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Ezekiel Elliott Appeals NFL Suspension

8/15/2017 2:09 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott has officially filed his appeal against the NFL for the 6-game suspension he got in the wake of a domestic violence investigation. 

The NFL now has 10 days to schedule a hearing, according to Adam Schefter.

The Dallas Cowboys running back has adamantly denied allegations he attacked his ex-girlfriend on multiple occasions in 2016 ... and points to the fact prosecutors decline to file charges against him. 

The accuser claims Elliott got violent with her at least 3 times during July 2016 -- striking her in the face, arms, legs and neck. 

Elliott says the bruises she showed to police were the result of a bar fight she was involved in -- and were not the result of domestic violence.

Elliott's camp told TMZ Sports, "All we can say at this time is that Mr. Elliott’s appeal of the NFL’s decision will not only completely refute these false allegations but also shed light on the accuser’s lack of credibility and true motives so much that it will place the NFL's entire findings into question and jeopardize the integrity of the decision."

Ezekiel Accuser to Cops: 'He Busted the Side of my Jaw' ... RB Claims She's Lying

8/15/2017 9:29 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ezekiel Elliott's accuser told police the NFL running back got extremely violent with her on multiple occasions -- including one instance where he "lost control" and busted the side of her jaw -- but Zeke says she's straight-up lying and he can prove it. 

The woman lays it out during a recorded 2016 interview with police in the wake of her domestic violence accusations against the football star. 

At the beginning of the interview, the woman is asked if there is a history of abuse or violence -- to which she responds: 

"He has lost control and yanked me into the wall, busted the side of my jaw ... my face is swollen and a little bit bruised. And then I did have thumbprint marks on my hand."

The accuser doesn't specify the exact dates of the alleged abuse -- but she notes that she had filed a previous police report against Zeke over an incident in February 2016. 

During the 20 minute interview, the accuser, Tiffany Thompson, also gets into detail about the July 16, 2016 incident

Thompson says Elliott got violent with her when she asked why other women were blowing up his phone early in the morning.

She claims Zeke cussed her out, dragged her out of bed and choked her.  

Thompson also claims Zeke clenched his fist to hit her in the face -- but stopped himself when she began to cry. She claims Elliott apologized. 

We reached out to Elliott's camp and a rep told us, "All we can say at this time is that Mr. Elliott’s appeal of the NFL’s decision will not only completely refute these false allegations but also shed light on the accuser’s lack of credibility and true motives so much that it will place the NFL's entire findings into question and jeopardize the integrity of the decision."

The reps noted the interview is over a year old and was taken by the Columbus Prosecutor’s office which ultimately did not charge Elliott with a crime. 

NFL's Jermichael Finley Marshawn's Protest Is Phony ... 'Marketing Tool'

8/14/2017 4:15 PM PDT

Ex-NFL player Jermichael Finley says Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett don't give a damn about social justice, telling TMZ Sports their national anthem protests are shameless publicity stunts. 

We talked to Finley -- who's Super Bowl-winning career with Green Bay was cut short by injury -- and he told us he doesn't believe any of the guys who are sitting actually care about the issues.

"It's more of marketing, it's not really in their heart that they really want to do that. But once again, I think it's a selfish reason I really do."

Finley's take is essentially ... it's hard for star players to get individual attention and guys like Bennett, Lynch and Kaepernick need to be controversial to stay relevant. 

JF even takes it a step further on Kaep, going full Michael Vick -- saying it's about time Colin do something with that revolutionary afro.

As for what guys can do if they really care about social justice, Finley has a thought -- call Obama. 

Terrell Owens Ezekiel Elliott Shoulda Known Better

8/14/2017 11:04 AM PDT

Terrell Owens has some advice for NFL players like Ezekiel Elliott -- if things aren't working out with a woman, JUST DUMP HER AND MOVE ON! 

The ex-NFL star says the situation involving Zeke is "unfortunate" -- but he should never have put himself in a volatile position with the accuser in the first place.  

"At the end of the day -- no disrespect to women -- but there's a million women in this world. Don't get caught up in certain situations like that."

T.O. says even if Zeke is innocent, he's hopeful the RB can learn from the situation and move on with his life. 

