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Romeo We Want Dame Lillard ... ON NO LIMIT FOREVER

5/30/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Romeo Miller is trying to put an end to Dame Lillard's search for a major rap label ... by publicly offering the NBA star a record deal on his and his dad, Master P's, record label, No Limit Forever.

We broke the story ... Lillard's being heavily courted (see what we did there) by huge rap labels looking to turn his heavily praised rhyming skills into some moola ... and Dame is weighing his options.

Enter Romeo -- president of No Limit Forever Records -- who told us he's more than willing to give Dame a deal ... and maybe even let him be his own boss.

Ball's in your court Dame (we did it again) all ya gotta do is say ... UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.

Dominique Wilkins Get That Money, Kobe!! Trademarking Nickname Was Smart

5/30/2016 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's in a name? Apparently a ton of cash, according to NBA legend Dominique Wilkinswho says he totally trademarked his iconic nickname ... and loves that Kobe Bryant followed suit. 

FYI, Bryant's company, Kobe Inc., recently filed to trademark "Black Mamba" -- the nickname Kobe's been using for years. Question is ... did he wait too long to make his move? 

We posed that very question to 'Nique -- who famously trademarked his legendary handle "The Human Highlight Film" back in the day. Check out what he says. 

BTW, he also gave an assessment of Justin Bieber's jump shot ... and guess what, he didn't hate it.

Rick Fox Kobe Mentoring Shaq's Son ... 'It Warms My Heart'

5/29/2016 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There might be one person more excited about Kobe training Shaq's kid than Shaq's kid ... Rick Fox ... who says the Mamba Obi-Wanning Diesel's offspring truly "warms his heart."

We broke the story ... Kobe has offered to personally mentor Shareef O'Neal -- a high school superstar who's already received scholarship offers from some pretty huge schools. Shareef told us he's pumped about it. 

And so is Rick ... who was a part of those legendary Lakers teams with Shaq and Kobe, and knows firsthand how bad things got between the two of them. 

But that's why Rick says it's so special to see Kobe reaching out -- saying Mamba's gesture shows how much respect the two really have for each other. 

"It warmed my heart to see that."

Andrew Bynum Blondes Have More Fun

5/27/2016 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-andrew-bynum-tall-dave-and-busters-INSTAGRAM-01Outta the way Madonna, Eminem, Marilyn Monroe and Sisqo ... a new HUGE man has joined the ranks of the blond ... former Laker star Andrew Bynum who's bleached his dome to Nordic levels.

Bynum debuted the new 'do on social media ... posing for a pic in a Dave & Buster's with his head looking as white as Steve Nash.

No word on why this happened ... but if you know Bynum -- who's thrilled us with Jheri Curls, Afros and the now unforgettable Ike Turner 'do (check 'em all out in the gallery below) -- nothing hair related is out of the question.

Play on, playa.


Toronto Raptors Stars Hit Cleveland Casino Hours Before Blowout Loss

5/26/2016 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0526-DeMarre-Carroll-Cory-Joseph-getty-02Talking about pressing your luck ...

Two Toronto Raptors players were spotted at a Cleveland casino -- AT 2 IN THE MORNING -- hours before they took the court against the Cavs in a pivotal Game 5, this according to the Toronto Sun

To make matters worse, DeMarre Carroll and Cory Joseph played like crap after the 8 PM tipoff -- with the two hitting a combined 3 of 12 shots for 8 points. 

The Raptors lost the game by 38 points ... leaving many wondering, what the hell were they thinking?!?!? 

Toronto head coach Dwane Casey played down the alleged casino run when asked about it after the game. "This isn’t why we lost ... This is the NBA, they’re grown men."

This ain't the first time NBA players got ROCKED following a late-night before a game. 

Earlier this year, a bunch of Milwaukee Bucks turnt up at an L.A. strip club ... hours before getting shellacked by the woeful Lakers.

Game 6 is Friday. 

Anyone up for some craps? 

DeMar DeRozan Laker Bound? BFF Suggests Move to L.A.

5/25/2016 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DeMar DeRozan's days in the six might be numbered ... that's according to his best friend and former teammate, Romeo Miller, who says he knows where DeRozan is headed ... and he strongly suggests it's L.A.

We got Romeo out at The Grove and asked him about DeMar ... who will be one of the most coveted free agents of the NBA off-season. 

Romeo would be the guy to ask ... he and DeRozan have been best friends for years, growing up together and playing college ball at USC.

Check out the clip ... it's been reported DeMar wants to bolt the north for L.A. and Romeo adds to that fire ... hinting STRONGLY that he knows the Lakers are the right spot for his best pal.

BTW ... DeMar & the Raptors have a HUGE playoff game in Cleveland Wednesday night ... enjoy it while you can, Toronto.

Derek Fisher Divorce Destroying Frozen Embryos ... After Nasty Split

5/25/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524-derek-candace-fisher-tmz-getty-01Derek Fisher and his ex-wife, Candace, have decided to destroy the embryos they had frozen during their marriage as part of their divorce settlement ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports

It's a decision more and more couples are faced with during divorce -- and has become part of a larger ethical debate about when life actually begins. In fact, Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, are still locked in a legal war over the fate of their frozen embryos. 

But, according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Derek and Candace are on the same page -- and signed documents agreeing to destroy the embryos that were on ice at a California reproductive center. 

There's more ... the court docs also show Candace made out like a bandit in terms of spousal support -- with Derek agreeing to shell out $109,000 A MONTH ($1.3 MILLION per year).  

