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Sugar Ray Leonard Usher Was Fantastic As Me ... Dude Nailed The Love Scenes

8/23/2016 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sugar Ray Leonard is heaping praise on Usher's performance in the new Roberto Duran movie ... saying Usher was "fantastic" at portraying him ... specifically in the love scenes.

We got Leonard out at LAX and asked him about the new Duran biopic, "Hands Of Stone," in which Mr. Raymond plays Mr. Leonard.

Everyone knows Usher got in INSANE shape for the movie, and his boxing was on point ... but we wanted to know how he did in those all-important bedroom booty scenes ... and if Sugar approved.

Check out the clip -- Leonard seems to be on board with Usher's moves in and out of the ring, telling our guy the music legend "performed very well" in those intimate moments.

Dude ought to have some moves ... he is a dancer, right?

UFC's Michael Bisping Double Duty Training for Fight on Movie Set

8/23/2016 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Michael Bisping can multitask ... 'cause the UFC middleweight champ says he'll be training for his next fight against Dan Henderson while shooting his new movie in London. 

Bisping locked up a role in the bare-knuckle boxing flick, "My Name Is Lenny" -- which starts filming this week. Bisping says his part will take roughly 2 weeks to complete. 

But he also has a huge fight coming up against Hendo at UFC 204 in October -- just 7 weeks away. 

So, how will he be able to prep for the fight and shoot the flick? 

"My trainer's gonna come with me. I'm still gonna train every day. Film the movie. Come back. Focus on the fight. Kick some ass."

FYI, other fighters like Paige VanZant and Conor McGregor have turned down roles to focus on training camp -- but clearly, Bisping thinks he can handle both. 

We'll find out on October 8th ... 

Chris Hemsworth Showbiz ... It's All Who You Know

8/23/2016 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823-chris-hemsworth-cristian-prieto-splash-01Chris Hemsworth takes care of his own on set ... even the in-laws. 

The actor hooked up Cristian Prieto -- the little bro of his wife Elsa Pataky -- with a production gig for his new 'Thor' movie -- which is in the middle of filming in Brisbane, Australia.

We're sure Chris helping out Cristian sat well with the missus.

It's like they say, happy wife ... 

Mischa Barton I Chose Play Over Work And It Cost Me $200k

8/22/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0819-mischa-barton-TMZ-01Mischa Barton's gotta fork over a ton of cash to the screenwriter she left high and dry by blowing off his movie production to go parading all over Europe.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ ... a judge ordered Mischa to pay $200k, plus interest, to screenplay writer Daniel Lief for skipping town just as shooting was set to start for his movie, "Promoted." Mischa had scored the lead role. 

As we reported ... producers sued Mischa when they saw pics of her all over social media ... hangin' in Europe with a dude, instead of getting her ass to work. Daniel said the production delay -- he had to recast the lead -- cost more than $300k. 

We reached out to Mischa, but no word back yet.


Fetty Wap I Treated a Kid Like Dirt For His Birthday!!!

8/21/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0819_Ftty_wapp_bike_instagram_MAINFetty Wap just made it impossible for the parents of a 19-year-old not to disappoint their kid ... because Fetty shelled out $8k for an amazing birthday present.

The "Trap Queen" rapper ran into Taekwon "Pug" Ford a few months back when he came to Baltimore to ride dirt bikes with Pug's crew. 

Apparently, Fetty knew Pug has an obsession with bikes -- he starred in "12 O'Clock Boys," a documentary about dirt bike riders in Baltimore.

So imagine Pug's surprise when Fetty presented the 19-year-old with a 2016 Yamaha YZ125. 

Fetty is no stranger to bikes ... and bike mishaps. He shattered his leg in a motorcycle accident last year. He's transitioned from 2 wheels to 4 -- smart.

'Rugrats' & 'Newhart' Star Jack Riley Dead at 80

8/19/2016 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0819_jack_riley_Stu-Pickles_gettyJack Riley -- the voice of "Rugrats" fave, Stu Pickles, and co-star of "The Bob Newhart Show" -- has died of pneumonia.

Jack famously played Elliot Carlin, one Newhart's super neurotic patients, during all 6 seasons of the classic '70s TV sitcom.

More recently he was the father of Tommy and Dil Pickles in the "Rugrats" cartoon series and movies. Jack also starred in several Mel Brooks movies and had tons of guest roles on huge TV shows such as "MASH," "Happy Days," and 'Mary Tyler Moore.'

Riley's wife told Deadline, Jack passed away Friday in Los Angeles. He was 80.


