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Nat'l Championship Game Draws a Slew of Celebs ... Not Just Trump, Kendrick

1/8/2018 6:01 PM PST

The college football National Championship looks Hollywood friendly -- 'cause there's a few celebs at the game ... and we don't just mean Donald Trump and Kendrick Lamar.

Some other big names at the big game in Atlanta include Quavo, Samuel L. Jackson, Ric Flair and Zac Brown -- who sang the national anthem with his band.

A few notable athletes were there Monday night as well -- Terrell Owens, Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions, Derrick Henry of the Titans and Thomas Davis Sr. of the Panthers ... just to name a few.

As we reported ... Trump received a mostly warm welcome at the game as he took the field ahead the Anthem. Kendrick is set to perform for the halftime show.

Reporter Courtney Roland Found Under Freeway Overpass (Update: Meds to Blame)

1/8/2018 7:59 AM PST
Breaking News

12:00 PM PT -- Cops say Courtney's disappearance was caused by a bad reaction to medications, according to The Daily Beast.

"She has ongoing confusion and memory problems Monday afternoon, does not know where she spent Sunday evening, and has bumps and bruises."

Sports reporter Courtney Roland has been found in Texas -- and is now being hospitalized after being reported missing early Sunday morning. 

The search for Roland went viral after the woman's friend said she got a text from Courtney saying she believed she was being followed by a suspicious man who tailed her out of a Walgreens. 

Tons of famous people helped spread the word ... from Dana White to Peter King

Now, the Houston PD has confirmed Roland was found ... saying, "A passerby called us about 8:15am, stating Ms. Roland was under an overpass at the 610 West Loop at Richmond."

"Our officers arrived, confirmed it was her and arranged she be checked at an area hospital."

"She appears unharmed."

No word on what happened during the hours she was missing. But glad she's okay. 

UGA Legend Knowshon Moreno My Pick for Georgia-Bama? What Do You Think?!

1/8/2018 10:08 AM PST

Legendary Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno says his old squad is gonna put a hurtin' on Alabama when they square off tonight ... and it ain't just cause he bleeds Red and Black.

We got Knowshon -- an 2-time all-SEC back for UGA -- out in ATL ... and asked him straight-up who the better team was, personal bias aside. 

"Gotta go Dawgs, baby," Moreno told TMZ Sports. "They're gonna do it."

Knowshon also explained why the state of Georgia's gonna pop off if they go all the way -- and going off his gear, it looks like he's ready for it.

DeAndre Jordan: Georgia Over 'Bama! Lady Friend: 'Eff You!'

1/8/2018 9:30 AM PST

Here's NBA star DeAndre Jordan getting the bird from a hot chick he was out with Sunday night ... and it's all because he picked Georgia to beat 'Bama.

DeAndre fronted like a Dawgs diehard as he was leaving Madeo in West Hollywood ... but his lady friend -- a Tide fan -- let us know what was really going on.

Don't worry ... her and DJ had a good laugh about it before they rode off into the night.

Bottom line -- DeAndre's already a winner.

Herschel Walker Baker Mayfield's the Next Favre ... Not the Next Manziel!

1/7/2018 12:25 AM PST

All the haters comparing Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel are dead wrong -- so says Herschel Walker, who tells TMZ Sports the Heisman winner could be the next Brett Favre.

Herschel ain't kidding ... saying the way Baker carries himself on the field makes Brett his best pro-player comp.

"He's a leader ... any NFL team oughta be honored to have him," Walker said. 

With an arm and intangibles like Favre, Herschel views Mayfield as the #1 QB in the draft  ... and told us owners/GMs would too if they open their eyes.

"He's done some crazy things ... but I think people must realize this guy's been a fighter all his life," Walker said. "I'd take him over anyone." 

LSU's Derrius Guice To Declare for NFL Draft

1/5/2018 9:13 AM PST

LSU superstar running back Derrius Guice is going pro ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The 20-year-old college junior racked up 1,251 yards and 11 rushing TDs during the 2017 season -- and set the LSU single season yards-per-carry record in 2016 with 7.58 yards per carry. 

Guice had given serious thought about returning to school for his senior year, but has ultimately decided to take his talents to the NFL. 

Probably a good move, he's projected to be a 1st-round pick ... with some experts believing he'll get selected in the top 15. 

Good luck! 

Quavo to Georgia FB Players: Focus on Winning, Not Trump

1/4/2018 2:09 PM PST

With President Trump attending the National Championship game, we asked rap superstar Quavo if he had advice for Georgia players who might consider taking a knee ... a la Colin Kaepenick

"My message to the players is to focus on winning this national championship game," the Migos rapper said on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1)

"Don't worry about nothing else. Just focus on winning."

FYI, Quavo is a HUUUUUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan -- and was even on the field with the team when they beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. He'll be in the stands on Monday, too. 

‪Bad and boujee. 🌹‬ ‪#GoDawgs‬

A post shared by Georgia Football (@georgiafootball) on

"[The Georgia players] been practicing. They've been working hard this whole season. They've been working hard from game 1 all the way now."

"You shouldn't get to the national championship and worry about [demonstrating]. You should be going straight in and worrying about football."

Catch the entire interview Thursday night on "TMZ Sports."

Rich Rodriguez Accuser: He Grabbed Penis In Front Of Me Players Sent Me Penis Pics

1/3/2018 3:40 PM PST
Breaking News

Rich Rodriguez's ex-assistant claimed the University of Arizona football coach terrorized her for years ... making several passes at her, forcing her to cover up his extramarital affair -- and grabbing his penis in front of her. 

