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Travis Scott Surprise Delivery for Post Malone ... Astroworld Chick-fil-A!!

11/18/2018 1:13 PM PST

Post Malone didn't have to lift a finger to eat well during his time at Travis Scott's Astroworld Fest, 'cause his host took care of him and then some with lots o' chicken.

Trav surprised Post Saturday with a huge Postmates delivery of Chick-fil-A and a group of hot Houston Rockets cheerleaders, all of which was waiting for the "rockstar" rapper in his trailer.

As far as what grub was on the menu, we're told it was a pretty simple order ... trays of well-done chicken tenders with 160 ounces of Buffalo sauce and 6 gallons of sweet tea. That's some good eatin'!!!

Post is no stranger to Postmates, BTW. In fact, they kinda love the guy on account of how much he drops on their delivery service. He spent upwards of $8,000 last year to bring 10,000 of Popeye's biscuits to his Coachella set for folks to eat and dropped more than $40k over the last year with them to become a star customer. 

Unclear who footed the bill this time around, but something tells us it very well might've been on the house. It's the least Postmates can do, really.

Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio 'We Love You, Donald Trump' ... Flip-Flopping At Women's Empowerment Concert?

11/18/2018 11:49 AM PST

Paulina Rubio threw many fans for a loop at a concert for women when she blurted out "We love you, Donald Trump" -- but it appears to have been purely for literary effect.

The Mexican pop star was performing Saturday in L.A. during the 'K-Love Live: Las Que Mandan' concert when, at one point, she coupled her shout-outs to women with a seemingly random plug for the President ... which got a lot of boos from the crowd.

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😳🥺 Así despertando en #Domingo WTH? 🤷🏼‍♀️‼️👀Cada quien, ¿Sentido sarcástico?🥺🥺🥺 @paulinarubio cc: @sueltalasopatv ・・・ #PaulinaRubio genera conmoción al decir “#DonaldTrump we like you” durante su presentación en el concierto #LasqueMandan, ¿Qué opinas al respecto? 👇🏼 . 📸 #memes_paulina_rubio #lasquemandan #reinadelpoplatino #show #newmusic #losangeles #theforum #regrann #nattinatasha #soyfanyque #paulinarubio #nuevodisco #nuevamusica #nuevovideo #tribut #klovelive #repost #klove #gloriatrevi #concierto #famosos #iloveklove #paulinarubiofans #Paupowers #RockStar #Diva

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The lines about Trump didn't have much context, but in an interview after the show ... Paulina seemed to imply her "love" for Trump was nothing but sarcasm and an attempt at irony. When the host asks her if she had a message for 45, Paulina says (in Spanish) that Hispanics have been here long before DT became the Prez, and that her mom had told her she wasn't going anywhere in the Trump times. Translation ... she's not team MAGA. 

Besides, Paulina's been quoted many times bashing President Trump, calling him a "pendejo" among other insults. So, it's unlikely she'd do a hard flip-flop in such a public way ... or so it seems, anyway.

We've reached out to her camp for further elaboration, but they had no comment.

Travis Scott Shout-Out to My 'Wife' Kylie ... Day Before Mayor Declares 'Astroworld Day'

11/18/2018 2:42 PM PST

2:33 PM PT -- The Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, just declared November 18 as "Astroworld Day" in an official proclamation to honor Travis and what he contributes to the city's arts, community, and in celebration of his latest album. 

Mayor Turner held a ceremony Sunday at City Hall to make the announcement, and Trav himself took to the podium to reminisce on the real Astroworld, and to thank his hometown while encouraging it to embrace the arts as a foundational pillar for the youth. 

Needless to say, Astroworld Fest was a success.

Travis Scott is at the top of his game, kinda like Justin Bieber. Is he also secretly married, like Justin Bieber?

Travis gave a shout out to Kylie Jenner in Houston Saturday night during his Astroworld Fest concert, and he referred to her as "my beautiful wife." That doesn't necessarily mean they're hitched, but then again it doesn't mean they're not.

Kylie and 9-month-old Stormi joined thousands at the Astroworld Amusement Park for Travis' set.  

Check out the crowd ... far as the eye can see.

Kylie also posted pictures of Travis and Stormi on Instagram Saturday night with the caption, "only the people around you really know how hard you work. i love to watch you make all your dreams come true."

He commented back, "I love u wifey." 

Originally Published -- Nov. 18th 6:54 AM

Chris Cornell Son Stars in Emotional Tribute Video

11/18/2018 7:33 AM PST

Chris Cornell's son stepped into his late father's shoes in the emotional new music video for "When Bad Does Good," the posthumous title track off the newly released box set that spans Chris's entire career.

