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Ron Jeremy Hits Pedestrian ... Cops Investigate

9/29/2016 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_ron_jeremy_with_cops_tmz_wmPorn legend Ron Jeremy busted a left turn while driving through Bev Hills, but failed to see a guy crossing the street and hit him -- now cops are on the case ... TMZ has learned.

It all went down Wednesday night and Jeremy says he never saw the pedestrian, who was dressed in all black. He says he "nicked" the guy. Cops and paramedics responded -- the victim was hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell us drugs and alcohol were not a factor. The photo makes it seem like cops handcuffed Jeremy on the scene, but both he and cops say that's not the case. He wasn't cited, but the accident's under investigation.

Jim Carrey Accused of Giving Ex-GF STDs ... Triggering Suicide

9/22/2016 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922_jim_carrey_Cathriona-White_tmz_instagramJim Carrey's deceased ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, was suicidal because she had STDs she believed she contracted from Carrey ... according to a lawsuit filed by White's estranged husband.

Mark Burton amended the wrongful death suit which he filed against Carrey -- and in the new docs he says Cathriona had a text conversation with Jim in Feb. 2013 ... where she told him she thought she had contracted an STD.

In the docs, Burton says Cathriona got tested and discovered she had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea. He says Jim tried to pressure her to keep quiet about it, which she did.

Burton says before Cathriona committed suicide in Sept. 2015, she wrote a letter to Jim, saying the STDs would make it impossible for her to find someone new after their breakup. She also referred to herself as "damaged goods."

Burton's lawsuit now includes text messages he says Jim and Cathriona exchanged in 2013 ... including the ones referencing the STDs.

We've reached out to Carrey's lawyers and reps, but haven't heard back yet -- but they've previously said Burton is just attempting to profit off White's death.


Adrian Peterson Dr. Oz Breaks Down Injury He'll Be Out This Long...

9/22/2016 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Oz has a message for Adrian Peterson ... even though you might be able to come back this season, it's not necessarily the best idea for your long-term health.

Ya gotta check out this clip ... Dr. Oz breaks down Adrian Peterson's torn meniscus knee injury ... demonstrating how it got hurt, and most importantly, how doctors will fix it.

It's good news, bad news for A.P. and the Vikes ... 'cause Oz says although he might be ready to ball in 3 months, if the team wants a healthy Peterson down the road ... sitting out the season makes sense.

Just a heads-up, this video may make your knees hurt.

Tommy Lee My Big Hog Saved My Friend's Life

9/20/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919_tommy_lee_motorcycle_Crash_launchTommy Lee's big ass motorcycle saved a man's life.

A friend and the Motley Crue drummer were hanging in Malibu over the weekend when the friend asked if he could switch motorcycles and ride Tommy's ... which was much bigger.

It was a lifesaving stroke of luck, because minutes later a car rear-ended the chopper, partially crunching it, and the cycle the guy should have been riding would have been utterly destroyed.

Still ... Tommy's friend was rushed to the hospital and sustained multiple vertebrae fractures. He's expected to recover.


Jaguars' Kelvin Beachum 'Doing Much Better' After Concussion ... Says Father

9/19/2016 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919-kelvin-beachum-gettyGood news from Jaguars O-lineman Kelvin Beachum's father ... who tells TMZ Sports his son is expected to be released from the hospital soon after sustaining a concussion against the Chargers.

During the 3rd quarter, Beachum was kicked in the head by an opposing player and laid motionless on the ground for several minutes before getting carted off the field.

0919-kelvin-beachum-injury-on-field-ambulance-ESPN-01We spoke to Kelvin Beachum Sr., who talked to Kelvin this morning and says "he's doing much better."

"It was pretty scary seeing your son laying on the field for a long period of time," Kelvin Sr. says. "They're still running tests on him right now. They'll keep him for the rest of the day and then he'll be able to go home."

Get well soon!

Ryan Sheckler Skating Injuries Are The Worst ... I'd Rather Get KO'd By McGregor

9/19/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How bad do skateboarding injuries hurt? Bad enough to willingly go a round with an MMA superstar in the Octagon ... 'cause Ryan Sheckler says he'd rather take a punch from Conor McGregor than relive his worst encounter with concrete.

Sheckler -- who has had his fair share of skating injuries -- says the temporary pain from getting KO'd wouldn't even come close to what he's gone through.  

"You gotta feel like I'd be knocked down in 10 seconds," Sheckler says. "The skateboarding injuries suck. The concrete sucks. So if I can get hit real quick and out, I'll take that."

"It just seems a lot simpler ... and no recovery time at the end."

Check out the clip ... Shecks also weighs in on who he'd take in McGregor vs. Diaz 3 ... if it ever happens.

Shahs of Sunset Your Zip Line Was Not Fine Now I Want Mine!!

9/19/2016 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0914-shervin-roohparvar-fa-getty-tmz-01Shervin Roohparvar is sliding toward trouble, because a crappy zip line caused a woman to fall and break her back ... so she says in a new lawsuit.

A California woman claims the "Shahs of Sunset" star and his friend, Nima Nejat, didn't take the proper precautions to keep her from falling from a pool's upper deck -- where the zip line originated.

Shervin and Nima don't own the property, but the suit claims they're the ones living there so they're responsible for not warning of the dangers.