Fisher also agreed to pay $15k per month in child support for their 9-year-old twin sons.

The documents also show the judge made their divorce official on May 24th ... ending a famously nasty breakup that went down 1 month after their 10th anniversary.

Fisher has since moved on and is now dating Gloria Govan ... but you knew that already.  

Dikembe Mutombo I Never Gave Biyombo Finger Wag Permission 'We Need to Talk'

5/24/2016 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Uh oh. 

Dikembe Mutombo says reports that he personally gave Bismack Biyombo his blessing to use the signature finger wag is COMPLETELY FALSE ... telling TMZ Sports, "Him and I need to talk."

Biyombo has used the finger wag a couple times during the NBA playoffs -- most recently busting it out Monday night after a block during the Raptors victory over the Cleveland Cavs. 

Mutombo says he's seen reports that he had a conversation with Bismack in which he formally bestowed his finger-wagging blessing ... but insists the reports are simply not true.

"I don’t know when did that conversation took place," Mutombo said ... "Him and I need to talk this summer.”

"He claim in the newspaper and everywhere he said I gave it to him. I said, Did I gave him? Was it family? Cosign? But you know what, he’s a young man, man, I let him enjoy the fame. He’s making me famous!”

“I will see him in the Congo this summer so him and I will talk back home with nobody around us.”

Common Damian Lillard's Got Legit Rap Skills ... 'I'd Work With Him'

5/24/2016 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damian Lillard's exploding rap career just got its first legendary co-sign ... from Common ... who says Dame's skills on the mic are so FIRE ... he'd be down to work with him.

Common was leaving Equinox when we asked him about Lillard's rhyming ... wanting to know if the NBA star actually has the goods when it comes to hip-hop.

A bunch of labels think so ... we already told you Dame's being courted by HUGE record companies ... and he's currently mulling his options.

Common -- himself one of the biggest names in rap -- tells us he's heard Dame spit and and thinks he's absolutely ILL ... so ill he'd be down to personally work with him ... if he ever got the call.

Make the call Dame ... dude's got an Oscar.

Rick Fox Draymond's Kick Wasn't Intentional ... You Never Punt A Man's Junk

5/23/2016 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Fox doesn't think Draymond Green meant to go all Bruce Lee on Steven Adams' testicles ... saying ball kicking is one of the unwritten rules of the NBA you just don't break. 

Fox was at LAX when we asked him about the kick ... which might end up costing Dray a game in the playoffs if the NBA thinks he did it on purpose ... so the question is ... did he?

Check out the clip -- Fox says it didn't look intentional to him ... adding he doubts Dray meant to do it because there's a strict no groin kick code in the NBA.

Intentional or not ... you still need ice for that.

Bo Kimble To Chris Bosh Time To Retire NBA Ain't Worth Dying For

5/22/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Ex-NBA player Bo Kimble is pleading with Chris Bosh ... RETIRE IMMEDIATELY ... saying he doesn't want to see Bosh die on the court like his friend and college teammate Hank Gathers.

The Heat shut Bosh down on February 9th when the clotting issues that ended his '14-'15 season returned ... this time showing up in his calf.

Bosh is reportedly unhappy with the decision ... and feels he's healthy enough to resume his playing career.  

Kimble -- who was present when Hank Gathers died during a college game in 1990 -- thinks returning to the league is a bad idea for Bosh. 

"There are so many other things he could do with his life. Hank Gathers had the same thing, Hank could have been a comedian, and actor or did speaking engagements. It’s not worth the risk. I would just say absolutely not, don’t do it."

Gathers was aware of his heart ailment and decided to keep playing anyway ... and Bo says Chris has the chance to make a decision Gathers couldn't.

"If Hank had the ability to do it again he wouldn't have paid the ultimate price ... I am sure [Bosh] has children and they are going to need their father around as much as possible."

We also spoke to Hank's brother Derrick who echoed Kimble's sentiments.

"To this day I am just getting over the loss of my brother ... just fall back and retire."

FYI, We reached out to Dr. Oz to explain Bosh's condition and why it's so serious -- check out the video. 

Austin Rivers Pumped About 'Ninja Turtles' Cameo ... Gunning For 'Space Jam 2'

5/21/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When in L.A. ... you get in the movies -- just like Clippers star Austin Rivers, who locked up a pretty sweet cameo in the new 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie! 

We spoke with Austin -- who's still recovering from that gnarly eye injury he suffered earlier in the NBA playoff -- and he told us he was super stoked to get a role in a scene shot at Madison Square Garden.

So, what's next ... "SPACE JAM 2" -- that is, if producers hit him up for a role. 

C'mon LeBron, you can pull some strings, right? 

Brandon Jennings Talks NBA Fashion ... In $300 Sandals

5/21/2016 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA star Brandon Jennings has opinions about the league's new policy allowing corporate logos on team jerseys ... and he was more than happy to talk to TMZ Sports about them.

That's all well and good ... but we were way more impressed with what Brandon was wearing as he did the talking ... a $300 PAIR OF GUCCI SANDALS.

He pointed them out and we looked 'em up ... they're called "GG Caleidos" and they retail for around $280. He's basically wearing your PlayStation 4 on his feet. 

Check out the clip -- Brandon was leaving Crustacean in Beverly Hills when we had the convo ... and he was eloquent ... but damn, bro ... $300 dollars??!!!

Points for rocking the flip flops ... but EXTRA POINTS for rocking them with socks ... SWAG.


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