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Kristin Cavallari: We Already Have a 'NY Jets Connection!'

2/10/2017 6:27 AM PST

Kristin Cavallari says she's well aware of the "Jay Cutler-to-the-Jets" rumors ... and says if that move actually goes down, they've already got friends on the team!

With Jay Cutler's days in Chicago likely over, there are reportedly several teams interested in his QB services -- including the NY Jets.

So, when we saw KC at LAX Thursday, we had to ask how she felt about the possibility of moving to the Big Apple.

She did a good job of playing it cool ... but admitted there's already a "Jets connection" -- another famous couple they became friends with back in Nashville.

Joe Montana I Can't Say Brady's the Best QB Ever ... At Least Not In Public!

2/10/2017 12:40 AM PST

Joe Montana was asked point-blank if 5-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has finally surpassed him as the greatest QB of all time. 

He won't say "Yes."

The 49ers legend appeared on "Home & Family" on the Hallmark Channel (airs Friday) with his wife Jennifer ... when they got into one of big sports topics of the week -- Montana vs. Brady. 

The hosts even pressed and asked Joe if he considered HIMSELF the #1 QB ever -- to which he replied: 

"Even though people say it -- and I appreciate it -- I still can't say that about myself."

That's when Jennifer came through with this gem -- "At home you're saying that all the time!!" 

Joke or nah? 

Joe Mixon Victim Told Cops: He Was Pissed I Wouldn't Go Home with Him

2/9/2017 3:04 PM PST
Breaking News

Joe Mixon's victim told police the Oklahoma star and his friends were pissed she rejected their catcalls before the incident ... and called her a "bitch" and a "whore" before things got violent.

It's part of newly released video in the case stemming from the 2014 incident. You can see Amelia Molitor sitting with her lawyer and mother while talking to a police investigator.

Molitor says she warned Mixon not to "f**k with me" -- but he continued to talk trash to her and insulted her friend, who Mixon presumed to be gay.

Molitor says at one point during the exchange, Mixon said, "So, you'd rather go home with that f***ing f****t?"

The victim also adamantly denies allegations she used a racial slur during the exchange with Mixon -- saying she grew up with a bunch of African-American people and knows better.

Johnny Manziel CFL Investigating Alleged Workout (Update: Johnny Denies Workout)

2/9/2017 1:06 PM PST

0209-johnny-manziel-TMZ-02update_graphic_red_bar1:05 PM PT -- We spoke with Johnny who says the report is straight-up WRONG -- "I have had no workouts with any team from the CFL."update-grey-gray-bar

The Canadian Football League tells TMZ Sports it has launched an investigation into reports Johnny Manziel had an illegal workout with the Saskatchewan Roughriders

The issue is simple ... the Hamilton Tiger-Cats currently hold the negotiating rights to Manziel if he wanted to play in the CFL -- so any possible workout would have to go through them first.

But, according to a report out of Canada, Manziel worked out with the Roughriders in Florida in late January.

The Roughriders have called B.S. on the report claiming NO workout took place -- but the CFL says it's investigating nonetheless.

"We are investigating," CFL Communications Director Paulo Senra tells us.

"The Riders tell us that they did not work out Manziel. So at this point, it appears the report is false. Should other evidence come to light, we will deal with it accordingly."

Peyton Manning MOBBED By Autograph Seekers ... at Pebble Beach

2/9/2017 9:25 AM PST
Breaking News

Crazy mob scene at Pebble Beach Thursday ... when a bunch of pro autograph seekers bombarded Peyton Manning -- who handled the hectic situation like a pro. 

Our friends at BayAreaHQ caught the whole thing on video -- a scene that woulda caused most celebs to freak out and shut down. 

But despite the chaos, Manning calmly signed away ... possibly because he was in a good mood after participating in Facebook's Million Dollar Hole-in-One charity event. 


2/9/2017 12:35 AM PST

NFL legend Jim Brown says Kanye West is alone in jumping off the Trump train ... telling TMZ Sports he's still 100% dedicated to working with POTUS to help poor people in inner cities.

Brown and West were some of the first African-American celebrities to visit Trump Tower after the election -- with each man saying the meetings were about helping people in urban communities.

West has since had a change of heart ... scrubbing pro-Trump tweets from his social media, citing controversial issues like the travel ban as reasons he can no longer work with the administration.

We got Brown at LAX and he told us he has ZERO intention of abandoning his working relationship with the White House.

"His seat is a great seat of power. The president won his position. He is president. If he can give me respect, I sure can give him respect."

"And if I can go to have him help poor people, inner city people ... then why shouldn't I do that?"

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Tom Brady's Jersey Could Get $200k+ ... With One Huge Catch

2/8/2017 4:13 PM PST

Everyone wants to know how much the missing Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey is worth -- so we went right to the expert, Rick Harrison from "Pawn Stars."

Bottom line -- Rick says it could easily fetch $200,000 ... but there's one pretty significant catch. 

