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Jeremy Lin

I Ease The Pain Of Losing

... With a McFlurry

11/26/2014 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112614_jeremy_lin_launchJeremy Lin thinks the cure to frustration is 930 calories of frozen confectionery goodness ...  telling TMZ Sports he turns to a McDonald's McFlurry to deal with the pain of a crushing Lakers loss.

Lin was at the annual Lakers Thanksgiving celebration this week to hand out turkeys to the less fortunate when we asked him if he had any guilty food pleasures ... given he's a world class athlete.

The Lakers star admitted that he recently indulged after a particularly tough loss ... and it seems the McFlurry did the trick. 

Ba da ba ba ba.

NBA's Stephen Jackson Sued

'I'll Spend It All'

Before I Let My Wife Get It

11/26/2014 7:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1126_stephen-jackson_gettyStephen Jackson's estranged wife says there's an innocent victim in her divorce from the ex-NBA star ... her Bentley ... which she claims Stephen sold off behind her back just to piss her off. 

In some super bitter legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Renata White Jackson claims she filed for divorce from Jackson in 2013 ... and says both sides were instructed not to get rid of any major assets until the court could divide them up. 

But according to Renata, Jackson wasn't having it ... and on October 9, 2014, he stole the keys to her Bentley and sold it off behind her back. 

Then, Renata says Jackson taunted her about the sale in a text that read, "Clearly u make a lot of decisions without me. So I sold [the Bentley] for what I pay for it. U can get something else."

He continued ... "I will spend it all before I let u take it and spend it on another n**ga or bitch."

"I worked to [sic] hard and give u to [sic] much to be treated like a guest and not a man. F*k [sic] dat. I will get to the bottom of all this disrespect. I'm wit the bulls**t."

Now, Renata claims Jackson should BE THROWN IN JAIL until Stephen forks over her share of the profit from the sale of the Bentley.  

Celeb attorney Marvin Solomiany, who is representing Jackson, tells TMZ Sports, "There is a valid prenuptial agreement that both parties agree is enforceable. While we’d like to keep these matters private, our client denies any allegations that he’s acted contrary to the terms of the party’s prenuptial agreement."


Michael Jordan

Scoring Thanksgiving FEASTS For 1,000 Families

11/25/2014 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jordan might just be the Magic Johnson of the holiday season 'cause His Airness was assisting hunger left and right earlier Tuesday ... passing out Thanksgiving meals to needy families.

Jordan and his Charlotte Hornets team -- including big man Al Jefferson partnered with Food Lion and soldiers from Ft. Bragg to hand out 1,000 turkey day meals at their annual "Cornocopia" feast in Charlotte Tuesday. 

What's on the menu when Jordan is serving? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, canned vegetables, mac & cheese, cranberry sauce with a two-liter bottle of Sprite for every meal.

No Gatorade, Ball Park Hot Dogs or McDonalds? Mike must really be feeling the holiday spirit.


L.A. Lakers

Huge Celeb Fan Losing Interest

'I'm Going Less and Less'

11/24/2014 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112414_lou_adler_launchBad news for the Lakers ... one of the team's BIGGEST celebrity fans is getting real bored with the Purple and Gold -- telling TMZ Sports he's going to games "less and less" these days.

We spoke to music legend Lou Adler -- who's been a staple at Lakers games over the past decades sitting courtside next to his good friend Jack Nicholson.

But when we asked if he was still supporting the squad even though it's been rough this season ... Adler seemed less than jazzed about the Lake Show.

In fact, Adler seemed so down on the team he told us he's not even sure a winning record could get him back -- telling us it's not about IF the team wins or loses ... it's HOW the team wins or loses.

One more thing ... we asked Lou to name the biggest celebrity Lakers fan -- and it WASN'T Mr. Nicholson. Check out the clip.

Kevin Garnett

Buries Hatchet In Malibu Turf War


11/24/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Garnett Neighbor Lawsuit
It was the war of the richest kind ... Kevin Garnett being sued by his Malibu neighbor for blocking his million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean ... but now it seems a cease-fire has been reached.

We broke the story ... Garnett (who lives in a $9.5 million mansion) was sued by his next door neighbor (who lives in a $3.5 million mansion) in July for allegedly allowing his trees to grow so wildly they obstructed the neighbor's killer ocean view.

1121-kevin-garnett-house-google-maps-3But now, according to new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the neighbor has had a sudden change of heart ... and has asked the judge to dismiss the case. All signs point to settlement.

We reached out to both sides for comment -- so far no word back. They're probably chillin' at home ... enjoying their expensive ocean views.

Dwight Howard

Baby Mama Royce Reed

Also Investigated for Child Abuse

11/23/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dwight Howard Baby Mama Child Abuse
Dwight Howard's son has had a rougher time than anyone thought ... the baby mama who reported Dwight to Children's Services for belting their son was herself investigated for the exact same thing.

The Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) got a call in February from 6-year-old Braylon's school, informing authorities the boy had been belted on the back of his neck and leg for using "potty words."  

According to docs, baby mama Royce Reed fessed up and said she did indeed belt the boy because he "dropped the f-bomb" in school. Authorities checked out the kid and there were no obvious marks ... she told them she only hit him once with a child fabric belt. The case was closed out, but school officials spoke with Reed and accused her of using excessive force on the child.

TMZ broke the story ... Reed called DCF in August, saying Howard belted Braylon badly ... and Howard subsequently copped to it.  Howard is currently the subject of a criminal child abuse investigation for the incident.


