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RZA Defends NFL Over Maroon 5 Pick ... Adam Levine Is Dope!!

9/23/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Here's something you don't hear rappers say a lot lately ... CUT THE NFL A BREAK!!!

RZA -- the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan -- says he doesn't think the NFL deserves all the crap it's been getting for booking Maroon 5 for the Super Bowl halftime show. 

And, the reason? He really digs Adam Levine!!

Remember, the game will be played in Atlanta -- home of stars like Outkast, T.I. and Migos. The guys from Maroon 5 are from L.A., and some people are pissed about that. 

But, not RZA -- who says Adam is everything that's RIGHT about music ... he's talented, progressive and embraces hip-hop. He even points out Adam has a song with Future

In fact, RZA says he wouldn't be surprised if Adam brought out a special guest like Drake

Wanna see Wu-Tang perform at the Super Bowl? 

Well, that's not gonna happen -- but RZA says the guys would definitely be down to perform a halftime show for the NY Jets or the NY Giants -- all they have to do is ask!! 

Wu-Tang's for the children!!!!!! 

Kiara Mia Jimmy G Date Night Porn Parody?? ... I'm Down!!

9/23/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Wondering how Jimmy Garoppolo's famous date night with Kiara Mia ended up??

Good news ... Kiara tells TMZ Sports she's down to take all the imagination out of it for you -- and make a legit porn parody of their epic L.A. night!!

"I might possibly be open to that!" the famous porn star tells us. "That sounds fun!"

Remember ... Jimmy and Kiara hit up Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills for a romantic evening earlier this summer -- but nobody spilled the beans about what went down afterward.

When we got Kiara at LAX and asked if an X-rated remake of the night was a possibility ... she seemed into it -- and even had some ideas for the male lead!!

BTW ... Kiara said her date with Garoppolo has opened the door for other athletes to dip into the porn star dating world ... and some have maaaaybe even popped into HER DMs!!

Eat your heart out, Jimmy.

Baker Mayfield Won't Be Named Starter Until Next Week ... Says Procrastinating Coach

9/21/2018 12:24 PM PDT
Breaking News

Baker Mayfield's gonna have to wait until NEXT WEEK before he officially becomes the starting QB for the Browns -- which begs the question, WHAT'S THE HOLDUP?!

Cleveland's head coach, Hue Jackson, says he needs the weekend to process everything and won't touch the depth chart until AT LEAST Monday 

"I've given the players the weekend off obviously, so I'm going to take my time because I have some time," Jackson told reporters Friday. 

"And, I'm going to get an opportunity to meet with them here Monday morning and kind of go from there."

Some say Hue's just being respectful to Tyrod Taylor -- who was the 1st-string guy until he was knocked out of Thursday's game with a possible concussion. 

Baker came in with 2 minutes left in the 1st half and LIT IT UP -- going 17-23 for 201 yards in a wild 21-17 come from behind thriller. 

"I wanted to really watch tape and talk to the staff and talk to John [Dorsey] and then make a decision from there," Jackson says.

Spoiler alert ... the tape is good. Start Baker. Don't Browns this up. 

Edwin Jackson Drunk Driver Gets 16 Yrs. In Prison For Killing NFL Player

9/21/2018 12:06 PM PDT
Breaking News

The drunk driver who killed Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson in February just got sentenced to 16 years in prison.

As we previously reported, 26-year-old Jackson and his Uber driver were hit by a pickup truck while they were standing on the shoulder of a highway in Indiana.

37-year-old Manuel Orrego-Zavala pled guilty to 2 counts of "DUI that causes the death of another" in July.

Today, he faced a judge in Indiana ... and was hit with the maximum penalty -- 16 years in state prison.

After his prison sentence, Orrego-Zavala -- who's a Guatemalan citizen in America illegally -- faces deportation.

The case became a national story when President Trump tweeted that it was "disgraceful" that Jackson was killed by a man who was in the U.S. illegally.

Orrego-Zavala is currently locked up ... and ain't goin' anywhere for 16 years.

LeSean McCoy's Ex Blasts NFL Star You're a Monster

9/21/2018 9:18 AM PDT
Breaking News

1:05 PM PT -- Milton PD responded to the Cordon news conference ... issuing a release addressing some of the claims made by the victim, Ms. Cordon.

