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Djimon Hounsou Working with Becks was Cool ... But I Won't Coach Him

5/14/2017 12:15 AM PDT

Djimon Hounsou says David Beckham was fun to be around on the set of "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword," but if he wants acting help ... he'll have to look elsewhere.

We got the actor at LAX and asked him what it was like working with Becks ... no surprise here -- he says it was a lot of fun and he's a cool dude. Djimon also assures us the soccer star looks great in the movie.

But when our guy asks if he'd help Beckham hone his acting skills in wake of some online criticism, his enthusiasm meter goes way down ... and for good reason.

Dude's got his own work to do.

Michelle Rodriguez I'm Sick of Insecure Action Stars

5/13/2017 7:39 AM PDT

Michelle Rodriguez is gunning for a female revolution in action movies, and is looking for men who are comfortable enough in their sexuality to share the screen with badass chicks.

We got the "Fate of the Furious" star out in Beverly Hills ... she tells us she's not looking to star in her own action franchise, because her new passion is to run the show behind the scenes.

First order of business -- grow more female action stars.

Michelle is adamant she does NOT want an all-female cast -- à la "Ocean's Eight -- she wants men and women working together to kick ass.

She thinks this requires a certain type of dude, though ... the type she'd like to marry.

Hollywood's Movie Cars Elvis' Jeep, Gosling's Chevy, Cage's Bike All Up for Grabs!

5/11/2017 4:24 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ryan Gosling and Elvis Presley's famous rides are about to be up for grabs -- meaning this is probably your one and only shot to plant your ass where theirs were ... if ya got the dough.

Auction houses Dan Kruse Classics and Flat 12 Gallery are unloading a hangar full of cars and motorcycles used in movies like Elvis' "Tickle Me," Ryan's "Drive" and Nic Cage's "Ghost Rider." They also have vehicles from shows like "Sons of Anarchy," "Entourage" and "Mad Men."

According to our auction sources the '65 Jeep Tuxedo Edition Elvis drove is expected to go for $30k to $40k. Bids on the '73 Chevelle from "Drive" should hit $20k to $30k ... and at least $15k for Cage's 1999 Buell motorbike.

All told, they're looking for the total auction haul to top $145k.

Start your engines, and open your wallets!

Charlie Hunnam Modeled King Arthur After Conor McGregor!

5/11/2017 3:57 PM PDT
Breaking News

Forget round tables ... Charlie Hunnam says he drew inspiration for his role in 'King Arthur' from a different shape -- an Octagon cage.

Hunnam plays the lead role in the Guy Ritchie action flick and told he "thought an enormous amount about Conor McGregor" while deciding on how to play the character.

"Conor McGregor was somebody that I drew a lot of inspiration from and that Guy and I discussed a lot," he added to Entertainment Weekly.

We know Hunnam's been a huge Conor fan for years -- he watched a bunch of McGregor highlights to get himself fired up for the role and previously told us he dreamed about fighting the guy.

Milla Jovovich 9-Year-Old Daughter Knows It Pays to Read!!!

5/11/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Milla Jovovich's giving her 9-year-old daughter a sweet incentive to read ... whether she jumps on that deal is another story.

We got Milla at LAX Wednesday and wondered if her daughter, Ever Gabo -- who starred in "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" and recently was featured in Vogue Italia -- gets to spend her own hard-earned dough.

Check it out ... Milla's practically moonlighting as a CPA ... but there is 1 -- AND ONLY ONE -- chore Ever can do to earn some extra cash.

DC Young Fly My Agent's Worthless ... Flying Solo Got Me Here

5/11/2017 12:30 AM PDT

DC Young Fly's got a deadbeat agent who's done nothing for his career, but keeps cashing in on his success ... at least according to the rapper himself.

The "Wild 'n Out" star claims in a new suit ... Archive Entertainment's Bobby Patterson suckered him into signing a contract in December 2013 with promises of record deals, movie and TV roles, and his own line of merchandise. Young Fly agreed to pay him a huge cut too -- up to 65% of his record sales plus another 35% of his merch or endorsement deals.

Problem is -- DC says Patterson's done jack squat to help him out, and hasn't covered any of his expenses to launch his music career like he agreed to. He also bailed on the merch.

Young Fly also claims he landed all of his film and TV roles on his own since signing on with Patterson ... but still forks over big bucks for nothing.

Fly's asking the court to void their business contract and for Patterson to pay him damages. We reached out to Patterson ... no word back so far.

Michael Oher Booked for Alleged Uber Attack ... Mug Shot Taken

5/9/2017 7:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

NFL lineman Michael Oher -- the inspiration for the movie "The Blind Side" -- turned himself in to police on Monday to be booked for allegedly roughing up an Uber driver. He looked pissed.

