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Ezekiel Elliott Yacht Party Searched By Coast Guard

3/19/2017 1:24 PM PDT



5:15 PM PT -- Elliott's attorney tells TMZ Sports the Coast Guard boarded the yacht to make sure there were enough life jackets onboard. He says no citations were issued, and the party continued.


Ezekiel Elliott had his good time temporarily ruined again this week ... only now it was by the U.S. Coast Guard during a rager yacht party in Miami. 

Ezekiel was partying with friends and a gaggle of chicks Saturday on a yacht called No Rules II, when a Coast Guard cruiser pulled up. We're told the yacht had docked minutes before.

Eyewitnesses tell us 2 guards boarded the yacht and conducted a 20-minute search on-board. We're told once the search was complete, the guards went back to their vessel and took off. 

Unclear what they were looking for, or why they approached Ezekiel and co. A rep for the Coast Guard tells us they're checking ... but he believes it was probably a safety check to make sure the boat and the guests were in compliance with maritime safety protocol.

Also important to note ... the yacht did not belong to Ezekiel. Sources tell us it belongs to a guy who rents 'em out to celebs and other rich folks. Ezekiel was just there for the ride.

0319-ezekiel-elliott-coast-guard-boat-TMZ-03Either way, it's been a bad week for the star NFL player. You'll recall ... he caught a lot of heat for forcefully exposing a woman's breast during a St. Paddy's parade. Now this.  

Brian Banks Exonerated Football Star Getting Divorced

3/18/2017 12:25 AM PDT


Sad news for Brian Banks -- the football player who was famously wrongly convicted of rape is divorcing his wife less than 2 years after they tied the knot. 

Banks made headlines for battling his way into Atlanta Falcons training camp in 2013 after spending 5 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. His story is reportedly in the works to become a big Hollywood movie. 

Banks married Emanuela Marinova in May 2015 -- but things have apparently fizzled ... both sides have filed for divorce. 

No kids. No major community property. No word on why they split. 

Colin Kaepernick Gets AIRPLANE To Ship Food, Water to Somalia

3/17/2017 1:36 PM PDT
Breaking News

Big victory for Colin Kaepernick ... the NFL quarterback -- along with other activists -- was able to convince Turkish Airlines to donate a plane for a much needed humanitarian mission to Somalia. 

Kaep made his initial plea to the airline on Wednesday -- saying, "There's an impending famine because of drought, politics, inaction of (non-government organizations) and lack of media attention."

He added, "People are dying in Somalia right now that need our help."

FYI, Turkish is the only major airline that flies to Somalia from the U.S. 

Now, Kaep says part 2 of his mission is underway -- getting the food, water and supplies to fill the plane. 

For this, Kaep has teamed up with Ben Stiller's Stiller Foundation to handle all of the funds raised. They've even set up a GoFundMe page called Love Army for Somalia.


Marshawn Lynch 'Over the Hill' and Bad Fit ... Says Ex-Raiders Star

3/17/2017 11:34 AM PDT

Ex-Raiders star Lincoln Kennedy says bringing Marshawn Lynch to Oakland is a bad idea.

Kennedy was a 3-time Pro Bowler with the Silver and Black -- and he's currently a broadcaster for the Raiders organization.

Lincoln says he likes and respects what Lynch has done in his career -- but says Beast Mode is an "Over the hill running back who hasn't played in a couple years."

Bringing him back now would be a huge mistake, Kennedy says ... especially with guys like Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles still available. 

Ezekiel Elliott Parties with Meek Mill ... Rapper's Hand Bandaged

3/17/2017 7:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

Just days after his boob-exposing incident, Ezekiel Elliott jetted out of Dallas and over to Miami ... where he partied in the clubs with Meek Mill ... who appeared bandaged up after his alleged airport fight.

Zeke joined the rapper onstage at STORY Nightclub in Miami -- where he turned up next to Meek for several songs.

Both guys are in the middle of some serious life drama at the moment ... Meek was cited for misdemeanor assault earlier this week for allegedly fighting 2 guys at the St. Louis airport.

Meek's right hand looked like it was in a heavy cast during his performance ... which makes us wonder if he suffered a hand injury during the altercation. 

0317-meek-mill-world-red-eye-01As for Zeke, he's still in hot water for pulling a woman's shirt down and exposing her breast at a St. Paddy's parade in Dallas last weekend ... but didn't look like he had a care in the world Thursday night. 

One interesting note, no women onstage with Zeke last night. Baby steps. 

Antonio Gates Terrell Owens' HOF Snub Is Insane ... #2 WR Of All Time

3/16/2017 4:34 PM PDT

Antonio Gates -- a surefire future Hall of Famer -- says it's "crazy" that Terrell Owens isn't in Canton ... claiming T.O.'s the 2nd best WR of All Time ... behind Jerry Rice

Gates is pretty passionate about the topic -- and says T.O.'s numbers speak for themselves -- but he should probably tone down the antics if he wants a bust in the Hall. 

We also asked about that gold jacket Terrell made for himself ... even Gates says that was a bad idea! 


Tim Brown Aldon Smith Could Still Be Great ... But He Needs Help

3/16/2017 3:44 PM PDT

Tim Brown says he still believes Aldon Smith can be one of the most dominant football players in the NFL -- but he needs serious help from his family, teammates and friends to get his life straight.

Smith has been battling substance abuse for years -- and was recently detained by police for being intoxicated after a car he was a passenger in slammed into an undercover cop car. 

Brown says he and his old Raiders teammates used to hold intervention-style meetings with players like Smith in the hopes of getting them back on the straight and narrow ... and suggests more people in Smith's life follow suit.