Christopher Cornell, Chris's son, plays a paperboy on his route in Seattle, a job his father once held. Along his route, he passes different locations associated with his father's career including the iconic Sub Pop Records, Soundgarden's early record label. Famous lyrics from Chris are also on display throughout the city. 

Christopher Cornell says, “For me this video represents my dad and all the art he created throughout his life and what his music meant then and what it means now, not just to me and my family but the city of Seattle and all of his fans.”

Vicky Cornell is currently suing Chris's doctor for malpractice, claiming he supplied Chris with the drugs that lead to his suicide back in May while knowing that Chris was an addiction-prone individual.

Beto O'Rourke Don't Throw Shade on Beyonce ... She's Houston's Best

11/18/2018 1:00 AM PST

Beto O'Rourke doesn't buy the criticism of Beyonce -- that she waited too long to throw her support behind him in the Texas Senatorial election -- to the contrary, he says it's hard to find anything from Houston more impressive than her.

We got Beto on Capitol Hill, and he can't say enough about Bey ... can't say enough because he's interrupted by a slew of fans who went nuts when they saw him.

As for Beyonce, some of Beto's supporters think it was too little, too late throwing her support behind him on the day of the election

Gotta say ... he's about as genuine as they come -- unspotted by the ever-present phoniness of politics.

The video's fun to watch. 

Travis Scott Blasting Off Into Jewelry Biz ... With 'Astroworld' Bling

11/18/2018 12:50 AM PST

Travis Scott is shooting for the stars in search of new revenue streams ... because we've learned he's trying to lock up the rights to more space-themed merch. 

The rapper recently filed paperwork to clear the path for him to slap "Astroworld" all over a wide variety of jewelry and accessories. It's an obvious move to cash in on the title of his hit album and recently-announced music festival.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Travis has astronomic plans to produce "Astroworld" branded jewelry, clocks, watches, key chains, jewelry cases and even dog chains. C'mon ... your Astro would love that, right?  

It's the next giant leap after we reported his plans to trademark "S.P.A.C.E," "S.P.A.C.E 1991" and "S.P.A.C.E 2001" for use on clothing, cosmetics, fragrances and an online retail store. 

Seems Travis still has his heart set on cashing in on the final frontier. 

Lil Pump New Video Shows Moment Gas Attack Hits Rapper

11/17/2018 10:48 AM PST

We've just obtained shocking new video of Lil Pump moments after tear gas was dispersed at his concert ... and it's clear the rapper felt the full brunt of the attack. 

You see a shirtless Pump rapping and hyping up the crowd as he stands on the edge of the stage, and that's when then the concert comes to a screeching halt as Lil Pump apparently starts smelling the gas. 

Lil Pump has a puzzled look on his face as he slowly realizes something's not right, he lowers the mic and starts retreating off stage. 

Backstage, Pump is nearly unconscious as he's getting treated by medics. Fortunately, he's able to recover and he climbs on top of his tour bus and finishes the show.

The crazy scene went down Friday night at Rock City in Nottingham, United Kingdom after someone tossed tear gas into the crowd.

The crowd may have gotten the worst of it because fans were sent scrambling as gas fills the auditorium. The building was evacuated and cops tell us at least two people were treated for minor injuries.

It's still unclear who launched the attack, but law enforcement sources tell us the incident was not terrorism.

11/19 -- The Notts Police Dept. confirmed over the weekend that it was a smoke flare that was discharged inside the venue.

Kanye West Donates $150,000 To Family of CHI Security Guard Killed By Cops

11/16/2018 5:47 PM PST

Kanye West was deeply moved by the story of a Chicago security guard who was murdered by the cops after he subdued a gunman ... and has stepped up big time to help his family.

West heard the story of Jemel Roberson -- who was gunned down by police after stopping a drunken man with a gun -- and wanted to do whatever he could to lessen the burden on his family. West donated $150,000 to Roberson's family Friday, the goal originally placed on a GoFundMe account for Roberson's family was $10,000. 

As we reported ... Roberson was working security at Manny's Blue Room Bar Sunday around 4 AM where several drunk customers were ordered out. One of those customers returned to the bar a short time later with a gun and opened fire.

Reports say Roberson returned fire, subdued the gunman and held him at gunpoint until police arrived ... but when the police officer got to the scene, he shot Roberson, killing him.

Kanye has spent a lot of time in Chicago over the last few months.

As for Roberson ... reports say he was working extra shifts at the bar in order to have some extra money to provide for his son at Christmas.

His killing is still under investigation.  

Tekashi69 Former Booking Agency Calls BS on $3.6 MIL Deal

11/17/2018 12:50 AM PST

Tekashi69 is full of s**t if he thinks he was cheated out of a $3.6 million deal by his former booking agency ... so says a rep for the agency. 

