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Enes Kanter Playoff Talk 'Makes My Nipples Hard'

9/24/2018 11:58 AM PDT
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Is it cold in here ... or is Enes Kanter just thinking about the playoffs??

The NY Knicks star and LeBron James' nemesis was asked about the team's postseason goals at media day on Monday ... and the dude might've overshared juuuust a bit.

"I like it a lot, man. Because I've been to playoffs before, and then that should be everybody's goal," Kanter says. "It's the playoffs. When I think about playoffs, my nipples get hard."

Kanter immediately apologized for the TMI comment ... but it's too late. It's out there and we can't un-hear it. 

"I'm sorry, that's the thing. It's the playoffs. That's what we play for."

We don't even want to begin to imagine what would happen if the Knicks win a playoff series.

Kanye West I'll Help You In Chicago!!! ... Says Ex-NBA Star

9/24/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Kanye West just added another big name to the list of people willing to help his social initiatives in Chicago ... ex-NBA star Quentin Richardson, who says he totally down to work with Mr. West.

Richardson is a Chi-Town native ... and lost his brother to gun violence there back in 2005. So, when we saw him at LAX we had to ask if he'd be down to work with Kanye to help turn things around.

"Anybody asking me to come back home and help out ... I'm always down."

West is making a new home in Chicago, and working with Windy City giants like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and GLC to address inner city issues, and QR says West is doing the right thing.

"I think Kanye trying to do something could definitely be something positive and start some change, but it takes a lot more than one person."

Joakim Noah Strips Butt Naked In Santa Monica

8/7/2018 10:20 AM PDT
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Here's Joakim Noah proving he's got nothing to hide when it comes to getting naked -- stripping off his pants in the middle of the street in Santa Monica ... and yeah, dude's in great shape. 

The New York Knicks player was leaving a vintage French boutique in Santa Monica on Monday -- when he decided it was time for a wardrobe change. 

Off came the shorts ... out came his bare ass -- and Noah couldn't help but smile as people walked by him in the middle of the day. 

Joakim Noah's 6'11", 230 pounds and was standing in front of his expensive Porsche ... so, we're sure no one even noticed -- right? 

BTW, Joakim's been busy lately -- just last week he was leading a peace march in Chicago (fully clothed). 

Joakim Noah Led Peace March In Chicago

8/3/2018 6:50 AM PDT
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Joakim Noah returned to Chicago on Thursday for a VERY good reason -- the former Bulls star was leading a peace march down West Jackson Boulevard. 

The 33-year-old -- who now plays for the NY Knicks -- was holding a flag with the word "Peace" on it, while wearing a shirt that said, "Rock Your Drop On the Block."

The march was organized through Joakim's Noah's Arc Foundation -- which provides programs for kids in need in Chicago. There's also a heavy emphasis on ending the gun violence epidemic in Chicago. 

Noah reportedly took countless pictures and spoke with all sorts of fans to try and spread his message. 


Iman Shumpert Hilarious Carmelo Hazing Tale ... Involving Skittles

7/12/2018 3:07 PM PDT

Rookies on Carmelo Anthony's next team -- watch out ... 'cause dude has ZERO CHILL when it comes to the hazing game, so says Iman Shumpert.

We got Iman out in NYC -- where he was in full-on pitch mode for his wifey's new album and gear -- when the topic of how he was going to initiate his new Kings teammate, Marvin Bagley III, to the NBA came up.

Iman seemed timid to the idea ... and when we pressed why -- it turns out Shump was actually the victim of a heinous Melo hazing incident back in his rookie year with the Knicks.

Iman tells us Carmelo made him build out a bowl of entirely green Skittles -- and Shumpert still seems shook by it all.

"What pack do you know of all green Skittles!?" he says.

The worst part of the whole episode?

"I don't even think he ate them."

BONUS: Iman gave us his rendition of one of Teyana Taylor's new songs ... and let's just say she's the better singer in the couple.

Joakim Noah Of Course I Want To Stay With Knicks ... 'I Love New York!'

7/9/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Joakim Noah's tenure with the Knicks so far has been a disaster ... but he tells TMZ Sports he hopes the team doesn't cut him, saying, "I love New York!"

The NBA star inked a 4-year, $72 MILLION deal back in 2016 ... and has had about as many fights with Knicks coaches as big plays made since.

But Noah told us out in Malibu this week he wants to stay and turn things around with new coach David Fizdale.

"Coach Fizz is cool, man," Noah says.

It's an interesting statement, considering Joakim was exiled from the team last season after a blowout fight with ex-coach Jeff Hornacek ... but Noah's clearly ready to put that water under the bridge.

Are the Knicks??

Kristaps Porzingis Yacht Party with Hot Blonde in Bikini ... Perfect ACL Rehab Plan?

6/17/2018 9:01 AM PDT

Rest easy Knicks fans ... Kristaps Porzingis' torn ACL is healing just fine, thanks to some expert medical attention from a smoke show blonde in a lab coat -- and by lab coat, we mean bikini.

