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Will Ferrell Car Crash 911 Calls Released Multiple People Phoned In

4/16/2018 6:11 PM PDT

Will Ferrell and the other passengers in the SUV that got flipped over on a highway had many people worried and rushing to get help ... according to the multiple 911 calls.

TMZ has obtained the audio of anonymous passersby calling 911 last Thursday night after Will and co. were involved in a serious 2-car accident in Orange County. As you can hear, all of them sounded quite concerned over the wreck ... which flipped over Will's vehicle.

As we reported ... Will escaped injury last week after getting sideswiped by a Toyota on the I-5 freeway. He was transferred to an area hospital, but appeared okay as he was being loaded into an ambulance. We're told other passengers suffered more serious injuries, but were in stable condition at the hospital.

Cops say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash, and no one was arrested either.

Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill Carried Off Coachella Grounds ... Totally Out of It

4/15/2018 10:54 AM PDT

Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill might have had a little too much fun for Day 2 of Coachella, 'cause she had to be carried out by a group of friends by the end of it.

We got the model Saturday heading into the Empire Polo Club for round two of the festivities, where she was trying to be incognito -- but appeared perked up and fully engaged with our camera guy ... making her love for Beyonce loud and clear. 

Then we saw her again as she was leaving with the same group of friends -- only this time she was being held up as her head was hanging and she stumbled to the car. 

It sounds like an ambulance was being considered briefly, but her pals ended up getting her into the car safely where she appeared to be conscious and okay.

Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard Shot In Atlanta ... Cops Say

4/9/2018 5:54 AM PDT
Breaking News

7:04 AM PT -- Cops tell us ... they believe Floyd was in one of the SUVs in the entourage that was targeted by the shooter. 

Floyd was NOT injured in the attack and it's unclear if he was the specific target. We're also told cops do NOT have a suspect in custody at this point. 

A man claiming to be one of Floyd Mayweather's bodyguards was shot outside of an upscale hotel in Atlanta Monday morning ... the Atlanta Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports

Unclear if Floyd was with the man at the time of the shooting. 

Cops tell us ... it all went down at 3 AM on Monday morning outside of the InterContinental hotel in Buckhead. 

We're told three vehicles were returning from the hotel from a nearby nightclub. 

Cops says, "Another vehicle pulled up beside them at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Highland Drive and fired several times at one of the vehicles. All three vehicles fled and reported being followed for a distance."

"After losing the vehicle that was following them, the victim's vehicle drove to Grady Hospital where the victim was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg and is in stable condition."

"At this time, it appears that this was not a random shooting and the shooter was targeting the victim’s vehicle."

"The victim advised that he is a bodyguard for Floyd Mayweather."

Story developing ... 

Suge Knight Out of Jail ... Into the Hospital

4/5/2018 6:46 AM PDT

Suge Knight is hospitalized, and it's serious enough that he's been there for 2 days ... TMZ has learned.

Suge was moved from L.A. County jail on Tuesday, around 11 AM, and was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital. It's unclear why Suge -- who's in jail awaiting trial for murder -- had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment, but he's had several health issues since he was arrested and locked up in 2015.

In 2017, he was treated for blood clots ... which have been a recurring issue for him. Suge also passed out during a court hearing.

Story developing ... 

Kanye West's Co. 911 Call for Injured Worker ... 'He's Screaming in Pain'

4/2/2018 12:40 AM PDT

A man involved in making Kanye West's Yeezy shoes seriously injured his leg, hand and head after an industrial machine fell on him ... according to the nerve-racking 911 call.

During the call -- obtained by TMZ -- a guy aiding the injured man explains the dire situation to the dispatcher, saying the man's screaming in agony and is trapped under a heavy shoe-making machine.

The caller says they finally managed to lift the machine off the man with a pallet jack, while the dispatcher gives instructions on how to tend to his injuries afterward ... including a big cut on his head.

When asked to describe the injured foot and ankle ... the caller simply says, "It's bad." On the bright side, it sounds like it actually could have been much worse.

