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John Elway Ca$h for Colorado GOP Candidates

10/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

John Elway is donating tons of money to Republicans running in next month's midterm elections ... TMZ has learned. 

We combed through 2018 Federal Election Commission filings to see which A-listers were bucking up for the GOP, and John is leading the pack by a few football fields -- spending over $27,000.

The Denver Broncos honcho and Hall of Fame QB gave $14,825 to Walker Stapleton in his bid for Colorado governor, plus another $10,000 to the state's Republican committee. 

Those donations are on top of the $2,700 John donated to Rep. Mike Coffman, who represents parts of suburban Denver. Only one of Elway's donations went beyond his backyard: $250 to Georgia Rep. Karen Handel.

It's interesting ... the FEC has no record of donations in 2018 from some very public GOP supporters like Kanye West, Kid Rock, Clint Eastwood and Roseanne Barr

As we told you ... Eva Longoria's leading celebs on the other side of the aisle in donations to Dems with just over $40k.

Conor McGregor Meets the Cowboys Hands Out His Whiskey!!!

10/14/2018 3:42 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Conor McGregor might've taken a big L in the Octagon, but he's still winning at life -- just ask the Dallas Cowboys ... many of whom might be guzzling his booze tonight on his dime.

The former UFC lightweight champion hit up AT&T Stadium Sunday before the Cowboys' game against the Jaguars to with meet with players and Cowboys brass. Sources close to the meeting tell TMZ that Conor handed out a ton of bottles of his new whiskey, Proper No. 12, to a number of players on the field ... a lot of whom he also got to meet in person. 

We're told Conor was brought to a VIP suite where he met with Jerry Jones and other Cowboys execs, who also got their hands on his new liquor line. Sources tell us he and Jerry actually had an in-depth convo about handling and expanding his business. 

Conor's in the midst of becoming a full-on businessman, and we're told he took Jerry's advice to heart. Our sources say he was in awe of the Cowboys' stadium and by the energy of the fans. Apparently, this was his first visit there. 

Fighter one day ... budding entrepreneur the next. Rolling with the punches, it seems.

Deion Sanders' Son Pumps Brakes on Florida State ... Not a Done Deal

10/14/2018 12:05 AM PDT

Don't start the tomahawk chop just yet ... Deion Sanders' football star son tells TMZ Sports he's flattered by his scholarship offer to Florida State -- but he's not ready to commit. 

It's not a diss -- Shilo Sanders says he just doesn't want to rush into a decision since he's still got some time to weigh his options ... and he's got PLENTY of options. 

Major programs including Oregon, Nebraska, Georgia and South Carolina have been after Shilo and for good reason ... he's a STUD senior cornerback at Trinity Christian School in Texas.

But, Shilo's dad is arguably the greatest player to ever don a 'Noles uniform -- which can cut both ways when making a college decision. 

On one hand, it would be cool to follow in Dad's shoes. On the other hand, it might be better for Shilo to forge his own legacy somewhere else. 

Shilo tells us he's been hearing both arguments and simply wants to give it more thought. 

"I'm not saying [FSU] won't be the right fit, I'm just saying I'm not making the decision right now."

What's cool ... Shilo says he credits his football skills to his father, who's been teaching him the Jedi ways of the cornerback position. 

In fact, Shilo -- one of Deion's three sons -- says it was Prime's idea to move him from quarterback to cornerback a few years ago and it was the best thing he's ever done. 

"He was like, 'Just believe me, just trust me, and I'm going to get you some offers,'" Shilo tells us.

"'I'ma teach you how to play corner.' And, when the best corner ever tells you something like that, you can't deny it."

Smart kid.

Jamaal Anderson Selling Mansion Built For Mike Vick ... Before Dog Fighting Sentence

10/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Ever wonder how Mike Vick woulda lived if he never got tossed behind bars for dog fighting??

Thanks to Jamaal Anderson ... no need for imagination anymore -- 'cause the ex-Falcons star is selling the mansion that was built for the QB!!

The crib's out in Loganville, GA ... and Vick was having it done so he could live out his Falcon-playing days near the ATL. But, he never got to move into it 'cause of his prison sentence.

The QB's loss turned out to be Anderson's gain ... 'cause the ex-NFL DE has been in the 7 bed, 7.5 bathroom PALACE for the last 4 years -- but is set to part ways with it in a move to downsize.

We're told the pad -- repped by Angel Knight of Diamond Realty Brokers -- is on 4 ACRES, has 2 (!!) full kitchens, its own elevator AND A HAIR SALON!!!

Yeah, Vick and his $62 MILLION contract weren't playin' around.

Sooo ... what's Jamaal getting for the place now?? We're told asking price is $1,689,000 -- and a buyer's all set to snatch it off the market this week.

