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CM Punk Gets $1 Mil Offer to Return to Wrestling

5/18/2017 9:50 AM PDT
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CM Punk’s about that MMA life these days, but there’s a cool $1 mil on the table if he’s willing to return to the wrestling ring.

It's not Vince McMahon offering the dough -- "The Best in the World" is being targeted by an organization in the UK.

"We want to offer CM Punk $1 million dollars to come and join the 5 Star Wrestling tour," founder Daniel Hinkles told The Sun. "It’s a genuine offer ... we want to do this with him."

Hinkles says the tour is a 128-man tournament. No word on how many days Punk would have to work to collect the million dollar check.  

And get this, Hinkles says the deal would allow Punk to continue to pursue his MMA career. 

"This wouldn’t have to end that, but wrestling is in his blood and $1 million has to be worth thinking about."

True that. 

Amanda Nunes: I'm Better Than Jedrzejczyk ... & My GF Can Beat Her

5/18/2017 7:36 AM PDT

Amanda Nunes says there's no doubt she's the best female fighter in the world -- not Joanna Jedrzejczyk -- and she's 100% confident her girlfriend can beat the strawweight champ. 

Amanda and Joanna are dominating the women's division in the UFC -- but likely won't fight each other because they're in different weight classes. 

But, Amanda's GF, Nina Ansaroff, is right in Joanna's wheelhouse -- in fact, they both train at the American Top Team gym. 

Nina says she's not intimidated by Joanna's impressive undefeated MMA record -- and tells TMZ Sports straight-up, "I can beat her."

Nina has to climb the ranks before she gets a chance to back up her talk -- but she's convinced it's just a matter of time before she fights for the title. 

Ex-UFC Owner Lorenzo Fertitta Gives Blessing for Floyd Vs. Conor 'They Deserve It'

5/13/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Lorenzo Fertitta -- the former co-owner of the UFC -- says he supports Dana White's plan to pay Mayweather $100 mil and McGregor $75 mil if they fight ... saying, "They deserve it!" 

You know Lorenzo's story ... he and his brother, Frank, invested $2 mil into the UFC back in 2001 before selling it for $4 BILLION in 2016.

He's now launching his own private investment firm but he's still very into the UFC -- and has strong opinions on Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva.

Hey, Floyd ... pay attention. This guy's the REAL money team. 

Jon Jones to Cormier: 'I Beat You After a Weekend of Cocaine'

5/12/2017 3:20 PM PDT
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It wasn't a little slipup after all ... Jon Jones says he blew lines all weekend long before beating Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 back in 2015.

Jones said the drug bender was part of something he called "a month for the ages" -- explaining how he did a "weekend of cocaine" and then beat Cormier the following weekend.

FYI, Jones had previously admitted the cocaine use after the positive drug test was revealed back in '15 -- but played it down as a one-time slipup saying, "I'm not a cocaine addict by any means or not even a frequent user."

Cormier called Jones a junkie and accused him of also "sandblasting prostitutes" the same weekend. Jones denied sandblasting any prostitutes.

They will fight in July.

Can't wait.

Jon Jones vs. Cormier Rematch Is On Violent Incident Backstage

5/12/2017 2:40 PM PDT

2:52 PM PT --  Daniel Cormier says he smacked Jon Jones in the face with a water bottle behind the scenes at the big UFC news conference Friday ... all over comments Jon made about his kid.

"He's a bitch," Cormier said ... "He said something about my kid so I smacked him across the face with a water bottle. Bitch ass n**ga."

Daniel Cormier will finally get his rematch with Jon Jones -- the UFC announced it's happening at UFC 214 in July.

It's one of the most heated rivalries in pro sports -- these guys hate each other with a fiery passion.

Cormier says Jon is a drug abusing, lying, cheating bad person. Jon once invited Daniel to perform oral sex on him.

Jon emerged victorious the first time they fought back in January 2015. Cormier has vowed to avenge the loss ever since.

Rose Namajunas Anderson Silva's a Legend ... But It's Getting Sad

5/11/2017 8:17 AM PDT

Rose Namajunas says Anderson Silva is one of the greatest UFC fighters EVER -- but it's "kinda sad" watching his career on the downswing.

We were talking with Rose about Silva's beef with the UFC and whether he deserves the title shot he's been requesting, despite the fact he's only the #7 ranked middleweight.

Rose says the entire situation "just sucks" -- and basically spelled out why it's hard to watch a fighter she has so much respect for squabble with the company after losing 4 out of his last 5 fights. 

Of course, Dana White has an opinion on Anderson, too -- if you're going to threaten to retire if you don't get your way, just do it already. 

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones Is a Bad Person ... Drugs, 'Roids & Lies

5/11/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Daniel Cormier just UNLOADED on Jon Jones -- saying the guy is a loser of a human being who's completely delusional if he still considers himself the "real" UFC light heavyweight champ. 

It's no secret these guys hate each other with a passion ... and now with the two possibly (hopefully!) facing off at UFC 214 in July, the smack talk is heating up again. 

