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Snoop Dogg


Throws 'Coming to America' Party For Son's Bday

2/22/2015 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


ALL HAIL KING JOFFE JOFFER  ... 'cause Snoop Dogg straight up transformed into the ruler of Zamunda last night for an INSANE "Coming to America" themed bday party for his son ... and we've got in the footage!!

Snoop threw the mega-bash to celebrate his 18-year-old football star son Cordell Broadus (who just committed to UCLA) ... recreating the famous wedding scene from the 1988 Eddie Murphy flick.

There were dancers ... there were rose petal throwers ... there was even a THRONE!!!

You gotta watch the video ... it's one of the craziest things we've ever seen.

BTW, we know what you're thinking ... and no, we have no idea if Cordell got himself a bath too.


Aaron Sorkin

I'd LOVE to Pen New 'Indiana Jones'

... BUT

2/22/2015 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If Steven Spielberg wants Chris Pratt to play a version of "Indiana Jones" who can talk someone's ear off in the rumored new movie ... then one legendary writer says he'd love to help.

Aaron Sorkin was heading out of the Montage Saturday night in Bev Hills when he told our photog he's always wanted to write an action flick ... so if Spielberg and co. came knocking, he'd be down.

There's a fear though. Check out the video and hear it from Sorkin himself.

Fortune and glory, kid.

Jeremy Renner

Responds to Divorce

What's Your Problem? It's All Black & White

2/21/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Renner
has fired back at his estranged wife who filed for divorce, making it clear that there are no real issues, so why is she fighting so fiercely?

Renner filed legal docs in which he asks for joint custody of their kid. Sonni Pacheco is asking for primary custody, even though they've been sharing 50/50 custody of 23-month-old Ava since their split late last year.  

Jeremy also makes it clear in his papers, filed by disso-queen Laura Wasser, there's a prenup and his earnings are his and his alone. He wants the prenup enforced, and that's that.

Sonni has made a bunch of claims, including an allegation that Jeremy's house is not safe for Ava, but we're told Sonni had no complaints when she lived in the house the entire time they were married.

Sonni's legal docs also suggest Jeremy's not anteing up in the child support department, even though we're told he's been paying her since they split.

Short story ... it sounds like he's saying this is a simple divorce, but she wants a fight.

Marvel Studios

We're Not Afraid of Mayweather

'Avengers 2' Ain't Moving

2/21/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0220-floyd-mayweather-manny-pacqiou-Marvel-Avengers-getty-01What do killer omnipotent robots, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao have in common?

"The Avengers" are going to kick all of their asses in May ... because Marvel Studios tells TMZ Sports there are no plans to bump the biggest movie of the year ... because of the fight of the century.

We spoke to reps for Marvel who tell us despite the fact that "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is slated to open on May 1st -- the same weekend as Mayweather vs. Pacquiao -- there are ZERO plans to push the release.

It's an interesting dilemma for Marvel ... do you really want your big blockbuster going up against a global event that's expected to rake in more than $300 million?? Especially on its 1st Saturday? 

Despite the competition, the company says it's riding with "Captain America" and "Iron Man" because when we asked if there were any plans to jiggle the schedule the response was simply, "Nope."

Those superheroes ... so confident.

J.K. Simmons

I Crack The Whip ...

But Don't Try It At Home

2/21/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


J.K. Simmons isn't someone with whom you want to play musical chairs ... the Oscar nominated "Whiplash" star says there's only one situation where throwing furniture at people works.

Simmons is cleaning up this awards season for his role as the ball-busting Terence Fletcher in the film ... but our photog found out, he doesn't agree with his character's teaching methods.

It doesn't sound like it was inspired by any teachers he had growing up, but he thinks Fletcher's "methods" only fly in one place.


J.J. Abrams

New Lightsaber Got Approval

From Major Celebrity Nerd

2/20/2015 10:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022015_jj_abrams_launch_v3A short time ago in cyberspace not so far away ... nerds were up in arms over the new lightsaber seen briefly in the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer -- but the movie's director says he's got saber support from Hollywood's biggest nerd.

J.J. Abrams was on his way out of Bad Robot's studio ... when he told our photog he's not surprised at the cross-saber backlash -- but he also knew lots of fans would think it's cool.

In case you don't know, the hubbub is over the practicality of the design -- it seems like the sword could easily cut anyone using the Jedi tool.

But Abrams says one celeb nerd with major pull already gave him two wookiee thumbs up.

Hint: he's a big "Lord of the Rings" fan.


Bruce Jenner

Car Crash Victim's

Big Screen Brush with Elvis

2/20/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The woman who died in the Bruce Jenner car crash once appeared with Elvis in one of his big movies.

We found this video of "Double Trouble" released in 1967. Kim Howe is the woman with blonde hair piled up in a bun, dancing with Elvis as she holds a beer stein. 

Howe, who was in her early 20s at the time, is dressed as a fraulein in the bar.

We're told this was one of the highlights of Howe's life. It doesn't appear she was featured in other film or TV projects.

And something weirdly coincidental ... Elvis' longtime girlfriend was Linda Thompson, who was married to Bruce Jenner.

Howe was killed on PCH earlier this month when Jenner's SUV hit her Lexus, sending it into oncoming traffic where it smashed into a Hummer. She was 69 years old. 

