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John Legend Screw the Critics ... Cardi B's Gonna Shine on My New Show!!!

11/21/2018 7:32 AM PST

John Legend's got a guarantee for all the people slamming the choice of Cardi B as a judge on his new hip-hop competition series.

We got John leaving the Fox Theatre in Atlanta Tuesday night and asked him how he feels about critics saying Cardi's unqualified for the role on the upcoming Netflix show, "Rhythm + Flow," which he's executive producing.

Check out his response ... not the least bit concerned.

"Rhythm + Flow" will be Netflix's first stab at a music reality competition and the first show of its kind to focus solely on rap. It's scheduled to launch in fall 2019, and T.I. and Chance the Rapper are slated to join Cardi on the judges' panel.

And, to be fair, our camera guy got it all wrong -- while there was backlash to Cardi being named a judge, Wendy Williams wasn't part of it. She actually supported the choice on her show, saying Cardi will be a big reason to watch ... especially for young viewers.

Cardi clearly agrees too.

Cardi B Shaking it Up for Pandora

11/14/2018 6:25 AM PST

Cardi B shook things up Tuesday night in NYC, headlining an event for Pandora and twerking in Gold Medal Olympian fashion.

It makes sense Cardi was the star of Pandora Beyond ... she's got more than a billion streams on Pandora. "Bodak Yellow" has been played over 214 million times. And, get this ... 8.1 million people have created a Cardi B station on Pandora. 

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She's popular everywhere, but her strongest market is New York City and her biggest growth market is Houston. 

Cardi's on fire right now. She's one of the judges on the upcoming Netflix hip-hop music competition series, "Rhythm + Flow." The other judges are T.I. and Chance the RapperJohn Legend is the Executive Producer.

She's clearly figured out how to juggle her career with mommyhood ... Kulture is now 4 months old ... they grow up so fast. 

And, you may recall, Cardi was really pissed at TMZ a few weeks back. We're not sure, but judging from our video it seems like things are okay now ... possibly ... maybe. 

'All the Boys' Star Noah Centineo Team Went into Damage Control Over Busy's Ghosting Story

11/8/2018 12:43 PM PST

Hollywood heartthrob Noah Centineo got called out by Busy Philipps on TV for ghosting her pal, which made his team go into overdrive trying to protect his rep ... TMZ has learned.

Noah and Busy both appeared on James Corden's 'Late Late Show' Wednesday and, at one point, she revealed the Netflix stud had completely stopped talking to a friend of hers, whom he'd apparently been chatting up. It was slightly awkward, but mostly light-hearted.

As it turns out ... we're told the actual convo ran longer than the clip that aired, and that wasn't by chance. Sources close to the situation tell us Noah's team were worried about the segment, and asked Corden's people to heavily edit it down.

We're told Busy went into detail about how Noah met one of her writers on a dating app, and dragged him for ghosting her. Our sources say Noah's team feared the story would ruin his boy-next-door image. 

You can tell 'Late Late Show' execs obliged -- there's an obvious edit at about 56 seconds, plus they didn't post it on their YouTube channel ... as they usually do with noteworthy segments.

Noah blew up this year after starring in Netflix's rom-com, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."

Plus, he was Camila Cabello's love interest in the "Havana" music vid, and he's in People's new Sexiest Man Alive issue.

Kate Hudson 'Wild Wild Country' Costume Gets Love From Cult's Ex-Lawyer

10/30/2018 3:35 PM PDT

Kate Hudson's catching some flak for dressing up as a follower of Bhagwan Rajneesh -- the cult leader in the Netflix docuseries, "Wild Wild Country" -- but one of his former disciples LOVES it.

We talked to Philip Toelkes -- who used to go by Swami Prem Niren when he served as the top attorney for the controversial Rajneeshpuram in the '80s -- and he tells us Kate and her friends were well within their rights to celebrate the group.

Kate faced backlash online after posting the pic, apparently at a Halloween party, because some people felt she was glorifying the "cult."

Let's face it ... Rajneeshees will be a hit Halloween costume this year -- with the popularity of the Netflix series -- and Phil says he's totally on board with that. He also thinks Bhagwan -- aka Osho -- would be too, as long as it's respectful.

Phil also took aim at the haters, who say the Rajneeshees almost ruined a way of life for many Oregonians, saying they never understood their movement.

On the other hand, the mayor of Antelope, OR -- which had been overrun by the Rajneeshees -- tells us, "They plotted to assassinate someone. How friendly would others be if [someone] dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween?"

