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Kate Upton Alleged Witness Goes Silent With Guess Investigators

3/16/2018 10:15 AM PDT

The Guess investigation into Kate Upton's sexual harassment allegations against co-founder Paul Marciano has hit another roadblock -- Kate's witness is refusing to cooperate.

As we reported ... Kate has already said she won't talk to the lawyers investigating for Guess. She's pissed Guess initially hired Marciano's personal law firm for the probe, and even though Guess has now brought in a new independent firm, Glaser Weil, Kate's still pissed about what she calls "smoke and mirrors" tactics.

Our sources say photographer Yu Tsai -- the man Kate claims witnessed Marciano groping her -- has also gone radio silent. We're told Yu hasn't returned multiple phone calls and emails asking him to talk to investigators for Guess.

One possible reason for Yu going AWOL could be the dozens of emails he's sent Marciano over the years -- including one in July 2010, immediately after Kate alleges Marciano groped her. In that email, which we've seen, Yu says Kate asked him for Marciano's phone number so she could thank him for some Guess clothing she received.

In other emails, he consults with Marciano about future shoots with Kate and gushes about getting to work for Guess. It certainly appears he admires the Guess co-founder.

You'll recall, Kate said Yu was there when Marciano allegedly groped her thighs and breasts, and he's backed up her version of events. She said Yu was her buffer, present when she had a meeting or photo shoot Marciano attended.

For now, though ... he's not talking.

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Much Love & Respect ... But, We're Donezo!!! (Again)

3/13/2018 12:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are each back on the market ... because their 2-year relationship is over.

The couple reportedly ended their relationship earlier this month, and Zayn confirmed it Tuesday ... saying, "Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend."

They'd been on a brief break, just for a few days, in 2016 -- and Zayn addressed the fact this split had made it to the rumor mill, saying, "We wish this news could have come from us first. We love you all."

Gigi followed up with her own statement 12 minutes later.

Gigi and Zayn were never shy about sharing their relationship on social media.

Last time we saw Zayn leaving Gigi's apartment, he was in a pretty good mood. One thing's for sure ... he's gonna have a hard time forgetting her eyes ... since they're apparently tatted on his chest!

Mohamed Hadid Sues Sexual Assault Accuser

3/12/2018 4:13 PM PDT

Mohamed Hadid is lashing out at the woman who claims he raped her by suing her for defamation.

Miranda Vee claimed on an Instagram post Guess co-founder Paul Marciano sexually harassed her and then "passed" her on to Hadid. She says she set up a professional meeting with Hadid, but it turned out to be the 2 of them, "just me, him & champagne where he date raped me in an a apartment."

The 69-year-old father of Bella and Gigi says he had a consensual meeting with the 23-year-old Vee, but she was in a plot to extort him and got $8k from her co-conspirators to have sex with Hadid and then set him up for an extortion demand.

We were told she signed an NDA after she threatened to go public with the story, which Hadid says is an outright lie. He calls her a "pathological liar."

Hadid is suing for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil extortion. 

Kate Upton Declines Interview In Paul Marciano Sexual Assault Investigation

3/12/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Kate Upton has refused to be interviewed by a lawyer who was hired by the Special Committee of the Board Directors of Guess to investigate her claim Chief Creative Officer Paul Marciano sexually assaulted her.

Upton had said publicly she would cooperate with the Guess investigation, but then changed her position when she learned the law firm that was involved in the probe was Marciano's personal law firm. She called it "smoke and mirrors" and a "PR stunt to impress shareholders."

TMZ has learned the Special Committee hired Glaser Weil, a high-powered L.A. law firm that has no ties to Guess or Marciano, to conduct the investigation. Marciano's personal firm is now out of the picture.

Our sources say attorney Patty Glaser contacted Upton's lawyer and asked if Upton would now sit for an interview. We're told Upton's lawyer said his client would not do the interview with Glaser because some of the information in the probe was already gathered by Marciano's law firm, so the investigation was tainted.

