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Dez Bryant High As Hell Right After Surgery ... It Was A Success!

11/13/2018 1:20 PM PST
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Dez Bryant's callin' his Achilles surgery Tuesday a huge success ... straight from his hospital bed -- while feelin' loopy as hell!!!

The wideout, after just 2 days with the New Orleans Saints, popped his Achilles tendon in practice last week and needed surgery to repair the mess.

That operation just went down ... and, per a completely drugged out Dez, it went well!!

"I just finished surgery. I'm out," Dez says with a laugh. "God is great. Thank everybody for the support."

In case you didn't believe the superstar receiver ... Dez put his doc on the screen to confirm the good news.

"Everything went well. Success! Nothing to worry about."

Dez ain't gonna be able to play for a while ... but the Saints say they'd love to have him back if he can make a full recovery in 2019. And, by the looks of things -- he's on his way!

Dez Bryant Broncos Would Welcome You In 2019 ... Says Denver D-Lineman

11/12/2018 10:00 AM PST

Dez Bryant's done for the season ... but the Broncos would be stoked to have him on their squad next year -- so says one of Denver's star D-lineman.

TMZ Sports got Domata Peko out in Bev Hills enjoying the Broncos' bye week -- when we had to ask, does he think Dez can come back from the torn Achilles he suffered last week?

Peko said of course ... saying one of his ex-Bengals teammates proves that.

"Achilles are tough, man. One of my homies, though, his name is Leon Hall and he had two Achilles and he's still playing. So, yeah, man, he can come back."

Domata then told us he'd love to be teammates with Dez in 2019 -- if the wideout wants to come to Mile High.

"We'll take whoever, anybody, to help us win!"

One problem? Bryant might be a wanted man -- the Saints seemed fired up about the WR, despite only having him on the roster for two days, and say they want him back in 2019.

But first, Dez has gotta get healthy -- something Peko thinks the 30-year-old ex-superstar can easily do.

"Knowing Dez, he's a hard worker. He can do it."

Dez Bryant Fears Torn Achilles Injured at Saints Practice

11/9/2018 1:20 PM PST
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2:04 PM PT -- Dez just tweeted ... "Things was just starting to heat up for me... I won’t question the man upstairs... this is the ultimate test.. thank you everyone for the prayers."Dez Bryant suffered an injury while practicing with the New Orleans Saints on Friday -- and people are worried it could be a torn Achilles tendon which would end his season. 

The WR -- who just signed with the Saints earlier this week -- was running a route when he collapsed. He was carted off the practice field and taken to get an MRI. 

The team is already looking at replacement wideouts -- including Brandon Marshall -- according to ESPN's Adam Schefter

Dez just signed a $600k deal with the Saints to play in the team's remaining 8 games of the season earlier this week ... and may have even seen game action as early as next week against the Eagles.

But, all that's on hold for now while the 30-year-old star awaits the results of the MRI. 

Bryant was selected in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys and was selected to go to the Pro Bowl 3 different times. He led the league in receiving TDs in 2014. 

Bryant suffered a foot injury during the 2015 season and his production never really recovered. 

The Cowboys cut ties with Dez during this past off-season -- and while he reportedly got offers from at least one NFL team, Dez didn't sign until the Saints came calling because he thought they were the right fit. 

Curren$y Diamond Rolex For Alvin Kamara ... 'Cause He's A Beast!

11/7/2018 3:45 PM PST
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Curren$y just got his favorite player the best "thanks for helping my team win" gift ever ... a blinged-out Rolex watch!!!

Alvin Kamara's been KILLIN' it this season -- scoring 12 touchdowns in 9 games -- and as a big-ass Saints fan, Curren$y just had to let the RB know how much he appreciated it.

So ... the rapper hit the jewelry store before Alvin's monster game against the Rams last weekend -- and got the New Orleans stud an ICY Rolex gift.

Kamara picked it up after the W ... and Curren$y wrote of the present, "Don’t even trip G.... keep puttin that work in for my city bro."

We're told Kamara and Curren$y are actually really good friends ... and if this is the gift for his pal after a 7-1 start -- we can't wait to see what the Super Bowl present looks like!!