After Cormier blasted Jones on Twitter, JJ fired back, "Can someone tell DC he's a great guy and pat him on the back so we can move on already. #TheChampIsHere."

Cormier didn't take too kindly to it and WENT OFF on Jones when we saw him Wednesday afternoon -- telling TMZ Sports JJ is a bad person with a history of drugs, steroids and lying. 

By the way, Cormier is set to do some announcing work at UFC 211 this weekend (and the post-fight show on FS1) ... but it's obvious he wants to do less talking and more fighting. 

UFC's Demetrious Johnson Best & Worst Video Games Ever?! That's Easy ...

5/10/2017 9:34 AM PDT

UFC superstar Demetrious Johnson doesn't just kill it in the Octagon, he's also a hardcore gamer ... and he's breaking down the best, worst and most overrated video games of ALL TIME! 

Who's the best video game character ever? DJ gets right into that. 

Which "Mortal Kombat" fighter had the best fatality? (Hint: It's not Kano's heart rip). 

What's the game that was SUPPOSED to be dope, that actually sucked ass?

There's more ... it's awesome.  

UFC's Yair Rodriguez I Don't Have Friends Or A Girlfriend All I Care About Is Fighting

5/9/2017 1:30 PM PDT

UFC star Yair Rodriguez says he's so busy preparing for his fight with Frankie Edgar, he doesn't have time for friends or a girlfriend ... telling TMZ Sports "the only thing I do is training for fighting."

We spoke with El Pantera about his upcoming fight with Edgar at UFC 211 ... and he feels disrespected by Edgar's claims that the fight is a 'win-win' situation for Rodriguez thanks to Edgar's popularity.

"I was thinking like, 'who the f*** does he think he is?'" Rodriguez says. "I don't care. Like, I'm not looking for his fame, you know? Like, I want my own s**t. I want my own stuff."

As for his focus leading up to the fight, Rodriguez says it's all about fighting 24/7.

"I have no friends. I don't go out to party. I don't do s**t. Like, the only thing I do is training for fighting. That's my life all about. I don't have girlfriend. I don't have nothing to focus on but fighting."

Joanna Jedrzejczyk On Mike Krzyzewski ... Is Azkwsome!

5/9/2017 6:36 AM PDT

UFC superstar Joanna Jedrzejczyk is telling us once and for all the CORRECT way to pronounce her last name ... and says you better remember it because she plans on being champ for a while!!!

We also played a little name game with the fighting Pride of Poland and asked her if she could correctly pronounce Mike Krzyzewski's name on the first try. 

Don't worry, we also talked some MMA (JJ is fighting at UFC 211 in Dallas this weekend) ... and Joanna told us straight-up why rising star Rose Namajunas hasn't earned the right to fight her next. 

Eddie Alvarez Conor McGregor Will Be 'Damn Good' Father

5/8/2017 3:30 PM PDT

They were enemies in the Octagon, but Eddie Alvarez just delivered a pretty awesome compliment to Conor McGregor ... explaining why the UFC superstar is going to be a great dad. 

"If he puts 10% of the effort into his child as he does fighting, I think he's gonna do dang good. So, I wish him the best of luck."

Conor and Eddie faced off at UFC 205 back in November -- but Eddie clearly doesn't hold a grudge. 

In fact the father of 4 explains why being a dad is the best thing in the world for Conor. 

By the way, Eddie is gearing up for a big fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 211 in Dallas this weekend ... and says he's already coming up with a plan to piss off his haters. 

Dana White Anderson Silva Should Retire ... 'Cause Title Shot Ain't Happening

5/6/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Dana White says if Anderson Silva is even thinking about retiring he should DO IT ... 'cause the UFC simply ain't gonna give Silva the title shot he's asking for ... at least right now.

Earlier in the week Silva went public threatening to retire if he didn't get a shot at Yoel Romero for the interim middleweight championship.

When we got Dana out in Beverly Hills he had some advice for Silva ... get to steppin' ... telling our guy there's no way in hell Anderson is gonna get that shot.

If we're keeping it real, White seemed aggravated about the whole thing, making you wonder if Silva might've overplayed his hand a little.

Start looking at that pension package, Spider.

Dana White Nate Diaz May Never Fight In UFC Again

5/3/2017 5:11 PM PDT

Dana White says he's not sure if Nate Diaz or his brother Nick Diaz will ever fight in the UFC again -- telling TMZ Sports straight-up, "They don't seem like they wanna fight."

Dana says the UFC has offered multiple fights to both Diaz brothers but they keep turning them down -- and White says he's not really sure why. 

"If they want to fight next week or if they never want to fight again, that's up to them. It's not up to me," White says. 

"They don't seem like they wanna fight ... either one of them."

White also responded to incendiary comments Nate made on "The MMA Hour" on Wednesday about his rematch with Conor McGregor ... a fight Nate lost by decision. 

"The decision went to him because the company wanted it to go to him," Nate said (around 15:30 in the YouTube clip). 

White says the comments are nothing more than "crazy talk" -- because the UFC has nothing to do with the judges or their decisions. 

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