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Chris Evans & Chris Pratt

Superheroes Make Super Bowl Bet

1/21/2015 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0121-chris-evans-chris-pratt-twitter-seahawks-MAIN-01Super Bowl XLIX isn't just the Seahawks vs. the Patriots ... it's Captain America vs Star-Lord ... because Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just laid down an EPIC bet on the big game in Arizona.

It all started Monday, the day after Evans' Patriots clinched a spot in the Super Bowl by deflating the Colts 45-7. He took to twitter to remind his fellow Marvel Super Hero that for the next two weeks they ain't buds.

"Well, well, well @prattprattpratt, looks like our teams are going into battle. For the next 2 weeks, you are not my friend, you are my enemy."

That's when Pratt -- a huge Seahawks fan -- laid down the gauntlet, proposing a bet whereby if the the Seahawks win, Evans has to fly to Seattle and visit a local children's hospital in full Captain America regalia, waving the 12th Man flag.

Well, Captain America never backs down from a fight ... and fired back, saying that if the Patriots win Star-Lord has to show up at his non-profit housing venture "Christopher's Haven," in a Tom Brady jersey.

C'mon ... this is pretty awesome. 


Colts Linebacker


... 'Pats Whooped Our Ass'

1/21/2015 10:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Under-inflated footballs had NOTHING to do with the outcome of the Pats vs. Colts game ... so says Indy linebacker Erik Walden who tells TMZ Sports they got outplayed ... period. 

"I don't think it made any difference," Walden says of the flatter pigskins ... "They whooped us.  We got our asses whooped."

"It doesn't matter what was wrong with the balls ... they beat us by such a large margin."

Walden also says he doesn't think it's worth the NFL's time to punish the Pats -- saying, "You just got to give them credit for how they played."

"Hats off to [The Patriots]. They were the better team."

But when it comes to the Super Bowl, Walden joked ... "Just know I'm rooting for Seattle."

Rodney Peete

Deflate-Gate Is Stupid

Balls Didn't Make Colts Lose

1/21/2015 6:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012115_rodney_peete_launchDeflated balls or not ... the New England Patriots kicked Indy's ass this weekend -- and the amount of air in the pigskin had NOTHING to do with it ... so says ex-NFL QB Rodney Peete

Peete -- who played in the NFL for 16 years -- says the whole "Deflate-Gate" scandal is being blown way out of proportion ... because despite the pressure in the footballs, "you still gotta play the game."

Rodney also says slightly deflated balls don't give a QB an advantage -- "You still gotta make the throws." 

The NFL is not commenting on the investigation into the Pats -- but multiple reports say the league found 11 of the 12 balls were under-inflated by 2 pounds-per-square inch.

NBA Star


... At L.A. Strip Club

1/21/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


One made it THUNDERSTORM ... the other made it drizzle. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... L.A. Clippers star Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Tampa Bay Bucs star Dashon Goldson were two of the stars that hit up the grand opening of Ace of Diamonds in L.A. on Monday. 

For the record, Goldson signed a $41.2 million contract in 2013. Davis has made about $26 million in his NBA career. 

Which is why it was a bit shocking when Big Baby created his own indoor monsoon that dwarfed Goldson's mini-downpour.

Our strip club sources tell us Davis was throwin' so much cash around, 4 dancers left with $3k each ... and that doesn't include the $5k he dropped around the stage.  

Check out the pic below which shows one dancer's take from Davis. 

As for Goldson, as one strip club source put it -- "He made it sprinkle." 

No one said being fiscally responsible was fun.

Crying Packers Fan

Mom Posts Tantrum Vid ...

Kid Scores a New Bike!!

1/20/2015 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012015_packers_kid_tmzlive_launch_v2Kierra Yarbrough did her 6-year-old son a huge favor by posting a video of him bawling his eyes out over the Packers loss -- instead of embarrassing him ... she helped him get a new bicycle!

The adorable video shows little Xavier crying a river after Green Bay's devastating defeat to the Seattle Seahawks -- and when he spotted a Seattle player riding around the field on a bicycle ... he really lost it.

Kierra was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday ... explaining why she put her son's tears on front street -- possibly opening him up to schoolyard taunting -- and it involves none other than Aaron Rodgers.

But the video's already worked a different kind of miracle -- Kierra says a local Seattle coffee shop saw the video and reached out to offer Xavier a bike of his own.

Not as cool as a trip to the Super Bowl, but it will do.


Hope Solo

Hits the Gym without Hubby

... After DUI Drama

1/20/2015 11:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012015_hope_solo_launchHere's video of Hope Solo moments ago at her L.A. hotel ... just a short distance from where her husband was busted for DUI yesterday. 

We broke the story ... Hope's husband Jerramy Stevens was arrested early Monday morning -- and during the stop, our sources say Hope and Jerramy were a total pain in the ass. 

This morning, Solo was out and about in L.A. -- and as she returned back to her hotel (sans Stevens) she told us she had a "great weightlifting session" ... but wouldn't talk about the arrest. 

As for Stevens, we're told he's been released from custody.

Chiefs QB Aaron Murray

The Wedding Is Off!!!

