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Metta World Peace Allegedly Terrorized By Deranged Woman Slashed Tires, Stalked Kids, Violent Threats

9/21/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0920-metta-world-peace-TMZ-01Metta World Peace claims he and his family have been targeted by a deranged woman who's threatened violence, attacked his property and waited for his kids after school ... and now, he's obtained a restraining order against her.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Peace went to the LAPD and told cops a "stranger," named Miesha Shakes, had been harassing him in a series of disturbing emails dating back to 2015.

Peace says the emails contained violent threats -- including one that read, "I apologize in advance, I'm going out with a bang. This will be the worst thing to ever happen in Westwood. Call cops I'm ready."

She also threatened to attack his car, accused him of raping women and threatened him with a knife ... Peace alleged in court documents.

Peace claims she made good on some of her threats -- throwing a brick through a window in his building and slashing his tires.

He also claims she physically attacked his 19-year-old daughter and "was waiting outside for my 13 yr old daughter after school."

Peace is clearly scared -- and asked the judge to keep her "1 million" yards away from his family, home, workplace, kids' school and "Earth."

The judge ultimately ordered the woman to stay 100 yards away from all of the requested places ... except Earth.

A hearing in the case is scheduled for later this month.


Derrick Rose Rape Accuser Must Reveal Identity ... Judge Rules

9/20/2016 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0920-Derrick-Rose-gettyThe woman suing Derrick Rose for allegedly gang raping her with his friends may no longer use a pseudonym and MUST reveal her identity when the case moves forward ... a judge has ruled. 

The woman filed her lawsuit under the name "Jane Doe" in an effort to stay anonymous and protect her privacy. 

Typically, the law allows someone who claims to be the victim of a sex crime to file a lawsuit under a pseudonym to protect their privacy rights.

But Rose filed court documents saying Doe has abused the privilege by going on a "nationwide pretrial media blitz" over the past week ... which included phone interviews and a news conference.

Now, it seems the judge agrees ... with U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald ruling that she must disclose her real name when the case goes to trial. 

Steph Curry Pray For Brangelina

9/20/2016 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just broke the sad news to Steph Curry about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

His reaction -- "Pray for them."

The NBA superstar seemed genuinely surprised by the news when we saw him out in NYC moments ago ... but kept it positive.

NBA's Ty Lawson My Computer Was Hacked ... Now I'm Being Extorted

9/19/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0912_ty-lawson_tmzSacramento Kings star Ty Lawson says he's got something in common with Colin Powell and the DNC -- HE'S BEEN HACKED ... and Lawson claims the cyber thieves are now trying to extort him.

We spoke with Lawson's attorney, Martin Kaufman, who says they're extremely concerned about the hack -- because the culprits got access to some very sensitive and private material. 

Kaufman wouldn't tell us exactly what was accessed, but says they believe the hackers are shopping the material around to various media outlets and websites.  

Kaufman also says the hackers are trying to shake down the NBA star -- threatening to go public with the cyber goods unless Ty forks over some serious dough.

Lawson has already gone to the cops -- and Kaufman says officials are actively investigating the situation ... but so far, no arrests have been made.

Klay Thompson Training To Box ... With Champ Nonito Donaire

9/18/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Klay Thompson can fight.

Just ask one of the best boxers in the world -- WBO Junior Featherweight champion Nonito Donaire -- who's training the NBA superstar how to throw dem hands. 

TMZ Sports talked to Donaire -- who's fighting Jessie Magdaleno on November 5th -- about footage we obtained showing Klay getting an impromptu training sesh recently at Top Golf in Vegas

It's good news, bad news for Thompson ... who Nonito says has tons of natural athletic ability. So, what needs work? Hint, Klay ain't Mike Tyson ... yet. 

Check out the clips!

NBA's Victor Oladipo I Believe I Can SANG!!! ... Wins Talent Show Singing R. Kelly

9/18/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whether he's got a basketball or a microphone in his hand, Victor Oladipo is pretty damn impressive.

TMZ Sports has video of the Oklahoma City Thunder star busting out R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" at a Florida water park earlier this summer and we gotta say ... dude's got some golden pipes.

Here's the thing ... this wasn't just a random performance ... we talked with Oladipo about it, and he told us his rendition was part of a real deal talent show ... AND HE TOOK FIRST PLACE!!

Check out the video ... soak up the soul ... and don't act like you're not impressed.

Dikembe Mutombo Hilariously Shames Singing Camera Guy ... With Signature Finger Wave

9/17/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Word to the wise ... DON'T ask Dikembe Mutombo to sing ... and DON'T try to duet with him on the street ... 'cause it'll lead you down a path that ends in ... FINGER WAVE HUMILIATION.

Mount Mutombo was out in NYC when one of our more adventurous camera guys asked him if he'd ever use that legendary bass voice to kick off a singing career.

Check out the clip -- the question was met with the same result Dikembe gave almost every basketball player in the '90s ... a vicious rejection ... followed by the dreaded Mutombo finger wave.

Bright side? At least it didn't happen in front of millions of people ... oh wait, nevermind.

