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Tony Gonzalez Brady's Not The G.O.A.T. ... Just Had 'Best Career'

1/23/2018 3:24 PM PST

Tom Brady's one of the best ever, but he's not THE greatest of all time -- so says Tony Gonzalez ... who offered a unique take on the G.O.A.T. debate when we got him out in L.A. 

Tony tells TMZ Sports Brady's no doubt had the "best career" ... but when it comes to sheer ability, it's splitting hairs to pick between him and a handful of other legendary QBs.

"I don't know if there's ever a best anything," Gonzalez said.

As for which guys he puts right up there with Tom ... Tony named a couple active QBs as well as a few Hall of Famers -- and they're all pretty good choices.

Gonzo -- widely considered the G.O.A.T. of NFL tight ends -- also shouted out the TEs he thinks are on his level.

Dude's modest -- you gotta give him that.

Joey Fatone No 'NSYNC Reunion at the Super Bowl And Don't Bank on Janet

1/23/2018 1:15 PM PST

Joey Fatone is tearin' up the hearts of 'NSYNC fans across the country -- officially shutting down all hope of a Super Bowl 52 reunion with Justin Timberlake.

"I'm here right now," Joey told TMZ Sports outside Delilah over the weekend. "If I was doing something, I'd be at rehearsals right now ... there's your proof."

Remember ... we spoke to Fatone before JT signed on for the Big Game -- and at the time, he said an 'NSYNC halftime show could happen if a few things fell into place.

Joey insists those plans never materialized -- and JT will be rollin' solo next Sunday in Minnesota.

Fatone also told us why he thinks Janet Jackson didn't get a Super Bowl call-back ... you're gonna wanna hear his explanation.

Rob Gronkowski He'll Be 'Good to Go' for Super Bowl ... Says BFF Mojo Rawley

1/23/2018 9:02 AM PST

WWE superstar Mojo Rawley tells TMZ Sports ... he's been talking with his best friend, Rob Gronkowski, and he's confident the guy will be "good to go" for the Super Bowl. 

Of course, Gronk took a big shot to the head during the AFC Championship on Sunday and missed the 2nd half of the game after being evaluated for a concussion. 

But, Rawley says Gronk is "one of the toughest guys I know and I'm sure he'll be fine for the big one."

"I've got confidence in my friend, my best friend."

Rawley says Gronk may come off as a meathead, but when it comes to his mental health, the guy is no dummy -- "He's taking the right steps and following the right protocols."

The WWE star also says he's REALLY hoping to get to the Super Bowl to cheer on his friend in person after Gronk came to WrestleMania last year to support him. 

There's more ... Mojo was also in attendance at UFC 220 where his friend Stipe Miocic beat up Francis Ngannou.

So, we had to ask ... does Stipe have a future in the squared circle?! You'll wanna see the answer!

Eagles Legend Brian Westbrook No QB Controversy In Philly ... Wentz Is the Future

1/23/2018 7:50 AM PST

Nick Foles is killing it right now ... but when Carson Wentz gets healthy, the starting QB job in Philly is HIS ... so says Eagles legend Brian Westbrook

Westbrook -- who's in the Eagles Hall of Fame -- tells TMZ Sports he's incredibly proud of the job Foles has done filling in for Wentz, but even if he wins the Super Bowl ... he won't get the starting nod next season. 

"When Carson Wentz is healthy, Carson Wentz will be the starting QB of the Eagles."

The good news for Foles ... Westbrook says the guy has a real chance to score a massive contract somewhere else, but the future in Philly is definitely Wentz. 

Super Bowl LII: Tom Brady's Jersey On Lockdown 'Don't Want Another Jerseygate'

1/23/2018 1:00 AM PST

There will be no Jerseygate 2 at Super Bowl LII -- with law enforcement putting together special plans to watch Tom Brady's jersey LIKE A HAWK in the wake of last year's theft, TMZ Sports has learned. 

First off, the guy who jacked Tom's jersey out of the locker room in 2017, Mauricio Ortega, has been banned from all Super Bowls (and all NFL games) for life ... an NFL spokesperson tell us. 

Law enforcement directly involved with the SBLII protection in Minneapolis says the protection of player property -- especially game-used memorabilia -- will be a major priority this time around. 

As one source put it ... "One of the main goals is to keep people and property safe. We do not want a repeat of last year and we have learned lessons from other major sporting events."

We're told the overall security plan involves federal agencies, multiple state agencies and private security plus "surveillance everywhere."

Still, Tom might wanna have a designated "jersey guy" just in case ... 

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Slamming into Pole, Subway ... ... NEW Hilarious Angle!!!

1/22/2018 2:20 PM PST

That Philadelphia Eagles fan who ran smack into a pole and bounced off a subway train is in even more pain than you thought ... as this new angle of his asinine celebration reveals.

The guy was all pumped up underground Sunday on his way to see his Eagles in the NFC Championship. He and some pals were standing around yelling, "Whooooo," and not really making much of an effort to board a waiting subway train.

Of course, once the train started moving, the guy decided to drunkenly chase it down the platform. The chase was over pretty quickly ... courtesy of a giant pole he never saw for some reason.


NFL Legend Cortez Kennedy Donates Brain to CTE Research ... Autopsy Reveals

1/22/2018 2:10 PM PST

NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy donated his brain to the most famous CTE research center in the world when he passed away in May ... this according to the autopsy obtained by TMZ Sports

Kennedy's body was discovered by a friend on May 23, 2017. At the time, it was unclear how the 48-year-old passed away

But according to the autopsy report, the official cause of death is hypertensive heart disease -- a heart condition caused by high blood pressure, according to 

The medical examiner also lists pneumonia and diabetes as a contributing factor to Kennedy's death. He's listed in the autopsy as 6'1" and 265 lbs. 

