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Rapper To Odell Beckham Jr. You Made Me Viral ... NOW DO MY VIDEO!!!

4/8/2018 12:15 AM PDT

Odell Beckham Jr. just got the offer of a lifetime. No, not a new contract from the NY Giants -- this is an offer for OBJ to do what he TRULY wants in life ... dance in a rap video.

TMZ Sports spoke with super hot new NY rapper Flipp Dinero -- the guy who Odell blew up last week when video of Beckham dancing to Dinero's song "Leave Me Alone" went viral.

Flipp told us he's still super turnt that Odell chose his song to get busy to, and when we asked if he wants Odell to appear in the video, he made it clear ... HE DOES.

"Hell yeah, I just want Odell to be there. Just because he showed love off GP, I'm showing love off GP, too."

BTW Odell danced to the song (we think) to send a message -- he just wants people to let him live his life ... but Flipp says the track isn't about that, it's about what most songs are about.

A woman.

Cam Newton In Car Crash with Dump Truck ... In Ferrari

4/6/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Cam Newton was involved in a collision with a dump truck in Atlanta on Thursday ... and TMZ Sports has a photo from the scene. 

We're told the Carolina Panthers quarterback was driving his matte black Ferrari F12 (valued over $300,000) when the collision occurred around 4:00 PM local time. 

Atlanta PD confirms the accident occurred but says neither party wanted to fill out a police report.

Unclear what caused the collision or who was at fault -- but calm down, Panthers fans, Newton appeared to be okay after the incident. In fact, he was seen walking the car around in his shorts and one of his funky hats. 

FYI, Newton is from Atlanta and still lives there. 

28-year-old Newton has been involved in car accidents in the past -- he overturned his car in North Carolina back in 2014. He was hospitalized with minor injuries and ended up being okay. 

Johnny Manziel Lookin' Sharp At Spring League Practice

4/5/2018 9:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

Johnny Manziel was killin' it at Spring League practice on Wednesday -- throwing strikes, reading defenses and impressing coaches and teammates ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

Manziel's "Team South" was practicing in Austin, Texas for their league opener on Saturday -- and he definitely looked like he belonged out there with some very talented teammates. 

Among the players on Manziel's team -- Ben Tate, former 2nd round draft pick who played for the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns. 

His tight end is Chase Ford -- former Miami Hurricanes TE who played for the Minnesota Vikings. One of his WRs is former Baylor All-American Antwan Goodley

Manziel will have 2 games to showcase his skills for NFL scouts -- hoping a pro team will take a chance on him for the 2018 season. 

Stay tuned ... 

Ex-NFL Player Dimitri Patterson Tackled Cop ... Police Report Says

4/5/2018 7:40 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

ESPN ain't sweatin' the $50 million defamation lawsuit filed by ex-NFL player Dimitri Patterson ... because the police report obtained by TMZ Sports essentially confirms their story about Patterson's insane courtroom arrest. 

Patterson sued ESPN claiming the network's 2017 story about a "courtroom escape attempt" was false and defamatory ... and he wants them to pay up BIG to make things right. 

But, the problem for Patterson ... the Miami Police Dept. report detailing the incident in question describes exactly what ESPN reported ... Patterson violently tried to escape a courtroom. 

"The defendant ran towards the door of the courtroom to exit. While running towards the door, the defendant tackled officer B. Robert causing her to fall backwards and sustaining an injury to the back of her head."

The police report says Patterson continued to struggle with officers and pulled another cop to avoid being handcuffed. He was eventually arrested and booked for battery on an officer and resisting arrest -- both felonies. TMZ Sports has obtained his mugshot. 

So ... unless Patterson has some bombshell evidence (like a secret twin brother or something) ... it seems his case has a snowball's chance in hell.

Drew Brees Here's My $8 Million* Diamond

4/5/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Here it is ... the first photo of the 4.09 carat blue diamond Drew Brees bought for $8.1 MILLION. 

It's pretty incredible ... but the QB says he overpaid by roughly $6 MILLION!

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brees purchased the stone as an investment from Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles jewelers in San Diego back in 2015 -- but says he was completely duped

For his part, Moradi and his attorney Eric M. George deny all wrongdoing and say Brees has no one to blame but himself. 

Brees claims he trusted Moradi to get him the best prices on rare stones in the hopes of selling them for a profit at a later date. 