Iman Shumpert Hit With DUI & Weed Possession Charges

9/16/2016 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_Iman-Shumpert_gettyCleveland Cavs star Iman Shumpert has been hit with charges stemming from his arrest last month in Georgia ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, the 26-year-old guard was pulled over outside of Atlanta on August 10th for a lane change violation. 

Police say they did a field sobriety test and determined Shumpert was high. Cops also found a mason jar of marijuana in the car. 

According to court records, obtained by TMZ Sports, Shumpert was charged with DUI (drugs), marijuana possession (less than an ounce) and failure to maintain lane -- all misdemeanors. He was also hit with a few traffic citations. 

The marijuana charge alone carries up to a year in jail.

Iman Shumpert Raps About National Anthem Protest ... 'I'm Taking A Knee'

9/16/2016 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Colin Kaepernick's getting some lyrical support from Iman Shumpert ... 'cause the Cleveland Cavs star just released a brand new rap track where he pledges to join Kaep in taking a knee. 

Shumpman just dropped a new song on SoundCloud called "His Story," where he spits about Kaepernick's protest ... vowing solidarity with the 49ers QB.

Listen for yourself -- Shump gets into other topics including his arrest and his fiancee Teyana Taylor ... but on the subject of Kaep he makes it clear "damn right I'm taking a knee for the anthem"

There goes the NBA, James Woods.

Nick Young Everyone Back Off D'Angelo Russell ... 'He's Good' With Me

9/16/2016 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Young has a message for anyone still giving D'Angelo Russell grief ... cut the kid a break ... saying his Lakers teammate -- who taped that bro-code violating video -- is "good" with him.

TMZ Sports got Swaggy leaving Toast in L.A. and asked how he felt that people are still razzing Russell about the whole thing ... heckling him at a recent Drake concert at Staples with chants of "HIDE YOUR PHONE!!"

You might remember ... Young has publicly said he's trying to move past the incident 'cause he "can't be mad forever" and from what he told our camera guy ... he wants the rest of the world to as well.

BTW -- He also revokes his banishment of Chris Brown from their neighborhood ... something we're sure Brown didn't give a damn about in the first place.

Derrick Rose Rape Accuser Filed Police Report ... 2 Years After Incident

9/15/2016 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0915-derrick-rose-gettyThe accuser in the Derrick Rose rape case filed a police report with the LAPD two years after the alleged incident ... after she had already sued the NBA star in civil court ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We broke the story ... a woman identified as Jane Doe is suing Rose for more than $20 MILLION, claiming he and friends gang raped her in 2013 after a night of partying. 

The obvious question ... why didn't she go straight to police? 

We asked her attorney, Brandon Anand, who says there's a perfectly logical explanation. 

"She was scared and didn't know what happened. She was in a state of shock and denial."

Doe filed her lawsuit in August 2015. Law enforcement sources confirm she filed her police report AFTER she filed her lawsuit. 

Anand says he can explain that too ... the statute of limitations on civil suits was winding down and they wanted to file the lawsuit before time ran out. After that, they filed the police report. 

We're told Doe tried to reach a settlement with Rose before she took legal action -- "but [Rose] didn't acknowledge any wrongdoing," so she decided to get the authorities involved. 

The civil trial is set to begin in October. The criminal investigation is ongoing. 

We reached out to Rose for comment. So far, no word back. 

NBA's Victor Oladipo I'm Not Planning to Protest Like Kaepernick

9/15/2016 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OKC Thunder star Victor Oladipo says he will NOT follow Colin Kaepernick's lead and protest the National Anthem when the NBA season kicks off ... but he wouldn't be surprised if another NBA player did. 

Oladipo spoke to TMZ Sports to clarify comments he made during an interview with Complex Sports -- in which he was quoted as saying, "I truly believe" the protest will transfer to the NBA. 

But Victor says some people have twisted his words -- and wrongly implied that his interview was an endorsement of Colin. Now, he wants to make it clear ... it was NOT. 

Allen Iverson Didn't Forget Hall of Fame Trophy ... Left It On Purpose

9/14/2016 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0914-allen-iverson-trophy-twitter-01Yes, Allen Iverson's brand new Hall of Fame trophy is still at his hotel in Springfield, MA ... but it's not because he forgot to bring it home -- he left it on purpose, so says a rep for the H.O.F. 

The pic of Iverson's trophy -- posted by The Toucher and Rich Show -- blew up on Reddit this morning ... with people clowning A.I. for being so absent-minded, he couldn't even remember to pack up the hardware he JUST got this weekend. 

0914-allen-iverson-getty-01But a rep for the Basketball Hall of Famer says it's not how it appears -- Iverson intentionally left the trophy at the Sheraton Hotel so it could be safely shipped to his home. 

"About half of the players in the past 12 years have done this," says Fran Judkins, Senior Director of Professional Relations. 

"[Inductees] leave their trophies at the hotel so they don’t have to worry about taking them on a plane or traveling with the extra luggage."

"The hotel staff knows about this, they call me and let me know when I can pick up the trophies to ship to their houses."

"This is a very common thing to do. I also have another trophy that was left at the hotel."

"No, Allen didn’t forget his trophy. That’s not the case."

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