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Ariel Winter's Mom

I Want to Grill Ariel's Shrink

About Oral Sex Chat

9/24/2013 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Chrystal Workman says authorities falsely accused her of talking oral sex to her daughter, "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter -- and she wants to get to the bottom of the claims by putting Ariel's psychiatrist and her attorney on the hot seat.

In her latest legal filing, Chrystal says she wants her attorneys to depose the doc and lawyer in order to defend herself against allegations of sexual abuse she believes Ariel made against her.

According to the docs, 2 investigators from the Department of Children and Family Services interviewed Chrystal on June 19, 2013 -- and asked her if she ever had a conversation with Ariel regarding oral sex with her boyfriend.

In the papers, Chrystal also alleges the DCFS investigators asked if she'd ever given Ariel a very graphic demonstration regarding how to use Monistat 7.

We are paraphrasing, and heavily, because Chrystal's own words in the papers are just that graphic.

Chrystal claims DCFS cleared her of all the allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

The upshot ... she now thinks she deserves the right to grill Ariel's attorney and psychiatrist as part of her defense.

The big thing standing in Chrystal's way, of course, is a little something called attorney-client privilege and physician-client privilege.

Ariel Winter

Mother Says Ariel

Claimed Sexual Abuse

9/12/2013 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0912-ariel-winter-crystal-workman-akmChrystal Workman continues making shocking claims in her bid to undo the court ruling that stripped her of custody of her daughter, Ariel Winter ... now she's raising strange allegations of sexual molestation.

Workman filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims her 15-year-old daughter has accused her of "sexual abuse or sexual molestation."  Workman says, "I adamantly deny these accusations."

Here's the problem ... The "Modern Family" star has never hinted at sexual molestation in her guardianship case.  She has only alleged physical and emotional abuse, so it's confounding as to why Workman is denying something that was never raised in court.

It's possible Workman is inartfully referring to an allegation by Ariel's boyfriend, Cameron Palatas, who said in his deposition, "Chrystal had wanted me to sleep in Ariel's bed."  Palatas was an adult at the time.

But there's more ... Workman also claims her other daughter gave her cancer.  Workman says of Shanelle Gray, who now has legal guardianship of Ariel, "I believe the reason I got cancer was from the stress of the situation Shanelle put me through of missing my child when she was not there..."

Sofia Vergara


Actress Eats It In Bev Hills

9/6/2013 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0905-sofia-vergara-fall-akmgsiFirst Carrie Underwood ... now this -- Sofia Vergara ALSO fell down hard yesterday ... landing squarely on her ass during a lunch run in Beverly Hills.

Sofia was entering the back of a restaurant when she slipped, tripped and crumbled ... right in front of someone with a camera.

Don't worry ... Sofia appeared to be OK and went shopping after the fall.

Now, here's a picture of Sofia in happier times ...


Ariel Winter's Brother

If Mom Can't Have Custody

Give It To Me!

8/15/2013 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Ariel Winter
's older brother has just filed legal docs asking to strip custody of the 15-year-old "Modern Family" actress from her sister ... and award it to him instead ... claiming the sis is an abysmal guardian.

Jimmy Workman -- who played Pugsley Addams in the 90s "Addams Family" movies -- filed the docs in L.A., calling Ariel's older sister Shanelle Gray a bad role model who sexualizes Ariel ... and exploits Ariel's fame and money to promote her acting school.

Jimmy says Shanelle has a history with drugs, has appeared in public "almost nude revealing her private parts," and is having Ariel spend exorbitant amounts of money on a party lifestyle.

What's worse ... Jimmy says Shanelle is poisoning Ariel against her family, especially her mother Chrystal Workman.

Since the court has refused to return custody to Chrystal -- after Ariel accused her of being emotionally abusive -- Jimmy is now asking for custody to be transferred to him.

Shanelle's lawyer Mike Kretzmer tells TMZ, "The allegations are nothing new. We will handle them in court. Shanelle has taken excellent care of Ariel to date. It's interesting how Jimmy and Chrystal talk about repairing their fractured family, and then make allegations like this."

For the record, Ariel has basically said she wants nothing to do with her mom and loves being with Shanelle. A court date has been set for October.

Ariel Winter's Mom

Loses Bid to Reunite

With Daughter

7/31/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Ariel Winter
's mother Chrystal Workman won't get the chance to reunite with her daughter ... at least for the foreseeable future, TMZ has learned.

Chrystal filed docs recently asking to get her daughter back -- after the court stripped her of custody last year -- but the judge in the case refused ... extending the temporary guardianship of Ariel's older sister Shanelle instead.

You'll recall, Shanelle has been Ariel's guardian since last year, when Chrystal lost custody over allegations that she was emotionally abusive to the 15-year-old "Modern Family" actress.

According to the new court order, Chrystal "presented no evidence that there were any changes or repair of damage to their relationship" -- which has completely fallen apart -- so the judge shot her down.

As we reported, Ariel wants nothing to do with Chrystal whatsoever, and says she loves being with her sister.

Per the order, Ariel will stay under Shanelle's guardianship ... at least pending the outcome of Chrystal's custody trial in September.

