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Sylvester Stallone Rambo Ambushes College FB Player ... With Scholarship Offer

8/16/2016 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081616_sly_stallone_primaryHere's Sylvester Stallone helping a college football player live out his real-life "Rudy" moment ... surprising the walk-on with a scholarship offer in front of the whole squad.

It went down at a recent Western Michigan football practice ... first, walk-on linebacker Kasey Carson was singled out by the coaching staff for his leadership and guts, then everyone was told to look up at the jumbo screen.

That's when Sly took it away ... informing the whole program the kid had earned a full ride, and praising him for his attitude ... all set to the 'Rocky' theme.

Check out the clip ... and wrap yourself in its awesomeness.

Billy Bob Thornton Johnny, I Never Banged Amber!!!

8/16/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815-billy-bob-thorton-depp-mirror-tmzJohnny Depp could have saved the paint -- and the blood --- when he allegedly wrote the words "Billy Bob" with what was left of his finger on a mirror ... because Mr. Thornton says he never hooked up with Amber Heard.

TMZ broke the story ... Amber and her people claim in March, 2015 Johnny accidentally cut his fingertip off in the middle of an argument with Amber ... and did his artful handiwork on the mirror after accusing her of cheating with Billy Bob when they co-starred in the flick, "London Fields," which was set to be released in 2015.

Billy Bob tells us the cheating allegation is ridiculous ... "completely false."

Thornton says he never socialized with Amber off set, other than a cast dinner. Even on the set, he says he didn't hang with her ... he was mostly around members of the crew. He adds he didn't even have a friendship with the actress ... it was all professional, on the set, and that was it.

As for Johnny, even though they were on the same set, Billy Bob says they had no interaction ... did not even speak.

Billy Bob's been married to wife Connie Angland since 2014. He says he's talked to Connie about the story and assured her it was Johnny's fantasy.


J Lo Drug Lord Movie Surviving Ex Warns HBO Mention Me and I'll Sue!

8/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812-main-jennifer-lopez-griselda-blanco-charles-tmz-magnolia-pictures-01The only non-murdered man who either dated or married a notorious killer is warning HBO -- trash talk him in the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez and he's suing your asses.

First, the backstory ... Charles Cosby infamously dated Griselda Blanco -- a Colombian drug lord dubbed the Cocaine Godmother who's tied to hundreds of murders, including the deaths of every man she ever dated, except Cosby. J Lo's playing Blanco for HBO.

Cosby wants NOTHING to do with the film ... telling TMZ there better be no references to him ... or else. 

What's more ... Cosby -- who narrated a documentary about Blanco's life, "Cocaine Cowboys 2" -- says he's no Jennifer fan ... calling her unconvincing with no street cred. 

And Cosby's got his own Griselda project ... a movie he's producing called, "Hustle." 



Matt Barnes I Might Make Movies With Kobe ... We Talked About It

8/14/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Barnes is hoping his days of teaming up with Kobe Bryant didn't end with the 2012 Lakers ... saying he wants the Mamba to give him a big assist ... as a MOVIE PRODUCER.

We got Barnes out in L.A. and asked if he's got anything lined up for his life after basketball (dude is 36 after all, but still balling) and that's when he told us he's interested in life behind the camera.

Then our guy brought up Kobe ... who's just getting his production company kickin' since his retirement ... and asked whether or not Matt's up for working with the Mamba.

Check out the clip -- not only is he up for it ... he says the two men have talked ... and a collab on some type of project might not be as far off as you think. 

BTW -- we also asked what it means to have an African-American woman win individual gold in swimming ... and Matt keeps it 100 ... saying certain stereotypes might be gone forever. 

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Possible Victims in Peeping Tom Case

8/12/2016 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812-johnny-depp-amber-heard-hollywood-camera-man-fun-art-TMZ-Getty-03Johnny Depp and Amber Heard might have been victims of a Peeping Tom who shot upskirt videos during the shooting of several of his movies ... so claim 3 women in a new lawsuit.

Kevin Thomas Roy -- a longtime assistant director with credits on Depp's 'Rum Diary' and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" -- is being sued by 3 women for invasion of privacy and emotional distress ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The women say Roy was closely associated with Depp's production team and there's a "high probability" Amber was secretly shot. The suit doesn't specifically mention which movie ... but Amber worked with Johnny in 'Rum.'

The suit claims Johnny may have also been a victim, but no specifics are provided.

Roy is accused of using his phone and planting hidden cameras in bathrooms and other private areas to videotape his friends, co-workers and actors. The suit alleges Roy kept videos going back 7 years ... showing people in various states of undress.

And get this ... according to the suit, Roy secretly shot video of his wife's sister's honeymoon.

According to the docs ... Roy's wife discovered the videos and turned it over to cops. He eventually pled no contest to 2 counts of invasion of privacy and was booted from Directors Guild of America.

Trump Tower Climber Tom Cruise and I Have the Same Sole

8/12/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811_trump_climber_rogue-shoe_gettyThe Trump Tower climber and Tom Cruise have one thing in common -- the same taste in shoes.

Five Ten tells TMZ its climbing shoe -- the Rogue VCS 5.10 worn by the man who scaled 21 floors Wednesday -- has seen greater heights with a bigger star and a law-abiding citizen ... Tom Cruise.

The company says it designed the shoes Tom wore in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" specifically for the scene where his character climbs the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates -- the tallest structure in the world.

The Trump climber bought 'em in blue, and viewers took notice -- cause Five Ten tells us its online sales have spiked since the wannabe Spider-Man went all daredevil in Manhattan.

But the shoe company's crystal clear -- climbing Trump's or anyone else's building is not the way to meet him ... or, frankly, anyone.


