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Jon Jones: 'You look Like a Crackhead' Daniel Cormier: 'You Were One!'

7/26/2017 1:38 PM PDT
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The cocaine insults were flying at the UFC 214 media event today -- with Jon Jones saying Daniel Cormier looks like a crackhead. 

Cormier shot back -- "I can look like a crackhead, but I've never been a crackhead like you, though."

That was just the beginning ... Cormier accused Jones of being on steroids for most of his UFC career. Jones denied the allegations and flexed his 6-pack. 

These guys hate each other -- and will finally get to get violent on Saturday. 

Wiz Khalifa I Pack Punches Like I Pack Bowls Intense MMA Training!!

7/24/2017 10:23 AM PDT

Wiz Khalifa's next big show could be in the Octagon because the superstar rapper -- who's known as a smoker, not a fighter -- has been busting his ass doing MMA training.

TMZ Sports got this video of Wiz hitting the mitts with FOX's Jay Glazer, and working on his kicks with UFC star Cat Zingano. Pretty clear from the video ... he's taking it seriously, and we hear he's been at it like this for about 3 months at Unbreakable Gym on Sunset.

What's most impressive about this workout sesh is Wiz was on vacay! He was in Napa for a wine tasting trip -- with his gf, Izabela GuedesMichael Strahan and Glazer -- but brought his gear to do some training ... in between sipping cabs and zins.

Wine tasting and MMA? Just when ya think ya know a guy.

UFC's Chris Weidman I'm Still The Best ... Comeback Starts NOW!!

7/22/2017 12:15 AM PDT

Chris Weidman knows it's do-or-die time when he fights Kelvin Gastelum this weekend ... and told us he's gonna shut up all the haters who say he's washed up. 

Weidman's had a rough go as of late -- going from undefeated champion to losing his last 3 fights -- and some people are questioning whether he's still got it. 

Chris told TMZ Sports those haters are in for a violent awakening ... 'cause he's about to put a hurtin' on Gastelum -- and prove the champ is BACK.

Weidman's so locked in, he even took shot at all the 185-pounders before signing off.    

Alberto Del Rio Tapping Out on MMA Day Job Amid Dom. Violence Probe

7/20/2017 3:36 PM PDT
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Alberto Del Rio is tappin' out on his day job as president of the MMA org. Combate Americas after an alleged domestic incident last week involving his WWE superstar fiancee Paige

A rep for Combate -- a promotion featuring Latin fighters -- confirms to TMZ Sports that ADR is "stepping down" from the helm of the company. 

We broke the story ... Alberto and Paige got into an altercation at an Orlando airport last Sunday. Police investigated, and have recommended that Paige face charges. Del Rio is still under investigation.

Alberto was appointed C.A. prez in October 2016 -- and once described himself as the Dana White of the company.

Now he's out of a job ... but won't have to hit the unemployment line. He's still employed by Global Force wrestling -- though he's currently suspended.

Snoop Dogg Crazy UFC Commentary Victory Smoke With Fighter

7/19/2017 9:33 AM PDT

Snoop Dogg -- UFC broadcasting GOAT?

Here's video of Snoop going CRAZY for fighter Sean O'Malley on "Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series" ... after O'Malley 1-punch KOs his opponent. 

Seriously ... Snoop absolutely loses his mind -- and it's amazing. His line right before the KO was epic too.

Dana rewarded S.O. with a UFC contract, but O'Malley's real prize came after the show ... when Snoop hooked him up with what looks like a victory blunt!!

FYI, this is only the 2nd episode of Dana's new Fight Pass series -- which features "Snoopcast" every week.

Can't wait for episode 3. 

Tyron Woodley I'm Down To Train Michael Irvin!!

7/18/2017 12:24 PM PDT

Michael Irvin just caught a HUGE break in his dream to become an MMA fighter ... 'cause UFC superstar Tyron Woodley says he's down to help kick-start the Hall of Famer's career in the cage!!

The 51-year-old told us last week that he's been training MMA and wants to take a real-deal fight ... but his wife's fears of injury have kept him from hittin' the mat.

We spoke to Woodley about Irvin's fightin' ambitions ... and the Chosen One says he's totally down to help the Cowboys legend out, saying he's gonna personally hit up #88 for some 1-on-1 training!!

The champ says he's had celebs and athletes like Wiz Khalifa and Devonta Freeman hit him up to work together on their MMA skills, and even hints he could start a fighting circuit for A-listers.

We also spoke to Woodley about his television special, 'In the Clinch,' airing on FS1 Tuesday night ... and T-Wood won't give out any spoilers, but says he's excited for fans to see how he evolved from a gangster to champion athlete.

UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov Hulk Punches Man In Stomach ... After Man Asks For It

7/18/2017 7:07 AM PDT

Here's a video of terrifying UFC destroyer Khabib Nurmagomedov punching an average dude in the stomach super freakin' hard ... but don't worry, the guy actually ASKED him to.

Now, why this dude wanted to get popped in the guts by a guy who wrestles bears for fun is beyond us, but it 100% happened when Khabib was messing around with some fans in Tajikistan.