In the statement, Milton PD notes that LeSean "has not been cooperative in the investigation" ... despite the fact multiple requests were made to his attorney.

LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend has DOUBLED the reward for information leading to the arrest of her attacker to $40,000 ... and once again, pointed the finger at the NFL running back.

Delicia Cordon held a press conference detailing the violent July 9 incident when a masked man broke into her home, pistol whipped her multiple times ... and stole expensive pieces of jewelry. 

Cordon says she believes McCoy orchestrated the attack -- pointing to the fact her assailant was looking for specific items LeSean had gifted her in the past. 

No arrests have been made and McCoy has denied having any involvement -- but Cordon doesn't believe him.

"I live my life in fear. Everyday not knowing if I’m walking past the man who savagely attacked me," she said. 

"LeSean said he’s gonna deal with all this after his season -- I don’t have that option. I have to deal with this every day."

Cordon says McCoy is not cooperating with the investigation and refuses to hand over security footage from the night of the attack. 

She initially offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest -- but says people have donated another $20,000 to the cause ... totaling $40,000.

Bill Belichick Praises Josh Gordon ... 'Smart Kid, Works Hard'

9/21/2018 8:54 AM PDT
Breaking News

Josh Gordon seems to be making a good impression on his new boss -- with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick saying the WR is a "smart kid" who's been busting his ass. 

Gordon was traded to the Pats on Monday after a rocky 6-year stint with the Cleveland Browns that included multiple suspensions stemming from substance abuse. The last straw for CLE was when Gordon said he injured himself last week during a promo shoot. 

So, how's it going for Josh in New England? Not bad, according to Belichick. 

"Josh is a smart kid. He's worked hard. He's picked up a lot," Bill said during Friday's press conference. 

Bill noted Josh hasn't been in town for very long -- but noted that he's "done about as much as [he] can in the few days [he's] been here."

Gordon's definitely under the microscope in New England -- in fact, they gave him the locker right next to Tom Brady ... so the QB can keep a close eye on him. 

Baker Mayfield QB's High School Coach 'I'm Not Surprised!'

9/21/2018 8:08 AM PDT

This is AWESOME!!!

Baker Mayfield's high school football coach, Hank Carter, tells TMZ Sports he couldn't be more proud of his former QB ... and tells Cleveland to strap in, it's gonna be one helluva ride!!!

Baker played for Hank at Lake Travis High School in Texas -- where the QB led the Cavaliers to the 4A state title in 2011. Dude racked up 6,255 yards and 67 TDs during his HS career. 

So, we had to ask Coach Carter how he felt about Baker's insane NFL debut -- and guess what, HE WAS FIRED UP!!!

"It's fantastic! I'm so proud of that guy!" 

Coach Carter says Baker's been loaded with potential for years -- and he's "not surprised" the guy is having success at the top level. 

In fact, Carter says there's one thing Browns fans need to keep in mind -- this is just the beginning!

"No one will outwork that dude. That's the thing [the fans] gotta understand. He will not be satisfied with the success they had last night."


J.R. Smith Topless Celebration Returns ... After Browns' First Win!!

9/21/2018 6:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Shirtless J.R. Smith made his return Thursday night ... and we all have Baker Mayfield to thank for it -- 'cause the Cavs star WENT CRAZY after the rookie led the Browns to a win!!!

It all went down at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland ... where J.R. had luxury box seats to see the Baker-led Browns finally win a game for the first time since 2016.

You'll remember ... the last time J.R. celebrated a massive Cleveland victory -- he went topless in public for hours ... rockin' no shirt for the entire Cavs' championship parade.

Well ... about midway through the second half of the Browns-Jets game -- J.R. promised to make another shirtless appearance if they pulled out the comeback.

And then Baker did it -- AND OFF WENT THE SHIRT!!

"It's over! Let's go! Let's go!" a topless J.R. screamed after the win. "We outchya! No shirt shorty! We out here!"

Thanks again, Baker.

Jets RB Isaiah Crowell Hey Cleveland ... Tell Me How My A** Tastes!!!

9/20/2018 6:42 PM PDT

If you thought NY Jets running back Isaiah Crowell was going to take it easy on his former team on Thursday Night Football ... you thought very wrong.