Hot Reporter 'Moving On'

1/20/2015 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0120-aaron-murray-kacie-mcdonnell-instagram-01Stick a fork in 'em, 'cause the engagement between KC Chiefs QB Aaron Murray and smokin' hot news reporter Kacie McDonnell is over ... and it doesn't sound like there's any chance of a reconciliation. 

Their love story became national news ... when she left her job (a great job) as a reporter in Philadelphia last year and moved to KC to be with Aaron who was drafted by the Chiefs.

Kacie got a job in news in Kansas City and everything seemed to be perfect ... until McDonnell made this shocking announcement:

"I’m really committed to being a part of this community for the time being. The engagement is off. I wish him the best, it’s best to part ways. I’m moving on with my life."

FYI -- Aaron's brother is Josh Murray who just broke off his engagement to former "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman earlier this month. 

Happy almost Valentine's Day everyone!


Hope Solo's Husband


'Don't You Know Who We Are?'

1/20/2015 8:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


9:23 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... Hope Solo was in the car with Stevens when he was pulled over for allegedly swerving on the road. 

We're told Solo was "acting belligerent" in the car ... and pulled out her cell phone to record officers during the stop. 

One source says "they were a major pain" ... and cops were thiiis close to arresting Solo for disorderly conduct. 

We're told both Solo and Stevens were trying to play the dreaded, "Don't you know who we are?" card. 

As for Stevens, we're told he refused to submit to a breath test -- so cops got a warrant to take him to a hospital to test his blood. Ultimately, cops were convinced he was wasted and arrested him for DUI. 

The timing is interesting ... considering Solo was JUST let off the hook in a domestic violence case against her nephew and sister in which she was accused of going on a drunken violent tirade. 
Former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens -- who's married to USA soccer star Hope Solo -- was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles this week ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to officials, the 35-year-old was popped for driving under the influence around 1:49 AM on Monday morning. Police say he was initially pulled over because his headlights were off.

Bail was set at $5,000.

According to his booking sheet, Stevens is listed at 6'7", 245 pounds.  

This isn't Stevens' first arrest -- he was busted in 2012 for assault after allegedly getting violent with Solo ... though the case was eventually dropped for lack of evidence. 

Stevens -- a former 1st round draft pick -- played in the NFL for 9 seasons ... and was part of Seattle's 2005 squad that lost in the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

DeMarco Murray

Engaged To Soap Actress

1/20/2015 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0120-heidi-instagramWho says the Cowboys can't close? 

DeMarco Murray just popped the question to his longtime GF Heidi Mueller ... and good news for the running back, she said 'Yes.'

Mueller famously portrayed Kay Bennett Crane on "Passions."

DeMarco and Heidi have a daughter together. 

It's the first in a series of big moves for the Dallas star -- who's set to become an unrestricted free agent in a couple of weeks and may have to leave Big D if the Cowboys don't come up with a big contract offer. 

But until then ... CONGRATS!

Marlon Wayans

Clowns Russell Wilson

Here's The Real Reason He Cried!

1/20/2015 7:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"It's hard to see a grown man cry," so says Marlon Wayans ... who tells TMZ Sports he knows the REAL reason Russell Wilson turned on the waterworks after the NFC Championship game.

Marshawn Lynch

RB Honored With NEW Weed Strain

... Beastmode 2.0

1/20/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marshawn Lynch Weed

Marshawn Lynch is getting one of the highest honors one can receive in Seattle -- a SECOND strain of weed has been named after the NFL star ... and we're told it's as strong as Beastmode himself. 

We spoke with Nate "Diggity" Johnson -- owner of the Queen Anne Cannabis Club in Seattle -- who tells us that after the original "Beastmode" strain sold so well last year, growers wanted to up the ante with a more powerful strain in the hopes the Seahawks would get back to the Super Bowl. 

The bet paid off ... and "Diggity" says the new stuff (called Beastmode 2.0) has 5% more THC than last year's Beastmode weed -- which flew off the shelves. 

"It's a super pain reliever," Diggity says ... "And hits you just like Marshawn -- hard and fast."

Then after you smoke it ... FeastMode?


Green Bay Packers Players

Stop Blaming Bostick

... We All Blew It

1/19/2015 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0119_brandon-bostick_getty_subGreen Bay Packers players want anyone blaming Brandon Bostick for Sunday's loss to BACK OFF ... telling TMZ Sports the epic collapse wasn't just one guy's fault, but a total team disaster.

Bostick made the gaffe seen 'round the world in Seattle on Sunday -- muffing an onside kick and allowing the Seahawks to pull off one of the craziest comebacks in NFL playoff history.

Reaction to the miscue was swift and brutal on social media, with Bostick being the butt of jokes, the subject of memes, and even the target of death threats.

We spoke to several members of The Pack who tell TMZ Sports they have Bostick's back 100% and the the loss on Sunday -- while brutal -- was a total team effort.

"We're disappointed in how the game ended but to blame Bostick is purely ridiculous, it's a team game and we win or lose as a team."

Another player told us, "I know that there are NO hard feelings against him for what happened in the game.  You definitely feel for him – I felt for him."

The player added, "We've all been there."

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