We broke the story ... emergency staff responded to the call last Friday at the Calabasas Tech Center, where Kanye's company is located, and had to airlift the injured man to the hospital. We're told he's an Adidas employee working on the rapper's Yeezys.

Steve Nash To H.S. Prospects: Don't Skip Out on McDonald's Game!! Despite Zion's Injury

3/30/2018 11:40 AM PDT

Steve Nash says Zion Williamson should have no regrets about his injury at the McDonald's All-American game this week ... telling TMZ Sports it's all part of the game.

Zion -- who's quite possibly the most popular H.S. hoops player since LeBron James -- hurt his right thumb while trying to brace a fall in the 2nd half of the all-star showcase on Wednesday.

We asked Nash if it's too big of a risk for young H.S. prospects to play in meaningless games before getting the chance to cash checks ... and Nash shoots down the idea.

"You're a basketball player ... You have to play every day to be the best you can be and to compete. People get hurt."

It turns out Zion's parents say he's gonna be okay ... but it was a scary incident for the Duke commit.

BTW -- we also talked to Nash about getting picked for the 2018 Basketball Hall of Fame ... and he tells us how he celebrated.

Corey Feldman 'Stabbing' All Hospital Tests Came Back Negative ... For Drugs & Diseases

3/30/2018 12:50 AM PDT

5:02 PM PT -- Corey's rep tells us while initial tests seem to be clear, they're still waiting on final results for long-term tests like HIV and certain poisons.Corey Feldman has gotten a clean bill of health after saying he was stabbed with what he believes to be a syringe or a knife.

Corey's bodyguard, Jeff V. -- who was with the actor at the time of the attack -- tells us that tests the hospital ran after Corey came in claiming he'd been stabbed Tuesday night have come back clean and clear of any hard drugs or infectious diseases. 

We're told doctors drew blood from Corey and even took a urine sample --  all came back negative. Law enforcement sources also tell us doctors didn't find anything unusual from the scratch around Corey's abdomen. Corey told us he felt a sharp object slightly penetrate his skin, drawing a tiny bit of blood.

We're told doctors didn't find any evidence of a puncture from a needle or blade.

It may take a while to get to the bottom of things .... our sources say police weren't able to track down any surveillance video of the incident ... and swabs they've taken from Corey's car for potential DNA have yielded zero leads.

Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed in the Stomach

3/28/2018 4:44 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

7:45 AM PT -- Law enforcement now tells us, Corey told police he believed he was being followed. At some point, Corey's bodyguard, who was a passenger in his car, shined a flashlight toward the other car. At the next light, one of the guys in the car that was following Corey got out and confronted the bodyguard. Another guy went to the driver's side and Corey says the guy stabbed him with some sort of syringe or other sharp object and then the car took off. Cops now say there is some sort of mark on Corey's abdomen.  

Cops believe it was a road rage incident and the call went out as an assault with a deadly weapon.

6:45 AM PT -- Corey told the police the attacker appeared to be following him, and whatever the person allegedly stabbed him with was "long and sharp." We're told he feared it was a syringe, and went to the hospital to make sure he hadn't been injected with something.

6:20 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us, although Feldman claims he was stabbed, there was no evidence of a laceration ... no cut to his abdomen. Cops tell us they don't know if Corey suffered any other injuries, but there was nothing visible on his body. He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

Corey Feldman has been hospitalized after he says a total stranger stabbed him in the abdomen and then escaped.

Corey says he was stopped at a traffic light Tuesday night in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley -- with a security guard -- when 3 men approached the car. He says while his security was distracted by the 3 guys, a car pulled up and another attacker jumped out, stabbed him and fled the scene.

Corey rushed to a hospital after the attack, and that's when LAPD was informed of the attack. Cops are now investigating, but Corey thinks he knows who's responsible.

He says he's been getting online threats from some group of people he refers to as the "Wolfpack." Corey adds, "I have reason to believe it's all connected! Enough is enough!"

Monster Jam Firework Shoots into Stands ... Burns Attendees

3/27/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Monster Jam might have a monster lawsuit on their hands soon enough, 'cause a firework at one of their shows misfired into the crowd and burned some spectators.

