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Charles Manson Not Looking Worse for Wear After Medical 911

8/17/2017 4:25 PM PDT

Charles Manson looked healthy and as anti-Semitic as ever in his latest mugshot.

Manson was photographed Monday at the Corcoran State Prison in Northern California. Prisoners get photographed every few years for security reasons ... if they escape, the photo authorities put out will resemble the inmate.

The 82-year-old Manson, who is serving a life term for the slaughter that bears his name, may have done something with the swastika that seems bolder than before. Then again, the wrinkles may be accentuating it.

He doesn't look worse for wear after he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he spent days for a lesion in his intestines that caused significant bleeding. Surgery was scheduled but canceled ... he was too high risk.

Check out Manson's mug 3 years before ... a lot more hair.

Tom Cruise Broke His Ankle ... In 'MI:6' Stunt Gone Wrong

8/16/2017 11:21 AM PDT

Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt for the new 'Mission: Impossible' movie ... and production is officially on pause.

A rep for Paramount Pictures -- the studio behind 'MI:6' -- tells TMZ ... "Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt. Production will go on hiatus while Tom makes a full recovery." 

The rep goes on to say that the movie is still on schedule to be released next July. 

As we reported ... Tom tried and failed the dubious stunt at least twice -- and one of those times apparently put him out of commission

Get well soon, Tom.

'Deadpool 2' Stuntwoman's Death Serves As A Reminder ... Hollywood Can Be Dangerous

8/15/2017 12:50 AM PDT

The tragic death of a stuntwoman on the set of "Deadpool 2" has reminded us that Hollywood stunts can quickly go awry, and they often have through the years.

We took a look back at some of the most brutal (and sometimes fatal) stunts that actors and stunt doubles put themselves through for the sake of the job ... and the aftermath ain't pretty.

From Dan Bilzerian's porn star rooftop toss in 2014 that left the woman with a shattered foot to the controversial mishandling of a pup on the set of "A Dog's Purpose" earlier this year and everything in between ... this week's latest accident, which left road racer Joi 'SJ' Harris dead, makes the message clear to Tinseltown's performers: BE CAREFUL!!!

That means you too, Tom Cruise

'Deadpool 2' Dead Stuntwoman Identified Professional Motorcycle Racer

8/14/2017 5:36 PM PDT

The stuntwoman who was killed on the set of "Deadpool 2" has been identified ... and she was a professional road racer.

The victim was Joi "SJ" Harris, a professional motorcycle racer from Brooklyn, NY and the first African-American licensed female in the sport ... her family confirms to TMZ. 

She was not a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists -- a Canadian actors union. "Deadpool 2" was also her first film as a stunt driver.

We broke the story ... Harris lost control of her motorcycle during filming in Vancouver, which sent her airborne through a glass window of a ground floor studio. Eyewitnesses say the brakes were never applied ... and she was also not wearing a helmet. She died on the scene

Weeks before her tragic death, Harris tweeted she had just fully healed from an injury involving her wrist and was ready to ride again. She had also fallen from a motorcycle before and filmed the fall. 

It's unclear how old Harris was at the time of her death. Still ... RIP

Ric Flair Out of Surgery ... Family By His Side

8/14/2017 1:48 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

1:47 PM PT -- Flair is out of surgery and resting, a rep for WWE tells TMZ Sports

Unclear how the surgery went but we're told Ric's family is by his side and they're waiting to meet with doctors. 

Ric Flair is in a medically induced coma and is preparing for surgery ... a rep for the WWE tells TMZ Sports

The 68-year-old wrestling icon was admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning and the situation has gotten more serious. 

We're told Flair is set to undergo a procedure momentarily, though we're not being told what the procedure is ... though Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that it's a heart related issue.

Flair's rep had previously asked for thoughts and prayers for the Nature Boy. 

Story developing ... 

'Deadpool 2' Stunt Person Killed On Set

8/14/2017 10:15 AM PDT

11:59 PM PT -- A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox tells us, "We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred on the set of Deadpool 2 this morning.  Our hearts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of our crew member during this difficult time."

A stunt person was killed on the set of "Deadpool 2" when a motorcycle stunt went terribly wrong.

The rider, who was female, went airborne in Vancouver Monday morning during filming for the movie. Her bike crashed through the glass of a ground-floor studio inside Shaw Tower near Jack Poole Plaza. Witnesses say she never applied the brakes. Ryan Reynolds tweeted about the tragedy. 

The rider -- whose identity is being withheld  -- was pulled from the crash site and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Police taped off the area, and an investigation is underway.

It's the second major mishap involving stunts in as many days. Tom Cruise was badly injured during a failed stunt on the set of "Mission: Impossible 6." 

Story developing ... 

Ric Flair Hospitalized 'We Need Your Prayers'

8/14/2017 5:40 AM PDT
Breaking News

Pro wrestling icon Ric Flair has been hospitalized -- and it sounds serious. 

The Nature Boy's reps confirmed the 68-year-old was hospitalized over the weekend -- but Legacy Talent Agency insisted it was for "routine monitoring" and there was "no reason to panic."

But things changed by Sunday night, when the reps posted, "We need your prayers, positive energy, and well wishes for our Living Legend as he is dealing with some tough medical issues."

The agency has not said exactly what those medical issues are. 

Flair was reportedly admitted to the ICU with "heart-related issues," according to

We just saw Flair out back in May -- and he told us not to let terrorists scare them away from sporting events. 

He's also been campaigning for his friend Kane, who's running for mayor in Tennessee. 

