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Mariah Carey Drops $100k a Month For 90210 Zip

2/13/2017 10:38 AM PST

0213-mariah-carey-rental-house-photos-launchMariah Carey doesn't need a billionaire to live like one ... she's paying $100k for a place to call home.

She's leasing a 9 bedroom, 10 bath Bev Hills estate, complete with a pool, tennis court, theater, and 2-lane bowling alley. 

The 15,000 square foot home retails for $23 mil.

So Emil Hartoonian, Mariah’s realtor, doesn't just sell big estates, he works with tenants too ... if they're rich enough to drop more than a mil a year in rent.

Aaron Carter I'm a Threat to Justin Bieber And He Knows It

2/13/2017 10:58 AM PST

Aaron Carter's now a threat to Justin Bieber ... so says Aaron Carter.

Aaron's adamant he not only laid the groundwork for teenage Biebs to become a superstar, but hints his new music should have Justin and his manager, Scooter Braun, feeling petrified.

Aaron opened up about the beef on Matt Weiss and Theo Von's "Allegedly" podcast -- and said it goes back to 2015 when Justin's attorney said he helped Bieber avoid Aaron-esque career mistakes.

AC's throwing some major jabs here ... not all of 'em make a lot of sense, but he claims stats back him up. We checked and his numbers are little off -- Justin has a slight sales edge -- but Aaron's got him beat in smack talk.

The podcast will be released on iTunes Tuesday.

Beyonce Tells Team She's Definitely Doing Coachella ... With a BIG Asterisk

2/13/2017 9:34 AM PST

0213-beyonce-pregnant-grammys-GETTY-02Beyonce broke it down for her team at the Grammys -- vowing pregnancy will NOT stop her from playing Coachella, but she's giving herself an out ... just in case.

Sources at the Grammys tell us Bey was backstage before her performance, meeting with her production crew when someone asked about the 2 festival dates in April. We're told she said as long as she's healthy she will be performing.

The word "healthy" is key. Since she's having twins, Beyonce could be concerned doctors might order bed rest. We're told Bey reassured her team -- many of whom signed one year contracts -- they would all be compensated, even if she couldn't perform. We're guessing that's a reference to an insurance policy.

This was the first time some people on the team had seen her pregnant, and that's why they raised the Coachella topic.

As for the big mystery -- we're told Bey never mentioned exactly how many months pregnant she is.


Odell Beckham Special Guest Dancer ... at Young Thug Concert

2/13/2017 9:21 AM PST
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Odell Beckham got to live out one of his life goals this weekend -- he was a FEATURED DANCER at a huge concert. 

The NY Giants star was at the Young Thug/Drake show in England over the weekend -- when Thug invited him up onstage to be a featured dancer during for one of his songs. 

Odell jumped all over the opportunity and danced his face off.  

After the show, Odell kicked it with soccer superstar Paul Pogba and continued to dance. 

Maybe it's just cardio training?

Selena & The Weeknd We're with RiRi While Justin Throws Shade

2/13/2017 7:13 AM PST

0213-weeknd-selena-grammy-rihanna-after-party-leaving-1oak-AKMGSI-01The Weeknd and Selena Gomez didn't let a little thing like ZERO Grammy Awards stop 'em from hitting the post Grammy party scene.

The couple hooked up to hit Rihanna's party at 1 OAK on the Sunset Strip. He performed during the award show, one of the night's highlights, but it appears his gf was a no-show. Selena wasn't nominated, and neither was The Weeknd -- "Starboy" was released after the cutoff date.

0213-weeknd-selena-grammy-rihanna-after-party-leaving-1oak-AKMGSI-02His hit record did get a shout-out Sunday night, with a heaping side of SHADE, from Justin Bieber.

As we told you ... Justin bailed on the Grammys this year, but during the ceremony he went live on Instagram and took a shot at his ex-gf and her new man.

Ice cold.

