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Olympian Amy Van Dyken

Standing On My Own

'Biggest Accomplishment Of My Life'

5/13/2015 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's one of the most decorated Olympic athletes in United States history .. but Amy Van Dyken says the biggest accomplishment of her life is STANDING again ... after severing her spinal cord last year.

Her story is incredible -- Van Dyken was seriously injured in a brutal ATV wreck back in 2014 ... but she's been fighting like hell to regain full use of her legs -- and this week, made some serious progress.

In fact, Amy appeared on "TMZ Hollywood Sports" on Wednesday and told us that battling back to stand on her own was "absolutely" the biggest accomplishment of her life ... even greater than winning her 6 gold medals.

You gotta watch the video -- Amy says she's laser focused on walking on her own one day ... and given the progress she's made so far, you'd have to be crazy to doubt her.

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Pres. Candidate Dr. Ben Carson

My Latest Speech Lacks Teeth

5/13/2015 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0513-main-carson-tmz-01Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson does not lack wisdom, but incisors are a different story.

The Republican hopeful -- who made a name for himself in 1987 as the first neurosurgeon to separate twins conjoined at the head -- was stumping at Tommy's Country Ham House in Greenville, South Carolina where he chowed down on scrambled eggs, grits and ham biscuits when he noticed a bonus on his plate ... his front tooth had fallen out. 

0513-subasset-carson-tmz-01The good doc stared into his plate, thought for a second then discretely placed the errant chomper into his shirt pocket. 

Carson then stood up and delivered an impassioned speech ... with a hint of whistle. 


Amy Van Dyken

Now She's Standing ...


5/12/2015 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken just reached another milestone on her miraculous road to recovery -- she's now able to stand and support her own weight. 

Van Dyken posted a video of her latest accomplishment and said, "I'm starting to get this standing thing down! #amysarmy #werk #IllBeWalkingSoon #GettingFittedForBracesNextWeek"

Van Dyken -- who won four Olympic gold medals in 1996 and two more in 2000 -- severed her spine in an ATV crash in June 2014. Since then she has posted video of her progress ... taking her first steps with the help of an exoskeleton ... and a few months later, pedaling a bike on her own.

She forgot one hash tag -- #OlympicHero.

Miles Teller

Girlfriend Says Pregnant Woman Saved HIM!!!

5/11/2015 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511-miles-teller-PCNMiles Teller did not rescue a pregnant woman caught in a Miami riptide -- it was the pregnant woman who gave Miles a heads up ... jaws was lurking in the water. 

Model Keleigh Sperry, who was spending a fun-filled day in the sun with the "Whiplash" star, says the pregnant woman came up to them "freaking out" that a shark was in the water. And the woman had a toddler on her back to boot.

Nonetheless, you can see from the pic Miles helped the very pregnant lady out of the water and harm's way.

He's awesome, and the shark didn't bite anyone.


Miles Teller

Mr. Fantastic ...

Rescues Pregnant Woman From Riptide

5/11/2015 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511-miles-teller-PCNForget superpowers, Miles Teller's hero game is on fleek ... this weekend the "Fantastic Four" star and his GF swooped in and rescued a pregnant woman caught in a potentially deadly riptide in Miami.

It's pretty amazing ... Teller and GF Keleigh Sperry's romantic beach day was interrupted when an extremely pregnant woman began screaming for help just offshore ... without hesitation the two darted into action and tag-teamed a rescue effort that saved the woman's life. 

Once on shore, the two made double sure the woman was alright and then parted ways.

Looks like playing Reed Richards definitely rubbed off on him ... as for the romantic beach day, if saving lives doesn't get you in the mood ... nothin' will.




Cissy Houston

Hints Family Won't Use Heroic Measures

To Save Bobbi Kristina

5/10/2015 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Pat Houston is now sharing the controls with Bobby Brown on what to do with Bobbi Kristina ... and it appears a rift may be brewing, because a Houston family member strongly indicates she does not want to use heroic measure to save Bobbi.

As TMZ reported ... a judge made Bobby and Pat co-guardians a few days ago, which gives them joint responsibility for Bobbi Kristina's care.  As we first reported, Bobbi Kristina is suffering from irreversible brain damage and the prospects of getting better are slim to none, barring a miracle.

Pat says she and Bobby are working as a family to make the right decisions, but there seems to be a clear division.  Cissy told "Entertainment Tonight," "She's not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready for her ... I have nothing to do with that.  That's His job."

Bobby, on the other hand, has made it clear he will do whatever it takes to keep his daughter alive, including using heroic measures if she begins to slip away.  Some member of the Houston family have  strongly indicated they are not inclined to use such measures.

If Bobbi Kristina's condition begins to deteriorate and if Pat and Bobby can't reach an agreement, it will probably be left in the hands of a judge to decide the fate of Whitney Houston's daughter. 

The 2 families have been largely at odds since  Bobbi Kristina entered the hospital.


Disneyland Mom

Pluto's a Brute!!!

He Hurt My Son

5/9/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A little boy was hurt when he was manhandled by Pluto at Disneyland ... and his mom says theme park officials tried to keep the incident on the QT.

It happened Thursday in Toontown, when 8-year-old Ethan walked up to Pluto to give him a hug. The Plutonic cast member obliged, but when you watch the video in slow mo it appears he hyperextends Ethan's back. The boy begins to cry almost immediately, saying he's in pain.