Michael Vick Hated Michael Thomas' TD Celebration ... 'It's Way Too Much'

11/5/2018 10:30 AM PST

Michael Vick's down for touchdown celebrations ... but when it comes to pullin' out cell phones in the endzone like Michael Thomas did Sunday??

"It's way too much," the Falcons legend tells TMZ Sports ... "It's way too much."

The Saints superstar wideout put an exclamation point on New Orleans' win over the Rams by whippin' out a Joe Horn-style phone call after a 72-yard TD in the 4th quarter.

It was flagged ... but Horn (and a buncha others) loved it -- with the ex-Saints star telling, "I teared up."

But, Vick clearly didn't feel the same way ... saying the old, cell-phone-under-the-goal-post routine is bad for the sport!!

"Nah, nah, nah. No cell phones," Vick tells us ... "We don't want to corrupt the game like that."

As for Thomas' quarterback ... there were no criticisms there from Vick -- Mike says people need to CHERISH what Drew Brees is doing this season!!

Kirk Cousins Tells Bridgewater How Vikings Really Feel About You

10/30/2018 1:34 PM PDT
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Cool candid moment between Kirk Cousins and Teddy Bridgewater on Sunday -- when the new Vikings QB told the old Vikings QB how they REALLY feel about him in Minnesota these days. 

Teddy and the Saints were in Minnesota to play Kirk and the Vikings -- but after the game, Cousins tracked down Bridgewater and told him what the Vikings execs have been saying behind his back. 

"Everyone here speaks really highly of you," Kirk said to Teddy ... "You left a good mark on the organization."

Yeah, they love him! 

Of course, Bridgewater -- the Vikings' 2014 1st-round pick -- WAS the future of Minnesota ... before a gnarly knee injury nearly ended his football career in 2016.

Teddy fought to get back onto the field ... but wasn't able to start a game for Minnesota after the 2015 season and moved on to the Jets this offseason.

Bridgewater is now Drew Brees' backup after the Saints traded for him in the preseason ... and if you're listening to Cousins -- everyone in purple and gold couldn't be happier for him.

As for Teddy and his knee ... the QB told a Vikings staffer after the game, "I'm doing good, man."

Pierre Thomas Drew Brees Coulda Been In NBA ... I Called Him 'White Chocolate'

10/11/2018 8:46 AM PDT

Drew Brees -- the greatest-ever New Orleans ... Pelican????

Pierre Thomas says that definitely coulda been a thing if Drew never picked up a football ... 'cause the ex-Saints running back says his former QB could BALL!!!!

"He can play some basketball -- he's got some skills," Thomas tells TMZ Sports ... "I used to call him White Chocolate."

Thomas spent 8 seasons with Brees in New Orleans -- the two won a Super Bowl together -- and Pierre swears the 6-foot QB coulda made a serious run at the NBA.

In fact ... Pierre says the dude might've had a real shot at the MLB too!!!!!

"Football is not the only gift that man has," Thomas says ... "They got that movie 'White Man Can't Jump,' but no, he can jump!"

We've unearthed some footage of Brees with a basketball hoop ... and it begs the question -- do we believe Pierre????

Michael Irvin Confused By Dez Bryant's Plan ... He Needs To Sign Now!

9/1/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Michael Irvin tells TMZ Sports he's straight-up perplexed by Dez Bryant's plan to wait until the season has begun to sign with a team ... saying the receiver NEEDS a squad ASAP!!

Remember ... Dez was hot and heavy with the Browns earlier this month -- but he turned down their offer and then said he's going to wait until "a lil bit later in the year" to find a roster.

Count Michael in the camp that thinks that's a silly decision ... 'cause he tells us his no. 1 piece of advice to Dez would be to get on a team NOW.

"I do know who's representing him, and I'm just a little bit confused with the direction that they are trying to go here," Michael says.

"I would tell him to find a team and get on a team. Find a team. Get on a team. Get back to belonging somewhere. Right now, you're like a vagabond where you don't have a team and you're wondering."