Bottom line -- Brown wants to see Smith back in the Silver and Black ... but only if he can get healthy.

We recently spoke with Smith's Raiders teammate, Donald Penn, who says he also wants Smith back with the squad because football can be good for his recovery.

Ex-Cowboys Linebacker Zeke's Not a Completely Terrible Person

3/16/2017 1:33 PM PDT
Breaking News

0316-carpenter-elliot-getty-01Sounds like former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter is conflicted on how he feels about Ezekiel Elliott as a person. 

On one hand, Carpenter says he absolutely condemns the boob-grabbing stunt ... and on the other, he's personally witnessed Zeke acting like a good dude. 

Here's Bobby's statement:

"I don't endorse Zeke's behavior of grabbing women and pulling their shirts down. It's unprofessional at best and illegal at its worst."

"However on the Buckeye Cruise he got mobbed for pictures and didn't take everyone during his leisure time, but during the 4 hour autograph signing he was polite and engaging with nearly 800 people."

"I know it to be true because I was at the table beside of him. He smiled and kissed babies."

Our takeaway, Carpenter wants to defend Zeke ... but he knows it's dicey. 

Meanwhile, Chris Spielman could not have been more clear ... he's sick and tired of Elliott's stupid antics. 

NFL's King Dunlap Off the Hook In Restraining Order Case

3/16/2017 10:49 AM PDT

0217-king-dunlap-gettyNFL lineman King Dunlap will NOT be prosecuted for violating a restraining order involving his baby mama ... and his lawyer says the two sides are working together to co-parent their kids. 

Dunlap was arrested last month at his home when cops say he violated the terms of a protective order by visiting the residence while his GF was there. He was told by the judge to have no contact whatsoever. 

We spoke with Dunlap's attorney, Worrick Robinson, who says the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding -- he was just at the home to pick up clothes. 

Robinson says Dunlap and his ex are on good terms at the moment and are focused on working together to co-parent their two kids. 

Dunlap was recently cut by the Chargers -- but Robinson says he's in good spirits and is focused on his family and continuing his NFL career elsewhere. 

Chargers Players To L.A. Fans CHOOSE US OVER RAMS NOW ... We Don't Want Bandwagon Love Later

3/16/2017 10:25 AM PDT

Chargers players Donavon Clark & Tyrell Williams are throwing down the gauntlet to L.A. football fans ... saying the time is now to choose their team, 'cause the bandwagon will be full at a later date.

We got the guys out at Pink's Hot Dogs in L.A. (football players gotta eat) and asked them how Tinseltown pigskin fans are supposed to make their decision between the Chargers and Rams.

It's a good question ... L.A. hasn't had a team in FOREVER, and now there's two, so the city could be thrust into an all-out football civil war.

Clark and Williams say no matter how you make your decision ... MAKE IT NOW ... 'cause they're planning on winning a lot of games and don't want fans who just root for the trendy team.

This is L.A. guys, trendy is our middle name.

Latavius Murray: I Won't Wear #28 On Vikings ... Too Much Respect for AP

3/16/2017 8:18 AM PDT
Breaking News


Latavius Murray -- who just signed with the Vikings -- says he will NOT continue to wear #28 on his new team ... because he doesn't want to disrespect Adrian Peterson

The former Oakland Raiders running back has been rocking #28 on previous teams for years ... saying he was initially inspired by Jags RB Fred Taylor

But now that he's rockin' the purple, he's changing things up. Here's his explanation: 

"There wasn't a thought in my mind to try and wear or ask for the #28. I have too much respect for AP and so much respect for what he's done and what he means to this organization."

"Many people don't know, but I wore the #28 as a kid because of Fred Taylor who played for the Jaguars at the time. When AP came onto the scene and Fred retired, he was my reason for keeping #28."

"I want to say to Vikings fans: I'm not here to replace #28, he's irreplaceable. I'm not here to be #28, there's no one like him. I ask that you accept me for the player I am and know that I'm here to give you all I got and to win."

As for Peterson, he has yet to sign with a new team. Oakland's got an opening though ...  

NFL Great Blasts Ezekiel Elliott 'Insane to Justify His Behavior'

3/16/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Detroit Lions legend Chris Spielman says he's sick and tired of people making excuses for Ezekiel Elliott -- claiming his shirt-pulling stunt was disgusting and wrong, period. 

Spielman -- who like Zeke, played his college ball at Ohio State -- says the running back needs to grow up already and start making better decisions off the field. 

"I want people to stop saying he's a 'young man,'" Spielman said ... "There comes a point in time when we all know right from wrong. At what point is it okay to pull some woman's shirt down in public?"

"He is bringing this upon himself. Nobody is bringing this upon him. And he's not young. He is of the age where he knows right from wrong, so lets stop with the young card, I can't stand it. There are no more young cards."

"It's never okay to pull somebody's shirt down. That's insane to even justify that behavior. It's crazy."

NFL Punishes Jets Tight End For Dumbest DUI Ever

3/15/2017 2:30 PM PDT
Breaking News

The NY Jets tight end who stupidly talked cops INTO arresting him for DUI has been punished by the NFL ... and will be suspended for 2 games. 

Austin Seferian-Jenkins was pulled over for a routine traffic stop back in September -- and was thiiiis close to being let go ... until he started running his drunken mouth. 

During the arrest, Austin told cops he needed to take a "huge s**t" ... the cop begged him not to do it in the squad car. 

ASJ eventually pled no contest to reckless driving and got probation and community service. 

But the NFL found he violated the league's personal conduct policy -- and punished him as well. 

Guess it woulda been worse had he actually crapped in the car. 

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