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LeBron James Lands 'Black Panther' Director ... For 'Space Jam' Sequel

9/19/2018 12:49 PM PDT
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Looney Tunes Land will have the power of Wakanda in the newest 'Space Jam' sequel starring LeBron James ... 'cause the director behind "Black Panther" is officially joining the project!!

The follow-up to the 1996 classic -- slated to begin production 2019 -- has added Ryan Coogler to the movie as a producer ... and Terence Nance will be the director.

LeBron's got a lot of irons in the Hollywood fire, but this has been by far the most anticipated project since it was announced in 2016.

If Coogler's name doesn't ring a bell, you've probably seen one of his movies. He's directed other movies like "Creed" and "Fruitvale Station" ... both starring Michael B. Jordan.

Which begs the question ... could another MJ team up with Bugs Bunny and Bron in the sequel?? 

Ashton Kutcher Manny Down ... After Scooter Crash

9/19/2018 10:59 AM PDT

Ashton Kutcher accidentally nailed a young man riding a scooter, sending him flying through the air.

19-year-old Leo Marenghi tells TMZ ... he was scooting along Tuesday afternoon on the sidewalk and as he passed the Sunset Bronson Studios in Hollywood, Kutcher pulled out of the lot in his black Tesla. Margenghi, who works as a nanny, says the impact propelled him into the air and he landed in the street.

We're told Kutcher was concerned, got out of his car and asked Leo if he was alright. He said he was fine, save a few bruises. Leo's not in showbiz, but he couldn't resist asking for a selfie as a memento, and Ashton obliged. 

Leo, ever the nanny, was on his way to pick up his kids from school, and that's why he was carrying 2 additional scooters.  

We reached out to Ashton's rep ... so far, no word back.

Joakim Noah My Shredded Bod is Thanos-Approved ... John McEnroe Agrees

9/19/2018 10:18 AM PDT

Thanos ain't snappin' his fingers at Joakim Noah ... 'cause the NBA star and Josh Brolin bro'd out on the beach ... and lookin' at the pics, you'd think Noah is the one who plays a superhuman!!

The buff dudes teamed up for a Malibu getaway with John McEnroe and surfer Laird Hamilton this week ... drinkin' beers and playing cornhole --  something they've been doing all summer long.

Noah's actually wearing a lot more clothing than the last time we saw him ... considering the dude stripped buck nekkid in front of his expensive Porsche in Santa Monica for a quick change last month.

No clue how this group came to be ... but if they keep taking beach pics together, we're for it.

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Sweatin' it Out in Atlanta

9/18/2018 3:05 PM PDT

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have reached can't-be-apart-for-too-long status as a couple -- she flew out to Atlanta to meet him while he films there.

Jamie and Katie busted a sweat Tuesday during a gym sesh in the ATL where Jamie's shooting "Just Mercy" alongside Michael B. Jordan. Katie's been in town for a few days now ... no doubt subscribing to the mantra "couples that work out together, stay together."

It's interesting ... Jamie and Katie dating, for YEARS now, was the worst kept secret in Hollywood -- even though they kept things on the super DL. Then, last September, they finally packed on the PDA during a beach outing in Malibu.

It's been on, publicly, ever since then ... including Jamie's blowout 50th birthday bash, where she was front and center.

Ben Stein Sexual Assault Hearing for Kavanaugh is a ... 'F***ing Disgrace'

9/18/2018 2:13 PM PDT

Ben Stein thinks it's total BS Brett Kavanaugh has to go through a Senate hearing over something that allegedly happened when he was in high school -- even if it's true ... and he passionately believes it's not.

We got the 'Ferris Bueller' actor at LAX Tuesday, and our cameraman went head-to-head with him over the allegations made against the Supreme Court Justice nominee by Christine Blasey Ford ... that he sexually assaulted her at a party 36 years ago.

Stein calls it a "f***ing disgrace" and says he's not buying Ford's story ... and questions her motives. When our photog Charlie pushes back, saying it's important to hear them both out to get to the bottom of things ... Stein begs to differ.

It's interesting -- Stein clearly supports Kavanaugh and thinks the claims against him are lies, but when Charlie asks what if it can be proven they're factual ... Stein seems to say it still shouldn't matter.

