5000 'On Feet & Moving Around' ... Says Fighter's Rep

2/22/2016 1:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0222_dada_5000_facebokMMA fighter Dada 5000 is doing MUCH better after a frightening health scare following his fight with Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 this past weekend ... so says Dada's rep.

We spoke with Mike Vazquez -- who says he was with Dada in the hospital following the fight -- and he tells us, "Dada is recovering well. On his feet and moving around. Back to his usual self."

"He should be out [of the hospital] by the end of the week and can personally address [then]."

Dada's family had issued a statement following the fight -- explaining that he had "accumulated extremely high levels of potassium in his blood which led to severe dehydration, fatigue and renal failure."

Kurt Angle Considering MMA Fight Name Drops Kimbo Slice

1/27/2016 7:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0127-angle-slice-tmz-01Kurt Angle could lay a real life smackdown on a real life fighter ... 'cause the wrestling legend says he's considering doing a real MMA fight -- and named Kimbo Slice as a possible opponent. 

Angle -- who's been doing commentary for Bellator -- recently appeared on "The Roman Show" and was asked if he'd ever step out from behind the media desk ... and into the ring.

Angle says there's a VERY SMALL chance he agrees to a fight -- since he's 47 years old now -- but if it does happen, he's already thought about who he wants to fight.

"Of course, I'm not going to fight a guy in their prime," Angle said ... "It's obviously gonna be one of the older guys. But if it does come to fruition, it'll be a helluva fight, whether its Kimbo Slice, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn ... or even Royce Gracie."

He added, "If I do decide [to fight], it'll be with a Hall of Famer ... it won't be someone in their prime in their early 30s, no way, not now."

Fingers crossed! 

Nick Jonas He'd Kick Justin Bieber's Ass ... Says 'Kingdom' Co-Star

12/26/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's career is on fire but there's still one thing he can't do ... kick Nick Jonas' ass ... that's according to Nick's "Kingdom" co-star Frank Grillo who says the JoBro's a total "badass" thanks to his MMA training.

Frank witnessed the transformation Nick went through playing an MMA fighter on their show, so when we got him out in L.A. we had to ask ... is Jonas now the toughest teenybopper alive?

Check out the clip -- Frank must've had Bieber on the brain cause we didn't even mention Justin ... but Grillo seems convinced -- and proud to say -- that Jonas would beat the Biebs to sleep. 

Careful, Frank ... the Beliebers are watching.

Anderson Silva My Protege Would Crush Ronda ... ABSOLUTE BEAST!!!

12/11/2015 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UFC superstar Anderson Silva says he's got the FUTURE of female MMA in his gym -- Gabi Garcia -- a bone-crushing BRUISER who would DESTROY any woman crazy enough to fight her. 

Silva and Garcia were working out together at Anderson's gym in Torrance, CA -- where the 6'2", 205 pound lady beat the living hell out of some boxing mitts while our cameras rolled. 

Silva told us 30-year-old Gabi is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master who hits like a ton of bricks -- and admits, she's even roughed HIM up a bit during training sessions. 

By the way, Gabi says she used to be EVEN BIGGER -- but lost a ton of weight (more than 300 pounds) when she first began training several years ago. 

Now, Gabi says she wants a piece of the UFC's best fighters -- Holly, Ronda, whoever -- and she's confident she would run through them like a warm knife through butter. 

Be afraid ... 

Gina Carano Secret's Out I'm Dating Kickboxing Star!

12/4/2015 7:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1204-dasoulassain-instagram-01MMA superstar Gina Carano is off the market ... revealing that she's officially back in a relationship with a kickboxing star ... after nearly 10 YEARS apart. 

Carano -- who's a big movie star now with a role in the upcoming "Deadpool" flick -- posted a pic on her Instagram page locking lips with kickboxer Kevin Ross -- the #14 Muay Thai fighter in the world.

Ross explained how they hooked up -- and it's actually a pretty sweet story. 

"For those of you that don't know we dated for 4 years, were broken up for a decade then got back together on the 14th anniversary of the day we met."

They've been back on for 6 months -- and have now decided to go public with their relationship. 

"Gina is not only the reason I'm even doing what I am but literally the reason that I'm even alive and walking around still. You are my inspiration, my best friend, my everything!!!"


UFC's Robbie Lawler I Won't Let My Kid Fight ... Until He's 8

10/23/2015 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robbie Lawler is no Vin Diesel -- 'cause even though Vin is getting his 7-year-old daughter into MMA right now ... the UFC superstar says his kid will have to wait 'til he's 8. 

It's actually an interesting question among parents -- with MMA exploding as a sport, more kids want to get involved at a younger age. 