Emmitt Smith to NFL Owners Someone Give Kaep a Shot Already!

8/14/2017 6:32 AM PDT
Breaking News

We're in the 2nd week of pre-season football and one thing's clear to Emmitt Smith -- Colin Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster. 

"I think somebody needs to give him a chance," Smith told our friends at BSO ... " He deserves to be back in the game."

The Hall of Famer says Kaep "definitely" has the talent to make a roster -- and suggests that he's being blackballed over his protest

"He is an American citizen and he does have rights. And his rights should not be violated just like no one else's rights should be violated."

Should be interesting to see how the NFL world reacts this week -- with Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett sitting down for the anthem this weekend. 

Kurt Warner Ezekiel's Suspension ... 'Big Blow for the Cowboys'

8/12/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Kurt Warner says losing Ezekiel Elliott for 6 games is a "big blow" for the Dallas Cowboys -- and could seriously hurt the team's chances at a playoff run. 

The Hall of Fame quarterback was still gathering info when we spoke with him Friday afternoon -- but says the whole situation involving the running back is "disappointing."

As for the NFL's threats that Zeke could be banned for life if he violated the league's personal conduct policy again -- Warner says, "Let's just hope it doesn't get to that point."

How will the suspension affect fantasy football? It's a question millions of people are also asking ... and Kurt weighs in on that too. 

Ezekiel Elliott Accuser's Injury Photos Show Bruising

8/11/2017 2:45 PM PDT

Ezekiel Elliott's accuser took several photos of the injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys running back ... showing bruising on her arms, hands, neck and legs. 

Zeke's accuser claims she suffered the injuries during the week of July 16 -- when Elliott allegedly attacked her 3 times on 3 separate occasions. 

Elliott told police investigators he did not cause the bruises -- claiming the woman suffered the injuries in a bar fight. 

The NFL independently investigated the allegations -- and obtained photos of the alleged injuries which the league claims it was able to verify came from incidents involving Elliott. 

Elliott says the investigation is WRONG and vows to appeal the 6-game suspension he received as a result of the investigation. 

TMZ Sports also obtained a copy of the 911 call made by the accuser in which she claims Elliot had attacked her multiple times. 

Antonio Brown It's Hipster Handlebar Season

8/11/2017 4:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

Watch out, NFL -- Antonio Brown's got some gnarly new lip hair ... and he's using it to haunt your dreams.

AB's going the Dick Dastardly route with his lip warmer -- rockin' a hipster twist on the handlebar mustache on the way to his pre-season game against the NY Giants. 

With this new look, AB joins a short but prestigious list of celebrity hipster handlebar wearers including Rollie Fingers, Salvador Dali, William Howard Taft, Wyatt Earp and Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Weird hair is kinda AB's thing ... so mission accomplished?  

Ezekiel Elliott Calls BS On NFL Investigation ... I Will Appeal

8/11/2017 12:17 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott says the NFL got it 100% WRONG by concluding he attacked his girlfriend on 3 separate occasions -- and vows to appeal his 6-game suspension

"Mr. Elliott and his team of representatives are extremely disappointed with the NFL’s decision," the Dallas Cowboys star's camp said in a statement. 

"The NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it 'cherry picks' so called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical evidence."

"For example, both the Columbus Prosecutor's office as well as the NFL investigators expressly concluded and conveyed to our office (and others) that the accuser was lying about an alleged July 22, 2016 incident whereby she accused Mr. Elliott of pulling her out of her car and assaulting her. An allegation that was ultimately undermined by her false allegation of assault."

"In addition, the NFL's own medical experts concluded that many of her injuries predated the week in question and likely occurred during a period of time when Mr. Elliott was not in contact with the accuser."

"During the upcoming weeks and through the appeal a slew of additional credible and controverting evidence will come to light."

Ezekiel Elliott Attacked Girlfriend 3 Times ... NFL Says

8/11/2017 10:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott beat up his girlfriend 3 times in the same week ... and there are photos that prove it ... this according to the NFL. Elliott is facing a 6 game suspension with these charges. 

The league laid out its case against Elliott in a letter to the Dallas Cowboys running back detailing a week of violence and terror against Tiffany Thompson that began on July 17, 2016. 


