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Hoda Kotb Matt's Cool with Me Taking Over And About My Paycheck ...

1/3/2018 11:17 AM PST

Hoda Kotb isn't sweating reports she's making $18 million less than Matt Lauer after taking over his "Today" co-anchor seat ... and insists there's no bad blood with her ex-coworker.

We got Hoda Wednesday morning outside 30 Rock, and she said Matt sent her a congratulatory text after finding out she got the gig. Then we asked about her alleged new salary of about $7 million -- the same as Savannah Guthrie -- but way less than Lauer.

Hoda addressed it ... with all the class you'd expect.

Paul Sorvino Weinstein Blacklisted My Girl 'I Will Kill That Motherf*****'

1/3/2018 6:30 AM PST

Paul Sorvino seems to prefer street justice to the whole judicial thing ... because he wants revenge against Harvey Weinstein in the worst way.

Sorvino was leaving Bristol Farms in WeHo Tuesday night when we asked about his daughter Mira's claims that she was blackballed by Harvey Weinstein after she rejected his sexual advances and unwanted physical contact.

Paul doesn't mince words, saying a jail cell will be the place Weinstein inevitably calls home, but Paul says there's a silver lining for Harvey ... that Paul won't be able to come after him.

Rabbi Shmuley Lorde's Age No Excuse for Bigotry Jewish People Sick of It!!!

1/3/2018 12:30 AM PST

Rabbi Shmuley isn't giving Lorde a pass for what he calls "the height of bigotry" ... and has one question for her -- What did Israel ever do to you?

We got Michael Jackson's old pal on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and asked him about the singer's recent decision to cancel her show in Israel ... while keeping 2 concert dates in Russia. He's still very fired up about it.

Shmuley thinks Lorde's joined a movement seeking the "economic annihilation" of Israel, and though he doesn't call her an anti-Semite ... he believes she needs to be more responsible as an influential celeb.

In case you don't think he's serious ... the Rabbi took out a full-page ad blasting Lorde for boycotting Israel while ignoring Putin's beyond-checkered past with human rights.

Lorde's cancellation came after Palestine supporters blasted her, saying she prides herself on being "informed." Shmuley says she still needs a lot more informing.

Hoda Kotb See Ya, Matt Lauer ... Officially Named 'Today' Co-Anchor

1/2/2018 6:01 AM PST
Breaking News

Hoda Kotb's slipping into Matt Lauer's old chair after being named the "Today" show co-anchor.

NBC made it official Tuesday morning ... and Hoda and her new partner, Savannah Guthrie, breathlessly announced it at the top of the show.

Back on Nov. 29  ... Hoda and Savannah dropped the shocker that the Peacock had fired Matt Lauer over sexual harassment claims made by more than a dozen women.

Hoda's workload just skyrocketed ... in addition to replacing Matt, she'll also keep her gig co-hosting with Kathie Lee Gifford for the 4th hour of 'Today.'

Balthazar Getty I'm Skipping Movie About Dad's Kidnapping

12/31/2017 12:30 AM PST

"All the Money in the World" hits very close to home for Balthazar Getty -- the story's about the 1973 abduction of his father, John Paul Getty III -- and for that reason ... he says he's not going to see it.

We got the actor at LAX Wednesday getting ready for vacay and asked for his thoughts on the movie, but he says the fam decided to stay mum. He does concede it's an interesting story.

As we reported ... Kevin Spacey was set to play the role of Getty's great-grandfather -- J. Paul Getty, who refused to pay the $17 mil ransom to get John back -- but got axed amid allegations of sexual assault and was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

When asked about that, Balthazar had a lot more to say ... specifically on the subject of karma.  

Washington Post Heir William Graham Commits Suicide Like Publisher Father

12/26/2017 9:04 AM PST

William Graham -- one of the heirs to the Washington Post-Graham fortune and son to WP publishers Phil and Katharine Graham -- has died by suicide, like his father.

The Post published Will's obit Saturday, saying the 69-year-old lawyer died last Wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to his older brother, Donald. His sister, Lally Weymouth, also posted about his death. 

His father, Phil, also committed suicide in 1963 by shooting himself with a shotgun. Will's mother, Katharine, served as primary publisher of the Post for more than 2 decades thereafter.

She played a crucial role in the Post helping bring down President Nixon during the Watergate scandal. She also led the charge in continuing to publish the Pentagon Papers despite being challenged by the U.S. government in court. 

Meryl Streep plays Katharine in Steven Spielberg's new movie "The Post." What's even more eerie here ... Will killed himself 6 days after the premiere in D.C., and 2 days before the film's limited release. 


SpaceX The Sky's Not Falling ... It's Just a Rocket Launch!!!

12/22/2017 6:05 PM PST
Exclusive Video

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a weird glowing cloud in the sky -- compliments of SpaceX!!!

Elon Musk's aerospace company kicked off its final mission of 2017 Friday night by launching a rocket into the sky over Southern California from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Here at TMZ ... we were flooded with calls from California and Arizona residents asking if we were under attack or if aliens were visiting, and reporting that traffic was getting jammed by people pulling over to watch the show.

Now you all know ... it was just a rocket, man.

"And I think it's gonna be a long, long time ..."


Sylvester Stallone Accuser Lied ... Now I Want Her Prosecuted!!!