As for the fake gun one of Kate's pals flashed, Phil says it's not far off from the truth. He says the Rajneeshees were well-armed and ready to protect themselves in those days.

Jerry Seinfeld I've Got a Great New Idea ... Comedians Riding on Scooters!!!

10/16/2018 10:30 AM PDT

We all know Jerry Seinfeld takes his love for cars quite seriously -- and, apparently, he feels the same way about luxury scooters too. Can ya tell?

The comic was in NYC Tuesday getting ready to take a ride on a spiffy looking Lambretta -- the Italian-scooter that rivals Vespa, kinda like Ford vs. GM. Jerry must've been on one hell of a mission, 'cause he looked super serious -- the scarf and helmet look is working for him.

Normally, Jerry likes to go 4 wheels ... especially for his hit show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." As far as we can tell, he hasn't taken a fellow comedian out for a scooter ride. It'd spark a great convo though.

Jerry famously owns more than 100 vintage and exotic cars -- mostly Porsches. Nothing wrong with diversifying your portfolio. 

Ryan Reynolds Out of the Way!!!! Shoots Pricey Car Chase

9/18/2018 9:48 AM PDT

Here's your first look at Michael Bay's new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and judging by this wild car chase ... it's gonna be a thrilling and very expensive ride!

Ryan was tearing through a busy plaza in Florence, Italy in a lime green Alfa Romeo Giulia. Tires screeching, engine roaring and people jumping out of the way ... as they filmed "Six Underground." The Bay-directed flick has a reported budget of $150 million -- the most expensive Netflix original movie ever.

So far, they're keeping the plot under wraps. Thanks to this clip, we at least we know you're gonna get a heavy dose of Ryan's mug hanging out windows like a golden retriever.

Good Ryan, verrry good Ryan! 

Norm Macdonald Happy #MeToo Has 'Slowed Down' ... Forgive Roseanne & C.K.

9/11/2018 1:19 PM PDT

Norm Macdonald is no friend of the #MeToo movement ... and the comedian is tired of seeing showbiz types like Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K. having their careers ruined by scandals. 

Norm says he's happy the #MeToo movement has "slowed down" ... and he has a hard time believing every victim who comes forward with allegations, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

The former "Saturday Night Live" star also says it's a shame Roseanne and Louis had their careers derailed by backlash to their words and actions ... believing everyone deserves forgiveness if they admit their wrongs and show remorse. 

Norm even set up a conversation between Roseanne and Louis after they both had gigs canceled -- Barr had her show axed by ABC in the wake of racist comments and C.K. was dropped by Netflix and FX following sexual misconduct.  

Norm says Roseanne and Louis lost everything in a day, but the victims didn't suffer the same way. 

It's some pretty inflammatory stuff from Norm, but we're guessing he won't be fazed by any negative feedback.

7:00 PM PT -- Turns out, Norm was fazed by the backlash to his comments ... because he issued an apology.

Kevin Spacey Dead & Buried in 'House of Cards' Final Season Trailer

9/5/2018 7:08 AM PDT

Kevin Spacey is getting an ice-cold send-off from "House of Cards" ... courtesy of Robin Wright, whose character is practically dancing on his grave.

We've known for months Spacey's character, ex-Prez Frank Underwood, would be killed off in the show's final season, and with this new trailer we get our first look ... at his tombstone.

Netflix decided to 86 Spacey last November, after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced -- including several from crew members from the show.

In the show's final season, Spacey's TV widow, Claire Underwood, becomes POTUS -- and looks like her celebration starts graveside.

We still don't know how he dies, but Claire's final words for him -- poetic and perfectly frigid.

Matt Groening I'm Ready for My Fans ... Not Quite Ready for Real-Life Homer

8/18/2018 11:38 AM PDT

Matt Groening has a new Netflix show out called "Disenchantment" ... but he's got an enchanting way of appeasing autograph seekers -- he comes prepared.

We got "The Simpsons" creator at LAX Friday, and he showed up with a bag full of signed cartoon drawings to give away ... which he calls his new strategy for pleasing his fans.

Our cameraman even got an original Elfo! (He's one of the stars of Groening's new show.)

Then our guy hit Matt with some jarring news -- a 3D artist on Twitter posted his imagining of what a real-life Homer Simpson would look like ... and he basically replied with an "Ay, Caramba!"

