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Ricky Williams On TX Police Encounter ... Thank God I'm Famous

1/24/2017 7:57 AM PST

Ricky Williams is opening up about his bizarre run-in with police in Texas earlier this month ... suggesting his "fame" likely helped him stay out of handcuffs.

The ex-NFL star was stopped during a leisurely walk and searched by police on January 11 after cops were called to the area about a "suspicious person" who may have stolen a tape measure from a backyard.

Ricky was NOT arrested -- and during an interview with "The Tomorrow Show" with Keven Undergaro he suggested he got better treatment than the average black guy because of his celebrity.

"I'm a quirky person ... and it's kinda dangerous to be black and quirky unless you're famous. Then you can get away with it."

Williams -- an avid pot smoker -- says he's also glad he did't have weed on him at the time of the incident.

Williams went on to say the experience made him understand how some interactions between citizens and police go wrong ... because of the anger he felt while he was being detained.

"If people make you feel like a criminal, it can go sour pretty quickly."

Erin Andrews Battled Cervical Cancer During NFL Season ... Didn't Miss a Game

1/24/2017 7:17 AM PST
Breaking News

0124-erin-andrews-tmz-02"NFL on FOX" star Erin Andrews has revealed she battled cervical cancer during the regular season -- which required multiple surgeries -- but she didn't miss a single game.

The good news -- Andrews says she's "cancer-free" now ... and plans on working the Super Bowl.

The 38-year-old sideline reporter broke the news to MMQB ... saying she was diagnosed back in Sept. but told doctors she didn't want to miss any work. 

She ended up missing two tapings of "Dancing With the Stars" before her first surgery in October. 

Two days after the procedure, she flew to Green Bay to shoot a segment with Packers star Jordy Nelson.

“Should I have been standing for a full game five days after surgery? Let’s just say the doctor didn’t recommend that,” Andrews told MMQB ... noting, "sports were my escape."

Andrews got better news on Nov. 17 -- when doctors told her she wouldn't need radiation or chemo.

Mark Gastineau's Daughter 'The NFL Has Major F***ing Problems'

1/24/2017 6:38 AM PST

The daughter of NY Jets great Mark Gastineau is coming out swinging at the NFL -- saying the league has "major f***ing problems" when it comes to brain injuries like CTE.

Of course, Mark recently revealed he's been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's ... and suggests it was caused by blows to the head he sustained during his football career.

So, when we saw his reality star daughter, Brittny Gastineau, leaving Catch in West Hollywood -- we asked her what the league should do to handle the issue ... and that's when she lashed out.

We also asked Brittny if she was in favor of players using medical marijuana -- she's a big fan of that.

Pacman Jones 'Deeply Embarrassed' Over Arrest Video ... 'Anger Management'

1/24/2017 6:03 AM PST
Breaking News


Pacman Jones says he's seeking counseling and anger management after telling a Cincinnati police officer to "suck my d**k" and "die" during an arrest earlier this month. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the Cincinnati Bengals star went insane after cops were called on him for allegedly getting physical with a security guard at a local hotel.

When cops arrived, the guy went berserk -- screaming obscenities, dropping n-bombs, threatening the officer's job and telling the cop "I hope you die."

Now, Jones has issued a statement through his lawyers saying he is "deeply embarrassed and remorseful for his conduct and language."

"Mr. Jones has the utmost respect for law-enforcement and the difficulties police encounter on a daily basis."

The lawyers add, "Mr. Jones is committed to the process of counseling and anger management, in order to ensure that such situations never occur in the future."

The Bengals have also apologized for Pacman's behavior -- but haven't said if they plan to cut the player.

Falcons Owner Vs. Patriots Owner: Rich, Old Dance Battle

1/23/2017 10:07 AM PST

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been putting his 74-year-old dance moves on display lately ... but can he shake it better than his 75-year-old Super Bowl opponent Robert Kraft??

We took the liberty of cutting the best dance moves from the two BILLIONAIRES and put 'em head-to-head ... in what could be the richest, oldest dance battle EVER!! 

Only one will dance on February 5th ... 

Tom Brady Yeah, Trump and I Call Each Other ... What's the Big Deal??

1/23/2017 7:39 AM PST
Breaking News

Tom Brady says he doesn't understand why everyone's making such a big deal about his friendship with Donald Trump ... essentially telling people GET OVER IT!

After President Trump gave an inauguration speech saying Tom had called him to congratulate him on the election ... Brady was asked about his relationship with POTUS on the 'Kirk and Callahan' show on WEEI. 

"I have called him, yes, in the past. Sometimes he calls me, sometimes I call. But again, that’s been someone I’ve known. I always try to keep it in context because for 16 years you know someone before maybe he was in the position that he was in."

He then dropped this line -- "Why does everybody make such a big deal? I don’t understand it."