The NBA star is yacht partying this weekend with a mystery chick off the coast of Ibiza. Porzingy's ACL injury could reportedly keep him off the court for the first 2 months of next season -- but maybe these pics are a sign he could be back sooner.

After all, Dr. Two Piece is giving him the thumbs up. How bad could it be? Not to mention, he's even feeling good enough for a leap into the ocean!

For reals though ... KP has been rehabbing his knee in Spain with Real Madrid's actual medical staff.

Interesting timing for his yacht party. There's buzz about a possible trade of Porzingis to the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard -- which means Greg Popovich is gonna LOVE these pics. 

Kenny Smith Knicks Shoulda Hired Me ... 'I'm the Best Choice'

5/10/2018 4:12 PM PDT

The NY Knicks made the "right choice" in hiring David Fizdale as the head coach ... but it wasn't the "best choice" -- so says Kenny Smith

Of course, Kenny was in the running for the gig -- but the Knicks ultimately went with Fizdale, who has more experience as a head coach in the NBA. 

"I think they made the right choice," Smith tells TMZ Sports ... "maybe not the best choice. I'm the best choice."

He then doubled down ... "They made the right choice, but not the best choice."

Despite the move, Smith says he is still very confident he'll be a head coach in the NBA in the next 5 years. 

Charles Oakley Peace with James Dolan?! ... Hell No!!!

5/9/2018 6:32 AM PDT

It's been more than a year since Charles Oakley was arrested at the Knicks game ... but he's still pissed at owner James Dolan and SCOFFED at the idea of making peace with the guy. 

We spotted Oak leaving the BTIG Charity Day in NYC and asked how he felt about David Fizdale taking over as head coach for his former team., 

"I hope he do a great job," Oakley said ... "[that's] all I can say!"

But when we turned the conversation to Dolan -- you can tell right away, Oak is still furious over the Feb. 2017 arrest. 

"Why would you bury the hatchet with someone who dragged you out of the place?"

Of course, Oakley was arrested for getting physical with security who tried to remove him from MSG after a heated exchange with Dolan. It took an army of security to subdue Oakley.

The ex-Knicks star was charged with assault, harassment and criminal trespass, but later cut a deal with prosecutors and the case has been thrown out

Oakley recently said he has video from the incident which will proves he did nothing wrong. 

Kenny Smith In 'Courting Stages' for NY Knicks Job

4/27/2018 3:42 PM PDT

Kenny Smith says he's in the "courting stages" for the NY Knicks head coaching job -- and says he believes he's battling 7 other candidates. 

Smith met with the Knicks last week and tells TMZ Sports it "went well" -- but he knows he's not the only fish in the sea. 

"We're in the courting stages. I know they're courting other people as well."

Smith's competition is reportedly steep -- big names like Mark Jackson, Jerry Stackhouse, David Fizdale and ex-NYK coach Mike Woodson

Smith makes his case to TMZ Sports ... saying he's got the experience and winning record the Knicks desperately need. 

But, is he ready to leave his "Inside the NBA" job? Not without a parting shot at Shaq and Charles Barkley ...

Dr. Oz Porzingis Can Come Back Even Better ... Here's How

2/8/2018 8:44 AM PST

Back up off that ledge, Knicks fans -- Dr. Oz says Kristaps Porzingis can get 110% better from his torn ACL ... if he takes his advice.

We got doc Oz out in NYC ... and he broke down why Kristaps' season-ending injury ain't the end of the world (just the Knicks' season). 

Don't get it twisted -- the celeb surgeon told TMZ Sports Porzingis is gonna have to bust his ass in rehab ... but if he follows a few of his recovery tips, Oz says he can legitimately "come back better than ever before."

Get well, KP!

Knicks' Enes Kanter Turkey Wants Him in Jail 4+ Years ... for Dissing President

12/20/2017 7:12 AM PST
Breaking News

Enes Kanter is facing a 4-YEAR, 8-month prison sentence back in his home country, according to Turkish media reports ... and it's all over his social media war on Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey's government-run news agency says the chief public prosecutor's office in Istanbul has indicted the Knicks star for his insulting tweets about Erdogan -- a man Kanter has previously referred to as the "Hitler of our century."

Back in May, Enes was detained at a Romanian airport because his Turkish passport was canceled. Kanter was ultimately allowed to return to the U.S. ... but he became a wanted man in Turkey after Erdogan labeled him a terrorist.

Enes said he would've been dead within days if he was shipped back to Turkey and jailed.

He's now hoping to become an American citizen -- and considers himself "country-less."

Odell Beckham Jr. Gives Walking Boot the Boot ... For Knicks Game

12/13/2017 8:49 AM PST

It's a beautiful sight for N.Y. Giants fans ... Odell Beckham Jr. makin' his way around the Big Apple without his walking boot!!

TMZ Sports spotted the NFL superstar heading into MSG for the Knicks vs. Lakers game Tuesday ... and although his boot was super swagged out, it's a great sign for his health to see him without it.

OBJ went down with a season-ending ankle injury in October ... but watching him sit courtside with Magic Johnson to cheer on the Knickerbockers sans boot should give fans hope.

Get well soon, OBJ!

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