Yeah, it's pretty scary ... but Groening seemed to quickly come around on making 3D Homer a star.

Shonda Rhimes Sued Over Sidewalk Scandal!!!

8/17/2018 3:01 PM PDT

Shonda Rhimes hasn't had a misstep in her career, which is more than can be said about a world-renowned physician who tripped and fell in front of her house, and now the good doc is suing her.

Dr. Kuo Chao claims in a new lawsuit, he was jogging past Shonda's Hancock Park mansion in L.A. back in June 2017, when he tripped over a buckling sidewalk in front of the 8,400 square foot home.

He says he broke his wrist, damaged cartilage and lost range of motion and function in his wrist and arm, which has caused limited mobility and loss of strength and stamina. He also says he has lost "fine motor skills." He says he was unable to work for a long time and it still affects his ability to work. 

Dr. Chao says he is a prestigious interventional neuroradiologist -- he treats stroke and aneurysm patients. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Yale.  

As for why Dr. Chao says Shonda's responsible, he says she had an obligation to fix the sidewalk, which buckled due to pipes, tree roots and botched repairs. He's also suing the City of L.A.

Dr. Chao is asking for unspecified damages.

We reached out to Shonda's rep .. so far, no word back.

'Last Chance U' Isaiah Wright Gunning for NFL ... After Jail Stint

8/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Former "Last Chance U" star Isaiah Wright tells TMZ Sports he's not wasting any time now that he's out of jail -- and still plans to take his football talents to the NFL. 

20-year-old Wright was a superstar running back at East Mississippi Community College -- and was one of the breakout stars in the Netflix docuseries about the school's football team. 

But, his career came to a screeching halt in Sept. 2017 when he was arrested on one 1 count of criminal homicide in the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man.

Wright was adamant he did NOT kill the man -- and after nearly a year behind bars, he was finally released after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of facilitation of aggravated robbery. 

So, what's next for Wright? School and football. 

Wright admits it was a challenge staying in shape during his jail stint but says he's focused on training. Isaiah also says he has 2 years of college eligibility left and hopes to land with a D1 program soon. 

Wright says he's spoken with his former EMCC adviser Brittany Wagner (who was also featured on "Last Chance U") and says he has offered up her support. 

And, the end goal for Wright? 

"The goal is the NFL."

'Last Chance U' Coach Forced to Turn Down 400 Recruits ... Thanks to Netflix Fame

8/13/2018 12:40 AM PDT

'Last Chance U' coach Jason Brown tells TMZ Sports ... HUNDREDS of players have hit him up wanting to transfer to his school, thanks to the way he was portrayed on the Netflix show. 

FYI, to say Brown is "fiery" is a tremendous understatement -- during the show, he unloaded full-throated nuclear verbal attacks at players, refs and his own coaches ... and many have criticized him for being way too aggressive. 

But Brown says his coaching style hasn't scared anyone away -- in fact, it's attracted so many recruits to Independence Community College in Kansas, he's had to turn away hundreds of players. 

"We've had to turn down about 400 kids in the first weekend alone. I had about 5,000 emails in 24 hours."

But that's not the only perk from being on the show -- Brown says he's gotten A LOT of attention from female fans looking to get to know the coach on a personal level ... though Brown says he's playing hard to get. 

And this is just the beginning, Netflix has announced they're working on a season 4 ... which will also feature ICC and Coach Brown. 

Brown admits he hasn't watched the full series of the show yet, but says he's not gonna make any changes to his approach to coaching. So, be ready for more tough love. And expletives. LOTS of expletives.

'Last Chance U' Isaiah Wright Murder Charge Dropped ... In Plea Deal

8/8/2018 8:14 AM PDT

Isaiah Wright -- the talented running back featured on the Netflix docuseries "Last Chance U" -- is being released from jail after cutting a plea deal in his murder case ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Wright was arrested back in Sept. 2017 on 1 count of criminal homicide in the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man. Wright has been locked up ever since. 

Now, we've learned ... the 20-year-old appeared in a Tennessee courtroom on Wednesday where he agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors. 

The terms of the deal ... Wright pled guilty to 1 count of facilitation of aggravated robbery (which we're told means he "furnished assistance without the intent to commit robbery") -- and in exchange the murder charge was dropped ... according to his attorney, Kevin Angel. 

As for his sentence, Wright got 5 years probation and time served -- and we're told he's already been released from jail. 

Unclear if Wright will try to resume his football career -- or try to move on with his life in a different field. 

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