For his part, Brady says there are "a lot things" he and Trump disagree on -- though he wouldn't get specific. He also wouldn't expand when asked how Gisele feels about his friendship with Trump.

Still, Brady made it clear Trump's his boy ... and he doesn't plan on turning his back on the guy. 

Falcons Owner Arthur Blank DIRTY VICTORY DANCIN'

1/23/2017 6:27 AM PST

Here's 74-year-old cancer survivor Arthur Blank GETTIN' DOWN with his bad self after the Falcons beat up on the Packers.

The Falcons owner let the music take control of his arms ... his hips ... his feet ... everything ... while Jermaine Dupri's "Welcome to Atlanta" blasted from the stadium speakers. 

Blank has a history of dancing after big wins -- he cut a rug in the locker room after the team beat the Seahawks last week. 

Wonder what he's got in store if they beat the Pats?!

ATL Falcons Sidelines Packed With Huge Stars ... Usher, Ludacris, Jeezy

1/23/2017 5:57 AM PST
Exclusive Video

The Atlanta Falcons had some major celebrity support on the sidelines during the NFC championship -- Usher, Ludacris, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Da Brat and more ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

Dirty Bird Nation represented strong -- and the fact the Falcons CRUSHED Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers meant everyone was in a great mood the entire afternoon! 

Ray Lewis was also there!

Nothing brings people together like winning! 


Scorned Chargers Fans Offered Free Tattoo Removal

1/23/2017 12:45 AM PST

0120-san-diego-chargers-tattoo-removal-tmz-gettyPissed off at the Chargers for leaving San Diego ... right after you got that sweet Bolts logo tatted on your arm???

Good news ... a huge laser removal company feels your pain and wants to help eradicate the bad memories.

We spoke to LaserAway President Todd Heckmann who says his company is offering free removal for tatted San Diego residents looking to wipe the Chargers tats off their bodies. 

Heckmann says the 6 to 8 sessions usually cost between $1,000 to $5,000 ... but they're willing to cover the costs to help fans cope with their loss. 

Oh, and if you still wanna root for L.A. Chargers ... they'll remove the "San Diego" part from your tat, if you wish.

Herschel Walker Forget a Chance ... Give Trump a Day!

1/22/2017 8:40 AM PST

Herschel Walker has a message for people protesting President Trump not one day into office ... GIVE HIM THAT DAY ... AT LEAST ONE!

We got the All-American out Saturday at II Pastaio in Bev Hills, where he says while it's good for protesters to get their grievances off their chests ... pouncing on day 1 is inexcusable.

He's also still got that lead position for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition on his mind ... but it sounds like he's still waiting to talk to the Prez.

Kelly Rowland Gaga's Super Bowl Won't Be as Good as Ours!!!

1/22/2017 8:15 AM PST

Kelly Rowland is nothing but excited for Lady Gaga's upcoming Super Bowl halftime show ... but knows it will be the runner-up compared to the Destiny's Child show.

We got Kelly leaving Serafina in L.A. Saturday night, and we ask her if she's stoked about Lady Gaga doing the Pepsi halftime show at Super Bowl LI.

She definitely is ... but the DC alum clearly thinks Gaga's won't touch the one she did with Beyoncé. A wink and smile says a lot here. 


Braylon Edwards I Need My Degree ... To Work with Billionaires!

1/22/2017 12:35 AM PST

The Braylon Edwards college comeback is in full swing -- and why? Because the ex-NFL star says a degree will unlock the door to get him into business with his BILLIONAIRE friends.

Sounds like a damn fine reason to us!

33-year-old Braylon has re-enrolled at Michigan -- where he was huge football star from 2001 to 2004 -- telling TMZ Sports he NEEDS that degree to crush it in the next phase of his life.

"I moved in a lot of circles with a lot of millionaires a lot of billionaires that have business ideas and concepts and they wanna work with you. They wanna invite you to that circle," Edwards says.

"But that's the one thing they ask you ... 'Do you have that degree?'"

There's more ... Braylon says he's also down to work with the football team while he's back on campus.

He's also revisiting his old fraternity -- but just to mentor and give back ... "No keggers for me!"

Raiders Players Pumped for Nevada Tax Cuts ... Says Malcolm Smith

1/21/2017 12:15 AM PST

How do the Oakland Raiders players feel about the possible (likely) move to Vegas?

They're stoked about the FORTUNE they'll save on state income tax!!

We spoke with Raiders linebacker Malcom Smith (the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII) who says a bunch of players are already talking about financial implications of a move to Nevada. 

FYI, California has the highest state income tax ... Nevada has the lowest! 

Plus, as Smith points out ... cost of living is WAYYYY cheaper in Vegas than in the Bay Area. 

As for concerns about Vegas temptations, Smith says it ain't a problem for the home team ... it's the visitors who should be worried. 

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