Aries Spears

I Hate Kobe Bryant

... He's No Michael Jordan

11/20/2014 8:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112014_aries_spears_launchSo, probably safe to assume Aries Spears won't be getting a Christmas card from Kobe Bryant this year ... because the former "MadTV" star says he HATES the Mamba (and all things Lakers) with a passion.

"I'm the biggest Laker hater in the world," Spears told us at LAX yesterday. "I don't like Kobe."

There's more ... Spears says Bryant doesn't have a shot to win another championship during his career ... which is why Michael Jordan will always be considered the greatest of all time.

"As long as Michael Jordan is breathing, he's got that spot locked ... SIX, BABY!"

BTW, this isn't the first time Spears has taken a shot at Kobe -- check out what he did on "MadTV" back in the day ...

Kenny Smith

Jason Collins Is No Hall of Famer

11/20/2014 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112014_kenny_smith_launchHe's the first openly gay player in NBA history, but don't expect to see Jason Collins in the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame unless he buys a ticket like everyone else ... so says Kenny Smith.

Collins played 13 seasons in the league -- and was pretty good -- but the fact that he was a pioneer in the world of professional sports won't help him get his picture on the wall in Springfield.

"Your play gets you in [the Hall of Fame], not your sexual preference" ... the "Inside the NBA" star told us.

But Collins has ALREADY been enshrined in another H.O.F. -- the National Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in Chicago ... where he was part of the inaugural class along with Billy Jean King and Greg Louganis.

Shelly Sterling

Donald's Still a Huge Clippers Fan

... We Want Rings!!!

11/20/2014 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112014_sterlings_launch_v2The players hate his guts. The coaches hate his guts. The fans hate his guts ... but Donald Sterling is still a HUUUGE Clippers fan -- so says his wife Shelly.

Shelly and Donald had dinner TOGETHER last night at The Palm in Beverly Hills ... and on the way out, Shelly was in an extremely bubbly mood!!

That's when she told us Donald's still rooting the team that turned against him for being a tremendous racist. The team that's tried everything in its power to erase him from its memory.

Oh, and check out her answer when we ask if she's worried about the Lakers.

Alfred E. Neuman would be proud.

Phil Jackson

Throws Jab at Lakers Players ...

From Knicks Glass House

11/20/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111914_phil_jackson_launchPhil Jackson dissed the Lakers ... saying his ex-team doesn't need him to coach, they just need better players -- which is funny, considering his new team in NYC is just as crappy.

The Knicks President was grocery shopping in L.A. when our photog asked him if the Lakers could pull out of the basement if he was running the show.

Phil refused to blast the Lake Show's new coaches, but instead dropped some Zen master wisdom about coaches -- even himself -- only being as good as the talent they have on the court.

100% true for the Lakers -- and also the Knicks. Isn't that right, starting center Samuel Dalembert?

Just sayin' ... cool of Phil to answer our question about the 3-9 Lakers -- but he could just as easily have been talking about his 3-10 Knicks.

LeBron James

I'm the King ...

Of Home Renovations!

11/19/2014 12:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111914_lebron_james_rehabaddict_launchLeBron James is finally wrecking something other than opposing defenses -- he's getting hands on to tear down and renovate a house in his hometown ... and it's all for his charity.

King James hooked up with Nicole Curtis, who hosts HGTV’s "Rehab Addict" ... and completely overhauled the home of a family in Akron, Ohio.

LeBron brought along his two sons and they didn't just watch ... they put in some work. 'Bron helped tear apart kitchen fixtures and even took a sledgehammer to a wall.

LeBron is certainly built for construction work ... but can someone get the man some pants? How about a pair of work boots?

Dwight Howard

Baby Mama Throws Son's

B-day Party At Hooters

11/19/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A seven-year-old boy should be having his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's, NOT Hooters ... but that's exactly what Dwight Howard's baby mama did for their son's 7th birthday. 

"Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed, the boy's mother, posted the photo on her Instagram showing Braylon grinning from ear-to-ear ... and it probably wasn't because of the wings.

As TMZ first reported ... Howard is angling for full custody, while simultaneously being investigated for child abuse.

In court docs, Howard has accused Reed of exposing Braylon to sexual situations. Howard claims his son has witnessed Reed engage in sexual acts with her "numerous companions."

We're told Howard believes this photo is just the latest example of his son being exposed to sex.

A source close to Royce says her son's birthday party was at a Monkey Joe's bounce house earlier in the day -- with his classmates -- and she merely stopped at Hooters for food. The source also says Royce has never had any man in and out of her house, and has never exposed Braylon to sex.

A rep for Howard tells TMZ, "Dwight isn't going to engage in the back and forth about his son in the media. He only wishes that his mother would do the same and protect the boy instead of exposing him.‎"

LeBron James

I'm Cool With My Mom's

... 32-Year-old BF

11/19/2014 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1119-da-real-lambo-lebron-mother-instagramLeBron James is 29. The guy dating his mother is 32 ... and apparently, the NBA star is totally cool with it. 

In fact, LeBron posed for a pic with his mom's BF -- a rapper known as Da Real Lambo -- after the Cavs beat the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. 

1119-da-real-lambo-lebron-mother-instagram2Lambo has reportedly been dating Gloria James for about a year ... and he's already referring to her as his "wifey" on Instagram. 

Clearly, Lambo loves the lifestyle ... posting pics in private jets, boats and expensive-looking resorts ... but it appears LeBron doesn't have a problem with it. 

As long as he makes mom happy, right?

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