Tom Cruise No Wonder He's Hurt ... Tried 'MI:6' Stunt at Least Twice

8/13/2017 5:47 PM PDT

Tom Cruise's injuries on the set of "Mission Impossible 6" might be more severe than previously thought ... 'cause he tried and failed his building stunt jump at least twice.

TMZ has obtained a second video showing Tom Sunday attempting to clear a building with one giant hop during filming for "MI:6" ... and like the first clip, he fails here too -- this time perhaps more miserably.

The hit against the side of the building sounds crushing -- and considering he tried this at least twice -- it raises questions as to how seriously he's hurt ... and whether this might affect the rest of production. 

We've placed a call in to Tom's reps and Paramount Pictures ... so far no word back. 

Rapper Drag-On Medical Emergency Sometimes Weed and Concerts Don't Mix

8/13/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Drag-On -- one of the original members of the Ruff Ryders label -- had a rough time at an outdoor concert ... ending up in the ER.

The rapper was performing in Atlantic City late last week, went into the crowd -- which is where the video starts -- and complained he was short of breath because he had been smokin' weed. He composed himself and attempted to rap ... but it was a struggle.

Drag-On tried making it back on the stage but fell to the ground ... medics had to come to his aid and he left in an emergency vehicle and went to the ER.

We reached out to Drag-On, who tells us he was just dehydrated after a long night working in the studio and got light-headed during the show. He says doctors gave him fluids ... now he's fine.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana Had 20 Bottles of Steroids During Medical Emergency

8/12/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Bodybuilding superstar Rich Piana had 20 bottles of steroids in his home at the time of his medical emergency ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

Cops were called to Piana's Florida home at 1:30 PM on Monday after the 46-year-old social media sensation suddenly collapsed in his bathroom while getting a haircut from his girlfriend, Chanel

Piana's girlfriend says she tried to catch the former Mr. California bodybuilding champ when he collapsed but couldn't due to his massive size and weight. Chanel told officials Piana struck his head during the fall. 

The 911 operator instructed Chanel to perform CPR but she was unable to revive him. 

When emergency personnel arrived, paramedics found crushed up white powder on a table along with a credit card and straw and decided to give Rich 2 doses of Narcan (often used to treat opiate overdoses) to try and revive him.

Chanel told responders Rich had battled opiate addiction in the past but she believed he was clean. 

Rich never regained consciousness and was transported to a nearby hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

The report notes that police found bottles and bottles of testosterone in the home, 20 in total. Chanel said Rich is an admitted steroid user who's been juicing for more than 20 years. 

Chanel also noted Rich had suffered from a slightly enlarged heart at one point in his life -- but didn't know if that contributed to the medical emergency. 

Chanel says Rich is still alive and fighting -- but has asked for prayers. 

Uber Sued Driver Ambushed Me! Beat Me With A Metal Rod!!!

8/12/2017 12:10 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Uber is being sued after one of its driver's allegedly beat up a passenger and then later showed up at his home to beat the dude up again, this time with a metal rod.

David Riordan says he ordered the Uber ride home from a 2016 Christmas party in Chicago's Wicker Park. He says he was picked up in a Honda Accord by a driver named Munstr Abuseimi, who became aggressive, kicked Riordan out of his car, and then got out and punched him several times.

Riordan says he went to a friend's house after the attack, where he contacted Uber to report Abuseimi, and about an hour later ordered another Uber to take him home.

But Riordan says when he got to his house, Abuseimi was there waiting and attacked him with a metal rod from behind with the fighting words: "Don't f*** with Uber drivers!"

Riordan says the ambush left him with a fractured left orbital, bleeding in his brain, concussion and a dislocated jaw with nerve injury. He says he also had to get 9 stitches. He's suing Uber because he thinks the company is prioritizing profits over rider safety by not sufficiently screening its drivers.

Riordan's lawyer, Ian Alexander of Goldberg and Goldberg, tells us they've tried to settle the case with Uber, but they've been unresponsive.

We reached out to Uber, who told us while they don't comment on lawsuits, the driver no longer has access to the driver app. 

'BiP' Star Justin Reich Cracks Skull on Longboard Joyride

8/11/2017 1:49 PM PDT

"Bachelor in Paradise" star Justin Reich never saw it coming -- a downhill bump caused him to slam so hard on the ground he blacked out twice with devastating injuries.

Justin -- who appeared on 'BiP' two seasons ago and on Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Bachelorette' season in 2015 -- tells us he was in his hometown of Chicago 2 weeks ago riding his longboard when, out of nowhere, a bad turn flung him off his board.

Check it out ... Justin says he woke up in an ambulance where, again, he blacked out. The injuries are pretty gnarly -- a collapsed ear canal, concussion and fractured skull. He was in the ICU for 2 days but is scheduled to return next week.

The big worry? Possibly permanent loss of hearing ... and in case you're wondering ... he copped to not wearing a helmet.


Paige VanZant Stitches Up Bloody Foot ... Resumes Fight Training

8/10/2017 3:13 PM PDT

Paige VanZant won't let a massive bloody wound keep her from fighting -- she's already stitched up the gash on her foot and got back on her grind. 

The UFC superstar opened up a gnarly hole in her foot on Wednesday -- but one day later, she was back working out ... hitting a set of crunches with a fresh set of stitches.

VanZant is rumored to fight Jessica Eye at UFC 216 in October -- and at this point, it doesn't appear she's gonna let the injury keep her out of the Octagon.

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