Brandon Jacobs Giants Shouldn't Bench Eli Manning ... He's Still 'Great'

10/12/2018 3:33 PM PDT

The Giants SHOULDN'T bench Eli Manning -- they should block for his ass -- 'cause he's still a great QB ... so says the guy who won 2 Super Bowls with the embattled star.

TMZ Sports talked to Brandon Jacobs -- Eli's NYG teammate from 2005-2011 -- about the 1-5 Giants' crappy offense ... and whether it's time to put Manning on the pine.

"I still think right now, I think Eli is great."

B.J. says Eli's gotta be used right, 'cause he ain't the guy to operate a run-and-gun style offense.

"Eli's a pocket passer. He's a pocket passer. He'll sit there and get balls off and put balls in small areas. I've seen him do that."

It's true ... Jacobs was on the field for a bunch of huge moments -- including David Tyree's "Helmet Catch."

But, if Manning's still got it ... why do the Giants have the worst record in football?

Most of that blame falls on the NYG struggling O-line.

"I wouldn't trust the guys in front of me if I was him," Jacobs says ... "Ya ask me, the poor guy's shell-shocked."

Block for the man.

Jerry Jones I Won't Fire Garrett ... He Can Lead Us To A Super Bowl!

10/12/2018 9:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Sorry, Cowboys fans ... looks like you're stuck with Jason Garrett -- 'cause Jerry Jones just went to bat for the embattled head coach, saying he won't fire him!!!!

"Jason Garrett is absolutely the real deal," the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The Fan, "There's no fraud in Jason Garrett."

Of course ... many in Texas would disagree -- considering the Cowboys have won just ONE playoff game in J.G.'s EIGHT-PLUS SEASONS ... and are off to a forgettable 2-3 start this year.

But, Jerry's confidence ain't wavering ...

"Does he have some things he could do better? Of course," Jones says.

"But, what I think we have here is an asset that will get us to where we want to go, which is a championship."

You know what that means Dallas??? MORE CLAPPING COMING!!!!!!!!

Pierre Thomas Drew Brees Coulda Been In NBA ... I Called Him 'White Chocolate'

10/11/2018 8:46 AM PDT

Drew Brees -- the greatest-ever New Orleans ... Pelican????

Pierre Thomas says that definitely coulda been a thing if Drew never picked up a football ... 'cause the ex-Saints running back says his former QB could BALL!!!!

"He can play some basketball -- he's got some skills," Thomas tells TMZ Sports ... "I used to call him White Chocolate."

Thomas spent 8 seasons with Brees in New Orleans -- the two won a Super Bowl together -- and Pierre swears the 6-foot QB coulda made a serious run at the NBA.

In fact ... Pierre says the dude might've had a real shot at the MLB too!!!!!

"Football is not the only gift that man has," Thomas says ... "They got that movie 'White Man Can't Jump,' but no, he can jump!"

We've unearthed some footage of Brees with a basketball hoop ... and it begs the question -- do we believe Pierre????

President Trump Jim Brown Would Be Highest Paid NFL Player ... If He Played Now

10/11/2018 7:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Donald Trump says Jim Brown was such a stud back in the day, he would UNDOUBTEDLY be the highest paid player in the NFL if he was active right now. 

The problem is ... he's wrong.

"I've known him. I've respected him truly," Trump said about Brown ... "Can you imagine him playing in the NFL today what he'd be making? Double what everyone else is getting! He was the greatest."

Trump's right -- Brown was insanely good and arguably the best NFL player of all time. But, NFL contracts today ... it's a QB's world! 

The highest paid NFL players in 2018 (salary and bonuses, according to Forbes) are as follows ... 

1) Aaron Rodgers (QB) -- $75.9 million. 

2) Matt Ryan (QB) -- $57.5 million 

3) Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) -- $43.1 million

Then Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald. In fact, there's not a running back in the Top 10! 

And, get this ... the highest paid NFL running back right now is Le'Veon Bell ... who's so upset with his contract situation, he's sitting out! 

So, would Brown get paid? Hell yeah. More than Aaron Rodgers ... no way. 

Antonio Brown On Furniture Throwing Lawsuit ... 'I'm Innocent'

10/11/2018 6:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

Antonio Brown says allegations he threw multiple pieces of furniture out of his 14th story apartment -- nearly killing a child -- are wrong ... and he vows to prove his innocence. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brown is being sued by a man who claims his 22-month-old son was walking around the pool area at the complex in April when vases and other items landed within feet of him. 

The man says the items came from Brown's room and, since the child is now suffering night-terrors and other emotional issues stemming from the incident, he wants Brown to pay.

The owners of the apartment complex have also filed a lawsuit against Brown claiming he caused significant damage to his apartment. 

But, Brown just issued a statement, saying, "It has now been made public that two lawsuits containing false claims have been filed against me. The facts will soon come out that prove my innocence."

"My focus will remain on football and I will not let the cases serve as a distraction.”

