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Ex-NFL Stars to Andre Johnson: Help Us with Miami Recovery Effort!

9/13/2017 8:42 AM PDT

Two former NFL stars are hoping their former teammate, Andre Johnson, can help spearhead a J.J. Watt-style recovery effort in Miami.

Bryant McKinnie and Phillip Buchanon both joined the "TMZ Sports" TV show this week -- after leaving Miami right before Hurricane Irma struck. 

The guys said the city is in desperate need of help and they're hoping to launch a fundraising initiative like Watt

Both Bryant and Philip went to the University of Miami, where AJ went to school -- and since Andre knows J.J. Watt (from the Houston Texans), they're hoping he can be the piece that brings everyone together. 

FYI, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just donated $1 MILLION to the AARP Foundation Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Michael Bennett: I'm Gonna Sue Vegas Police ... Over Gun Incident

9/13/2017 6:02 AM PDT
Breaking News

Michael Bennett and his lawyer are making it very clear -- their plan is to sue the Las Vegas Metro Police Department over that August 27 incident where he was detained at gunpoint. 

The NFL superstar and his lawyer, John Burris, sat down with ABC News where they doubled down on claims he was racially profiled when 2 officers ordered him to the ground during an investigation into a possible active shooter at a Vegas hotel. 

The Seattle Seahawks star is still adamant he was detained because he's a black man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and says he was physically and verbally abused until cops realized he was an NFL player. 

In fact, Bennett says it was only when cops Googled him, the abuse stopped. 

"I went from being a black man to a football player."

Burris has laid down the gauntlet with the LVMPD -- saying, "Unless something changes drastically that we don't know of, we're gonna file a lawsuit."

O.J. Simpson to Media Catch Me if You Can

9/13/2017 1:00 AM PDT

O.J. Simpson will be playing a cat-and-mouse game with the media when he's released, and it involves his safety.

We've learned the media has a 1 in 18 chance of spotting the famous convict when he's released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. That's because there are 18 release points and our prison sources say they are keeping the actual release site and date on the DL.

As for why the clandestine release ... we're told it's because prison officials are concerned for Simpson's safety. You'll recall, just after Simpson was granted parole, he was moved to a protective wing of the prison.

Prison sources tell us they're not just concerned about Simpson's safety. They worry a chase could ensue and prison staff, bystanders and Simpson himself could be injured or even worse. As one prison official told us, "We don't want another chase on our hands."

And, we're told, Simpson himself has made it clear to prison officials, he wants nothing to do with the media when the prison doors open. We're guessing it's part of a bigger plan for him to cash in with a splashy interview. The more he's seen, the more the value goes down.

Our prison sources wanted to make it clear ... the secrecy and conditions of Simpson's release will be made by the prison ... not O.J.

NFL's Brandon Browner Arrested in L.A. (Update: Mug Shot)

9/12/2017 8:44 AM PDT

1:15 PM PT -- TMZ Sports just obtained Browner's mug shot

Ex-Seattle Seahawks star Brandon Browner was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday night, TMZ Sports has learned. 

The former Pro Bowl cornerback -- part of the original Legion of Boom -- was booked for allegedly making criminal threats, a felony.  Sources tell us the alleged victim is a woman. 

Browner was taken into custody and his bail was set at $50,000. He posted bail and was released just after 11 PM. 

According to his booking sheet, 33-year-old Browner is listed as 6'3", 215 lbs. 

We reached out to Browner for comment. So far, no word back.

Dolphins Kenyan Drake Can't Wait To Return To MIA ... And Help Rebuild

9/12/2017 9:24 AM PDT

The Miami Dolphins can't wait to get back to South Beach to pick up the pieces from Hurricane Irma, so says RB Kenyan Drake who tells TMZ Sports the team is committed to aiding in the recovery.

We got Drake at LAX on his way back down to the 305, and asked him what his feelings are about returning home after the storm blew through Florida.

The Dolphins got their Week 1 game against the Bucs moved to Week 11, but Drake told our guy football is only part of the reason he's anxious to get back.

"I just can't wait to get down there, hopefully it's not as much devastation as I think. We just gotta get to work and help the community as much as possible."

Beanie Wells: OSU Alum Will Punish Baker Mayfield ... In the NFL

9/11/2017 11:13 AM PDT

Baker Mayfield has a target on his back for that whole flag-planting stunt -- and the Ohio State alums in the NFL will make him pay for it ... so says ex-Buckeyes star Beanie Wells.

The former OSU running back tells TMZ Sports Mayfield's move was "the ultimate disrespect ... a slap in the face" -- and current and former Ohio State players are pretty pissed about it.

Wells says he spoke with a bunch of current OSU players after they got beaten by Oklahoma this weekend -- and they're embarrassed.

But Wells keeps it real saying if they didn't wanna be dissed, they shoulda won the game!

Still, Mayfield's gonna pay for the move ... whether it's now or later.

"There's gonna be a bullseye on his back. If he goes to the National Football League and plays, any Buckeyes are gonna be after him."

FYI, there's a bunch of pretty solid OSU guys in the league right now ... Joey Bosa, Cameron Heyward, Gareon ConleyJohnathan Hankins.

You've been warned ...

Tom Brady I've Never Had a Conversation with Kaepernick

9/11/2017 9:40 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady says he doesn't have any sort of relationship with Colin Kaepernick -- explaining, "I've never really had a conversation with him."

The New England Patriots QB called in to WEEI radio on Monday and was asked if he's been paying attention to the Kaepernick saga -- and the ongoing national anthem demonstrations around the league. 