The injured woman claims the fall knocked her unconscious, gave her a concussion, fractured her vertebrae and will result in permanent disability.



Ballet Bodies Sued Old Ladies Don't Bend Like Pretzels

9/18/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0913_ballet_lawsuit_getty_tmz-composite-4A Ballet Bodies student plummeted to the ground when her instructor fell asleep on the job ... according to the woman, who also happened to be 65 years old at the time!

The senior citizen is suing the popular Hollywood workout joint for the incident, and in the suit she says the instructor made her attempt an advanced Pilates exercise called an inverted hanging pike. As you might imagine ... it didn't end well.

The woman says her instructor failed to spot her and she ended up falling more than 6 feet onto the hardwood floor -- directly on her head.

She says she suffered whiplash, a concussion and a cervical strain and continues to battle numerous nagging pains and headaches.

The inverted hanging pike is no joke, btw. Imagine your grandma in this position.

Sorry 'bout the visual.


Hillary Clinton Healthy As Any 68-Year-Old On a Bunch of Meds

9/14/2016 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0914_hillary_clinton_composite-2Hillary Clinton got herself a doctor's note confirming she's battling pneumonia ... and also loading up on her medications.

The doc just released a letter in response to all the hysteria over Clinton's fainting spell and it includes a list of the drugs she's currently taking: 

- Armor Thyroid (for hypothyroidism)
- Coumadin (blood thinner)
- Levaquin (antibiotic) for 10 days
- Clarinex (antihistamine for allergies)
- B12

The candidate's cholesterol count is 189 (103 LDL, 56 HDL) and her blood pressure is 100/70 -- all within normal parameters for a 68-year-old woman. Dr. Lisa Bardack says she's evaluated Clinton's health "several times" since Sunday, and she's improving and fit to be POTUS.

Hillary's also less cold-blooded than detractors claim ... at 97.8. 


Bill Clinton Hillary's Fainted 'Frequently' ... CBS Edits Remark

9/13/2016 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_graphic_red_bar1:50 PM PT -- CBS tells us the Evening News clip was "edited purely for time while on deadline for the live broadcast."update_grey_gray_barHillary Clinton has "frequently" fainted due to dehydration, according to Bill Clinton ... but for some reason CBS removed that comment from its initial airing of the interview.

Charlie Rose sat down with the ex-Prez to discuss the candidate's health, and Bill tackled the question head-on. CBS released quotes from the interview where Bill said, “... because frequently -- well not frequently, rarely -- but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.” 

The "frequently" part was edited out of Monday's evening news. What's interesting is ... it was left in when a longer version aired Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

It's only 3 seconds ... so, seems odd it would have been removed for time purposes. 

Roy Jones Jr. Gone Fishin' ... But I Ain't Done Boxing

9/7/2016 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0906-roy-jones-jr-fishing-tmz-sportsRoy Jones Jr. has a message for the boxing world ... I AIN'T DONE JUST YET!!

Less than a month after tearing his right bicep fighting Rodney Moore -- and saying the injury may end his career -- Jones Jr. tells TMZ Sports he feels great and is eyeing a return to the ring.

"I'm doing much better. My arm feels good."

In fact, Roy felt good enough to catch some big fish in Pensacola, Florida this weekend (Roy says he caught a shark) ... albeit while rockin' a big arm brace.

So, when does 47-year-old RJJ anticipate a return to the squared circle? 

"As early as December. Possibly January."

Pop Warner Football Sued You Didn't Protect Our Kids from CTE ... Now, They're Dead

9/2/2016 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0902-pop-youth-football-getty-02The Pop Warner youth football league is being sued by the parents of two former players who say their kids died as a result of CTE ...claiming the league didn't do enough to protect the athletes. 

The women behind the class action suit are Kimberly Archie and Jo Cornell. Archie's son, Paul Bright Jr., -- who played Pop Warner from '97 to '04 -- died in a motorcycle crash in 2014. His brain was sent to a lab and it was discovered he had CTE. 

Cornell's son, Tyler Cornell, played Pop Warner from '97 to '02. He committed suicide in 2014 and was later found to have CTE as well. 

Long story short ... both women claim Pop Warner failed to establish equipment standards designed to protect young kids from serious brain injuries, such as CTE. 

In their suit, the woman claim PW failed to regulate and monitor practices, game rules, equipment and medical care. 

Had Pop Warner taken the necessary steps, both women claim their sons may not have developed CTE. 

BTW, the lawyer behind the suit is Tom Girardi -- who's not only one of the most successful plaintiff's attorneys in history, but also happens to be married to 'Real Housewives of Bev Hills' star Erika Jayne. 

Teddy Bridgewater Dr. Oz Breaks Down Knee Injury ... Good News, Vikings Fans

9/1/2016 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's an inside look at Teddy Bridgewater's devastating knee injury ... and by "inside look" ... we mean Dr. Oz is taking you INSIDE a knee to show you exactly what Teddy's up against.  

You gotta check out the clip ... Dr. Oz shows exactly what happened to the Vikings QB's knee when he dislocated it and tore his ACL earlier this week. 

Plus, Dr. Oz also breaks down Tony Romo's back injury -- showing why it's a "big deal" ... but one Tony can definitely overcome.

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