FYI ... Irvin says he has NO DOUBT Dez can return to All-Pro form -- he just needs to go somewhere as soon as possible so he can show that Week 1.

By the way ... Michael also tells us he loves the fit Teddy Bridgewater found when he was traded from the Jets to the Saints on Wednesday, saying T.B. can be the future after Drew Brees.

Reggie Bush Drew Brees Will Retire This Year ... If He Wins Super Bowl

8/17/2018 8:15 AM PDT

Reggie Bush says Drew Brees will call it a career after this season only if the Saints do one thing ... WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!

There's been a lot of talk about Brees' potential retirement lately -- the dude does turn 40 in January -- so, we went to one of his ex-New Orleans teammates to get a read on the situation.

Bush was blunt ... telling TMZ Sports there's no way the QB calls it quits after this season -- UNLESS the Saints get a ring.

If that does happen ... Reggie already has Brees' post-retirement career mapped out -- saying the QB should be mayor of New Orleans!!

Alvin Kamara Le'Veon Bell Is Gonna Make Me Rich

7/22/2018 12:55 AM PDT

Alvin Kamara is pretty sure Le'Veon Bell is about to make his wallet a whole lot fatter ... 'cause the Saints star says Bell's big contract demands are going to revolutionize how RBs are paid.

We got the NFL's reigning Rookie of the Year outside The Highlight Room when he praised Le'Veon for balking at the Steelers' long-term offer for the second straight year.

"All I know is Le'Veon is about to change something up for us," he says.

The money talk didn't stop there ... Kamara gave us his thoughts on why NFL contracts aren't fully guaranteed, saying it's all the owners' faults.

And, while we were on the subject ... Kamara told us the WNBA needs to pay its players some more cheddar too -- especially the Chicago Sky, where his girlfriend plays.

"They doing all the same things males are doing," he tells us.

FYI ... Kamara's rookie deal with the Saints expires after the 2020 season -- and here's a sneak peak into how those negotiations will look ... probably.

Saints Star Alvin Kamara Big-Ass Tattoos Covering Both Legs Now!!

6/23/2018 12:05 AM PDT
Breaking News

NFL defenders will at least have something nice to look at as Alvin Kamara runs by them next season ... 'cause the Saints star just finished up his second leg sleeve -- and it's sick.

AK had his whole right leg tatted a while ago, decked out with faces, a saber-tooth cat and tribal elements.

But the running back went under the needle again this week to get his left leg done ... and it's even more dope, with a warrior inside of a saber-tooth cat's mouth on his knee cap.

It doesn't seem to be an accident the new ink's face has a big-ass bull ring in its nose either ... 'cause Kamara's known around the NFL for the piercing.

Only question now is -- will all that ink on his legs slow him down in Year 2?!

Sean Payton sure hopes not.

Saints' Marcus Davenport First Post-Draft Purchase? McDonald's, Baby!

4/27/2018 12:14 PM PDT

Marcus Davenport was the 14th pic in the NFL Draft and is now slated to make MILLIONS! So, what's his first big purchase??!?

Mickey D's, baby!!!

The New Orleans Saints newest defensive end was craving some burgers after the draft -- and told our guy specifically what a 6'6", 265-pound man eats to celebrate the biggest night of his life!

Davenport told us he's super excited to get to work in the Big Easy -- and told us the one QB he's most excited about taking down! 

Good luck! 

Tom Benson Dead at 90 Owned Saints & Pelicans

3/15/2018 2:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Billionaire businessman Tom Benson -- who owned the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans -- has died, his family has confirmed. 

The 90-year-old passed away peacefully Thursday at Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana with his wife, Gayle Marie Benson, at his side after falling ill with the flu. 

Benson started out as a bookkeeper at a Chevy dealership in New Orleans -- but went on to become a dealership owner and expanded the business into a billion-dollar empire. 

Benson bought the Saints in 1985 -- when they weren't exactly winners (remember the Aints?). The team posted their first winning record in 1987 and made the playoffs that year. Of course, they got better and won the Super Bowl in 2010. 

In 2012, Benson bought the New Orleans Hornets and changed the name to the Pelicans. 


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