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Rob Gronkowski

He's Taking Over Hollywood!!!

4/5/2015 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron Gronkowski is clearly the biggest star in Hollywood in a physical sense, but he's becoming king of the night life, too.

Gronk was leaving 1OAK Saturday night when our photog asked him about his foray into movies, playing Officer Weadon in the upcoming "You Can't Have It."

We see lots of stars on the Sunset Strip, and no one fills a room like Gronk.

He rules. 

Rob Gronkowski

I'm Such a Good Cop

I Didn't Even Audition for the Role

4/4/2015 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Gronkowski answers to Officer Weadon ... because he IS Officer Weadon.

Our photog spotted Gronk and company cruising Bev Hills Friday where he called out the faux cop's name.  Gronk doesn't get it at first, but then the real story unfolds.

Turns out Patriot's tight end played the man in blue in an upcoming movie, "You Can't Have It."  

Gronk's manager, Henry Penzi -- one of Mark Wahlberg's boys -- makes it clear, there's life after football. In fact, Gronk is such a natural, he didn't even have to read for the role.

BTW ... Gronk spills the beans on his action star inspiration.

Jaguars Lineman:

Lady Ref Is A Publicity Stunt

... Just Like Michael Sam

4/4/2015 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jacksonville Jaguars lineman Sen'Derrick Marks strongly believes ... the NFL's move to hire the league's 1st female ref is more about publicity than talent ... and compares her to Michael Sam

According to multiple reports, the NFL has hired Sarah Thomas -- a pioneer in women's officiating -- to be the first female line judge in league history.

The move has drawn widespread praise from most ... but Marks says Thomas' hiring is less about progress and more about a league desperate for positive stories.

"For women, it's great," Marks says ... "Ain't nothing wrong with it, especially as long as she knows what she's doing."

However, Marks adds ... "It's just like the Michael Sam situation -- if he wasn't gay, he would've gone undrafted. Instead the league drafts him because I think they are trying to monopolize on every aspect of the world ... the same thing with hiring a female ref."

"For the league it's great publicity. The NFL is all about monopolizing every opportunity."

No matter what the reason, it seems Thomas has finally cracked the boy's club -- and Marks says now that she's in, he's rooting for her to succeed.

"I hope it works out for her."

'New Girl' Star

Jay Cutler Can Be a Winner

... If He Starts Bangin' Gisele

4/3/2015 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well, this doesn't bode well for Kristin Cavallari

If Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler wants to turn things around and start playing like a winner ... he's gotta do things that winners do -- and that starts with banging Gisele

At least, that's the strategy "New Girl" star Lamorne Morris -- a HUGE Chicago Bears fan -- was recommending when we talked to the guy at The Improv in L.A. last night. 

"Until [Cutler] starts inserting himself into Gisele every night ... she has a magical vagina ... then I will believe in him."

Hey, at least he has a plan. 

Bo Jackson

Bo Knows Boz!?

Teams Up with Ex-NFL Star

4/2/2015 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth ... on the same team?! 

It's been 27 years since Bo famously trucked The Boz on "Monday Night Football" ...  but now, the former NFL rivals are working TOGETHER to help families in Alabama. 

Bosworth announced he's going to participate in Bo's annual cycling fundraiser, "Bo Bikes Bama" -- which raises money to help build community storm shelters across the state. 

Boz tweeted about it -- saying, "On the same team at last."

Who'da thunk it? 

Darren Sharper

Locked Up In New Orleans

Preps for Guilty Plea

4/2/2015 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Darren Sharper has touched down in New Orleans ... where prosecutors say he's expected to plead guilty to multiple counts of rape next week. 

Sharper had been locked up in L.A. for more than a year -- but officials allowed him to travel to N.O. so he could appear in court for drug charges on Monday and rape charges on Tuesday. 

First, the rape case ... as we previously reported, the former NFL star cut a deal with prosecutors where he'll be sentenced to 20 years in Louisiana for raping 3 women, but will only serve 9 of those years behind bars. 

Sharper will get credit for the remaining 11 years while free on parole and probation.

As for the drugs ... Sharper is scheduled to appear in federal court on Monday to face charges that he illegally distributed drugs with "the intent to commit a crime of violence, that is rape."

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... Sharper is currently in a jail facility in New Orleans and is "receiving no special provisions or treatment compared to any other inmate in the facility."

Marshawn Lynch

Hits Nightclub, Smokes

... But That's No Blunt

4/2/2015 6:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beast Mode went into Nightclub Mode in Hollywood Thursday night ... with Marshawn Lynch hitting up 1Oak on the Sunset Strip with a ton of huge stars ... and then lighting up a cigarillo right on the street. 

Lynch partied until the club shut down ... after spending some time in the same building where Amber Rose, Kenyon Martin and Baron Davis were also partying that night. 

Afterward, Lynch got into a sick black Ferrari ... but then moved into a Range Rover, where he started smoking while parked on Sunset.  

We know what you're thinking ... but our in-house weed experts (lots of glaucoma over here) examined the video and say the item in Lynch's hand does not have the properties of a traditional blunt. 

One expert says, "It's not burning the way a blunt would burn."