Grammys Party Ed Sheeran Turned Down Cold

2/13/2017 6:51 AM PST

You'd think Ed Sheeran -- a 2 time Grammy winner with 9 more nominations -- would breeze into a Grammys after-party but NOOOOO!

Ed hit up Milk Studios in L.A. for the shindig but the front door proved elusive, and not just for him. Adrien Brody and super DJ Pete Tong also got the cold shoulder.

NeNe Leakes had trouble making her entrance but managed to make it in later in the evening.

And worst of all ... they ran out of In-N-Out burgers.

The Game Sorry, Beyonce ... Adele Deserved To Win

2/13/2017 7:39 AM PST

Watching Beyonce and Adele go head-to-head at the Grammys is like watching Roger Federer play Novak Djokovic, Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier ... at least that's the way The Game sees it.

The Game skipped the Grammys -- he wasn't nominated -- but he did weigh in on Adele beating Queen Bey for the night's top 3 honors Sunday on his way into Playhouse in Hollywood.

Game also makes it clear ... Grammys ain't his thing.

GQ Grammys Party John Legend, Chance the Rapper This is How We Roll!!!

2/13/2017 7:14 AM PST

John Legend was hit by a flash mob at GQ's Grammys after-party at Chateau Marmont, but the big star was Grammy winner Chance the Rapper.

Skrillex, Bella Thorne, Teyana Taylor, Taboo and lots of others partied super late.

Beyonce Takes It Easy For Grammy Performance

2/12/2017 6:19 PM PST

Beyonce just hit the stage -- plus 2 -- at The Grammys and kept things low-key ... sitting for most of her performance.

Bey opened her set with a video montage before appearing on stage at Staples Center to sing "Love Drought" and then took a seat for "Sand Castles." She also recited poetry from her Lemonade album. 

The singer kept movements minimal ... taking a seat for most of the performance. 

It's the first time we've seen Beyonce since the announcing she was pregnant with twins.

To nobody's surprise, everyone was on their feet when she wrapped. 


Josh Dun Speaks Briefly After Winning Grammy

2/13/2017 6:22 AM PST

Josh Dun either didn't think Twenty One Pilots would win a Grammy, or he's just messing with us ... but he insists he didn't give a thought to his underwear when he got dressed for the show.

We got Josh at Milk Studios for a big after-party, and he doesn't understand why people are making a big deal about a bunch of guys watching the Grammys together in their skivvies. 

Madonna Adoption Could Have Been Derailed Over Rocco Custody Fight

2/13/2017 1:00 AM PST

0210-madonna-rocco-gettyMadonna had multiple good reasons to end her custody war over Rocco ... if she didn't, her bid to adopt two kids from Malawi would have come to a grinding halt.

The judge who green lit Madonna's adoption last week spent a long time understanding the circumstances surrounding her custody dispute with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie ... so says an official from the Malawi courts. We're told the dispute was of "paramount concern" because the judge didn't want the adopted kids thrown into a "toxic" family environment.

Since the case settled and all seemed copacetic with Guy, the judge gave the thumbs-up.

As we reported, Rocco bailed on Madonna a year ago during her tour and moved to London to be with Guy. Rocco now spends the school year in London and summers in NYC.

A court-appointed guardian will travel to the U.S. and evaluate the family dynamic before the adoption's finalized.



Adele Stops Midsong For George Michael Tribute

2/12/2017 7:05 PM PST

Adele just brought The Grammys to halt ... restarting her tribute performance for George Michael.

Adele got just a few seconds into "Fast Love" when she stopped singing and asked the band to start all over. 

It's unclear exactly what happened ... but the second time around was flawless.

CeeLo Green Goes Gold For The Grammys

2/12/2017 4:40 PM PST

0212-ceelo-greenCeeLo Green is leading the pack for the weirdest getup on The Grammys red carpet.

The singer showed up to Sunday's event at The Staples Center in L.A. completely decked out in gold.

CeeLo's not nominated for any awards, but he'd take the cake for best dressed super villain.


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