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Major Withdrawal

8/27/2015 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-tyga-stacks-of-cash-bentley-AKMGSI-01Tyga's bank account is still stacked and he wants everyone to know it.

T-Raww walked out of a Calabasas bank Thursday afternoon with a wad of hundos and he made sure to flash it for cameras.

Doesn't look like the nearly $300k he spent on Kylie Jenner's Ferrari and the thousands in back rent he owes are slowing him down in the cash department ... he also sped off in a Bentley.

Ken Griffey Jr.


... In New Macklemore Video

8/27/2015 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-ken-griffey-jr-youtubeSo, when Macklemore throws "fish to a player" in his brand new music video ... turns out the "player" who catches it is none other than The Kid himself, Ken Griffey Jr

Griffey has a super brief cameo is the new Macklemore video "Downtown" -- wearing his old Seattle Mariners uniform.

Of course, Macklemore's from Seattle ... loves Seattle ... and with Griffey's history with the city, it's really not THAT big of a surprise he's in the video. 

No Ichiro or Randy Johnson though? Maybe next time ...  

Jason Derulo

Major Groupie Soap Opera ...

Shut Out of the Party!

8/27/2015 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone gets to party with Jason Derulo -- as one pissed off groupie found out the hard way when he rolled out of the club ... 5 deep with chicks.

This is painful and yet hysterical to watch unfold ... Jason and his crew rolled out of Argyle Nightclub in Hollywood with a flock of groupies ready to party on his custom Sprinter van.

As shirtless Jason settles into his seat, it looks like a good time would be had by all. Almost.

The left out chick did not take it well or quietly, but eventually her friends did text from the van -- which only pissed her off more! Check it out.

Rita Ora

Star-Spangled Nipples

8/27/2015 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_rita_ora_sheer_show_launch2Rita Ora put her love for the good ole U.S. of A. on full display ... on her nipples. 

Ora fell 48 stars short of a true American flag salute after her Wednesday night show at the El Rey Theater in L.A. -- though we doubt she heard a single complaint about it.

Perhaps next time ... Rita can take a few pasty pointers from Miley Cyrus, who definitely wore them better last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

They are a party in the U.S.A.

Chief Keef

New Kid IS My Son, Or Is NOT My Son

... I Can't Decide

8/26/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824-chief-keef-baby-mama-main-tmzChief Keef's got a brand new baby mama situation -- she says she just had his son ... his lawyer says take a number, lady ... and Keef can't decide whether to celebrate.  

According to docs filed in Kentucky ... a woman named Lauren wants CK to pay child support for her 2-month-old baby boy, and lists him as the daddy.  

Sources close to the situation tell us they met last year at one of his KY shows, then he flew her to Chicago a few times -- and yada, yada, yada ... baby! 

Keef actually posted a photo of the boy Monday with the caption, "The White Sosa" (referring to his nickname) and then deleted it after an hour. Our sources say Lauren sent CK the pic, and he hasn't met the kid yet. In the docs, Lauren says she hasn't seen Keef since conception.

Keef's lawyer says Lauren's claims are untrue, and the rapper's constantly targeted by women looking for easy paydays.

Apparently the lawyer forgot about this story ... and this one.



The Game Sued

Artist Claims He Rode Off With His

'Ride Or Die' Photo

8/25/2015 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_the_game_TMZThe Game is being sued over a photo he used for the cover of one of his most recent singles ... and the plaintiff's case resembles a game .... "Six Degrees of The Game."

According to the lawsuit, a rapper/designer who goes by the name of Ariza Obey posted a pic he called "Ride Or Die" on his Instagram in September, 2014.

In April, 2015, Obey claims the photo ended up as cover art for Game's song "Ryda."

0824_the_game_album_artObey claims Game had access to the photo because the pic was re-posted on Instagram by "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Masika Kalysha, who's friends with Ray J, who is managed by Cash Jones, who also manages Game. 

Obey is suing for Game over.


Justin Bieber

Works His Instrument ...