The Miz

When Thespians Attack ...

I'm a Better Actor Than The Rock

2/19/2015 9:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fighting words from The Miz ... this time, the WWE superstar tells TMZ Sports he honestly believes he's the GREATEST actor in wrestling history -- and specifically calls out The Rock

In Miz's defense, it sounds like he'd been drinking on his way out of Warwick in Hollywood Wednesday night -- but he couldn't be more clear, "There is no WWE superstar who's ever been a better actor than me."

For the records, Miz's biggest credits: 

-- "The Marine 3: Homefront"
-- "The Marine 4: Moving Target"
... and he played himself in "Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery"

The Rock's biggest credits:

-- "Fast Five"
-- "Fast & Furious 6"
-- "G.I. Joe: Retaliation"
-- "The Scorpion King"
-- "Walking Tall"
... and he's considered one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood.

Miz acknowledges The Rock is the #1 guy right now ... but insists, when it comes to talent, he's the one layin' the smackdown.  


'Up In Smoke' Actress

June Fairchild Dies from Cancer

2/19/2015 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0219-june-fairchild-united-artist-01June Fairchild -- the actress best known for her iconic Ajax snorting scene in "Up In Smoke" -- has died at 68 ... and friends are hoping her former Cheech & Chong co-stars can help with her funeral costs. 

Fairchild had a big movie career in the '70s -- besides 'Smoke' ... she appeared in "Head" with The Monkees ... and "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" with Clint Eastwood.

She's also widely credited for naming the band "Three Dog Night" ... while dating lead singer Danny Hutton

June was put in hospice care over the weekend, and died Tuesday night after a long battle with liver cancer. 

Sources close to Fairchild tell us her last few years were difficult financially. She'd been homeless for several years. We're told her friends are reaching out to Tommy Chong to see if he can pitch in for her funeral and burial expenses.

Green Bay Packers Stars


... In 'Pitch Perfect 2'

2/17/2015 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Clay Matthews ain't no Milli Vanilli ... TMZ Sports has learned the Green Bay Packers star laid down REAL LEGIT VOCALS for his cameo in "Pitch Perfect 2" ... and apparently, it came out pretty good. 

In fact, all of the football players who have a cameo in the movie hit up a recording studio and flexed their god-given pipes for a scene in the upcoming movie ... at least, that's what Jordan Rodgers told us on "TMZ Hollywood Sports."

Jordan -- a QB in the Canadian Football League -- also happens to be the younger brother of Aaron Rodgers ... and says he got the role as a "honorary" member of the Packers.

"So the first day we were there, we recorded in the studio," Rodgers says ... "so this will be our real voices."

"They said they were gonna make us sound good ... but not too good. They don't want it to be unrealistic."

So, who was the best singer of the bunch? Check out the clip. 

Check out "TMZ Hollywood Sports" weekdays at 3PM ET, 6PM PT on Reelz. 

Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans

Super Bowl Wager ...

'Best Bet I Ever Lost'

2/17/2015 6:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021715_chris_pratt_launchChoking to the New England Patriots wasn't so bad after all ... so says Seahawks mega-fan Chris Pratt who says his Super Bowl wager with Chris Evans was the "best bet I ever lost."

Of course, Pratt agreed to visit the kids at Evans' Boston-based charity after the defeat ... dressed as Star-Lord ... while the "Captain America" actor taunted him with a Tom Brady jersey. 

The kids loved it -- and clearly, so did Chris, who told us the whole experience was "beautiful."

The clip's pretty great ... especially the part where Pratt's famous friend (an actor who's been in a bunch of stuff) jockeys for camera time on the way into a bar ... hilarious stuff. 


'Octopussy' Villain

Louis Jourdan Dead at 93

2/15/2015 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0215-louis-jourdan-octopussy-MGM-01Louis Jourdan -- who played Afghan prince Kamal Khan in "Octopussy" -- has died at the age of 93.

Jourdan reportedly died at his home in Beverly Hills Saturday ... but details surrounding how he passed weren't immediately available.

The French actor also famously played the role of Gaston in "Gigi" ... and his character Khan in the James Bond flick will go down in history as one of 007's best adversaries.

In 2010, Jourdan was awarded the Legion d'Honneur in L.A. ... with his buddies Sidney Poitier and Kirk Douglas in attendance.


Oscar Gift Bag

Celebs Get $20K Gift Certificate

For Mind Reading Class?!

2/14/2015 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Celebrities already have money, fame and power ... but Hollywood's elite may soon have the ability to read your mind -- at least according to the woman behind one of the weirdest Oscar gifts of all time.

The Academy Awards gift bag this year contains all sorts of expensive items -- like a train ride through the Rockies and a year's worth of All-Audi A4 rentals -- but one item stands out most ... a session for mind reading techniques worth $20K.

Olessia Kantor -- who will fly out to the celebrity's location -- tells us she'll analyze their dreams/horoscopes ... and claims she can teach famous people how to read minds.

Some of her methods may sound crazy -- like daily staring exercises, thought concentration techniques and hours of mind power training -- but has a psychic ever sounded sane?

Agents of Hollywood, you've been warned.

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