As for whether or not Kavanaugh will be confirmed for SCOTUS -- Ben's got a prediction ... and another about Roe v. Wade.

Ryan Reynolds Out of the Way!!!! Shoots Pricey Car Chase

9/18/2018 9:48 AM PDT

Here's your first look at Michael Bay's new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and judging by this wild car chase ... it's gonna be a thrilling and very expensive ride!

Ryan was tearing through a busy plaza in Florence, Italy in a lime green Alfa Romeo Giulia. Tires screeching, engine roaring and people jumping out of the way ... as they filmed "Six Underground." The Bay-directed flick has a reported budget of $150 million -- the most expensive Netflix original movie ever.

So far, they're keeping the plot under wraps. Thanks to this clip, we at least we know you're gonna get a heavy dose of Ryan's mug hanging out windows like a golden retriever.

Good Ryan, verrry good Ryan! 

Tom Arnold/Mark Burnett Fight LAPD Roping in Lots of Celeb Eyewitness

9/18/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The LAPD has a Hollywood mystery on its hands ... but while the list of central characters reads like a movie cast, the investigation into Tom Arnold's fight with Mark Burnett is 100 percent real. 

Celebs who saw the pre-Emmy altercation between Tom and mega-producer Mark can expect a call from the police ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

Kevin Bacon, Billy Eichner, Patton Oswalt, Alyson HanniganJeff Probst and Bryan Fogel are among those who allegedly saw Tom and Mark get physical

Alyson tweeted about walking into the party behind Tom and Mark and witnessing the whole thing, which she initially thought was a joke ... and she claims Probst tried to break it up!

Apparently, Jeff was speaking for the tribe. 

Patton and Billy were definitely there ... 'cause they posed for pics with Tom after the fight. 

Tom was Bryan's plus-1 ... and Arnold claims the Oscar-winning filmmaker has vid of the whole thing.  And, here's what's revealing. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Arnold did not give cops the video. An eyewitness says it was weird Bryan was shooting the whole time, and it may be the video was for Tom's show and he doesn't want to get scooped by the police if they release it.  

One thing's for sure ... the lead detective will have to suppress any desires to ask for autographs. 

Tom Cruise Capt. Maverick Reporting for Flight Duty

9/17/2018 11:16 AM PDT

Tom Cruise has always looked dashing in a suit ... especially in a G-suit. 

TMZ got this pic of Tom dressed as Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell for the 'Top Gun' sequel. These pics were taken over the weekend at a base in Nevada, where Tom also had time to chit chat with the Admiral there, along with fans.

It's interesting ... Tom flew the chopper by himself in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" but apparently even the great stunt actor has his limits. The other guy suited up is the actual F-18 pilot Tom flew with from a base in northern California.

He apparently serves as Tom's double based on how the jet's equipped -- the back of the fighter jet (where we're told Tom was sitting) is mounted with cameras facing Tom's POV. If ya didn't know ... Tom's now a flight instructor who mentors Goose's grown son. NICE!!

As for how the guys ended up in Nevada ... we're told the jet experienced a "flap caution" (think check engine light) mid-air. It made an unscheduled landing in Nevada and the duo jumped on another plane headed for Cali.

Good to see the film blasting full-speed ahead. Last time we got a glimpse of Tom getting his need for speed was back in May ... casually riding solo on a motorcycle at a military base in San Diego.

There's clearly no grounding Maverick. 

Jared Leto Beef with 8-Figure Model Salaries

9/17/2018 11:09 AM PDT

Jared Leto is calling attention to the insane amounts of money a select group of fashion models pull in, and it must be very upsetting to him ... 'cause he won't let it go. 

We got Jared Sunday at LAX still rocking this pink hoodie sweatshirt. On the back, it lists the salaries of the highest-paid models -- from Kendall Jenner's $22 million down to Gigi Hadid with $9.5 mil. He was first spotted wearing it around L.A. last week, and at LAX we asked what message he's trying to make.

The Oscar winner obviously has some kinda issue with the money the models are making ... especially because he keeps wearing the hoodie. 

The sweatshirt references Forbes' list of the 10 highest-earning models from June 2016 to June 2017. 