Bags Playboy Chick

8/25/2015 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber showed off his fancy finger work in the middle of a bar to serenade super hot Playboy model, Xenia Deli

Justin and Xenia weren't afraid of showing some PDA Friday night, snuggling on a piano bench as he played for her in front of the crowd at an L.A. bar ... and then hit the clubs afterward.

Xenia is in Bieber's upcoming music video for his new single -- "What Do You Mean?" and we're told he's really into her ... introducing her to all his friends and even posting a pic of them playing footsie.

The Biebs is really stepping up his game -- not only is Xenia four years older than him, she also has SI Swimsuit and Victoria's Secret experience ... in addition to Playboy.



Bobby Brown

First Time Onstage

Since Bobbi Kristina’s Death

8/25/2015 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Bobby Brown returned to the stage Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl … the first time since laying daughter Bobbi Kristina to rest.

Brown wasn’t on the bill. He came out dressed to the nines as Macy Gray’s surprise guest and they performed their duet “Real Love." The crowd cheered wildly for Bobby, but he kept the banter short and sweet saying, "Thank you for all your prayers, everybody." 

0825-sub-bobby-brown-twitter-01Brown’s often used music as an emotional support … even hitting the road while Bobbi Kristina was in the hospital. She passed away a month ago.  


Chris Brown

Now Two-Faced

8/25/2015 6:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown got himself a fresh new haircut ... to clear a path for what looks like a Greek goddess. Some people in the office think it's Venus de Milo. Others are wondering who Venus de Milo is.

Chris clowned with his pals and worked on a song while the artist, King Rico, inked him up.


Serena Williams

Warned by Friends ...

Don't Let Drake Play You Again!

8/25/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824-drake-serena-williams-TMZ-01Drake is getting a second bite of the apple that is Serena Williams -- but now that they're back on and popping, Serena's guard is up for one reason ... best summed up in one word: THOTs.

Sources close to Serena tell us she's been into Drizzy ever since they first hooked up in 2011, but that ended badly because he had his eyes on a few other chicks at the same time. Let's face it, Drake's game with strippers and Instagram models is legendary.

We're told Serena's willing to give him another chance because they have a "good vibe" -- which was on full display in the pics TMZ posted of their dinner in Cincinnati. Still, friends are warning her to be careful she doesn't get hurt again.

Our Drake sources say it's different this time -- he treats her with more respect than his other dates because Serena's a superstar in her own right. Translation: He doesn't have to worry about her using him for fame.  

We're told she digs him showing up at her matches, and holds her family section tix for him. They're trying to take it slowly, but it's obvious from pics and videos ... they're crushing hard. Again. 


J. Lo

Right Jeans ...

Wrong Block, Jenny

8/25/2015 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825-jennifer-lopez-PCNMaybe Jenny from the block just made a wrong turn -- but yeah, Jennifer Lopez shot her latest music video ... in Brooklyn.

Luckily, her famous Bronx booty still looks amazing ... any borough, city, country or universe will do. Especially in those genes jeans.

You're welcome, Brooklyn.


'Hit The Quan' Rapper

Chris Brown Pulled A Major Fashion Faux Pas

8/24/2015 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's crotch hole at Sunday's concert could easily have been avoided if he simply followed the "Hit The Quan" dress code.

We caught up with iHeart Memphis, the rapper responsible for the dance craze, who notes Brown was absolutely killing it with his moves until his pants ripped at the seams.

According to Memphis, Breezy's skinny jeans are to blame for the wardrobe snafu, and says Chris needs to bone up on the proper "Hit The Quan" attire.

Yes, there is a right and a wrong. Pay attention, Chris.


Rapping About Penetrating Kylie?

8/24/2015 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Tyga's got the blueprint ... brag about having sex with your juuust 18-year-old GF Kylie Jenner -- and everyone will pay attention to your new music.

Tyga just dropped a new mixtape, which includes the song, "Stimulated" -- which includes lyrics like: "They say she young ... I shoulda waited ... She a big girl, dawg ... When she stimulated."

There's more ... like a direct reference to "penetration." The "young" line makes it seem like Tyga's talking about Kylie, but who knows?

After he dropped "Pleazer" -- the one where he rapped about "vagina juice" -- he insisted the track was NOT about Kylie, but some other random chick.

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