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Odell Beckham Jr. Message From Michael Irvin Focus On Football

5/26/2017 12:35 AM PDT

Money, fame and girls will come ... but Odell Beckham Jr. has to make football and his teammates the top priority in his life ... Michael Irvin tells TMZ Sports.

We talked to Irvin -- who back in the day was one of the league's best young players -- about the embattled N.Y. Giants star.

We broke the story ... Beckham Jr. missed Giants' OTA (a voluntary practice) on Monday 'cause he was in L.A. ... running drills with Johnny Manziel. He also skipped Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's practice.

It didn't stop there ... Odell bowled with Iggy Azalea (and a group of friends) Monday night in L.A. ... igniting a firestorm of speculation about a possible relationship.

Azalea, and sources close to Beckham both told us they are NOT dating ... but still, Irvin's been there, and his advice to OBJ makes a lot of sense.

Victor Cruz I'm Not Retiring ... 'This Ain't Over!'

5/4/2017 12:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

Don't stick a fork in Victor Cruz yet ... the ex-NY Giants wide receiver says he's NOT retiring from pro football and he's sick of people claiming he's throwing in the towel.

The 30-year-old was released by the Giants back in February and hasn't signed with a new team yet -- but he's adamant he'll catch on somewhere and he's keeping himself in shape until that happens. 

"I'm not retiring," Cruz told "Uninterrupted" ... "This ain't no retirement party!" 

Cruz says he wants to join a team in the next few weeks -- hopefully a contender -- and insists, "This ain't over. It's just starting!" 

Odell Beckham Special Guest Dancer ... at Young Thug Concert

2/13/2017 9:21 AM PST
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Odell Beckham got to live out one of his life goals this weekend -- he was a FEATURED DANCER at a huge concert. 

The NY Giants star was at the Young Thug/Drake show in England over the weekend -- when Thug invited him up onstage to be a featured dancer during for one of his songs. 

Odell jumped all over the opportunity and danced his face off.  

After the show, Odell kicked it with soccer superstar Paul Pogba and continued to dance. 

Maybe it's just cardio training?

Odell Beckham Jr. Pimpin' In Paris Gettin' It at French Nightclub

2/11/2017 12:45 AM PST

Who needs a boat party ... Odell Beckham is drowning in women in Paris. 

The NY Giants superstar blew off some steam at the VIP Room nightclub in France the other night ... where he was surrounded by a bunch of women with their boobs hangin' out. 

They seemed to like him. He seemed to like them. Good times all around. 

Odell noticed his good friend, Von Miller, was in London -- so he invited the Broncos star to join him in France. 

Von and his crew hopped on the train and rolled over to meet Odell ... because that's what you do when you're rich and it's the off-season. 

Odell Beckham JETS BACK TO MIAMI ... 4 Weeks After Boat Party

1/30/2017 8:05 AM PST
Breaking News

Odell Beckham made his triumphant return to Miami Sunday night ... 4 weeks after the infamous boat party ... only this time, there was no playoff game to worry about. 

Just hours after the NY Giants superstar played in the Pro Bowl in Orlando, he got on a plane and flew out to Miami along with his pal, Von Miller

The two hit up LIV on Sunday where they partied their faces off with the likes of Migos -- and Von's Broncos teammates, Bradley Roby and Shane Ray

Unfortunately, Odell's boat party passengers, Victor Cruz and Trey Songz, were M.I.A. in MIA this time around. 

Of course, Beckham caught hell for partying in Miami the week the Giants played the Packers in the NFC Wild Card game ... but this time, he ain't got no worries. 

NY Giants' Victor Cruz Odell's My Brother ... 'He'll Be Okay'

1/12/2017 3:01 PM PST

NY Giants WR Victor Cruz says he's not worried about Odell Beckham after his post-game hole-punching meltdown ... telling TMZ Sports, "He'll be back better than ever next year."

Cruz also says any insinuation that the famous boat party before the Packers game contributed to the loss is absolute crap.

He is, however, rooting for the Packers moving forward ... explaining, "You always wanna root for the team that beat you."

As for whether Cruz will return to the G-Men next year ... "We'll see."

Stay tuned ...

NFL's Josh Brown Officially Divorced From Wife He Abused

1/11/2017 12:45 AM PST

Josh Brown's marriage to the woman he admittedly abused is finally over -- and he's going to be paying her A LOT of money ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

The docs show Molly Brown separated from the ex-New York Giants kicker on May 22, 2015 ... the same day he was arrested for domestic violence.