Only the Top 5 cracked Jared's sweatshirt. 

-- Kendall Jenner, $22 million

-- Gisele Bundchen, $17.5 million

-- Chrissy Teigen, $13.5 million

-- Adriana Lima, $10.5 million

-- Gigi Hadid, $9.5 million. 

Most models don't come close to these salaries. So, maybe his issue is with the 1 percenters of the industry?

BTW, Jared reportedly earned $7 million for his role in "Suicide Squad" -- just in case Kendall's out shopping for a hoodie of her own. 

Joaquin Phoenix Does His Best Joker ... Without Clown Makeup

9/16/2018 12:53 PM PDT

Joaquin Phoenix is taking a stab at playing the Clown Prince of Gotham -- and he seems to be doing a damn good job at it so far ... even without any makeup on.

The actor was on set Sunday filming a scene from the forthcoming Joker origin movie in NYC, and it appears he's in pre-clown mode for now. Still, Joaquin looks great as Batman's archnemesis -- creepy, menacing, disturbed ... everything you'd want in a Joker.

He even has a face-to-face interaction with a dolled-up clown ... and it's certainly nerve-racking to watch, especially as hands start to fly between these two.

Joaquin's turn as the Joker is the second film of its kind in the works right now. Warner Bros. is also reportedly developing a standalone Joker movie for Jared Leto's character, who debuted in "Suicide Squad." No official word on who might play Batman for either flick.

Whatever the case ... both Joaquin and Jared have big shoes to fill. As you might remember, the late Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." He died in 2008 before the Academy Awards that year.

Considering Joaquin and Jared are Oscar-caliber actors -- Jared's already got one under his belt -- they could easily turn in award-worthy performances. Fingers crossed.

1:50 PM PT -- Todd Phillips -- the director of new Joker movie -- just posted a close-up shot of Joaquin in character as 'Arthur' ... presumably the real name of the Joker in his film.

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Kanye West Next Up for Me ... Making Movies!!!

9/16/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Kanye West is more than just a man ... at least that's what the name of his potential new movie business suggests.

Ye filed legal paperwork-- obtained by TMZ -- in August to launch a new company called Half Beast, LLC. According to the docs, Half Beast will be a film production company.

As you know ... Kanye already has many job titles -- rapper, fashion mogul, creative director of porn award shows -- but it looks like he's ready to delve into another industry.

It's interesting -- Kanye also filed trademark paperwork in 2015 and 2016 for "Half Beast" to lock down the name for entertainment services, movies, books and more.

Nothing came of it, but now that he's looking to open a business in the same name ... it could be a matter of time.

Paige Butcher Eddie's Finally Gonna Have a Jr.!!

9/14/2018 3:37 PM PDT

Eddie Murphy's had NINE kids, but baby #10 could still be a first, in a way, for him and gf Paige Butcher.

Paige, who's expecting their second child together, was out shopping for baby books Friday in Studio City, CA when she had an impromptu gender reveal party!

Okay, no exploding pink or blue balloons, but still ... the model did reveal she and Eddie are having a boy this time around. They had a little girl 2 years ago.

She says they already have some names in mind and for the first time, they're considering going the junior route. Pretty amazing Ed hasn't gone there before -- he's had 3 cracks at it.

Here's hoping we're roughly 20 short years away from Eddie Murphy ... the sequel! 

Terry Crews Adam Venit's Apology Accepted ... Now That He's Retired

9/14/2018 9:35 AM PDT

Terry Crews is finally accepting the apology he got from Adam Venit now that the WME agent has officially retired.

Terry just posted a letter he received in March and, in it, Venit asks for forgiveness for the sexual assault Terry says went down at a Hollywood party. Venit does not directly fess up to Terry's allegation, but says ... "I know that you didn't ask for any of this ... I take responsibility for us being here now, together in this situation. I am sorry for all of it."

Venit says ... "I even hope that someday we can come together and go forward with compassion and understanding and be an amazing force for positivity and change in our culture."

We broke the story ... Terry filed a police report against Venit for sexual assault last November. The criminal case was rejected due to the statute of limitations -- but Terry filed a civil lawsuit which just settled. Venit retired when they reached the deal.

In the caption to his post, Terry says the apology is "Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION."

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