We're told Glaser assured the lawyer she was the only one in charge of the investigation, she had no preconceptions and wanted to be fair to both sides. Her lawyer didn't budge ... at least not so far.

Upton has claimed Marciano grabbed her breasts and forcibly kissed her neck and face, among other things, during a photo shoot in 2010.

Marciano is currently on hiatus from Guess after a number of other women lodged complaints. 

Akon Balls Up Smokin' Bikini Babes ... You're So Booty-Fuuul

3/9/2018 2:02 PM PST
Breaking News

Here's Akon having more fun hooping than any of us ever will -- holding court with a SQUAD of hot chicks in bikinis and heels!!!

From the jump, you can tell Akon's not playin' ... showing off some serious lift as he posterizes his opponent in a green bikini thong. Nice D, young lady.

Not sure if that rim's regulation -- but either way, seems like the video vixens were impressed with the popstar's ups. 

In case you're wondering why this went down -- the woman who shot the video, ATL-based casting director Lala Means, says "the girls thought they could beat Akon on the court."

Clearly, Akon thought different. Boom shakalaka!!!

Kendall Jenner Crushing Balls ... Not You, Blake

3/6/2018 5:17 PM PST

Kendall Jenner stepped up to the plate and took a few big swings at family softball practice ... and it looks like she made some solid contact. Kourtney, too.

Kendall doesn't exactly look like Roy Hobbs out on the field, but she does look like she had a blast taking BP and fielding grounders while playing around with her sisters at a ballpark in Canoga Park.

Cameras were rolling on Jenner and the Kardashian gals, so there's a good chance we'll get to see just how much power Kendall's got. We're guessing at least out-of-the-infield.

No sign of Kendall's rumored BF Blake Griffin, but the 2 have been seen a lot less together since he was traded to Detroit at the end of January ... and since his baby mama sued him.

Play ball!

Jeremy Meeks Cuts Divorce Deal Agrees to Pay Child Support

3/6/2018 7:52 AM PST

Jeremy Meeks will be a little lighter in the pockets ... because he's agreed to pay child support.

Jeremy struck a deal in his divorce case and will pay his estranged wife, Melissa, $1,000 a month, and that's retroactive to November 1, 2017 ... meaning he's gotta pony up 4 months worth of support.

Jeremy and Melissa also agreed to joint legal custody of 9-year-old Jeremy Jr., who will spend 30% of his time with his dad. Good news for Jeremy? He doesn't have to pay spousal support.

Melissa's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us, "We are pleased that we were able to get Melissa child support in an amount 25% above legal guidelines. And the parties have worked together to come up with a reasonable child custody and visitation schedule, as parents should."

TMZ broke the story ... the 2 sides were ordered to mediation, but everyone was a no-show because the sides were trying to hammer out a deal. Deal's done, but the judge still needs to sign off. 

Emily Ratajkowski Blazing Hot ... Check Out My Wedding Ring!!!

3/4/2018 7:00 AM PST

Emily Ratajowski is a heartbreaker, crushing the hopes and dreams of countless men and women by flashing ... her wedding ring.

The 26-year-old just got hitched to Sebastian Bear-McClard.  Sebastian's clearly not the jealous type, because Em posted this pic for all to see.

The marriage was a big surprise ... they tied the knot last week nat a courthouse in New York City.  Only a few friends were on hand to bare witness.  Unclear how long they were dating.     

Oh, she likes rings, too.

Chandler Parsons My Girlfriend is Hotter Than Yours

3/4/2018 12:30 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Sorry ladies ... Chandler Parsons is off the market. And sorry fellas ... his insanely beautiful model girlfriend is going to make you very, very jealous.

TMZ Sports has learned the Memphis Grizzlies stud has been dating 23-year-old Cassie Amato and they're in a committed relationship. No word on how they met ... but we're told things are serious.