The scary incident went down Saturday night at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Nevada for the 'Monster Jam World Finals.' During the finale, fireworks were going off ... and at one point a smaller firework shot into the first few rows of the stands, hitting some folks.

Eyewitnesses tell us a man and woman -- who were with their 2 kids -- got struck by the stray explosive, badly burning their arms. The children were unharmed.

A rep for Monster Jam tells TMZ they're looking into the firework mishap, but assures us that those who requested medical attention received it.

NutriBullet Sued Damn Blender Burned the Crap Outta Me!!!

3/26/2018 12:30 AM PDT

NutriBullet's catching heat again ... this time for allegedly burning one of its customers and leaving her with some horrific injuries.

Fabiana Nishioka is suing the uber popular blender company over a Pro 900 model she says exploded while she was making hummus. According to the suit, the explosion sent scalding ingredients onto her body ... causing painful burning to her face, neck and chest. The alleged damage is clear in the photo. 

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Fabiana says the burning was so bad it likely caused permanent disfigurement to her neck. She's suing for an undisclosed amount of cash.

NutriBullet was sued by another woman last year who claimed the same product chopped her hand. She also had some gruesome pics.

Fabiana is repped by the Abir, Cohen, Treyzon & Salo LLP.

We've reached out to NutriBullet ... so far no word back.

Elizabeth Hurley Reveals Pic of Nephew's Brutal Knife Wound

3/20/2018 6:50 AM PDT

Elizabeth Hurley wants everyone to see the horror of her nephew's injuries after being stabbed in London.

21-year-old Miles Hurley was stabbed numerous times earlier this month on a London street.  Another man who was with Miles was also stabbed.

The deepest of the wounds narrowly missed severing Miles' spine. Elizabeth said, "We are praying that these animals are caught before they maim, or even kill, someone else."

She has now posted the phone number of the police for anyone who may have information regarding the attack.

Miles is expected to be ok, but the recovery process is slow and painful. He lost 4 pints of blood during the attack on March 8 and is now being cared for by his mom -- Elizabeth's sister. 

Cirque du Soleil Acrobat Falls to His Death After Stunt Goes Wrong

3/18/2018 11:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

A cast member of the traveling Cirque du Soleil suffered a fatal fall this weekend, dying at a hospital after an aerial stunt went terribly wrong ... and video of the incident has just surfaced.

The acrobat, Yann Arnaud, was performing during a live Cirque du Soleil production of "VOLTA" in Tampa Saturday night when he fell onto the stage during an aerial straps number. 

In the video, which has since been deleted, you can see him swinging back into view when he somehow loses his grab on the strap and awkwardly lands head first. Crew members immediately rush to his aid, and the crowd is clearly in shock from the brutal fall.

Cirque du Soleil issued a statement saying emergency procedures were implemented and that Arnaud was transported to a local hospital. The company says he died from his injures sometime later. He'd reportedly been with the company for 15 years.

As a result of his death, Sunday's 2 shows in Tampa were cancelled. Guests who'd purchased tickets are said to be getting refunds.

Tom Brady Gaping, Bloody Injury Revealed ... Stitches & Needles!!

3/12/2018 10:46 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady is finally showing everyone the hand injury he suffered during the NFL playoffs -- and it's WAYYYY worse than everyone thought ... a massive, deep, bloody gash. 

Remember, Brady got the cut in practice just days before the AFC Championship -- but tried like hell to downplay the severity of the wound. 

Well, now he's revealing all the gory details on his reality show, "Tom vs Time" -- and it's a miracle he was able to throw the ball at all. 

"When I hurt my thumb, I thought, ‘This is it. This is the way the season ends,'" Tom said.

"I’m looking down at my thumb as it’s split open, and I’m thinking ‘I really don’t know what happened to my thumb, but I know it doesn’t feel good and I’m having a real hard time believing I’m going to go out and play well against the #1 ranked defense in four days.'"

Of course, Brady ended up beating the Jaguars before losing to the Eagles in the Super Bowl -- but he played like a BEAST considering the friggin' hatchet wound on his thumb ... which got a healthy dose of acupuncture after it was stitched up.

Gross -- but pretty badass.

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