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Aaron Hernandez Spoke With NFL Star ... Day Before Death

4/19/2017 7:39 AM PDT
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Aaron Hernandez spoke with one of his close NFL buddies the day before he died. 

Hernandez was tight with 3-time NFL Pro Bowler Mike Pouncey -- who currently plays for the Miami Dolphins. The two played college football at the University of Florida together.

Pouncey spoke with Hernandez several times during his time in lockup and in a statement early Wednesday, he refers to Aaron as a friend and brother. 

"To my friend my brother! Through thick and thin right or wrong we never left each other's side."

"Today my heart hurts as I got the worse news I could have imagined. It was just a day ago we shared our last convo."

"I will forever miss you and love you bro. we will meet again rest easy!"

Aaron Hernandez Was NOT Suicidal ... Lawyer Jose Baez Says

4/19/2017 7:19 AM PDT

Aaron Hernandez's attorney, Jose Baez, tells TMZ Sports there were NO signs the ex-NFL star was suicidal in the days leading up to his death -- and now he's calling for a full investigation.

"We are shocked and surprised at the news of Aaron’s death," Baez tells us.

"There were no conversations or correspondence from Aaron to his family or legal team that would have indicated this scenario was a possibility."

"Aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. Those who love and care about him are heartbroken and determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death."

"We request that authorities conduct a transparent and thorough investigation. The Baez law firm will participate in its own examination into the tragic events and will update the media and public on its finding when it becomes available."

Hernandez was discovered in his cell Wednesday morning. Officials say he hanged himself with a bedsheet.

Snoop Dogg Big Ben's Time Is Almost Up Steelers Should Draft a QB

4/18/2017 8:06 AM PDT

Ben Roethlisberger ain't gonna play forever -- and Snoop knows it ... which is why he wants his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers to finally start looking for Big Ben's heir apparent.

Snoop is a die-hard Steelers fan -- you've seen how passionate he gets when they lose -- so we asked the rap icon how the Black and Gold should reload for the 2017 season.

Ben is 35 and has dealt with some injuries over the years -- but the big question is, who's gonna replace him?

There are rumblings Pittsburgh could be eyeing Patrick Mahomes -- the junior QB from Texas Tech -- if he's still around when the Steelers are on the clock with the 30th pick in the draft.

The draft starts in 9 days. Football season!!!!!!

Pacman Jones Bans Reporter For Season ... After Arrest Question

4/17/2017 1:15 PM PDT
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Pacman Jones thinks he can strong-arm the media into ignoring all of his off-the-field drama -- and he just banned a reporter from locker room interviews for the season to prove his point.

The Cincinnati Bengals star -- who was kicked out of a casino and wished DEATH upon a police officer this off-season -- was asked how fans should feel about going into the 2017 season while taking questions in front of his locker.

Instead of addressing the COMPLETELY FAIR question, he barked back at the reporter -- told him to leave and said that was the LAST question that reporter would be able to ask him all season long. 

And get this ... sources are telling TMZ Sports Jones confronted the reporter after cameras stopped rolling -- yelling at the guy two different times.

Jones claimed to have gone to anger management treatment following the arrest ... but we don't need to ask how that went.

Ex-NFL Star Ray McDonald Off the Hook in Rape Case

4/17/2017 12:13 PM PDT
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Prosecutors have dropped the rape charges against former SF 49ers lineman Ray McDonald -- after the accuser stopped cooperating, officials say. 

McDonald had been charged with 1 count of rape on an intoxicated person stemming from a 2014 incident at his San Jose area home. He faced up to 8 years in prison if convicted. 

The alleged victim initially claimed she met McDonald at a local bar on December 14 and went back to his home -- where she allegedly fell and hit her head near Ray's hot tub. She claims she later woke up in his bed. 

The woman also claimed McDonald's teammate, Ahmad Brooks, groped her in a sexual manner while she was unconscious ... and said surveillance video would prove her story. 

Ray admitted he had sex with the woman but insisted it was consensual. 

Prosecutors planned on going all the way with the case -- until the accuser went off the grid and refused to testify. She reportedly received a settlement of at least $100k stemming from a civil suit related to the incident. 

Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson All-Pro Groomsmen At Randall Cobb's Wedding

4/17/2017 8:36 AM PDT
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Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb is officially a married man ... and he had a little help from a couple superstar groomsmen -- Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson.

The Pro Bowler married his longtime girlfriend, Aiyda Ghahramani, in New York over the weekend ... with his Packer teammates and other pros like Prince Amukamara in attendance at The Pierre hotel.

250 of the couple's closest friends and family attended the ceremony and celebrated with a reception, according to The Knot.

Something worth noting: Aiyda and Olivia Munn became close friends while she dated Rodgers (they even spent this past Christmas together) ... but it's unclear if she was at the wedding and we can't find any photos of her there. 

Cris Carter Aaron Hernandez Is Dead to the NFL ... Even If He's Freed

4/16/2017 12:35 AM PDT

It won't matter if Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction is overturned -- he'll NEVER get another shot in the NFL ... so says Cris Carter.