Tyrese Sorry, Rock ... I'm Team Vin Diesel

8/11/2016 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811-tyrese-vin-instagram-01Vin Diesel just scored an incredibly powerful ally in his war with The Rock ... Tyrese

Vin's "Fast 8" co-star just made it clear ... it's Vin who is the driving force behind the franchise, and people like Rock need to respect that.

Tyrese posted a pic with the caption, "I've always said that if ONLY people knew how hard you work to protect this franchise and characters, minds would be blown," adding, "I'm so f****** proud to call you my family and my brother."

And then the hammer ... "if no one else will jump out there and stand up I will."

Vin also got vague support from fellow 'Furious' co-star Ludacris, who just posted a pic of the cast ... sans Rock.

War still raging.

A photo posted by @ludacris on

Danny Trejo 'I Was Boxing Champ Of Every Prison I Was In'

8/11/2016 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood badass Danny Trejo -- aka Machete -- was a real-life ass-kicker behind bars ... telling TMZ Sports he was a champion boxer of every prison he was in ... "and I was in all of 'em."

Trejo's story is legendary ... after going in and out of California prisons growing up, he got a job as a boxing trainer on an Eric Roberts movie ... which launched an incredible movie career of his own. 

We got Trejo out in L.A. Wednesday night -- and he told us what it was like to fight in prison ... and it's just as rough as you'd think it would be.

Trejo also raves about Floyd Mayweather -- saying whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect him as one of the ALL-TIME GREATS. 

Check out the video ... this dude is pretty awesome.

Vin Diesel vs. The Rock Crew Says One's a Nice Guy ... One's Not

8/11/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810-vin-diesel-the-rock-tmz-01The crew has chosen sides in the "Fast 8" feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel ... and Rock wins, hands down.

Production sources tell TMZ, The Rock has been upset with Vin's work ethic for a long time, and he's not alone. Members of the crew tell us Vin was often 30 minutes to an hour late to shoot scenes ... and it wasn't because he was late to the set -- he was simply in his trailer and wouldn't come out.

We're told Vin didn't like Monday 7 AM calls so production was forced to make the start time 10 AM to accommodate him.

And the crew felt Vin's arrogance was out of control, especially because he had a producer title. We're told he wouldn't listen to anyone and would goad people, including The Rock, by criticizing their acting.

The crew has a vastly different view of The Rock. They say he's the ultimate professional who is always on time and always nails his scenes. They also say he's easy to work with.

As we reported, Vin and Rock have been clashing for a long time and it came to a head Monday when Rock exploded on social media, calling out a male co-star (it's Vin) for being unprofessional.

And as we told you, Vin confronted Rock Tuesday in Rock's trailer, but their issues remain unresolved.


Vin Diesel 'I Will Tell You Everything'

8/11/2016 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vin Diesel has secrets he's now going to share ... about what appears to be an excruciating experience riddled with conflict ... but so far, nothing.

Vin posted this video, in which he obliquely refers to his war with "Fast 8" co-star The Rock.

Vin captioned the video, "So much has gone in this year. I can't believe I wrapped two back to back pictures I both starred in and produced. Now I get to return to my family, my life ... To me."

Interesting he says "starred and produced." The producing part, we're told, is part of the conflict he had with The Rock. 

The Rock I'll Show You Who's Boss on 'Fast & Furious'

8/10/2016 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Rock just posted a video showing him as the undisputed king of the set on "Fast 8" ... with Vin Diesel nowhere in sight.

The video was shot as production is coming to a close, and it's not coincidental it was filmed hours after Vin Diesel told everyone "Daddy's gone" and left '8' in the dust.  

Rock also posted this ... "And like with any team -- that's a family -- there's gonna be conflict. Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs. To me, conflict can be a good thing, when its followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it."

As we reported, there was no "great resolution" after Vin confronted Rock Tuesday in Rock's trailer.

UFC's Tyron Woodley The Rock Would Beat Vin Diesel's Ass

8/10/2016 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's probably in Vin Diesel's best interest to squash the beef with The Rock asap -- 'cause Dwayne Johnson would whoop that ass if things came to blows ... so says UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Woodley (who's also an actor) says he recently went to the "Fast 8" set -- and says he thought things seemed peaceful ... though Rock wasn't there at the time. 

But that was then ... before Rock called out Diesel as an unprofessional "candy ass" on social media. 

There's more ... Woodley also talks about his rumored cameo in the 'Spider-Man' movie -- and also picks a winner in the Diaz vs. McGregor rematch. Check out the clip. 

Vin Diesel Sayonara, 'Fast 8' Beef with Rock Rolls On

8/10/2016 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810-vin-diesel-tmz-02Vin Diesel got the hell out of Dodge ... minutes after wrapping his final scene in "Fast 8" ... and we've learned his feud with The Rock is NOT resolved.

Production sources tell TMZ ... Vin finished filming his scenes, with The Rock, no less, at 1 AM Wednesday and almost as soon as the director called cut Vin gathered everyone and said he was leaving. During his speech he said, "Daddy's gone" ... Vin thinks of himself as the father figure on set.

Our sources say earlier in the day, Vin confronted Rock over the disparaging comments he made about his male co-stars. Although Rock didn't name names, we know he was referring to Vin.

We're told Vin went to Rock's trailer and demanded to know why he was talking trash. The 2 spoke privately inside but we're told they did not squash their beef. One source intimately familiar with the actors tells us it's all about big egos.

As for Vin, he didn't leave anyone high and dry. We're told after shooting his last scene the studio cleared him to leave.

As for The Rock ... he shoots his last scene Thursday. The movie is a week away from being fully wrapped.


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