On July 17, the NFL says Elliott attacked Thompson at the Canvasback Lane apartments in Columbus, Ohio. 

"You used physical force that caused injuries to Ms. Thompson's arms, neck and shoulders."


On July 19, the NFL says there was another altercation at the Canvasback Lane apartments. 

"You used physical force that caused injuries to Ms. Thompson's face, arms, wrists and hands."


On July 21, the NFL says there was a 3rd incident at the Canvasback Lane apartments. 

"You used physical force that caused injuries to Ms. Thompson's face, neck, arms knee and hips."

The league says it went to prosecutors to find out why Elliott was not charged with a crime. The NFL was told, "We never concluded that she was lying to us ... we generally believed her for all of the incidents."

Prosecutors had previously said there was "conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents, resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of the evidence to support the filing of criminal charges."

The standard for prosecution is much higher than the standard for the NFL to mete out discipline. 

Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games 'Substantial Evidence' He Abused Woman

8/11/2017 9:12 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended for 6 games following the NFL's yearlong domestic violence investigation into the Dallas Cowboys star, the league confirms. 

The league says the investigation found "substantial and persuasive evidence" that Zeke engaged in physical violence against the accuser. 

The league also told Elliott if he violates league policy ever again he could possibly be BANNED from the NFL for life. 

Zeke was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend 5 different times in 6 days back in July 2016.

Cops investigated the allegations but decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute. 

The NFL conducted its own investigation and apparently felt there was enough evidence to suspend him. 

The NFL issued a statement saying, "Over the course of the last year, the league conducted an extensive investigation. League investigators interviewed more than a dozen witnesses, including Ms. Tiffany Thompson, who had alleged multiple instances of physical violence in July 2016, and Mr. Elliott."

"The league also consulted with medical experts. League investigators examined all available evidence, including photographic and digital evidence, thousands of text messages and other records of electronic communications."

The NFL says Roger Goodell consulted with 4 external advisors before deciding punishment. 

Elliott denied any wrongdoing -- but the accuser has maintained he attacked her. In fact, she put up a statement last month doubling down on the allegations against Zeke and saying people like her need to speak up and stop domestic violence. 

Elliott's made headlines for all the wrong reasons this offseason -- he was caught exposing a woman's bare breast at a St. Patrick's Day parade and was accused of attacking a man in a Dallas bar in July. 

Adam Schefter says the NFL factored in the St. Patrick's Day incident when meting out punishment. 

Zeke wasn't arrested or charged with any crime for either incident ... but it's been reported the league would take these incidents into consideration when determining his punishment.

The news will undoubtedly come as a shock to Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who just told us THIS WEEK that Zeke would NOT be suspended. 

Mike Ditka Crown Trubisky Bears Starting QB ... Better 1st Game Than Tom Brady

8/11/2017 7:33 AM PDT

If Mitch Trubisky isn't the Chicago Bears starting QB in Week 1, "You've got problems" -- so says Bears legend Mike Ditka

To say Da Coach was impressed with the rookie's preseason debut Thursday night is a gross understatement ... Ditka believes it's TRUB OR CONSEQUENCES! 

"What I saw out of Trubiksy for a rookie in his first game I thought was outstanding." 

Trub -- the #2 pick in the draft -- went 18-25 for 166 yards and a TD after replacing starting QB Mike Glennon who went 2-8 for 20 yards and an interception. 

Ditka thinks the decision is obvious ... and says Mitch made a better first impression than guys like Tom Brady and Fran Tarkenton

"It's clear cut he should be your starter."

Taylor Swift Lookin' Sketchy in Butt Groping Trial

8/10/2017 10:22 AM PDT

Taylor Swift took the stand to testify this week in her butt groping trial -- but from the way she was drawn in court sketches ... you'd never know it was her.

Sketches show Taylor in what appears to be a floral top, under an updo with loose curls ... keyword here is appears.

Point is ... the sketch is pretty bad, and not very flattering. The guy she's accusing of literally latching on to her ass, David Mueller, got a more neutral side profile sketch ... where he was seen with a hand over his face as Taylor testified.

Still ... neither are as bad as the infamous Tom Brady sketch that was drawn during his Deflategate hearing. The jury definitely ain't out on that one.

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