But Robbie -- who began his martial arts training at age 9 -- says, "I'm gonna try to keep my son out of martial arts as long as possible."

"I want him to know his body a little more before he starts getting into martial arts." 

As we previously reported, Vin's daughter is training with Ronda Rousey -- with Diesel saying he wants her to be a beast! 

UFC Champ Johny Hendricks FIGHT CANCELLED ... Medical Emergency

10/2/2015 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1002_Johny-Hendricks_gettyMMA star Johny Hendricks will not be fighting in UFC 192 on Saturday after being rushed to the hospital for intestinal blockage and kidney stones stemming ... so says Johny's manager. 

Hendricks was scheduled to put his welterwight championship on the line against Tyron Woodley tomorrow night, but ran into huge medical issues while attempting to cut weight Thursday night.

According to his manager Ted Ehrhardt, Johny was in bad shape -- he needed to be given an IV and kidney stones were detected during his trip to the emergency room.

In fact, Hendricks told ... "The weight was coming off fine and then yesterday my body just started to shut down. When it hit that point, I tried to push through it, and well, it didn't go well because then I had to go to the ER."

Hendricks -- who is out of the hospital now -- says his body is "hurting and sore" from the entire ordeal.  

MMA Star Phoenix Jones I Stopped An Attempted Murder

9/21/2015 8:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MMA star Phoenix Jones had a busy weekend -- winning his bout on Friday night ... and then BREAKING UP AN ATTEMPTED MURDER roughly 24 hours later. 

Jones -- real name Ben Fodor -- was out in Seattle early Sunday morning when he claims he witnessed 3 men attacking another guy outside of a bar ... one of the attackers allegedly had a gun. 

So Jones -- who moonlights as a real-life superhero -- says he jumped into action ... KOing the lead attacker who was allegedly pistol-whipping the victim while the other 2 men had been stomping his head. 

Jones says he called police -- and when they arrived, they arrested the suspect. 

On Friday, Jones scored a 1st round victory at the World Series of Fighting 23 event in Arizona. 

We reached out to cops for comment -- but we're still waiting to hear back. 

Ronda Rousey 2.0 This Little Girl Has Some Serious Skills

9/17/2015 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8-year-old boxing prodigy, Evnika Saadvakass, doesn't need a speed bag to show off her quick hands ... cause a hunk of wood works just fine for her.

Right now she looks more like Laila Ali but if she works on her ground moves she could definitely end up being the next Ronda Rousey of the UFC ... heck she's been training since she was the age of 3 after all.

Make sure you don't blink while watching this clip 'cause you don't want to miss her lightning quick moves.

Ronda Rousey Destroys Guy On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

9/16/2015 8:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Don't push Ronda Rousey unless you're looking to get slammed to the ground ... that goes for guys too.

The executive producer of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- Andy Lassner -- learned that lesson the hard way when he got a little too chummy with the UFC champ ... seeming to get under Ronda's skin after giving her a push before their demonstration. 

She didn't just take him down, she performed her famous armbar on him ... getting him to tap out a couple of times after he was unable to break free from the painful move.

She really is the best.

Female MMA Fighter Stops Alleged Attacker ... With Insane Leg Lock

9/2/2015 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090215_mma_vs_thief_primaryA female MMA fighter put the SMACK down on an alleged male attacker who tried to rob her in Brazil last night ... choking the guy into submission with her legs ... and it was caught on video. 

The bad ass crime stopper is Monique Bastos -- who says she was on her way to jiu-jitsu training when she was attacked by two men who demanded her cell phone. 

Monique told one of the men was able to run off with the cell -- but she managed to trip up the second guy ... and locked him up in a triangle choke. 

The video is insane ... you can see the alleged attacker BEGGING for mercy. She held the guy for 15 minutes before cops came and arrested the suspect. 

Unfortunately, Bastos says the situation was all too familiar ... as she had been robbed in the past. 

"I’ve been through this a few times before, and it’s the second time I fought back."

As for the previous incident, Bastos says ... "There were two guys, and they were using knives, but I was able to use my jiu-jitsu and get my phone back."

Randy Couture For My Son's Birthday We'll Be In The Octagon Together

8/28/2015 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


MMA legend, Randy Couture, is a master of the octagon ... so most people wouldn't want to be in the ring with him ... unless it was covered in frosting like the one he gave his son for his birthday.

Randy's son, Ryan Couture, celebrated his his 33rd birthday at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse inside the D Casino in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

Pops gave Ryan -- who is also an MMA fighter -- a cake resembling the ring both are known for.

We're told things got a little messy when Randy smeared cake across his face ... but it was all in good fun.


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