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Bree Olson Charlie Never Told Me About HIV

11/17/2015 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Charlie Sheen is flat out lying about telling all his partners he's HIV positive ... according to Bree Olson, who is blasting him for keeping her in the dark.

Bree was on "The Howard Stern Show" and almost in tears as she reacted to Sheen's revelation, and his claim that he'd been above board with everyone. You've gotta hear her lose it ... Bree, an ex-porn star, says she was absolutely with Charlie when he was having "night sweats" and first diagnosed.

Aside from concealing the truth from her, she also claims she and Charlie had unprotected sex, and when it was protected ... he insisted on using lambskin condoms, which offer less protection from STDs.

Listen ... Bree is livid. She says all her tests have been negative, but she's pissed her name will forever be linked to HIV because of Sheen.

If what she says is true, she'd have reason to sue or even press criminal charges.

Charlie Sheen I'm HIV Positive ... And I've Been Blackmailed for Millions Over It

11/17/2015 4:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Charlie Sheen said it directly, "I'm here to admit I'm in fact HIV positive" -- and defiantly stated he would no longer fork over millions of dollars to buy silence from friends and sexual partners.

Sheen spoke calmly about his diagnosis with Matt Lauer on "Today"... saying he needed to "put a stop to this onslaught of attacks and untruths." He said he's known for roughly 4 years that he is HIV positive, and had "told enough people that I've trusted to be in the position that I'm in today."

TMZ broke the story ... Charlie says he was betrayed by people he trusted with knowledge of his diagnosis, but they ended up revealing it. Lauer asked if Sheen was still paying people, and he said ... "Not after today I'm not! I release myself from this prison today."

He also talked about the moment he found out about the diagnosis, saying he initially thought he had a brain tumor. As for infecting others ... Sheen said he's warned all of his sexual partners ahead of time -- and there were only 2 with whom he'd had unprotected sex, but they "were under the care of my doctor."

As we've reported ... our sources say Charlie has paid several settlements to sexual partners who said they were NOT warned ahead of time. 

Sheen says he doesn't know how he contracted the virus, but feels he has "a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people."  



Kim & Kanye Family Trip to Visit Lamar Odom

11/17/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1116-kanye-lamar-fameKim Kardashian and Kanye West brought daughter Nori along for a 3 hour visit with ailing Lamar Odom.

Sources tell us the West fam piled into the family Range Rover and headed to Cedars-Sinai hospital on Sunday. It was the first time Kanye's seen Lamar since he nearly died just over a month ago -- and we're told doctors hoped Yeezy's presence might help jog LO's memory.

TMZ broke the story ... Lamar's been having trouble recognizing loved ones, and doctors fear he's suffered permanent brain damage.

We're told Kim & Kanye's visit did not trigger any breakthroughs.

Charlie Sheen My Blood is Now HIV Free

11/16/2015 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen has had HIV for years ... but his position now is that he beat the disease because it's undetectable in his system ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources say Charlie has known for more than 2 years that he was HIV positive ... and one source says he's known way longer than that. We're told Charlie was taking meds for the HIV and has had a series of blood tests, and over time, the virus has been "undetectable" in his system.

We're told Charlie freely admits he's had scores of sexual partners over the years, many of whom had intimate relations with him after his diagnosis. The implication here is clear ... Charlie is saying he didn't deceive anyone, since the blood tests did not reveal the presence of HIV. 

Doctors beg to differ and say once someone has HIV they have it for life, at least until medicine advances.

As we reported, Charlie will discuss his HIV status Tuesday on "Today."


Charlie Sheen Threats of Lawsuits Unraveled HIV Secret

11/16/2015 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1116-sheen-tmz-01Charlie Sheen kept his HIV status under wraps, but everything unraveled when some former partners threatened him with lawsuits ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Charlie will appear on "Today" and reveal he's HIV positive. We're told he's known about his status for more than a year and he kept a lid on the information.

We're told things changed when Charlie confided in several friends he thought were confidants ... it turned out they weren't, and spread the word he was HIV positive.

That led to several of Charlie's former partners contacting him and threatening a lawsuit because they were unaware of his status when they had interaction with him. Our sources say Charlie settled several of the cases and, in return for money, got confidentiality agreements.

We're told one of the settlements occurred late last month.

We also know when people go to Charlie's house they are almost always required to sign confidentiality agreements which require anyone who might make a claim to do so in arbitration and not through the courts ... which thereby keeps things private.


Charlie Sheen Will Disclose HIV Status on 'Today'

11/16/2015 9:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen will reveal to the world that he's HIV positive.

Sources connected to NBC's "Today" tell TMZ ... Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning to make the announcement.

NBC touted the interview in a press release as Sheen making a "revealing personal announcement."

A tabloid report came out Monday claiming Sheen's been keeping the diagnosis secret for years. You've gotta imagine he'll address that report tomorrow morning on "Today."


Khloe Kardashian James Harden's Been My Rock ... Through Lamar Drama

11/16/2015 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Khloe Kardashian was rushing to divorce Lamar Odom, so she could be with James Harden -- and only pulled the divorce papers because Lamar was in a coma.

Khloe went on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show to talk about Lamar's health, and her relationship with NBA superstar, Harden -- and she makes it seem like they never broke up throughout Odom's near-death experience. 