We don't know what Khabib says to the guy before the punch happens, but he seems to be telling him how the shot is going to rearrange his organs before he hits him.

Good news? After he delivers the dragon punch to the dude's stomach the two men hug, which is great, but watching the whole thing made us happy we give hugs to bond on this side of the pond.

Michael Irvin I Want an MMA Fight ... I'm Dead Serious

7/17/2017 12:55 AM PDT

51-year-old Michael Irvin says he's itchin' for a fight -- a real MMA match -- telling TMZ Sports, "I would whoop somebody up!"

The NFL Hall of Famer is still in incredible shape and actually does MMA training at a gym by his home. But Irvin says he's a gamer -- and wants to test his skills in live combat. 

There's just one problem -- "My wife says I'm her mule. She can't have her mule out there getting hurt!" 

Irvin says he knows he'll never fight in the pro ranks -- but he's deadly serious about setting up a celebrity MMA tournament. 

"Let's get in the ring and do something."

We know Irvin is a HUGE fan of the UFC and Dana White -- so, don't rule it out.

Nate Diaz Blasts Conor & Dana ... I'm The REAL Champ

7/10/2017 7:08 AM PDT
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Nate Diaz is firing shots at Conor McGregor and Dana White -- mocking the UFC duo on social media while proclaiming HIMSELF the real champ. 

"There's 1 boss here," Diaz wrote under a picture of him busting out the Stockton Slap on both guys.

That's not all ... Nate also ripped into the photo Conor and Dana took together on Sunday after landing in L.A. for their Mayweather fight media tour.

"Little bitches," Diaz wrote ... "Got your ass beat. You lost bitch. Im the champ..."

Diaz hasn't stepped inside the Octagon since losing to McGregor in their rematch at UFC 202 back in August 2016. 

White has told TMZ Sports he TRIED to make deals with Nate and his bro, Nick Diaz, to book them in other events ... but they flat-out refused every offer the UFC made. 

Neither Dana nor Conor have responded to Diaz's comments -- yet -- but with the Mayweather media tour launching Tuesday, you can bet they'll have some thoughts on this dude. 

UFC's Max Holloway Bring On Edgar & Swanson! TAG TEAM MATCH!

7/9/2017 11:55 PM PDT

UFC star Max Holloway is calling for a tag team match -- a 2-on-1 meg-brawl with Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar ... and let's be honest, THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with Holloway about the next man on his hit list -- and he told us he's ready to fight both dudes ... even if it's at the same time.

Yeah, we know it ain't gonna happen -- but we can dream, right?

On a serious tip, Holloway has a real message for Dana White about why the UFC should host a major event in Hawaii ... and it's a pretty compelling argument.

Michael Johnson to UFC: Strip Conor's Belt! Who Knows If He's Ever Coming Back?!

7/7/2017 4:00 PM PDT

UFC lightweight Michael Johnson has a message for the UFC -- vacate Conor McGregor's belt already!!

"Who knows when he's gonna come back?" Johnson told TMZ Sports. "As I look at the division, I don't see a champion right now."

FYI -- McGregor hasn't defended his 155-pound title since winning it way back in November. Clearly, Johnson's not convinced Conor will return to the octagon after making BANK boxing Mayweather.

As for Johnson ... he's fighting an undefeated Justin Gaethje in the main event of Friday night's "The Ultimate Fighter" finale -- looking to move one step closer to Conor's gold with a W.  

Gaethje's a scary dude -- seriously, go watch his highlights -- but MJ says he's shook ... and promises to wreck the UFC newcomer for talkin' smack.

UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov Gets Medieval In Bloody Cupping Sesh

7/5/2017 11:46 AM PDT
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If the sight of blood makes you sick ... it's probably too late.  

Here's UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov bleeding more than he ever has in a cage ... giving up his back to the medieval practice of wet cupping (aka "Hijama").

FYI, cupping's a form of Eastern medicine that's meant to detoxify blood ... but it's rare you see a celeb messing with Hijama -- which involves making actual incisions.

It's not the most visually appealing process, but Khabib -- a practicing Muslim -- says it's the medicine of the prophet Muhammad (according to the Google translation of his Instagram caption). 

Good times. 

Ronda Rousey: 'Punks' Broke Into My House ... Stole My Guns

7/5/2017 7:22 AM PDT
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Ronda Rousey says some "little punks" with a death wish broke into her home a few months ago and jacked everything from guns to Olympic rings and jewelry ... but her fiance tracked down the perps.

The UFC legend appeared on "Live with Kelly & Ryan" on Wednesday and said she and fiance Travis Browne were getting ready to leave for New Zealand earlier this year when they stopped by their house and realized it had been ransacked. 

"[The crooks] stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards."

The good news for Rousey ... she's got security cameras at her home and they were quickly able to identify the thieves. 

"We saw that they were a bunch of kids with skateboards," Ronda said ... "And there’s a famous skate park right across the street cause we’re in Venice."

"So my man’s 6’7” like 260. He like beelines it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away."

Ronda says Browne didn't attack the kids -- "He’s smart enough not to [hit them]. We’ll get sued pretty hard, but he found the police right then and they caught them.”

No word if she got her stuff back. We're working on it. 

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