It's all laid out in the notice of claim she filed with the AZ Attorney General's Office -- the first step before filing a lawsuit. 

In the document, both Melissa Wilhelmsen and her husband, Jason -- "a former Marine and DEA agent" -- describe Rodriguez as a monster who used his power to turn their lives into a living hell. 

Among the allegations ... 

-- Melissa claims U of A football players sent her screenshots of their genitalia and made illicit overtures via text. When she asked Rodriguez to intervene, he ignored her. 

-- Melissa claims Rodriguez asked her to get a sideline pass to a 2015 football game against USC for a "friend" who turned out to be his sidepiece. Rich's wife was also on the sideline that day. Melissa claims she had to stand between the women to prevent a confrontation. 

-- Melissa claims Rich's wife grew suspicious about his fidelity and grilled her at a private 3-hour lunch in 2016. 

-- Melissa claims over the years, Rodriguez made advances on her despite the fact she was married ... and tried to kiss her at least once. 

-- Melissa claims Rodriguez pulled her into a closed door meeting and began "grasping his penis beneath his basketball shorts which were pulled all the way up" in Feb. 2017.

-- Perhaps the most disturbing allegation ... Melissa claims Rodriguez ignored a warning from a team staffer about a player, Zach Hemmila, who seemed unwell and needed help. 

Rodriguez allegedly "did nothing" about the warning -- and the next day, Hemmila was found dead from a painkiller overdose. 

-- Melissa and her husband claim Rodriguez created a hostile work environment that caused dangerous amounts of stress on their marriage ... that led to her being hospitalized for severe migraine headaches.

They're seeking $7.5 million from Rodriguez. 

For his part, Rodriguez has admitted to cheating on his wife -- but denies all other allegations. 

Arizona fired Rodriguez this week -- but said an investigation into the "specific harassment allegations could not be substantiated based on the evidence and witnesses available to it."

NFL's John Abraham Wrecks Baker Mayfield: Manziel Crap Won't Fly in the Pros

1/2/2018 11:27 AM PST

Former NFL star John Abraham is BLASTING Baker Mayfield for going full Johnny Manziel in Oklahoma's double-OT heartbreaker to Georgia ... saying the QB lost the game by showboating.

"You had a chance to be a champion ... and you wasted energy running around and you got beat," Abraham told TMZ Sports in the ATL. "It's real cute until you lose."

After the Rose Bowl, a Georgia LB yelled at Baker to "humble yourself" ... and John couldn't agree more, warning the Heisman winner to clean up his act before he gets to the NFL.  

"It don't ride like that in the pros. You jump around like that and we lose ... people don't wanna be around you like that."

Abraham would know -- he played 15 years in the NFL and was a 5-time Pro Bowler.

Matt Leinart Advice to Sam Darnold: Beware the Browns!

1/2/2018 6:11 AM PST

Here's former USC quarterback Matt Leinart weighing in on current USC quarterback Sam Darnold -- keeping it all the way 100 about Sam's big decision on whether to enter the NFL Draft. 

"I don't know if you wanna go to the Browns!"


Leinart was at LAX after USC got smashed by Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl -- where he told us he's not too concerned about Sam's draft stock after the game. 

"I don't think he played as bad as people think," Leinart said ... "He'll be alright. We'll see what he does. He may come back to school, who knows?!"

Leinart famously stayed in school to play his senior season -- and ended up getting drafted 10th overall in the 2006 draft. 

He also told us if Darnold wants to pick his brain, he's down. 

Ricky Williams Calls Himself 'High Guy' On Live TV ... Freudian Slip?!

12/28/2017 8:13 AM PST

Ricky Williams just handed out the most factual football analysis ever spoken -- accidentally calling himself "the high guy" during a hilarious moment on a live TV broadcast!!

Williams -- who LOOOOVES pot -- was giving his prediction for Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in the Texas Bowl for the Longhorn Network on Wednesday ... saying he'd throw for 320 yards. 

That's when Ricky fumbled his words and accidentally referred to himself as the "high guy."

Everybody laughed. One of his co-hosts dropped another pot joke. Good times. 

But seriously ... who's got the weed? 

Kenny Smith to LaVar Ball One HUGE Problem with Your League

12/24/2017 12:15 AM PST

Kenny Smith isn't trying to be a hater ... but he says there's one really huge flaw with LaVar Ball's plan to launch a pre-NBA hoops league for guys who don't want to play in college. 

LaVar's plan is to sign 80 players for his Junior Basketball League -- a paid league for players who graduated high school and are looking for an alternative to the NCAA. The league will pay players between $3,000 and $10,000 a month. 

But Kenny says he doesn't think LaVar will be able to find 80 kids good enough to sustain the league -- pointing out the NBA already has the "G-League" for players facing that exact dilemma. 

"I understand the logic, but that's what the G-League is for."

LaVar Ball: 'Who Cares' About Language Barrier? ... Bring On Lithuania!

12/12/2017 10:40 AM PST

Here's LaVar Ball talking about the biggest BBB news yet -- the move to Lithuania ... telling TMZ Sports he doesn't give a single DAMN about the language barrier. 

LaVar was with LiAngelo and LaMelo -- the newest members of Prienu Vytautas -- and the Big Baller told us he's not worried about ANYTHING when it comes to shipping his sons to Lithuania. 

"There's not gonna be a struggle at all," LaVar said. 

His kids weren't as talkative -- but LiAngelo nodded when asked if he was excited about his new contract. 

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