Sources tell us Chan-Dog and Amato -- she lives in L.A. -- are cool with being 1,800 miles apart during the season ... 'cause Parsons has that dope ass $11 MILLION mansion in Bel-Air for the off-season.

Parsons even made things Instagram official -- posting a photo of her on Valentine's Day with the caption "my valentine everyday." 

Chandler has a penchant for beautiful women -- see here, here and here -- and Cassie definitely checks all the right boxes.

Damn you, Chandler. Damn you.

Carl's Jr. Model Emily Sears Injured in Car Accident Motorcycle Crashes into Her Lyft

3/4/2018 12:10 AM PST

Carl's Jr. model Emily Sears was injured when a motorcycle crashed into her Lyft this week, and cops say the biker was at fault.

Law enforcement sources tell us Sears was on her way home Monday night in WeHo when a motorcycle made a left and collided with the car ... sending the rider flying.

Emily's backseat airbag deployed and her face was bruised from the impact. We're told she's also dealing with neck, ear and shoulder pain.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist took the worst of it -- we're told he was taken to a hospital with a possible broken leg. Cops quickly determined he rider caused the crash.

Sources close to Sears say she's not planning on taking any legal action against the man, at least for now.

Ashley Graham Claps Back After Twerk Diss!!! NEW Angle on Booty Action

2/28/2018 4:47 PM PST

Sports Illustrated is going to bat for Ashley Graham after Toccara Jones called her twerking abilities subpar -- and this new video of her booty-shaking in the sand ... is the perfect re-butt-al..

SI posted the new clip on Wednesday ... showing more of Ashley's on location twerk-off with a photo shoot crew member. Interestingly, the video dropped AFTER Toccara, the "Queen of Thickness," called out AG's twerk skills. 

She straight-up laughed, telling us Ashley was lacking some major pop

In Toccara's defense ... she was looking at a different SI vid (below), where Ashley was shot from afar.

We have no clue if the new angle would sway Toccara's vote, but we'll say this -- Ashley's got plenty of swaying going on back there. Plenty.

Short story, long ... Sports Illustrated clapped back with a sub-gram of Ashley clapping a lot of back. Well played. On everyone's part.

Toccara Jones Twerk Shots Fired!!! Ashley Graham Ain't Got It

2/27/2018 4:05 PM PST

Brace yourself, Ashley Graham ... this might hurt a little. Her pal, Toccara Jones went full LMFAO after watching Ashley attempt to twerk during her S.I. Swimsuit photo shoot.

We got the self-proclaimed "Queen of Thickness" Tuesday at LAX, and asked her to evaluate Ashley's ass-shaking skills -- which AG herself touted on camera in the video posted by Sports Illustrated.

Let's just say, Toccara's review was straight-up cold-blooded.

Toccara did see some booty action in the clip that impressed her, but it was another chick on the set who caught her eye! 

The upside -- TJ didn't criticize without compassion. In fact, she had some advice on how Ash can get more pop outta that thang.

Watch carefully, Ashley ... and also if you're not Ashley.

'Shirtless Tongan' Guy To Be Shirtless Model 'I've Got Things Lined Up!'

2/27/2018 6:20 AM PST

Great news if you're a fan of greased up topless men ... the "Shirtless Tongan" dude from the Olympics tells TMZ Sports he's gunning for a career in topless modeling! 

"I've got a few things lined up," Pita Taufatofua told us at LAX. 

Of course, Pita shot to stardom during the 2016 Olympics in Rio (he competed in taekwondo) when he carried the flag of Tonga during opening ceremonies ... sans top. 

He repeated the same look at the Winter Olympics (he competed as a cross-country skier) -- where he braved the freezing cold to rock the oiled-up, shirtless look again during closing ceremonies. 

Pita teased that he has interest in working with a couple of brands -- but has one MAJOR demand that will not compromise no matter what.

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