The problem for Brown ... cops responded to the alleged furniture throwing incident and mentioned it in their police report. 

"Mr. Brown was with his trainer and another gentleman who were trying to calm him down," the report reads.

"Apparently when Mr. Brown got upset he started throwing things in the apartment and the coffee table glass was broken along with a few other minor objects."

"He also threw some objects from the balcony into the pool area causing minor damage as well."

The police does say -- "No one was hurt as a result of these actions."

We also found out Brown had called police the day before the incident to report someone had stolen $80,000 and a gun out of his apartment. 

Snoop Dogg Visits Cleveland Browns Practice ... Joining Dawg Pound?!

10/10/2018 12:48 PM PDT
Breaking News

The Dawg Pound turned into the D.O. DOUBLE G. Pound on Wednesday ... 'cause Snoop Dogg was in attendance to watch Baker Mayfield and Co. at Cleveland Browns practice!!

Just one tiny issue here -- Snoop is a MASSIVE Pittsburgh Steelers fan ... and the Steelers have a rivalry with the Browns that goes back decades. 

But, It didn't seem awkward when the rap legend hit up Browns practice in Berea ... dappin' up all the players and coaches as the team preps for the L.A. Chargers this weekend.

So ... is Snoop trading in his Black & Gold for the Orange & Brown?? Head coach Hue Jackson says he's been friends with the Doggfather for a while ... and took a friendly jab at him for being MIA for the past 2 years.

Hey, it's been a while since the Browns have had even a sliver of success. Let them have their clout.

Cardinals' David Johnson Takes On (Fighter) Jets ... Pray For Me!!

10/10/2018 7:16 AM PDT
Breaking News

Talk to me ... Cardinal????

Arizona superstar David Johnson did his best "Top Gun" impression Tuesday ... hitting up Luke Air Force Base to copilot an F-16 -- and the video is awesome!

Unclear exactly why he was there during game week ... but the 6'1", 224-pound RB stuffed himself into the back of a jet anyway ... and was DEFINITELY nervous as hell for it all.

"Pray for me," D.J. said before take off.

Don't worry AZ fans ... David met a better fate than Goose -- making it back to the ground just fine.

As for the dudes at the base ... they were jacked up about the experience, tweeting, "We had a blast hosting @DavidJohnson31 today and showing him how we train the world’s greatest fighter pilots!"

Beach volleyball training next??

Naughty By Nature's Treach Eli Manning's a Legend ... But, It's Over

10/9/2018 12:12 PM PDT

This is the most respectful way we've ever seen anyone call for a QB to hit the pine ... 

The guy calling for Eli Manning to bench himself is Treach -- the leader of Naughty By Nature -- who happens to be a HUGE fan of the NY Giants. 

Treach respects Eli. He likes Eli. He appreciates Eli. 

But, he makes it crystal clear the future Hall of Famer's time is up -- dude needs to hand over the reins to a new quarterback. 

"He loves the game so much, but he might need to fall back and show the team how to do it and let new legs come in," Treach said ... "But, he did great things for us. We gonna love him forever."

Treach is the latest rapper to weigh in on the NY Giants saga -- Lil Wayne took a shot at Eli on Tuesday after the QB told reporters he doesn't watch Weezy very often. 

Eli was responding to an interview Odell Beckham did with Lil Wayne and Josina Anderson in which Odell said he "wasn't being given an opportunity to be the very best that I can."

He also said the Giants lacked heart. 

Eli was asked about the interview on Monday and said, "I don't watch Lil Wayne much."

Wayne responded on Tuesday morning, saying, "You don't have to watch much of me, but you can listen if you could. You probably need to the way you've been playing."

Meanwhile, the Giants are 1-4 and in last place ... and they're playing the Eagles on Thursday. 

Yeesh ... 

Shawne Merriman Heartbroken Over Chargers Owner's Death

10/9/2018 10:45 AM PDT

Shawne Merriman tells TMZ Sports he's feeling pretty crappy today after learning Chargers owner Alex Spanos died ... saying, "Just really sorry for the loss, man."

Spanos -- who bought the Chargers back in 1984 -- passed away Tuesday morning at 95 years old ... just several weeks after his wife, Faye, died at 92.

"I sent text messages this morning to the family," Merriman, an ex-Chargers superstar, tells us.

"Very sorry to hear that. Alex Spanos has done so much for the organization."

Though Alex relinquished control of the Bolts to his son, Dean, in '94 ... Shawne says Alex and the rest of the Spanoses played huge roles in his development as a man after drafting him in 2005.

In fact, Shawne tells us the Spanoses are like family to him ... and he's hurting for them.

"Just want to send my love and condolences to the Spanos family."

George W. Bush also released a statement on Spanos' passing Tuesday, saying, "Alex was one-of-a-kind ... He was a wonderful citizen and friend, and the Bush family will miss him."


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