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NY Knicks Is That Howard Stern?! Huge Stars Watch LeBron Dominate

12/8/2016 6:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon, Bill O'Reilly ... a TON of huge stars hit MSG Wednesday night to watch LeBron and the Cavs take on the Knicks ... and we got the video. 

The footage sorta feels like that old 'SNL' sketch with Rob Schneider by the copy machine -- "Tracy! Trace! The Trace Man!"

Still, cool to see all the big celebs.

As for the game, the Cavs killed NY ... 126-94. 

They play 'em at home again in February ... we'll see who shows up for that one. 


Brandon Jennings LeBron Wants To Punish Knicks ... But We Ain't Scared

12/7/2016 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Knicks guard Brandon Jennings says the team is fully aware LeBron James will try to punish the team for Phil Jackson's "posse" comment in Wednesday night's game -- but he has a message for the King to hear ...


TMZ Sports spoke to Brandon ... whose Knicks are playing pretty well ... and asked him if the team is ready for a potentially angry LeBron to show up at Madison Square Garden tonight.

Why would Bron be mad? This is the first meeting of the teams since Knicks Prez Phil Jackson referred to Bron's business team as a "posse" ... offending Bron in the process.

Jennings -- who's getting the start tonight with Derrick Rose out -- says the squad knows LeBron is motivated ... but they're ready for it all.

This one is gonna be fun.

Odell Beckham Jr. Courting Zendaya (Again?) ... Hanging At Knicks Game

11/29/2016 6:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1129-odell-beckham-jr-zendaya-twitter-01Here's Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr. taking in the Knicks game in NYC together Monday night ... once again giving us hope that one of the world's dopest potential couples could become a thing.

You might remember ... the two kicked it at a Grammy party (along with Zendaya's dad) earlier this year ... and it seemed OBJ was doing something he hasn't done since high school -- trying out.

Zendaya eventually said the two decided to go the "just friends" route ... but the kids looked pretty cozy courtside at the game last night ... and hung out WITHOUT her dad on duty ... although mom was in tow.

Progress is a slow process ...

Knicks to Ex Carnegie Deli Wife We Got Beef ... $97k Worth of Tix!

11/28/2016 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-KNICKS-CARNEGIE-GETTY-TMZ-2BA New York Knicks superfan, who's also linked to another NYC landmark, is stiffing the team on her super expensive courtside seats ... according to Madison Square Garden honchos.

MSG, which owns the Knicks, just sued Terry Klein, wife of the former co-owner of the legendary Carnegie Deli, for 10 Knicks season tickets she enjoyed using -- and allegedly reselling -- during the 2015-16 NBA season. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Terry either used or resold more than 90 percent of the tickets she was given.

There were 44 home games (pre and regular season) ... so we're talking 440 tickets! MSG says the total cost for those primo seats is $101,225 -- but Terry had a credit from the previous season ... so, they say she owes $97,865.

MSG points out Terry and her husband, Fred Klein, have been loyal Knicks fans "for decades" ... so it's "reluctantly" filing the lawsuit. MSG says it's only suing because Terry has agreed she owes the dough, but continually refuses to pay.

No doubt, Terry deserves something for remaining a Knicks fan -- it's been 43 years since their last championship -- but $97k seems steep.

We reached out to the Kleins ... so far no word back.

Leslie Jones Rocks 'A-Hole' Shirt to Knicks Game ... Sits Courtside

11/23/2016 9:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123_leslie-jones_sterling-shepherd_getty_instagramLeslie Jones made a fashion statement at the Knicks game Tuesday night -- wearing a shirt with the word "A-hole" written across the front ... while sitting courtside for all of the TV cameras to see! 

As far as we know, there were no issues -- no one seemed to be bothered by the shirt ... including the TV crews who ran the risk of airing the uncensored word during the live broadcast. 

The 'SNL' star had a great time -- she kicked it with NY Giants star Sterling Shepard and got high fives from a bunch of the players. Plus, the Knicks won! 

So mad I didn't know I was sitting next to Bucky!! Dammit I had questions!! @imsebastianstan @acausi

A photo posted by Leslie Jones (@lesdogggg) on

Derrick Rose WINS RAPE CASE ... Found Not Liable

10/19/2016 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1019-derrick-rose-tmz-sportsDerrick Rose has WON his rape case -- a jury has found the NBA superstar did NOT commit sexual battery against a woman in 2013 ... and will not be liable for damages. 

The verdict was just announced in federal court in L.A. -- where Rose and 2 friends have been on trial for the past couple of weeks for allegedly gang raping a woman. 

Rose and his 2 friends were found not liable on all 3 claims -- trespassing, sexual battery and battery. 

As the verdict was read, the accuser and her legal team appeared somber -- she had her head down as if she was praying. 

After each account, Rose's legal team smiled and shook the hands of Derrick and his co-defendants. 

All of the defendants looked up with their eyes lit up and smiled. 

Rose acknowledged having sex with the woman but claimed it was consensual. The accuser claimed she was either drunk or drugged -- and too out of it to give consent. 

Derrick Rose Rape Trial Verdict Coming In Minutes

10/19/2016 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1018-derrick-rose-tmz-01Moment of truth for NBA superstar Derrick Rose ... the verdict will be read in his civil rape trial in just a few minutes. 