Plus, Snoop Dogg told us the other day that Marshawn doesn't smoke weed. 

Jameis Winston


... Says Famous Fat QB

4/2/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jameis Winston FatSTOP BODY-SHAMING JAMEIS WINSTON ... he's got a perfect QB physique ... so says one of the most famous heavyset NFL quarterbacks of all time ... former NY Giants QB Jared Lorenzen

Of course, Winston has been under fire from people who say he looks too fat, doughy, soft and out-of-shape to be a successful NFL QB ... especially after he went topless at his Pro Day this week (see pic above). 

But Lorenzen -- aka "The Hefty Lefty" & "The Pillsbury Throwboy" -- says Winston needs to ignore the haters and focus on winning football games.

"He's not JaMarcus Russell. He's not fat by any means. He's just a big dude," Jared says. "He's got a great body to play quarterback. The little skinny guys don't make it. They can't take a hit."

"Look at RG3 ... small guy. Now he can't even run."

BTW -- when Lorenzen played for the Giants from 2004 to 2007 he usually hovered around 300 pounds. 

"I was probably a little bit on the extreme side ... but I never missed a game due to injury in my career going all the way back to when I was young. Most big guys don't. They can take a pounding."

As for Jameis, Jared says the guy's potential is off the charts -- "He's only 21 and he doesn't even have his grown man body yet. He's gonna get bigger and faster."

BONUS -- Here's footage of Jared playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters last year. He's big ... but the dude can still ball.  

NFL Star DeAndre Levy

Insane Wing Walking Video

... Dude's a Maniac!

3/31/2015 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's CRAZY video of NFL linebacker DeAndre Levy ... WING-WALKING on a bi-plane ... while only relying on a tiny little safety rope in case he slipped during the flight. 

Again, this video is NUTS!!! 

Levy is no scrub ... the Detroit Lions stud is one of the best linebackers in the league and he's heading into the final year of his 3-year $9.75 million contract. 

So, he's got a lot to live for. 

Still, Levy decided to risk it all for the thrill of some in-flight stunts -- as the pilot of the plane executes some barrel rolls and crazy inverted flying tricks. 

Ya gotta wonder how the Lions feel about Levy's hobby -- considering they wouldn't even let Matt Stafford ride a motorcycle when he signed his big contract. 

#AtLeastLevyWasWearingAHelmet #NotLikeItWouldMatter

Rob Gronkowski

I Wanna Bang that Chick

From 'Wolf of Wall St.'

3/31/2015 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's nice to set goals ... and for Rob Gronkowski, his newest target is to nail the hot chick from "Wolf of Wall Street."

Gronk's appearing on Wednesday's season premiere of "The Jim Rome Show" ... and explained that he's wanted to bone Margot Robbie ever since he first saw her in the Leonardo DiCaprio flick. 

But get this ... Gronk also laid out the qualities he wants in his FUTURE WIFE. 

You gotta listen to what he says ... Gloria Steinem is gonna have a heart attack. 


Jay Glazer

NFL Overreacted On Falcons

... Chill, It's Just Crowd Noise

3/31/2015 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Glazer says the NFL went WAY TOO HARD on the Atlanta Falcons -- claiming a $350k fine and a docked 2016 draft pick was a crazy overreaction for illegally piping crowd noise into their stadium during games.

The "NFL on FOX" star was leaving Craig's in West Hollywood Monday night when he told us Roger Goodell and his crew could've handled the situation a lot better ... if RG woulda just picked up the phone and called the owner. 

"Just call em up ... say, 'Knock it off! Enough! Just don't do it!'"

Instead, Glazer says ... the NFL went way over-the-top and clearly Jay feels it's damaging the league. 

"Not everything has to be a freakin' congressional hearing. You don't need a big investigation into everything."

As far as the Falcons go ... team officials said the noise scandal was "embarrassing" and they will not appeal the punishment. 

Pats Owner Robert Kraft

Aaron Hernandez Told Me He's Innocent

3/31/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft just took the stand in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial -- and told the court his former tight end was adamant he did NOT kill Odin Lloyd. 

Kraft says he spoke with Hernandez at the Patriots facility two days after Lloyd was killed -- and asked Aaron if he had anything to do with the killing. 

"He said he was innocent," Kraft told the court. 

At the end of the conversation, Kraft says Aaron hugged and kissed him. 

Kraft says Hernandez denied having any involvement -- and said he was at a nightclub at the time Lloyd was murdered. 

Kraft says he had never had any problems with Hernandez in the past. 

Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Hot Hopefuls Twerk It Out

... For Spot On The Squad

3/30/2015 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_dallas_cowboys_cheerleaders_tryouts_launchRoughly 1,000 of the hottest chicks in Texas went down to Houston this weekend ... to try out for a spot on the Texans cheerleading squad ... and TMZ Sports has pics from the smokin' hot audition. 

There are 35 spots on the squad -- and EVERYONE needs to tryout ... including members of last year's team. 

Right now, we're told the team has cut the roster down to 50 ... with final cuts coming in the next few days. 

Meantime, take a look at the pics -- they're all winners to us. 

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