Brees says in 2018 he had the stone appraised by an independent specialist who told him the diamond was only worth $2 million when he bought it ... and it has since increased in value to $3.75 mil. 

There's more ... Brees is also furious over pink diamond earrings he bought in 2015 for $975k -- claiming Moradi used pink paint behind the diamond setting to make the stone appear more "pink" than its true color. 

Brees says the pink stones are only worth $176k. 

In total, Brees says he spent $15 mil with Moradi over the years -- but his stones are only worth roughly $6 mil ... a $9 million loss. 

For his part, Moradi says he did nothing wrong -- and claims Brees has no one to blame but himself. 

Ex-NFL Player Sues ESPN for $50 Million ... Claiming Defamation

4/4/2018 1:37 PM PDT

Former Miami Dolphins cornerback Dimitri Patterson is suing ESPN for $50 million claiming the network defamed him in a 2017 article saying he was in custody after a "courtroom escape attempt."

The article -- published on August 15, 2017 -- says Patterson injured two police officers while trying to abruptly exit a Miami-Dade courthouse and avoid being arrested. 

ESPN says it confirmed the info with police -- noting, "a female officer suffered neck and back injuries, and a male officer injured his wrist while apprehending Patterson."

FYI, Patterson played in the NFL from 2005 to 2013, racking up 9 interceptions in 79 games. 

But, Patterson says the information is wrong -- saying, "The article is false and defamatory in its overall portrayal of DP as a violent, impulsive, unstable person."

Patterson says there is court video footage which backs up his claims. 

In his suit, which he filed while acting as his own lawyer, Patterson includes a letter from ESPN legal team in which the network defends the accuracy of the article. 

Patterson is demanding $50 MILLION in damages. 

We reached out to ESPN for comment. So far, no word back. 

Rob Gronkowski 'Frustrated' with Patriots Contract ... Says Ex-Pats TE

4/4/2018 8:23 AM PDT

Rob Gronkowski is one of the best damn players in the NFL, and he's sick of not getting paid like it -- so says ex-Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins

You've probably heard ... rumors have been swirling about Gronk splitting with New England all offseason long -- for reasons ranging from his relationship with Bill Belichick to just being tired of football. 

But according to Jermaine, the biggest thing doggin' Rob is his contract.

"I definitely think he's frustrated with the money that he gets when you look at what he does," Wiggins told TMZ Sports.

"He should be getting paid $15-16 million a year, but he's not, so there's definitely that frustration there."

Jermaine says it's obvious Gronk is the league's most dangerous receiver -- "by far more valuable" than top WRs like Antonio Brown and Julio Jones -- so getting paid way less than 'em ain't right.

As for all the buzz on the Pats potentially trading Rob ... Wiggins ain't exactly sold.

Josh Norman I Cook Cam Newton in Hoops ... Ain't That Right, Cam??

4/4/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Josh Norman is so confident he'd take Cam Newton 1-on-1 in basketball, he told Cam straight-up ... and TMZ Sports has the video!

We got Josh after a beach workout in L.A. with his NFL bros Julian Stanford and Demario Davis ... and the stud safety opened on why we keep spotting him droppin' sweat on the sand

But, things got really interesting when our guy asked Norman about ballin' up Cam at his charity game in South Carolina this weekend.

Turns out, Cam was on the phone with Josh ... and when we asked who the better baller was, Norman wasn't about to back down.

"Me, of course. I'm not gonna say him."

FYI, a bunch of NFL stars are coming out to hoop at Norman's event -- but, is it gonna be bigger than Quavo's Huncho Day?

We asked ... and Cam's response was priceless. 

Josh Rosen Would Thrive In Cleveland ... Says Famous UCLA Teammate

4/4/2018 6:24 AM PDT

Did you know ... Josh Rosen has been tight with Snoop Dogg's son Cordell Broadus since the 7th grade??

It's true ... they're still good friends today (after playing together at UCLA) -- and now Cordell is giving us the REAL inside scoop on the QB. 

In fact, Cordell says critics who think Rosen would fail in Cleveland are wrong -- and explains why a BIG, FAT PAYCHECK could drive a "millennial" like Josh to greatness in LeBron's city. 

"If you give anybody $1 million they'll be mentally stimulated," Broadus told TMZ Sports at LAX. "He could thrive anywhere with the right check and the right dedication and the right determination."