Rose is being sued for more than $20 MILLION by a woman who claims the Knicks star and his 2 friends gang raped her in her L.A. apartment back in 2013. 

Rose has acknowledged having sex with the woman but insisted it was consensual

The jury is comprised of 8 people -- 6 women, 2 men. 

The jury will decide on 3 separate allegations for each of the 3 defendants -- trespassing, sexual battery and battery. The verdicts must be unanimous.

Derrick Rose Arrives to Court ... for Rape Trial

10/6/2016 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1006-derrick-rose-arriving-to-court-AP-02Derrick Rose just arrived to federal court in downtown Los Angeles where his civil rape trial is underway. 

Rose arrived moments ago -- roughly 2 hours after the proceedings began. 

He pulled up in a black SUV where media was waiting for him -- but instead of getting out of the car, he sped around to another entrance where there were less cameras. 

Rose -- dressed in a black suit -- entered the court with one other person while his accuser was on the stand testifying about the case. 

Rose and 2 friends are accused of gang raping the woman in her L.A. apartment back in 2013. She's suing for more than $21 MILLION.

Story developing ... 

Derrick Rose Case Potential Jurors Questioned ... Thoughts On Group Sex?

10/4/2016 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1004-derrick-rose-getty-01Who's your favorite basketball team ... and how do you feel about group sex?

Those were questions potential jurors in the Derrick Rose rape case were asked Tuesday -- as lawyers on both sides gear up for the $21 million trial.

Questionnaires were handed out to the jury pool in the L.A. courtroom -- in an effort to flush out any possible hidden biases. 

Rose and his friends are accused of gang raping a woman in her L.A. apartment back in 2013 -- though the NBA superstar claims the group sex was consensual.

But it wasn't a smooth start for Team Rose -- with his attorney voicing his frustrations to the judge about the racial composition of the jury pool ... which contained only 2 black people.

Rose's lawyer also groused about the fact 15 of the first 27 potential jurors were Hispanic -- which was concerning for Rose because his accuser is Hispanic.

The judge said there was nothing he could do about it. 

The final jury is expected to be selected by the end of the day -- and the trial should kick off Wednesday. Rose is expected to appear in court sometime this week. 

Joakim Noah Skips Dinner with Cadets at West Point ... I'm Anti-War

9/30/2016 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0930-joakim-noah-getty-02NY Knicks superstar Joakim Noah decided to skip a team dinner with cadets at West Point on Thursday night -- and claims it's because he's anti-war.

Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Kristaps Porzingis and others attended the function at the military academy in New York where the team has been training for the upcoming NBA season. 

But Noah was M.I.A. at the dinner Thursday night -- where military officials also gave speeches to the team -- and Friday he told reporters he was making a political stand because he didn't feel comfortable and hates war. 

The Knicks have been training at West Point for a few years -- but this is Noah's first season with the team. 

update_graphic_red_bar10:50 AM PT -- A rep for Noah tells TMZ Sports, "He has the utmost respect for the military members and cadets. He just doesn't agree with war."update-grey-gray-bar

Derrick Rose Put a Muzzle On My Accuser

9/23/2016 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923-derrick-rose-getty-02Derrick Rose's rape accuser won't be holding any more news conferences if he gets his way ... he's asking a judge to shut her up.

Rose just filed a motion requesting the anonymous accuser be prohibited from speaking about the case with anyone in the media until the end of the trial. He's pissed about what he calls her "nationwide media blitz," and feels it's hurting his ability to get a fair trial.

As we reported ... the accuser and her lawyer held a teleconference with reporters last week, during which they called Rose a "sexual deviant." 

The judge has yet to rule on the gag order.

Derrick Rose to Rape Accuser You're No Prude You Hooked Up With Nick Young

9/12/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907-nick-young-derrick-rose-TMZ-01Derrick Rose is dragging Nick Young into his alleged rape case -- using his fellow NBA star in an attempt to discredit the accuser.

Rose's Jane Doe accuser claims she was traumatized by the alleged gang rape because she's "prudish" and sexually inexperienced. Rose's team says that's a big fat lie ... and they have a text referring to fellow NBA guard Nick Young to prove it.

According to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the text was sent from Jane Doe to her roommate in November 2014. It says, "since u goin to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol."

Rose says the roommate confirmed ... Jane Doe was referring to Nick Young in the text (and yes, Nick was dating Iggy at the time). 

The docs also claim Jane Doe interacted with lots of celebs and had sexual relationships with at least 2 NBA players other than Rose ... bringing a major question about her credibility into play.

We reached out to Nick Young ... he has no comment. 

Fat Joe I'd Give $5 Mil For A Knicks Championship ... Really

8/28/2016 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry, Spike ... hip-hop star Fat Joe is officially the biggest freakin' Knicks fan in the world ... 'cause he says he'd give up FIVE MILLION DOLLARS if it meant his squad could take home the Larry O'Brien. 

We got Joe out in NYC and posed a very simple, very easy question of choice to the rap legend ... would he rather have the Knicks win a championship ... or be handed $5 million in cold hard cash?

Joe doesn't even hesitate ... dissing the cash (FYI, he's already maaaaaad rich) and taking the title, thus proving how much an NBA championship actually means ... no matter what 'Melo says.

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