Anthony Anderson I Support 'Birth of a Nation' Director

8/19/2016 7:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Anderson understands the drama 'Birth of a Nation' director and star Nate Parker is going through -- and clearly believes in second chances.  

We caught up with the "Black-ish" star Thursday in Bev Hills and asked if it's fair Parker's 1999 rape trial -- which ended with his acquittal -- is now affecting the biggest film of his life.

Anthony's take on Parker's situation -- focus on the man's work.

For Nate's part ... he released a statement this week addressing the resurfaced story. 

'Little Rascals' Star Alfalfa Cowlick Scored Me Tons of Chicks

8/18/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bug Hall -- best known as Alfalfa from the '90s version of "The Little Rascals" -- says his iconic hairdo wasn't just for looks ... it was the ultimate closer with the ladies.

Hall was in NYC promoting Discovery's new show, "Harley and the Davidsons." Naturally we talked motorcycles and stuff, but it got really interesting when we asked a not-so-innocent question about his post 'Rascals' love life. WHO KNEW???

Also, check out Bug's pipes in this clip. Darla would be proud.

'Selma' Movie Shoot Lit Me Up with 220 Volts ... Crew Member Sues

8/17/2016 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-selma-poster-paramount-01Paramount's Oscar nominated film, "Selma," could have cost an electrician his life ... and now he's suing the studio.

Ron Sands says he was installing a special light for filming -- an "18,000 HMI globe" -- back in June 2014 on the Atlanta set ... when a safety feature failed, and he ended getting a huge zap. He says he suffered severe physical injuries, but isn't any more specific.

In the federal lawsuit, he says he got hit with 220 volts ... something he believes Paramount should've known would eventually happen due to what he saw as faulty wiring on set.

For its part, Paramount says what happened to Sands is just part of the j-o-b, and he "assumed the risk of any hazard" on set ... when he signed on for the production.  

'Step Brothers' Get Yer Kongos Out For Catalina Wine Mixer!

8/17/2016 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0817-wine-mixer-twitterThe real-life Catalina Wine Mixer is no longer just that legendary scene from "Step Brothers" -- it's now well on its way to becoming a full-blown festival ... thanks to a rocking lineup for 2016.

Last year's inaugural event was so successful promoters are making this year's a 3-day event, and we've learned the headliner's gonna be alt-rockers Kongos, best known for "Come With Me Now."

They're keeping up one important tradition -- The Dan Band will close the SoCal island mixer, slated for Sept. 23-25.

Attendees are encouraged to dress up like stars from the movie on day 1, and best dressed scores a free trip back to Catalina. 

Charlie Hunnam One King Arthur Rules Them All ... And It Ain't Me!

8/17/2016 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam says he was so pumped to trade his hog for a horse in Guy Ritchie's upcoming "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" ... and now we know exactly why. 

Of course, Hunnam has the lead role ... so when we got him out in Bev Hills, we had to ask who was his favorite all-time leader of the Knights of the Round Table. He's got some big shoes to fill, after all ... Sean ConneryRichard Harris and Clive Owen -- just to name a few.

Check out his answer ... Charlie opted for an early '80s version. He also gave us a pretty funny review of his own turn wearing the crown.

Heavy and hot is the head ... 

Matt Damon Where'd All That Hair Come From?

8/17/2016 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-matt-damon-getty-02Matt Damon's either got a serious addiction to Rogaine or sporting extensions because a man bun and full head of hair have appeared out of thin air.

The "Jason Bourne" star made a promo appearance Tuesday in Beijing looking wayyy hairier than he did less than a month ago. The quick change could no doubt be a plug for a hair growth product, but there's a more likely explanation. 

We're guessing re-shoots for "The Great Wall," which was shot entirely in China.

Sorry, Minoxidil ... find another mark.


Sylvester Stallone Rambo Ambushes College FB Player ... With Scholarship Offer

8/16/2016 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081616_sly_stallone_primaryHere's Sylvester Stallone helping a college football player live out his real-life "Rudy" moment ... surprising the walk-on with a scholarship offer in front of the whole squad.

It went down at a recent Western Michigan football practice ... first, walk-on linebacker Kasey Carson was singled out by the coaching staff for his leadership and guts, then everyone was told to look up at the jumbo screen.

That's when Sly took it away ... informing the whole program the kid had earned a full ride, and praising him for his attitude ... all set to the 'Rocky' theme.

Check out the clip ... and wrap yourself in its awesomeness.

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