TMZ broke the story ... when Khloe and Lamar called off their divorce, she hoped they would reconcile. But Monday morning, it sounded like Harden's been waiting in the wings all along. She told Ryan, "There are times I’m sure he was very uncomfortable with things. But I’m glad he’s been so supportive to me."

Khloe also gave an update on Lamar's health, and as we first reported ... it's not great at this point. Interestingly, she didn't say anything about the current status of their relationship -- but we know there's no talk of refiling divorce docs.

Ronda Rousey Hospitalized After Brutal Knock Out

11/14/2015 10:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1115-ronda-rousey-getty-01Ronda Rousey has been transported to a hospital in Australia after suffering a devastating knock out during UFC 193.

A rep for the UFC tells TMZ Sports, "Ronda is currently being transported to a local hospital for precautionary purposes."

Ronda was knocked out in the 2nd round after taking a crushing kick to the neck by Holly Holm ... medical personnel rushed to her side in the octogon.

1115-sub-ronda-rousey-getty-01Ronda didn't speak to reporters after the fight -- instead, she was transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.


Lamar Odom Can't Recognize Friends And Family Docs Fear Serious Brain Damage

11/14/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113-lamar-odom-tmz-01Lamar Odom's in rough shape -- having a tough time with communication and mobility -- and we're told it's so bad, he can't recognize some close friends and family. 

Our sources tell us Lamar has made little progression in the last couple weeks. We're told he's only able to speak a word here and there, and at times he seems "empty."

The scariest part ... Lamar can't recognize longtime friends and even family members when they come to visit. We're told docs believe he's suffered significant brain damage.

Lamar has been hospitalized since October 13th when he was found unresponsive at a Vegas brothel. 

Gerald Green Allegedly Punched Man In Face During Bloody Condo Tirade

11/11/2015 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1111-gerald-green-heat-GETTY-01Gerald Green allegedly punched a security guard in the eye during his rampage at a Miami condo complex before being restrained and sent to a local hospital ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports, Green showed up at the front desk of his condo with bloody hands. He allegedly asked the clerk to call an ambulance before walking out to the valet area where he collapsed. 

Green then got back up, walked inside and when a male security guard tried stopping him from getting back into his condo, he punched the guy in the face.

For the record, officials tell us there was "no evidence to support the punch"  ... meaning the alleged victim had no visible injuries and there was no footage available to back up the claim. 

Cops say the security guard did NOT want to press charges at the time. However, it doesn't mean the person won't pursue a lawsuit against Green at a later time. 

According to the report, Green was "very loud and verbally combative." As we previously reported, witnesses say he was screaming in the lobby. Green was eventually restrained, placed in handcuffs and taken to the hospital.

On Tuesday, the Miami Heat announced a 2 game suspension for Green due to conduct that was detrimental to the team. 

Arizona State Sparky Forked Up My Back ... Councilman Claims

11/11/2015 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1111-david-schapira-tackled-hospital-TWITTER-01An Arizona councilman claims the ASU mascot jacked up his back in a photobomb gone wrong at a football game earlier this season ... and now he wants more than $100k from the school. 

Tempe councilman David Schapira claims he was at the ASU vs New Mexico game on Sept. 18th ... and was posing for a picture when Sparky the Sundevil mascot jokingly pounced on him. 

Problem is ... Schapira says he felt a pop in his back -- and had to be transported to a hospital as a result of the injuries.

In fact, Schapira says he's had to use a cane to walk ever since the incident.

Now, he's filed a formal claim with the university -- demanding more than $120k in damages and other costs. Schapira says he hopes ASU will pay up so he doesn't have to file a lawsuit. 

A spokesperson for ASU told the Arizona Republic .... "ASU sincerely apologizes for the incident at the Sept. 18 game. We have offered our fullest assistance and cooperation in getting the Councilman’s bills paid, and we wish him a speedy recovery."

Jason Priestley Hospitalized After Scary Fall From Horse

11/11/2015 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1110_Jason-Priestley_tmzJason Priestley was hospitalized after being thrown off of a horse on the set of his show, "The Code."

We're told he fell hard Monday and then beelined it for the ER. He stayed in the hospital overnight because he says he has a history of concussions and a neurologist needed to noodle over the impact of the fall. Turns out he did indeed suffer another concussion.

Jason's had his share of mishaps. He fractured his spine and suffered a concussion back in 2002 during a race car crash in Kentucky.


Pro Surfer Coma After Shark Attack ... Bite Wound to Left Leg

11/11/2015 6:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1111-sam-morgan-facebook-01Another frightening shark attack in Australia -- this time the victim is a 20-year-old pro surfer who is now in a medically induced coma after a bull shark took a chunk out of his thigh. 

Sam Morgan was surfing near Lighthouse Beach in New South Wales Monday evening when the 10-foot shark decided to strike ... leaving a large wound on his left thigh. 

Morgan reportedly got himself back to shore -- where someone called emergency personnel and he was rushed to a nearby hospital to undergo emergency surgery. He's listed in stable condition and remains in a medically induced coma while he recovers. 

It's the 11th shark attack in the region THIS YEAR -- two of which were fatal. 

Obviously, with the latest incident ... locals are being warned to stay the hell out of the water. 

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