Harrison also says there's another piece of memorabilia from Super Bowl 51 that could be worth EVEN MORE. 

There's a lot more in the full interview on the "TMZ Sports" TV show Wednesday night on FS1. 

Tom Brady Missing Jersey HUGE LEAD IN CASE ... May Not Be Stolen

2/8/2017 2:39 PM PST

0208-tom-brady-semi-truck-tmz-getty-2New info has come to light in the hunt for the Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey ... and could all come down to the search of an 18-wheeler that was packed up right after the game. 

TMZ Sports spoke with law enforcement sources involved in the search who tell us they are "hopeful" the jersey was put on a team equipment truck destined for Boston. 

We're told the truck was never thoroughly searched before it left NRG Stadium in Houston -- and contains all sorts of team and player equipment. 

Our sources tell us the truck is scheduled to be unpacked in Boston on Thursday and cops are crossing their fingers the #12 jersey turns up! 

Oh, and James White's missing game-winning touchdown ball? It's very possible that it could also be on the truck. 

Shaq Brady Jersey Steal Was An Inside Job ... Trust Me, I'm a Cop!!

2/8/2017 1:16 PM PST

Detective Shaq has joined the Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey investigation ... and he already has a theory -- INSIDE JOB!!! 

FYI, Shaq has been a sworn reserve police officer with real law enforcement agencies in several states including California, Florida and Arizona. He even did some work with the Dept. of Justice.

So, with TB12's jersey still M.I.A. ... we asked Officer O'Neal (who was leaving the Oreo Dunk Challenge) if he had a hunch on who may have jacked the piece of Super Bowl history. 

There's more ... Shaq also sets the record straight on his beef with his "Inside the NBA" co-star, Charles Barkley, and how things went down off camera following their heated exchange last week. 

Pats Hero James White Tom Brady Doesn't Owe Me a Car ... Unless He Offers!

2/8/2017 8:00 AM PST

New England Patriots hero James White says he will absolutely NOT hold Tom Brady to that whole "You can have my MVP truck" thing ... unless Tom REALLY wants to buy him one.

We spoke with the Super Bowl star who says he was flattered when Tom offered to give him the car Brady THOUGHT he was gonna get as part of winning MVP.

As we later found out, the MVP didn't get a car this year ... so Brady didn't exactly have one to give away.

But White ain't bitter at all -- in fact, he says Brady more than makes up for it with other gifts. Sounds like it's damn good to be Brady's teammate.

We also asked White if he's located the missing game-winning touchdown football.

Spoiler: no.

Warren Sapp Randy Moss Was No Angel Hall of Fame Gonna Snub Him Too?

2/8/2017 12:25 AM PST

Warren Sapp is FURIOUS with Hall of Fame voters for snubbing Terrell Owens -- and says Randy Moss could be in serious trouble if candidates are being judged by off-the-field behavior.

Sapp -- a Hall of Famer himself -- says he's "up in arms" about the Owens situation because the guy is clearly one of the best WRs of all time ... along with Moss. 

But with Owens not getting enough H.O.F. votes for the 2nd year in a row, Sapp clearly believes he's being wrongly punished for his off-the-field antics.

Sapp warns, "What do we do next year when Randy Moss is standing there?"

Of course, Moss also had major off-the-field issues during his NFL career -- including a 2002 arrest for allegedly striking a cop with his car (he later pled guilty to misdemeanor traffic violations).

He also failed an NFL drug test and was fined multiple times for abusing the refs -- including the infamous water bottle incident in 2000, when he squirted water at an official and was fined $40,000.

He also allegedly went on the radio in 2010 and blasted his head coach, Jeff Fisher, while using a fake name. 

But Sapp says it shouldn't matter, they BOTH belong in Canton. 

"Hey, wake up voters! I don't know what the hell football ya'll been watching for the last 2 years but there's two receivers other than Jerry Rice that must be in the Hall of Fame and that's Randy Moss and T.O."

"Get it right!"

Migos Performs 'Emmitt Smith' FOR EMMITT SMITH ... Dance Party Ensues

2/7/2017 4:06 PM PST

Cool moment in Houston ... when Migos performed its track, "Emmitt Smith" for the REAL Emmitt Smith -- and the NFL star went absolutely wild in the crowd!!!

It all went down at the New Era Caps party where Migos was performing for a pretty exclusive group of VIPs ... including the Hall of Fame running back.

Props to Smith for dabbing back at the rappers without spilling his drink.

Pats Hero James White Game-Winning Football Is M.I.A. ... Seriously

2/7/2017 2:21 PM PST

0207-james-white-getyThe Patriots continue to take L's following their Super Bowl LI win ... 'cause yet ANOTHER piece of history is nowhere to be found -- James White's game-winning touchdown ball.

After Tom Brady's game jersey was stolen from the Pats locker room, White told Dan Patrick he has NO IDEA what happened to the pigskin that broke the plane in O.T. 

Note to future NFL champs -- HOLD ONTO YOUR STUFF.

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