Crowell just scored his second TD of the first half to the put the Jets up 14-0 over the Browns, and to celebrate ... he wiped his butt with the ball and threw it in the stands for the Cleveland fans.

That's right, it was touchdown No. 2.

Crowell spent his first 4 years in the NFL with the Browns -- enduring a 1-31 record the past 2 seasons -- before heading to the Jets this offseason.

Clearly ... he's happy to put his Browns behind him.

Carlos Hyde To Have Baby Tonight ... Then Play!!

9/20/2018 4:12 PM PDT
Breaking News

Carlos Hyde is about to have a hell of a birthday night ... 'cause dude's about to have a baby -- then play against the New York Jets!!!

The Browns star running back is currently at a hospital in Cleveland, waiting for the birth of his child -- NFL Network's Omar Ruiz reports.

Carlos' soon-to-be-baby-mama had labor induced last night ... so the little Hyde is expected to come out any minute.

The plan from there??


Happy 28th!

Stormy Daniels Ben Roethlisberger 'Terrified' Me ... Tried to Kiss Me

9/20/2018 1:18 PM PDT

Stormy Daniels claims she was "terrified" when Ben Roethlisberger tried to kiss her during an incident in Lake Tahoe back in 2006 ... insisting she shot the QB down cold. 

It's all in her book, "Full Disclosure" -- where she primarily talks about her sexual encounter with Donald Trump

The day after she allegedly banged "The Apprentice" star, she met the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback at a VIP section of a golf course ... where Ben had been talking with Trump. 

At the end of the night, Stormy claims Trump asked Ben to walk the porn star back to her hotel room -- and when they got there, he allegedly asked for a "good night kiss."

Stormy claims she turned him down -- but he pushed lightly on the door while they both stood outside and said, "Come on."

Stormy says she eventually went inside her room alone -- while Ben continued to knock on the door for several minutes before giving up and walking away. 

"I was terrified," Stormy says in the book (via CNN) ... "I am rarely terrified."

We reached out to Ben's camp for comment -- so far, no word back. 

It's not the first time Big Ben allegedly acted inappropriately with women in Lake Tahoe -- in 2008, a woman claimed the NFL player raped her at the Harrah's Hotel during a celebrity golf tournament. 

Roethlisberger was never prosecuted criminally -- but the accuser sued Ben ... and he eventually struck a settlement with her in 2012. 

Antonio Brown I Don't Wanna Be Traded

9/20/2018 10:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Antonio Brown says he does NOT want to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers ... just days after saying the opposite on Twitter.

Brown spoke with reporters on Thursday about his now-infamous tweet ... saying he "obviously" doesn't actually want to leave the Steelers after clapping back at a tweet suggesting Ben Roethlisberger is responsible for his success.

AB84 explained he fired back at the guy who sent the tweet -- a former Steelers PR guy -- because he thought it was a personal shot.

"I'm still grateful to put on my uniform, grateful to be a part of this organization," Brown said. "I don't take that for granted. Obviously it was a stupid remark."

Brown also said he's pissed the Steelers haven't won a game yet ... but wouldn't reveal why he missed practice on Monday.

Kaepernick's Attorney Hints Raiders and Pats Interested ... 'Stay Tuned'

9/20/2018 6:34 AM PDT

Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady ... on the same team???

That seems to be the suggestion coming from Colin's attorney, Mark Geragos -- who's teasing to TMZ Sports that two NFL teams could be interested in signing the QB. 

"I would just say, 'Stay tuned' ... that next week there may be some news."

Our guy pushed to get more information -- and Geragos started dropping hints about the 2 teams. 

The first clue obviously points to the Oakland Raiders. 

"I'll say this ... if Al Davis was still alive."

The interesting part of that comment -- Al's son, Mark Davis, took over the Raiders when his father passed away ... and Mark recently told us he thought it was a good idea for Nike to sign Kaep. 

The other clue was a little more abstruse, but he suggests Patriots owner Robert Kraft could be interested in Colin. 

There's more to the clip ... Geragos also says Colin and his girlfriend, Nessa, are NOT boycotting the NFL. They're watching games (they're fans) and they're supporting players like Kenny Stills

Geragos also clears up some misinformation about Colin's deal with Nike -- confirming what TMZ Sports already told you ... he is FOR SURE getting his own shoe as part of his deal with the Swoosh.

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