That charge was eventually dropped. Brown admitted to "abusing" his wife but later insisted the abuse was NOT physical.

The divorce was finally granted on Dec. 28 ... ending their 8 year marriage.

The docs show Brown has been ordered to pay $15,000 per month in spousal support to Molly for 24 months (totaling $360k). He can afford it, Brown reportedly made more than $20 million in the NFL.

As for their 6-year-old daughter, Molly gets primary custody and Josh gets visitation. He's also been ordered to pay $4,000 per month in child support.

The docs also note that Josh will continue to seek therapy for the domestic abuse issues.

As for Josh, he's vowed to change his ways and leave a "positive legacy."

Artie Lange Roasts Odell Beckham Victoria Beckham Woulda Played Better

1/9/2017 3:58 PM PST

"I figured out that Odell Beckham and Victoria Beckham literally could have switched lives yesterday and nobody woulda noticed." -- Artie Lange

Artie is a HUUUGE Giants fan -- in fact, he bet (and lost) $30,000 on the game Sunday -- and feels he earned the right to go off on Odell after he came up butterfingers against the Packers. 

Lange -- who's on the new HBO show, "Crashing" --  also feels Victoria Beckham coulda made at least ONE of those passes.

Just sayin' ...

Steve Tisch I'M Pissed About Giants Boat Party ... WHERE WAS MY INVITE!!!

1/4/2017 8:21 AM PST

The New York Giants are in hot water now ... Steve Tisch, the co-owner of the team, is seriously PISSED OFF about the WR boat party in Miami ... because he wasn't invited.

You've heard by now ... the Giants wideouts -- including Odell Beckham Jr. -- chose not to fly back to NYC with the team after the Washington game ... instead opting to hit a boat party in Miami with Trey Songz.

The guys have been raked over the coals for the move -- they have a playoff game on Sunday -- but when we got Tisch out at Craig's in L.A., he wasn't mad. He was jealous. 

Joe Buck Eli Manning's a Hall of Famer ... No Question

1/3/2017 12:45 AM PST

Peyton won't be the only Manning in Canton ... so says Joe Buck who strongly believes Eli Manning has also earned his bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

The NFL on FOX announcer has covered a TON of Eli's games over the years and says it's crystal clear to him that the NY Giants QB gets in the Hall. 

It's definitely not a lock ... but Eli has a pretty strong resume -- 2 Super Bowl wins (he was the MVP of both games) and he's in the Top 10 all-time in TD passes and passing yards. 

On second thought ... maybe it is a lock.

Jay Z Pregame Pep Talk To Dez Bryant ... Clearly Didn't Work

12/12/2016 7:37 AM PST

Jay Z might wanna stick to pumping up athletes through his music, 'cause his in-person pep talks don't seem to be as effective ... just ask Dez Bryant.

Prior to Bryant's game against the Giants, Hov took a second to hype his Roc Nation athlete for Sunday Night Football ... which sounds like a great idea, right?

Only problem is, Bryant was held to just 1 catch for 10 yards the whole night ... AND he fumbled the only catch he had. 

But hey, Dez is a stud and these games happen. Next time just stick to "The Black Album."

NY Giants' Nikita Whitlock Cops Hunting for Racist Burglars 'Isolated Incident'

12/8/2016 7:53 AM PST
Breaking News

Cops in Moonachie, NJ have launched an investigation into a racist burglary at the home of NY Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock -- in which the bad guys scrawled racist epithets all over the walls. 

Whitlock says he had gone out with his wife and two children on Tuesday night -- and when they returned the place had been ransacked and the words "N****" and "KKK" had been written on the walls. 

Cops say the suspects took jewelry and home electronics -- and stole stuff from several bedrooms. 

The Moonachie PD is asking anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward. 

The MPD is telling residents of the neighborhood -- "This appears to be an isolated incident" ... but says neighbors should make sure their doors and windows are locked and that if they see anything suspicious they should call police immediately.

Victor Cruz to NFL: LET THE PLAYERS CELEBRATE ... It's What the Fans Want!

12/6/2016 6:39 AM PST

Enough with the flags ... if NFL players wanna celebrate with props, LET 'EM CELEBRATE ... so says NY Giants wide out Victor Cruz

With the NFL is cracking down on celebrations this year, Cruz says fans just want to see more FUN on the field (he's right) ... and letting players go all Ochocinco would be a huge step in the right direction! 

By the way, Cruz also told us how he's preparing for the big matchup with the Cowboys this weekend ... plus, his thoughts on the whole Thursday Night Football debate. 

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