Broadus says Rosen's not only a great athlete, but a great dude -- and will kill it wherever he goes. 

Drew Brees On Jewelry Lawsuit: 'It Was All a Scam'

4/4/2018 6:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

Drew Brees is speaking out on his lawsuit against a San Diego jeweler -- saying he trusted the man with $15 million in diamonds ... but "in the end it was all a scam."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brees sued Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles jewelers claiming Moradi misrepresented the quality and value of several high-priced diamonds over the years. 

In fact, Brees claimed he severely overpaid for an $8.1 MILLION blue diamond in 2015 -- which is really only worth about $3.75 mil. 

Now, Brees has issued a statement through his attorney Andrew Kim saying, "From 2010 to 2016, Moradi advised [my wife and I] to allocate funds into an alternative asset class of investment grade diamonds and told us that he would use his connections and expertise to acquire them on our behalf at or below market value."

"In an effort to diversify our investment portfolio, we trusted Moradi and invested. Moradi assured us he was being compensated by the sellers for any investment grade diamonds he acquired on our behalf."

"In the end it was all a scam. After thinking long and hard, Brittany and I decided to take this lawsuit on in part because we fear we are not the only ones Moradi has misled and defrauded."

Moradi has denied any wrongdoing -- with his attorney -- saying the fault lies with Brees. 

"Mr. Brees's behavior and his belief that he was wronged because the jewelry did not appreciate in value as quickly as he hoped both demonstrate a lack of integrity and contradict basic principles of both economics and the law."

Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler Has Real Offers ... But I Think He's Retired

4/3/2018 2:49 PM PDT
Breaking News

He's not "officially" retired ... but Kristin Cavallari says she's pretty convinced her husband Jay Cutler is finished in the NFL. 

"I think he's done," Kristin said on SiriusXM's "The Jenny McCarthy Show" ... "It's not official. But yeah."

Kristin says 34-year-old Jay is still trying to figure out his professional future and noted he has "a few offers on the table" ... but she didn't say if those offers were from NFL teams or media outlets looking for a broadcaster. 

Of course, Jay signed a 1-year deal with the Miami Dolphins in 2017 to take over after starting QB Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury. Cutler threw for 2,666 yards with 19 TDs and 14 interceptions ... not terrible.

Cavallari has said she supports Jay no matter what decision he makes -- but it's obvious she's ready for the QB to hang up his cleats already

In fact, she talks about how Jay has been working weekends as an NFL player for years and she's ready for him to spend ALL of his Sundays with their kids. 

Stay tuned ... 

Von Miller Hammerhead Shark Incident Under Investigation

4/3/2018 12:08 PM PDT

Von Miller's fishing expedition in Florida has ignited an investigation after PETA accused the NFL star of illegally catching a hammerhead shark ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Miller and some friends went fishing in Miami last week and reeled in the 9-and-a-half foot shark -- which they later threw back in the ocean.  

PETA -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- went berserk over the footage ... accusing Von's group of illegally catching and killing the animal.

PETA vowed to follow up with wildlife officials and said they would "ensure Miller is held accountable."

The complaint got all the way to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission -- a government law enforcement agency that regulates hunting and fishing. 

We spoke with FWC Public Information Coordinator Rob Klepper who tells us, "FWC has received the images and video and is looking into whether or not a violation occurred in this incident."

Unclear what the punishment would be if officials found Miller broke any laws -- we're looking into it. 

Story developing ... 

Michael Rapaport Don't Be Idiots, NY Giants Keep Odell. Draft Saquon.

4/3/2018 8:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

Michael Rapaport says the New York Giants have a VERY simple blueprint to not suck next season ... if they can keep their heads outta their asses.

Part 1: "DO NOT get rid of Odell Beckham. DO NOT make the mistake."

Part 2: "Draft Saquon Barkley ... he's a star."

OBJ's had a really tough offseason, but Rapaport explains why the G-Men gotta give him a pass for the off-field stuff ... and he makes a solid argument.

As for Saquon ... Mike says he's seen the kid in person and, like Odell, he's a generational talent! 

Rapaport also gives props to LaVar Ball for taking on the almighty NCAA with his new league ... and it's pretty obvious he puts the Ballfather over the NYG brass. 

"I think it's a great idea. He's a very smart, tenacious businessman." 

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