Here's the thing ... Hernandez's lawyer, Jose Baez, says he truly believes the ex-Patriots tight end is innocent in the murder of Odin Lloyd and will eventually get out of prison after he appeals.

Hernandez is only 27 -- and when he was playing, he was one of the best tight ends in the game.

But Carter says it won't matter if he's exonerated -- no NFL team will touch him.

In fact, Hernandez will have a tough time getting a job in any industry ... except one.

Sean Taylor Redskins LB Cast to Play NFL Legend ... On Murder Investigation Show

4/15/2017 12:35 AM PDT

A Washington Redskins linebacker has been cast to portray slain Redskins legend Sean Taylor in a new TV show about his murder ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We've learned 25-year-old Khairi Fortt will star as Taylor on a June episode of "The Perfect Murder" on Investigation Discovery ... which will explore how cops helped solve Sean's tragic 2007 home invasion murder.

The show is a combination of real-life interviews with investigators and family members, and scenes dramatizing the actual events.

But get this ... the role of Taylor's father will be played by Fortt's father, Guy Fortt -- who was an actor working with producers on the show last year when he suggested they consider Khairi to play Sean.

Khairi got the audition and executive producers Kevin Kaufman and Rick Tirelli tell us it was an obvious fit.

Break a leg (or don't, the Redskins wouldn't like that).

Idk @therock I might have you on this one 👀.... 📸: @naturallyfitagency

A post shared by Khairi Fortt (@moorishking_) on

Jose Baez Aaron Hernandez Is Not a Killer

4/14/2017 3:38 PM PDT

Aaron Hernandez's lawyer, Jose Baez, is adamant the ex-NFL star is "not a killer" -- and says the jury in his double murder case GOT IT RIGHT with the not guilty verdict. 

Baez says there was "an abundance" of reasonable doubt in the case -- and tells us he's very happy for Aaron and his family now that the former New England Patriots tight end has been exonerated.

So, what's next for Hernandez? Baez says he'll start taking a look at Aaron's other murder case in the hopes of overturning the conviction. 

Aaron Hernandez NOT GUILTY In Double Murder Trial

4/14/2017 12:11 PM PDT
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Aaron Hernandez has just been found NOT GUILTY of murdering two people in a 2012 drive-by shooting.

The jury spent more than 35 hours over 6 days deliberating the case. 

Hernandez was only found guilty on one lesser charge -- illegal possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to serve between 4 and 5 years in prison for that conviction. 

Prosecutors claimed 27-year-old Hernandez killed Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado on July 16, 2012 because one of them spilled a drink on him in a Boston club earlier that night. 

The families of both Abreu and Furtado were in the courtroom when the verdict was read. 

The ex-New England Patriots player was previously convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for killing semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

The acquittal comes almost exactly 2 years after Hernandez was convicted of murdering Lloyd. That verdict was reached on April 15, 2015.

Roddy White Retires ... Officially

4/14/2017 11:13 AM PDT
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It's officially over for Roddy White -- the NFL wide receiver just announced his retirement from pro football after 11 years with the Falcons.

White was cut from the Falcons in March 2016 after a pretty stellar career in ATL -- 4 Pro Bowls, over 10,000 receiving yards on more than 800 catches and 63 TDs. He was hoping to sign with another team in 2017 but never caught on.

Now, the WR is hangin' up the cleats officially ...saying, "I'm officially retired from football and welcome the second phase of my life."

He added, "I would like to thank Arthur Blank and the falcons organization for a great 11 years. The city of Atlanta I love y'all so much."

White is now beginning his career as a high school football coach and says, "I'm going to have a lot of fun with these young kids and win some games."

Michael Rapaport Tony Romo SUCKED ... Wake Up, People!

4/14/2017 7:57 AM PDT
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Tony Romo was GARBAGE ... so says Michael Rapaport who says he can't understand why the Dallas Cowboys QB is being celebrated like a hero.

Rap just went on a tear against Romo, saying, "Why are they parading Tony f**king Romo around like he found the cure for cancer? He didn't even find the cure for the Cowboys."

Rapaport says Romo was so unreliable, opposing teams were always waiting for him to "f**k up" -- "and you always came through in the clutch, Tony. You f**ked up during the regular season, during Thanksgiving and then the playoffs."

"You no long-snap catching, interception-throwing mother f**ker, you."

And he doesn't stop there.

Denver's Brandon Marshall SIGN KAEP ALREADY 'Better Than Every QB that Got Signed In Free Agency'

4/14/2017 7:18 AM PDT
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Colin Kaepernick is BETTER than every single quarterback who got signed in free agency ... Mike Glennon, Geno Smith, Nick Foles ... this according to Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall

Brandon and Colin were college teammates at Nevada -- and Brandon also took a knee as part of Colin's national anthem protest last season. 

Well, Marshall is clearly upset Kaep is still unemployed and went to Twitter to vent about it. 

"It's time my Brother @Kaepernick7 gets signed. He's better than every QB that got signed in Free agency."

Some players, including Terrell Suggs, feel Kaepernick is being blackballed because of his political activism. 

Other people, including Brandon's own boss, John Elway, says that's not true. Elway previously told us he just hadn't taken a hard look at the guy. 

He probably should, Denver could use a QB ...