12/20/2017 6:30 AM PST

Sylvester Stallone is ready to demand police investigate a woman who, he's been told, filed a report claiming he raped her 27 years ago ... TMZ has learned.

Stallone's attorney, Marty Singer, tells us he believes the woman recently filed a false police report with Santa Monica PD. Singer says this all started more than a month ago when a media outlet, not TMZ, informed him the woman was alleging Stallone raped her in 1990 in his Santa Monica office.

Stallone denies the allegation. He admits he had spent 3 days with her during a 1987 movie shoot in Israel. He was single, she was not a minor and he says there was never a rape. He also denies he saw her at all in 1990.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the media outlet that contacted Singer refused to publish the woman's story due to a lack of corroborating evidence, and because, at that time, she had not filed a police report -- not in 1990, and not at any time since then.

We're told the woman finally did file a police report with Santa Monica PD in mid-November. However, the media outlet still did not publish. Our sources say it appears she filed the report in an effort to get the story out to the public, but failed.

However, Singer says a different reporter called him Tuesday and stated, definitively, that the woman -- who sources say was once married to a convicted killer-for-hire -- had now filed a police report. Singer says he contacted Santa Monica PD late Tuesday night to confirm the report, but the investigations division was closed.

He tells us IF he confirms Wednesday morning she did indeed go to police and accuse Stallone of rape -- Stallone WILL file a complaint requesting she be investigated for filing a false police report.

Nipsey Hussle Rips Anti-Diddy Newscasters ... 'We Gon' Beat Yo Ass!'

12/19/2017 8:59 AM PST

Nipsey Hussle says Diddy and Colin Kaepernick are about to be the NFL's first black owners -- and he's gonna personally smack anyone trying to hold 'em down!

FYI, a Bay Area newscaster is under fire over a segment mocking Puff's bid to buy the Panthers -- with the reporter saying he looked drunk and high, and claiming the hip-hop mogul was too broke to buy the team.  

Nipsey's response?

"F*ck the n***a that was doubtin' them on the news, woofin’ that sh*t. We gon’ catch you and beat yo ass, n***a."

"Got some homegirls for that bitch, too!" the rapper told TMZ Sports outside Catch in L.A.

We also got Nipsey's bro, YG, out at Staples Center ... and it's pretty clear he's got Diddy and Kaep's backs, too. 

'Double Dare' Host Marc Summers Evacuates Home Amid Wildfires ... Saves His Tapes!

12/17/2017 11:04 AM PST

Marc Summers -- the host of the '90s hit kids' show "Double Dare" -- just evacuated his home amid a growing inferno in Santa Barbara, and took what mattered ... his TV clips.

Marc posted a video Saturday showing blazes from the Thomas fire at what might as well be a stone's throw away in the Santa Barbara mountains near his property.  

TMZ spoke to Marc, who tells us ... he and his fam just left this weekend, but packed up a lot of their valuables about a week ago, including jewelry, family photo albums, marriage and birth certificates, passports ... and over 1,000 tapes of Marc's TV gigs. 

We're told he was able to convert those tapes to DVDs a while ago, and saved a good chunk -- which, of course, contain episodes from "Double Dare" and other TV appearances.

Marc says he and his family might return Wednesday ... if Mother Nature lets 'em.

Sean Astin I Got My Bro's Back vs. FCC My Mom Would Too!!!

12/16/2017 11:00 AM PST

Sean Astin says if his mom, Patty Duke, were still alive today ... she'd be marching on Capitol Hill to demand answers why her name was fraudulently used to oppose net neutrality.

A little backstory -- Sean's bro, actor Mackenzie Astin, called out the FCC Thursday in a now viral tweet, asking why their mom's name was used in 3 separate comments in support of ending net neutrality more than a year after she died.

So we got Sean at LAX Friday night and asked how he felt, and it's clear he's troubled by it ... and thinks the American public should be too.

As for what to do next, Sean says he's going to follow his brother's lead ... so the FCC better watch out.

KYLE Amazed by Wildfire Relief Efforts But Help's Still Needed!!!

12/16/2017 1:37 PM PST

KYLE's deeply moved by his hometown of Ventura banding together amid raging wildfires ... but says there's still a lot to do to help victims out.

We got the "iSpy" rapper at LAX Friday, and he tells us he's been floored by the humanity people have shown for those in need, but he's pleading to not let up ... and says he's got some big stuff planned to help out too.

As of Saturday, the Thomas Fire is the state's third largest in history and is still only 40 percent contained. Since the blaze began, it's destroyed over 1,000 structures (about 750 homes) and burned 260,000 acres.

More than 8,000 firefighters have been battling the fire, but like KYLE says ... it's going to take everyone chipping in to get through the disaster.

Omarosa I'm Back in D.C. ... No Questions, Please!!!

12/14/2017 3:55 PM PST

Omarosa has returned to Washington D.C. and, for once, she's trying to keep a very low profile ... and succeeding!

Nearly 48 hours after her exit from the White House ... Omarosa was back inside the Beltway. We spotted her right after she landed at Reagan National around 5:30 PM ET, but as soon as she saw us ... she bolted. Literally.

She made the most of her winter coat, bundling up and concealing her face -- and that was before she stepped outside. Seems Omarosa's trying to avoid questions about President Trump, or what happened Tuesday night at the White House.

As we reported, she'd love to score a new government gig. CIA, check out these covert moves.

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