Tekashi went on an all out assault on MTA Booking during an interview on "The Breakfast Club" Friday. He claimed the company stole a ton of cash from him ... and said he only received a couple hundred thousand dollars from what should have been a $3.6 million deal.

A rep for MTA tells us there never was a $3.6 million concert deal ... that was only something that came up in discussions as a possibility ... and the agency went above and beyond for Tekashi.

We're told MTA & Tr3way Entertainment handled the rapper's security, travel, transportation and worked around the clock to make sure he made it to his multiple court appearances safely. 

MTA tells us they booked 9 upcoming U.S. shows and 2 in Mexico for Tekashi -- all of which he promoted -- and was sent a $700k deposit for those. There were also 5 in Germany already booked for which he was paid close to $160k in deposits. 

MTA tells us they're considering serious legal action against 6ix9ine for bashing them on "The Breakfast Club."

Tekashi's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, hit back against MTA, telling TMZ, "We have asked [MTA] to show us any contracts with Tekashi69's signature showing they were acting as an agent to book performances on his behalf and they haven't provided us with any to date ... Their cooperation has been very limited."

He also stated, "I would take anything MTA says with a grain of salt," and added that they have asked MTA to cease and desist from booking any more shows for 6ix9ine.

Robin Thicke We Have Bigger Issues Than Looting After Wildfires' Destruction

11/17/2018 12:40 AM PST

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary lost it all in California's wildfires ... but you wouldn't it know it based on the new perspective they've gained in the aftermath of the inferno.

We got the couple Friday in Bev Hills and asked how they were holding up after their Malibu home burned to the ground. The singer told us they haven't even started thinking about rebuilding yet ... instead, they're squarely focused on something bigger than their own property.

We also asked them about P!nk and Carey Hart's issue with looters. As we reported, Carey put any potential looters on notice with a pretty menacing photo. Let's just say Robin doesn't share that concern, but for a very sad reason.

Still, you gotta love their attitude in this clip, in the face of such tremendous loss.

Diddy Somber & Soldiering On ... After Death of Kim Porter

11/16/2018 6:03 PM PST

Diddy lost the mother of his children, Kim Porter, Thursday -- but put on a brave face Friday -- in an attempt to return to some normalcy. 

Diddy was spotted out in L.A. at The Movement Performance Institute with the help of a private driver. There's no mistaking the expression on his face is one of complete devastation after the death of Kim Porter, who he has 3 children with.

It's the first time we've seen the mogul since Porter's unexpected passing, his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura was also with him.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim was found dead in her Los Angeles home Thursday. We're told she was battling the flu and went to bed Wednesday night, complaining she wasn't feeling well.

Kim's cause of death is still under investigation. 

Hailey Baldwin Call Me Mrs. Bieber Makes It IG Official

11/16/2018 5:33 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Hailey Baldwin is dunzo! Instead, Hailey Bieber is taking her place in the most meaningful way possible ... on social media. 

Justin Bieber's wife just changed her Instagram handle to @HaileyBieber, a move Biebs himself put in motion. Our IG sources tell us Justin's team reached out to the platform Friday to ask about updating her account.

We're guessing Hailey's 15.3 million followers -- not to mention his 102 million -- will go berserk over this. The name change comes roughly two months after they got hitched in a super secret ceremony at an NYC courthouse

She was already wearing the name proudly on a denim jacket Thursday night at an NYC Levi's event. 

There were signs Hailey had rebranding on the brain ... because, as we reported, she filed to trademark her new name -- in case she wants to slap it on some merchandise, and also to block anyone else from doing it.

Point is ... she's becoming a true Belieber, in spirit and name. 

Avicii Memorial in Sweden Friends, Family & Hundreds of Fans Gather

11/16/2018 4:20 PM PST

Avicii's father, friends and hundreds of his fans just gathered in Sweden to remember the late DJ. 

The streets of Stockholm were packed with Avicii lovers Friday night hoping for a chance to get inside a massive church for a celebration of life for the 28-year-old. Avicii's father, Klas Bergling, was among the many to speak in front of the crowd about his son's life and legacy left behind.

The church was decorated with photos of the late DJ and music played during the ceremony was all tied back to Avicii.

Near the end of the event, a choir got up onstage to sing "Wake Me Up" -- one of Avicii's biggest singles -- released in 2013 with singer Aloe Blacc.

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TMZ broke the story ... Avicii took his life back in April in a hotel in the Middle Eastern country of Oman. Sources told us the DJ used a shard of glass from a broken bottle to cut himself and bleed out.

After his death, his family released a statement, saying, "He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace."

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