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Kathie Lee Gifford Jesus, Oprah ... Look for the Signs!!!

3/1/2018 12:40 AM PST

Kathie Lee Gifford is all for divine intervention guiding Oprah's decision on whether she should run for President.

We got KLG leaving lunch Wednesday at Michael's, and our guy dropped the best question of the day: What signs should Oprah be looking for from her colleague, God? 

Of course, Kathie had some answers -- while she prayed for the big guy to bring her car around. 

As you may have heard, Oprah re-opened the door Wednesday to running for Prez when she said she's all in ... if God tells her to do it.

Florida Shooting Student Survivor We Welcome All Celebs at MFOL ... They're Powerful Voices!!!

3/1/2018 12:30 AM PST

A student who survived the Florida shooting says he's happy George Clooney and Scooter Braun are super involved with their cause -- in fact, he says the more, the merrier.

Dimitri Hoth -- a student survivor at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High -- has a clear view of the upcoming March for Our Lives rally in D.C.  He wants celebs front and center, because they have the key to the most powerful engine of change -- social media.

TMZ broke the story ... Scooter and George are deeply embedded in organizing the event for MFOL, but have stayed out of the spotlight to avoid blurring the students' message.

It's a student effort, but he says famous people, including vocal supporters Oprah and Jimmy Fallon, will be warmly received.  

George Clooney, Scooter Braun Secretly Major Forces Behind March for Our Lives

2/28/2018 1:00 AM PST

George Clooney and Scooter Braun are secretly working behind the scenes for the March for Our Lives campaign ... and TMZ knows this all because we wanted to find out how many MFOL t-shirts were sold.

One of our producers emailed members of the campaign triggered by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. She wanted to know how many sweatshirts, t-shirts and other merch items have been sold to raise money for the upcoming marches -- in particular, the march in Washington to ban assault rifles and end gun violence.

We were told over 22,000 items have been sold, but our producer wanted to know more, and she was referred to a woman who is running the fundraising campaign. Turns out ... the woman works for Scooter Braun.

After more digging, we found out Scooter is deeply involved in the fundraising efforts but was determined not to take the spotlight away from the students, so he used one of his employees for cover. As you know, Scooter organized the Manchester charity event for the victims of the Ariana Grande concert bombing.

We also found out Clooney, who donated $500k to March For Our Lives, is actively working behind the scenes to provide various forms of help. And sources at MFOL tell us Clooney is the one who started the behind-the-scenes work and recruited Braun and others. 

We're assuming they've done all this on the QT because they feel it would diminish the impact of the movement if celebrities appear to be running the show -- the students are the ones changing hearts and minds and it's important it stays that way.

Clooney tells TMZ, "Amal and I fully support the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. We've donated money to help pay for their march. But the march and all of the activities surrounding this movement belong to the young people across the country."

Clooney goes on ... "To suggest anything else would not only be completely inaccurate but also undercut the courage and determination of these incredible kids. They make me proud to be an American."

Florida Shooting Survivors Eyeing Book Deals to Push Gun Message

2/27/2018 1:00 AM PST

Some of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High are planning on using their newfound star power to get their gun control message out ... through a good page-turner.

Sources tell TMZ that at least two of the outspoken survivors have been in talks with publishers for book deals. The deals haven't been inked ... the students are in the meeting phase with book honchos.

We're also told that some of the students have been getting help from high-profile publicists to field requests and schedule media appearances. A lot of these kids have been all over the news lately, so it'd make sense they're not handling all these bookings solo.

According to our sources ... the point of this publicity push is to get their message across loud and clear -- real gun control is needed now, and they're insistent in bringing about change. One downside ... the kids haven't really had a chance to properly grieve.

As for book money ... we're not sure how much a deal would net the 2 survivors. We're told they'd likely donate the cash to March for Our Lives ... which is taking place in D.C. next month.