Ethan and his mom Laurie were told to go to the first aid station, but they didn't want to walk the distance because Ethan was hurting. A nurse came over, examined Ethan and told Laurie he was fine.

Ethan said he felt sick and wanted to go home, so Laurie asked for a wheelchair so her son didn't have to walk to the car. Laurie says the employees refused her request and said she could take Ethan in a stroller. Laurie believes the park didn't want to highlight the injury with a wheelchair.

The boy tried but couldn't tolerate the stroller -- so Laurie demanded medical attention and paramedics took Ethan to the hospital for x-rays. Doctors believe Ethan has severe muscle strain.

Laurie tells us, a Disney rep showed up at the hospital, apologized for the way things were handled, offered to pay the hospital bill, and brought them El Pollo Loco for dinner.  

Laurie says she was also told Pluto was disciplined for roughing up Ethan.

A Disneyland Resort rep tells TMZ, "we are in contact with the family and are in the process of gathering the facts."  As for refusing to give Ethan a wheelchair, a rep tells us they don't believe that happened.

Bobby Brown

Bobbi Kristina Medical Decisions Will Be

SHARED with Whitney's Family

5/8/2015 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-cissy-houston-pat-houston-court-TMZ-02Whitney Houston's family and Bobby Brown will now be forced to work together -- Bobby and Pat Houston have been appointed co-guardians of Bobbi Kristina.

The court ruling means Whitney's sister-in-law and Bobby will now share responsibility for 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina's medical care. Bobby filed a petition last month to become her legal guardian. 

The court also appointed an attorney -- Bedelia Hargrove -- as conservator, and she will control all financial and legal matters for Bobbi Kristina ... who is now breathing on her own. Whitney's family points out she's suffered "global and irreversible brain damage."

We got video of Pat and Cissy Houston leaving the DeKalb Co. courthouse after Thursday's hearing, and Pat told us, "It was a good day."

Manny Pacquiao

1st Post-Surgery Selfie

5/7/2015 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-manny-pacquiao-instagramManny Pacquiao says his shoulder surgery was a rousing success -- and just posted his first post-op selfie to prove it. 

Pacman went under the knife in L.A. Wednesday night to repair a torn rotator cuff  in his right shoulder -- an injury that he didn't properly disclose to officials before the big Mayweather fight. 

Of course, Manny thanked God for the procedure ... and his wife ... and his world famous doctor ... saying, "Thank you to my Dr. Neal Ellatrache and his group for taking care of me. God is great!"

One thing we noticed in the pic ... not a single mark on his face. 


Kenny Smith

Shaq's Limpin' Around

... After Titanic Tumble

5/7/2015 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaq might be on the 15-day DL after taking a (hilarious) spill on the set of "Inside the NBA" last night ... that's according to co-host Kenny Smith who says the big man's big fall has left him a little gimpy.

Kenny was at LAX this morning when we HAD to ask him about everything regarding the tumble heard 'round the galaxy ... most notably how the Diesel is moving following the gravitational smackdown.

Bad news for Shaq ... seems he was a little banged up after all. 

Get well Diesel. 

Robert Durst Pees in Public

When You Gotta Go ...


5/7/2015 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Robert Durst pulled "The Jinx" on a drugstore -- by pissing all over the checkout counter. 

The notorious billionaire/accused murderer was arrested last summer in Houston for urinating in a CVS ... and the video was just made public.

In the clip, Durst walks up to the counter to pay, and then suddenly drops trou and starts peeing on the candy rack. Durst's lawyer explained the incident to KPRC, saying, "This was a medical mishap, plain and simple. He had to go and he couldn't hold it."

Durst pled no contest and was ordered to pay restitution ... which meant nothing to the staffers who had to mop up the piss.

Chris Brown

Two Huge Falls

At Vegas Birthday Bash

5/6/2015 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's birthday celebration on the Vegas strip had bottles poppin', hot chicks dancing, and ... absolutely adorable little baby videos.

Yeah, Chris' 26th bday party at Drai's was way different from his others, because this one featured home vids of Royalty on a big screen -- and you've gotta see the look on Chris' face ... daddy's totally fallen for his baby girl.

The video is pretty wild for a few reasons -- Chris hands out Ace of Spades bottles to fans in the crowd ... Chris shows off his badass dance moves ... AND Chris spins and goes flying off the stage!

0506-chris-brown-fall-GIF-INSTAGRAM-02Breezy also got the champ to come out -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed up flashing a tiny bit of the more than $200 mil he earned at the office last weekend.  


Retired U.S. Olympian

Uses Javelin to Pull Daughter's Tooth

(Epic Video)

5/6/2015 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tooth fairy better pay EXTRA for this one ... 

Here's video of retired U.S. Olympic athlete Bryan Clay -- who took gold in the decathlon in 2008 -- helping his daughter Ellie remove a loose tooth ... by tying it to a javelin!!!!  

The footage is crazy ... Clay launches the javelin .. tooth goes flying out of Ellie's mouth ... then, blood. 

By the way, MEGA PROPS to Ellie -- who's so tough, she not only DIDN'T cry ... but only asked for a glass of water to wash out her mouth!!! 

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