Brady says he doesn't give Kaepernick much thought because his attention "goes a lot of places" at this time of the year ... and he's too busy to think about Colin. 

Tom was also pressed on if he was proud that his teammates don't sit or take a knee during the anthem -- to which he explained, "I don't really pay attention to that." 

As far as Tom's non-relationship with Colin -- Kaepernick went to bat for Tom back in 2015 during the Deflategate scandal ... saying, "No football in the world is going to help you win by 38! Let it go and let Tom be great!"

Kid Rock Kaepernick Is Unemployed Because He Sucks ... Not Over Protest

9/11/2017 9:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

Colin Kaepernick is NOT being blackballed by the NFL, he's unemployed because he's not a good quarterback -- so says Kid Rock

The rock star has been blasting Kaepernick at his concerts for a while -- pissed off over his national anthem protest.

But after his latest shot at Kaep, Kid decided to clarify his stance on the QB. 

"To be clear -- F*ck ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem," Kid Rock said in a Facebook post.

"Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bullsh*t!"

Kid Rock has been under fire for using the Confederate flag at his shows. Some people have straight up called him racist -- but Kid says he's not. 

In fact, he wrote, "I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!" 

Steph Curry Free Kaepernick ... He 'Shook Up the World'

9/11/2017 8:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

Steph Curry is disgusted that Colin Kaepernick is still in the unemployment line ... and he's got a message for all the NFL teams refusing to sign him -- FREE KAEP.

Steph was in attendance for the 49ers vs. Panthers game at Levi's Stadium ... and shared a photo of the field with a #FreeKaep caption.

This statement comes a day after Curry spoke about Kaep deserving an NFL roster spot ... adding that his national anthem protests "shook up the world ... for the better."

“He definitely should be in the NFL," Steph told The Charlotte Observer.

"If you’ve been around the NFL, the top 64 quarterbacks, and he’s not one of them? Then I don’t know what game I’m watching."

As for Kaep ... the former Niners QB was social media silent on Sunday -- but his Know Your Rights Camp account posted messages urging fans to boycott the NFL. 

NFL Appeals Ezekiel Elliott Injunction

9/11/2017 6:57 AM PDT
Breaking News

The NFL isn't giving up in the fight to punish Ezekiel Elliott -- the league has just filed court docs to appeal the preliminary injunction that had been awarded to the Dallas Cowboys running back last week. 

The point of filing the appeal ... the league wants to enforce the 6-game suspension as soon as possible, ideally this season -- and the appeal is the best way to try and get that result. 

So, what's next? The NFL will file more papers detailing why they think the judge who handed out the preliminary injunction got it wrong. Elliott will then respond to those arguments.

Eventually, a 3 judge panel will likely hear the appeal. The panel could reverse the decision which would give the NFL the power to enforce the suspension ASAP. 

According to our lawyer (hey, he went to Harvard), it's possible the decision could be reached by the end of the season.

Mike Ditka to NFL Players Don't You Dare Take a Knee on 9/11!!!

9/11/2017 12:55 AM PDT

Mike Ditka's not lightening up on NFL players who don't stand for the national anthem ... unless calling them disrespectful troublemakers nobody will remember is considered lightening up.

We asked Da Coach how he feels about anthem protests on the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

Iron Mike concedes players have the right to do what they want to do ... but thinks 9/11 is different and believes most will stand for Old Glory.

As for the "malcontents" ... Ditka says just let them be and move on -- they'll be forgotten.

He's come a long way since wanting to kick them out of the country.

Ezekiel Elliott Wins Injunction 6-Game Suspension On Hold

9/8/2017 3:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

Big win for Ezekiel Elliott -- who was just granted a preliminary injunction from a federal judge in Texas ... which blocks the NFL from imposing his 6-game suspension ... at least for now.

What does it mean -- Zeke will likely play the entire NFL season without missing a single game. 

The NFL Player's Association had filed the lawsuit on behalf of Elliott, claiming the Dallas Cowboys star did not get a fair hearing in front of the arbitrator in his appeal of the domestic violence punishment. 

The judge agreed ... saying there was a "cloud of fundamental unfairness" in the proceedings. The judge didn't think it was fair for Elliott to be punished with that cloud looming. 

The judge points out two "gross errors" in the arbitration -- which were the decision to not include the accuser, Tiffany Thompson, and NFL commish, Roger Goodell, as witnesses. 

So, what happens next? 

The NFL will likely file an emergency motion challenging the court's ruling. The chances the NFL wins that are slim. 

Elliott and the NFLPA now have the green light to continue the legal fight to have the 6-game suspension voided altogether ... which is their ultimate goal. 

That process could entail a huge, lengthy trial that could take months and months -- and until the case is settled and a judge rules on the validity of the suspension once and for all, Zeke gets to play. 

Story developing ... 

Kareem Hunt Can Become Best RB in Chiefs History ... Says Larry Johnson

9/8/2017 12:31 PM PDT

Ex-K.C. Chiefs superstar Larry Johnson says Kareem Hunt could end up being the best running back in franchise history ... telling TMZ Sports the sky's the limit for the budding rookie.

We spoke with the 2-time Pro Bowler about Hunt's breakout 246-yard, 3 TD performance against the Patriots on Thursday ... and L.J. says the kid is destined for legendary status ... as long as the team stays together.

"I just hope that the business side of Kansas City doesn't screw it up for him."

Johnson says it "brings a tears to (his) eyes" to see Hunt performing so well in his old #27 jersey ... and says he's a serious contender for Rookie of the Year.

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