U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill I Was Bumpin' The Game Before Killing Bin Laden

2/24/2018 11:33 AM PST

The U.S. Navy SEAL who's credited with firing the kill shots on Osama bin Laden says he listened to a banger the night of the raid, and we gotta say ... it's an excellent choice.

We got retired Navy SEAL, Robert O'Neill, heading into the Gaylord National Resort near D.C. Saturday, and asked if he's had to pay for a drink since taking down the man behind 9/11 ... he has, but only by choice.

Our guy then asks Rob if he jammed to any special music that night in May 2011, and he tells us he bumped "Red Nation" by The Game ... and he'd love to meet the rapper.

Rob also addresses a popular conspiracy theory about what happened to bin Laden after his death with a definitive answer ... check it out.

David Hogg's Mother Florida Students Too Busy to Grieve

2/22/2018 2:13 PM PST

David Hogg's mother worries her son is going 1,000 MPH in his quest for gun control, but she also knows his time to act is NOW.

Hogg's mother, Rebecca, tells us David hasn't stopped making the media rounds advocating for new gun legislation after Nikolas Cruz brutally murdered 17 people from his high school last week in Parkland, Florida.

But, while the grieving process is imperative, Rebecca also understands David and every other student-turned-activist is doing right by their late classmates to keep the issue relevant in the news in order to see real change.

And, as a teacher herself, Rebecca has strong feelings about Trump's suggestion to arm her colleagues

T.I. Yes, We Need Real Gun Control ... But, At What Cost?

2/22/2018 6:38 AM PST

T.I. says it's time for the U.S.A. to reexamine its gun laws in the wake of the Florida shooting ... but he doesn't wanna lose his right to bear arms.

We got Tip Wednesday leaving The Palm in Bev Hills, where he weighed in on the gun control debate raging in the country right now. Somewhat surprisingly, he says he's for reform.

The rapper tells us it absolutely should be more difficult for unstable people to get their hands on a firearm, and that "not being a felon isn't enough" anymore. At the same time ... he fears messing with the 2nd Amendment could lead to "enslavement" by Uncle Sam.

You gotta hear his take here, which is interesting considering T.I. himself did prison time on federal gun charges. Also, check out how he feels about banning automatics.

President Trump Talks Arming Teachers To Deal with Shootings

2/21/2018 12:52 PM PST
Breaking News

President Trump seems to think the way to solve the problems with school shootings is more guns ... specifically, arming teachers.

Trump fielded suggestions Wednesday at the White House during a "listening session" he hosted with survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. He came prepared with a cheat sheet that included questions, and even a comment ... "I hear you." That was number 5 on his list.

A father of a Stoneman Douglas High survivor suggested allowing certain school personnel to be secretly armed so they can immediately respond before cops arrive. Trump was receptive, and said it was something he'd consider, among other things.

Trump said "maniacs" would be deterred from even attempting a school shooting if they knew bullets could be coming in their direction. The room was torn on the issue.

Interesting ... almost no one squarely addressed the biggest issue ... banning assault weapons. Also interesting ... Trump has taken a position on this before, and appeared to be against guns in the classroom.

We don't know how the people in the room were chosen or whether the White House had any say in who was there.

Judd Apatow Donates $1k to FL Shooting Victim

2/20/2018 10:21 AM PST

Judd Apatow is just one of thousands of people who've donated to a child who was shot and critically injured during the Florida high school shooting ... TMZ has learned.

Judd's rep confirmed to us that the comedian had, in fact, contributed $1,000 to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Anthony Borges, who was shot multiple times while attempting to save others last week in the mass shooting.

According to the official GoFundMe page, Anthony took bullets to both legs and his back while trying to close and lock a door to a classroom full of classmates. He's alive and stable, but has "a long road of recovery ahead." The fund has raised over $400k so far. 

There are 2 other donors who might be famous -- a Kevin Smith donated $1,000 and Eric McCormack donated $500. We haven't heard back from reps to confirm it's the filmmaker and the  "Will and Grace" star. 