Sofia Vergara

Crack'd Out in Greece

7/19/2013 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0719_sofia_vergara_splash"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara threw on her whitest bikini in Greece this week ... and flashed a vertical smile to all of the locals.

Sofia seems to be on a butt-flashing kick these days ... as evidenced by this, this, this and this.

God, we love you.


Sofia Vergara

Bottoms Up

6/17/2013 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Sofia Vergara posted this 0617-sofia-vergara-whosayphoto on the Internet over the weekend.

There were no survivors.


'Modern Family' Star

My Mother Is DEAD to Me

5/17/2013 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
0517-tmz-ariel-winter"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is throwing DISS after DISS at her birth mom ... making it clear, she wants NOTHING to do with her biological life-giver ever again.

As you know, 15-year-old Ariel has been at war with Chrystal Workman for the past year -- and even got a judge to strip her mother of custody in 2012 after claiming she was subjected to emotional abuse.

Now, Ariel is pouring salt in the wound -- by making public statements in which she makes it clear, her mother is dead to her ... and her older sister Shanelle has filled the emotional void.

When asked about her family yesterday, Winter told, "My sister is the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life. If I could be half the woman she is ... she's kind of who I want to be like."

Did you catch the thinly veiled dig at her mom? If not, check out what she Instagrammed on Mother's Day:

"Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mister, Shanelle Gray. I know everyone is going to ask what a mister is, so I'll explain. It means mom/sister to me."

She continued, "She's my best friend ... She's also the most incredible mother. I am so blessed and lucky to have her."

Translation -- Ariel's over Chrystal ... and from what we're told, she has good reason. How's THAT for a modern family?


Ariel Winter

I Didn't Pay a Penny

For My Sick New Home

4/24/2013 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0424-ariel-winter-FF15-year-old "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is moving on up ... into a big new house with her big sister ... and TMZ has learned, Ariel didn't pay a cent for it.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the San Fernando Valley house was paid for entirely by Ariel's sister Shanelle Gray and Shanelle's hubby David Barry Gray, a wealthy heir to the Pepsi fortune.  The couple has plenty of dough -- they're both working actors and have a successful business on the side.

TMZ broke the story ... Ariel refuses to even speak to her mother Chrystal Workman, who was stripped of her parental rights last year when a judge found she had been emotionally abusive.

Khloe Kardashian

Has a New 'Modern' Look

3/31/2013 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
0329_khloe_sofiaHere's Khloe Kardashian at a McDonald's event in Hollywood on Thursday (left) and "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara back in 2011 (right).

The twins.

We're just sayin'.

Ariel Winter

I WON'T Talk

To My Mom

3/29/2013 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Ariel Winter's lawyer told a judge today, the "Modern Family" star wants NOTHING to do with her mother ... and won't even sit in the same room with her.

Ariel's guardianship case was back in court, and mama Chrystal Workman complained ... her daughter refuses to do therapy with her mom.  Chrystal wanted the judge to force Ariel into therapy with her mom, but the judge nixed the request.

The judge said he couldn't force a teenager to have a relationship with her mom if she doesn't want it.  

As we previously reported .... 15-year-old Ariel is now under the guardianship of her sister Shanelle Gray, after Ariel complained she was being physically and emotionally abused by her mom.  The court found emotional abuse and stripped Chrystal of her parental rights.

Ariel hasn't spoken with her mom in 5 months -- when the guardianship was created.

'Modern Family' Kid

Rico Rodriguez

Rollin' in Cash

3/10/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Modern Family" star Rico Rodriguez has a few million reasons why he wants you to watch his show -- the actor will make up to $115,000 PER EPISODE ... if it lasts another 5 seasons, according to legal docs.

14-year-old Rico -- who plays Sofia Vergara's son on the show -- renegotiated his "MF" contract last year (along with the rest of the cast).  So his new deal starts in the current season -- season 4.

Here's what the lil guy is guaranteed over the next five seasons: 

Season 4: $75,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes    
Season 5: $85,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes
Season 6: $95,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
Season 7: $105,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
Season 8: $115,000 per episode, min of 10 episodes

FYI: In each of the first 3 seasons there were 24 episodes -- meaning Rico has the potential to make almost $2 million during the current season, and by season 8 he could make $2.8 million!

But wait, there's more ... Rico's new deal also includes a bonus in season 8  -- an extra $2,500 per episode -- if the show can meet a minimum ratings requirement.

So keep watching America ... IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN.

'Modern Family' Stars

Help, We're TRAPPED

in an Elevator!

3/2/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0302-Julie-Bowen-Eric-Stonestreet-Jesse-Tyler-Ferguson-Read-twitterShould have taken the stairs ... three "Modern Family" stars had to be rescued by the Kansas City Fire department Friday -- after getting trapped in an elevator for an hour!!!

Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were on their way to a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel, but got delayed when their elevator broke down, according to the Kansas City Star.

While trapped, the actors snapped a photo of the ordeal and posted it on Twitter while waiting for firemen rescue them.

According to the report, the Kansas City Fire Department freed them after about an hour and the threesome made it to the event (which they were headliners for) an hour late, but full of "hey we just got stuck in an elevator" jokes.

Comedy ... practically writes itself.

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