The 30-year-old Carolina Panthers player had been cited over the April 14 incident in Nashville -- in which the Uber driver claims Oher pushed him to the ground and kicked him after an argument about directions.

Oher had received a citation for misdemeanor assault and had been ordered to appear for booking on May 8. 

He showed up. He took a mug shot. Judging from the picture, he wasn't happy.

He's due in court next month.

'Moonlight' Star Jharrel Jerome Best Kiss Win Was A Big Deal Even If We Didn't Kiss Onstage

5/9/2017 12:30 AM PDT

"Moonlight" star Jharrel Jerome says he and his costar, Ashton Sanders, didn't smooch after their Best Kiss win at the MTV Movie Awards because he's not the character he portrayed.

We got Jharrel at LAX Monday on the heels of his big win where he told us his victory proves things are headed in the right direction when it comes to LGBT issues since they won by majority vote.

BTW ... lots of actor have passed on recreating their movie kiss. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal won the same award in 2006 for "Brokeback Mountain," but Gyllenhaal accepted solo. And Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson won the award 4 years in a row for the "Twilight" flicks and never smooched.

Jharrel says the movie kiss was so powerful ... it should stand alone. 

Olympian Tom Daley Marries Oscar Winning Screenwriter ... at English 'Castle'

5/8/2017 9:29 AM PDT
Breaking News

Big weekend for British medal winning Olympic diver Tom Daley -- who married Hollywood power player Dustin Lance Black at a lavish ceremony at a "castle" in England. 

FYI, DLB is a very big deal -- he won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for "Milk" and also wrote Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" starring Leonardo DiCaprio

The two have been dating for years and got engaged in 2015. 

Daley revealed the two tied the knot on May 6th at Bovey Castle in England in front of 120 people. 

The castle isn't really a castle -- no royal people live there -- but it's still pretty awesome. 


Gary the Dog This is How I Roll!!! At Carrie Fisher Movie Night

5/5/2017 7:56 AM PDT

Gary the Dog turnt all the way up at a special Carrie Fisher movie screening Thursday ... and it's the most ADORABLE thing you're going to see all day!!!!!

Gary and his caretaker -- Carrie's former asst. Corby McCoin -- attended the May the 4th showing of "Postcards from the Edge" ... a movie the 'Star Wars' actress famously wrote about her relationship with her late mom, Debbie Reynolds.

But the real action went down outside Angel City Brewery in L.A. -- where Gary put on the cutest little show for his adoring fans. 

Who's a good famous doggy!?! You are!! Yes you are!!!

'May the Fourth' Day 24k Gold Darth Vader Mask ... Yours for $1.4 Million!!

5/4/2017 8:42 AM PDT

You'd think a Darth Vader mask on sale for $1.4 million would at least have been worn in one of the 'Star Wars' films, but not so ... and yet, it's still pretty baller.

Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka created the Sith Lord's famous mask in solid 24 carat gold for the die-hard 'Star Wars' fan with super deep pockets. Naturally it had to hit the market today, May the Fourth ... aka Star Wars Day.

Don't worry about it being sold off. They're custom order, which means Ginza Tanaka seems to think more than one of these bad boys will sell. FYI, it takes about 10 goldsmiths 3 months to create the piece.

The mask weighs 33 pounds, so you better have a strong neck. Or actual use of the Force.

Liam Neeson Uses Particular Set of Skills ... To Find Free Food!!

5/3/2017 12:55 PM PDT

Liam Neeson's known for hunting down bad guys and making them pay, but he's also skilled at hunting down good guys who want to give him a delicious free sandwich.

The manager at Big Star Sandwich Co. in New Westminster, Canada put up a sign Tuesday morning offering Liam free grub after hearing he was filming in the area. Our sandwich meat sources (yep, we got those) tell us a few hours later ... BOOM ... Mr. "Taken" walked into the shop!

We're told he used his most intimidating voice and simply said, "Where is my free sandwich?"

Liam didn't actually eat because he had to rush back to set, but did snap a pic with employees. The actor's up there shooting "Hard Powder" ... a movie about a snow plow driver seeking revenge against a drug kingpin who he thinks murdered his son.

Instant classic. The photo. Probably not the movie.

Bradley Cooper A Star is Born at The Greek

5/2/2017 7:35 AM PDT

Bradley Cooper's more than just a pretty face ... he's got a pretty voice too.

Bradley literally put on a performance filming at The Greek Theater in L.A. for "A Star is Born."

It's interesting ... these kinda scenes are usually recorded in a studio and what's performed onstage is usually lip-synched. But Bradley here's doing the real thing ... at least from what we can hear.

He's a multi-tasker for sure, starring in the movie, making his directorial debut and also producing.

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