Michael Rapaport Really Fired from Real Job ... Says Barstool Prez

2/19/2018 11:48 AM PST
Exclusive Details

It seemed like a joke, but Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy tells TMZ Sports the organization REALLY did fire Michael Rapaport this weekend after he insulted the company's fans.

It all started when Rap posted a tweet saying "Stoolies" are losers in life. Portnoy says he and the rest of the staff took offense ... "That was the ultimate deal-breaker."

Portnoy says Rapaport was under contract with Barstool -- as part of the deal, he would create original content like viral videos and Barstool would "rep" Michael's popular podcast, "I Am Rapaport."

It seemed the two sides had a great business relationship -- but Portnoy says it turned into an "utter and complete train wreck."

Portnoy tried to fire Rapaport over text message -- but accidentally sent it to NFL insider Ian Rapaport instead. Eventually, Michael got the message. 

"To me, it was very personal. It was very real," Portnoy says. 

"I don't have necessarily any hard feelings for him. It's just, if you're going to insult our entire fanbase and people who like Barstool, it doesn't make much sense necessarily for these same people to be paying your bills and supporting your podcast ... it just makes no sense."

Nikolas Cruz Gun Shop Getting Blasted Online ... Gets Help from Yelp

2/16/2018 12:44 PM PST

The Florida gun store that sold Nikolas Cruz the weapon he used to kill 17 people is getting attacked online by people blaming them for the massacre, and it's gotten so bad ... Yelp's offering the business some protection.

Sunrise Tactical Supply sold Cruz the AR-15 a year ago. Although cops say the sale was completely legal, the backlash against Sunrise has been swift and severe on its Yelp page. Some commenters call the company "merchants of death," and say it's "complicit" in the Florida shooting because they sold the rifle to an 18-year-old "with mental problems."

Not shockingly, they're also getting a wave of 1-star reviews.

A Yelp rep tells TMZ ... they've now placed an active cleanup alert on Sunrise's page to remind users that comments not based on firsthand experience will be removed. We're told the goal is to "shield businesses from online harassment" as a result of media attention.

Doug Rudman, the attorney for Sunrise Tactical's owners, tells us the ATF has exonerated his clients and made it clear they the sale to Cruz was completely on the up-and-up. Until further notice, however, it is reported that the shop is closed indefinitely.

Florida Mass School Shooting Bulletproof Backpack In High Demand

2/16/2018 12:50 AM PST

There has been a run on bulletproof backpacks in the aftermath of the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ... TMZ has learned. 

A company called Bullet Blocker sells the fortified knapsacks for anywhere between $200 and $500. We're told the company sold 500 of the bags Thursday, a 30% spike in regular sales since the shooting. 

The company's owner, Joe Curran, tells us the majority of the backpacks sold this week are headed to Florida.   

The item is made with a Kevlar lining and weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.  

Joe's company sells a bunch of bulletproof gear on a regular basis, but he says Thursday, backpacks were at the top of his sales list, and most of those sales were in Florida.

BTW ... the company also sells bulletproof luxury items, like Gucci bomber jackets and Hermes bags.

A sign of the times. 

Nicole Eggert Even IF I Was 18 ... Baio Was Too Old for Sex with Me!

2/15/2018 2:28 PM PST

Nicole Eggert's got new beef with Scott Baio -- now she's essentially claiming he's a dirty old man.

Nicole was on "Good Day LA" Thursday when she was asked about Scott insisting she was 18 when they had sex. Her response -- "Let's say that were true. That still made him how old?"

The answer to her question is Scott would have been 29 or 30 ... clearly, too old in Nicole's eyes. She also insinuated Scott's guilty of just being creepy because she thinks, if nothing else, he thought about having sex with her before she was legal.

Eggert has previously said she thinks she was as young as 14 when she and Scott first hooked up. As we've reported ... he denies any sexual contact with Nicole while she was underage.

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