As we previously reported, Kennedy was hospitalized for swollen legs just days before he died. 

The report shows Kennedy's family requested the ex-NFL star's brain be sent to the Boston University CTE Center for further examination. 

BU is widely regarded as the leader in CTE research -- they've studied the brains of several deceased NFL stars including Aaron Hernandez and Dave Duerson

Kennedy played 11 seasons for the Seattle Seahawks ... and was an 8x Pro Bowler. He was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2012.

Oakland Raiders To Sean Smith Accuser: Don't Blame Us for Alleged Beatdown

1/22/2018 10:43 AM PST

The Oakland Raiders are firing back at the man who sued the NFL team over an alleged attack at the hands of star cornerback Sean Smith ... claiming the team has NOTHING to do with the incident. 

The accuser is Christopher Woods -- who claims Smith beat the hell out of him on July 4, 2017 outside of a bar in Pasadena, CA. 

Wood not only sued Smith -- but also went after the Raiders claiming the team's aggressive strength and conditioning programs turned Smith into a human-wrecking machine. Wood also claimed Smith was in town as part of a team-sponsored promotional and marketing trip. 

But the Raiders are calling B.S. -- claiming "the alleged assault has no conceivable nexus to the Raiders or Smith's employment with the Raiders." 

The team essentially says in new docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court ... if the allegations are true, Smith acted on his own -- your beef is with him, not us. 

As we previously reported, Wood claims Smith stomped on his face during the incident -- causing multiple facial fractures that required surgery. Wood claims he suffered brain damage. 

The Raiders are asking the judge to toss the suit against the team. There's a hearing on the matter in February. 

Terrell Owens to Dak Prescott: Watch Your Back In Dallas

1/22/2018 9:30 AM PST

Terrell Owens says the Dallas Cowboys have a long history of turning on superstar players and running them out of town ... and he doesn't want Dak Prescott to be the next victim. 

Owens was at LAX when we asked about his weekend Twitter comments ... when he argued that Dallas' disappointing 9-7 record was not Dak's fault. He also argued that Dak is NOT trying to turn the locker room against Dez Bryant, who also had a disappointing season.  

Instead, Owens seemed to argue that the Cowboys coaching staff and other execs are pushing the negative narratives to create a fall guy ... so they can then fire that guy and look like heroes. 

Case in point ... Terrell Owens (according to Terrell Owens). 

T.O. says that's exactly what happened to him back when he sported the star -- claiming Tony Romo and then-offensive coordinator Jason Garrett teamed up to force him out to save face.  

"Everybody knows what went down," Owens says ... insisting there are multiple witnesses from the Cowboys who will attest that he was done dirty in Big D. 

"I just didn't like the way they were trying to say Dak is the problem or Dak is putting the blame or turning people against Dez. That's not fair to Dak."

Philadelphia Eagles Another Fan Punches Police Horse

1/22/2018 8:34 AM PST
Breaking News

For the second time in 2 weeks ... a Philadelphia Eagles fan has been arrested for punching a police horse at the stadium. 

This time, the perp is Andrew Tornetta -- who cops say was going H.A.M. during a pre-game tailgate at Lincoln Financial Field before the Eagles took on the Vikings in the NFC Championship. 

Cops say mounted Pennsylvania State Police units were breaking up a crazy situation when Tornetta refused to comply with orders to disperse. 

Instead, Tornetta punched a police horse twice in the right shoulder and then socked the human officer in the face ... according to cops. 

Tornetta allegedly tried to flee -- and removed his sweatshirt to try to evade police -- but was eventually caught and arrested for aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and related charges.

As we previously reported, another fan was arrested for punching a police horse in the face at Lincoln Financial Field the previous weekend ... when the Eagles defeated the Falcons. 

Philadelphia Eagles Post-Beatdown Get Down ... To Chief Keef & Meek Mill

1/22/2018 7:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's video of the Philadelphia Eagles dancing their damn faces off after destroying the Minnesota Vikings ... and we gotta say, the guys look like they could've gone another two quarters.

Moments after the game was over, WR Alshon Jeffery took his celebration to IG live and got live with his teammates ... while Chief Keef and Meek Mill blasted in the background.

Highlights included Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie getting into the act, but the guy who stole the show was CB Jalen Mills, who broke it down with a Macarena-style turn up we've never seen before.

Good luck in the Super Bowl guys ... you're probably going to need it.

Philadelphia PD Only 6 Arrests Despite Pre-Game, Post-Game Insanity

1/22/2018 6:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

There was blood before the game ... and fires afterward -- but the Philadelphia PD tells us only 6 PEOPLE were arrested on Sunday in connection to the NFC Championship madness. 

One person was arrested for assault on a police officer -- we're told the incident took place in the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field before the game. 

2 more people were arrested for disorderly conduct -- and 3 others were busted for counterfeit ticket sales. 

All in all ... seems like a win considering the videos and photos that surfaced showing police on horseback taking control during the pregame tailgates. 

Afterward, fans went crazy in the streets -- but according to police, it wasn't as bad as social media made it look. 


Karl-Anthony Towns Fly Eagles, Fly! ... Bring On the Patriots!

1/22/2018 6:01 AM PST

He plays for Minnesota, but NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns was ALL ABOUT PHILLY on Sunday -- decked out in Eagles gear ... and celebrating after the victory!

The Timberwolves star (who's in town to play the Clippers) hit up Craig's -- in a very good mood -- reveling in his team's NFC Championship victory over the Minnesota Vikings. 

FYI, KAT grew up in Edison, NJ -- about 60 miles from Philly.

So, how does he feel about the Eagles' chances against Tom Brady?

He likes it. A lot. 

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